: Bring back old runes - Give them to everyone for free - Make reccomended pages for new players.
I just want to say this when you have put some time to create runes waht you want for exemple in old runes sistem itc later become your palystayle i mean realy it become like you are sientiest and experiment with evrything tahts called manual now tehz bring this new sistem automatic so i mean realy for me is better old one but new is not badd jsut i need time to find some new moves in runes for some shamps i was good before with old runes xd ...
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o ZuLu (NA)
: Good champions to main?
look here is my opinion i screach shampss with my caracter so be simple dont be complicated...i jsut go in shop and see them thats all tahts and i feel with who i cant paly i like and waht i dont like xdd
dominusx (EUNE)
: Yasuo rework
Hay game you have all respects from me like most people around the world i am just one of them.I will love all important people who work behind this game all day all night to make it batter for playing enjoying thanks for everything. I started playing this game when i see some man playing yasuo in game room in my city so i play lol about 3 months from then most time ofc i play with him xd,some of free time i spend on lol game.And i am gonna be honest with important people of this game who you create when i see new uprade of yasuo about clothes is good ,about shiled of ability power is perfect about three wind when hits oponent is great but about all wind walls is bad becase he must to move run and attack not stay in one place and here is last breathe itc colled last not three breathes.These are my hable opinion aboth this when is story is written you cant change it,just wind walls and last breathe everything rest is good.I am worring about my words to you and i now nothing can be perfect and mosts of simillar comments as mine for diffrenet things about games you achive even beyond that. A lot of people love him.In otherwise if you put these moves wind walls and last 3 breathes i still play him but i will love you important people of this game see this my comment and think about it.I wish you best in your work goodluck ...


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