Gloppa (NA)
: I can't remember if other ults caused it, but I do know that it's happened without rek'sai ult being a part of it. I know there was another thread with his own e stopping the heal part.
I may have possibly experienced it myself. Can't recall correctly. Been a while since I played Sylas. I do know that there is a small lockout during his E, so maybe it doesn't register that you used W since it may not be expecting it. I'm no programmer or an expert.
Moody P (NA)
: Aatrox is Illaoi but better in every way
They both are juggernauts from what I remember. I think the design behind Illaoi is that you wan't the enemy to come to you. I have myself been kited and just dashed away from while playing Illaoi so I can feel the pain. Illaoi has much more AOE damage if she is able to pull it off. And that's the thing. Illaoi needs time and patience to set her damage up which is easily countered by just killing her tentacles. Aatrox most of the time picks someone and rushes in on them, anyone else hit is just bonus. Illaoi needs to just hit the nearest target so her tentacles do damage and heal and has no time to really start chasing someone I do agree that she is really bad without her ult. She needs more power put in her kit besides her ult. Since her ult has a whopping 70 second cooldown at rank 3, it's hard to do anything late game without just rolling over and dying. TL;DR Illaoi is much more defensive than Aatrox and Aatrox has more offensive capabilities.
Gloppa (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Sylas W does not heal
It may be possible it's something to do with rek'sai R, since Rek'sai herself can't auto attack for a second if she presses Q mid air. Has it happened with other ults or just when you "smash your keyboard"
: *"League of legends is fun"* \- *F4keS4lt*
I told you not to :(
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: Did someone forget to push the "reset hextech chests" button?
It is only the preseason still. It will reset next patch most likely
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: Banning items.
Some things are best be kept to yourself. This one is it chief
: how real is the fake neeko
I am pretty sure {{champion:45}} 's passive does stack on her clone and if {{champion:75}} manages to kill it not 100% sure but about 75%. But everything that is an ability does not interact with her passive and that is a way to know the difference between {{champion:518}}s. Also the clone ALWAYS moves in a straight line unless it's aimed over a wall in which case the clone will hug the wall and turn
czmanzero (EUNE)
: nerf neeko please
I agree on the base damages being too high on her initial Q. But I do not agree on her deserving the ult shield removal. With her ult being a close ranged "engage" she needs the shield to stay alive because she is a squishy immobile mage and after the ult she most likely will die unless her team follows up. Her Q initial damage does too much yes but the damage afterwards is just laughable. 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+ 20% AP). If you have any amounts of magic resistance against her for example Maw{{item:3156}} or Banshee's{{item:3102}} she can't really burst you down anymore as effectively and she relies on her ult to do so and her team to follow up. Her scaling on W is high I can agree on that but late game Neeko{{champion:518}} pretty much relies on it's damage to burst people late game. Not to speak of how weak her W active or Passive are against good players. Good players don't get fooled unless Neeko's team is with her on the plan. I have gone entire matches without using the passive and won.
: IMO a bug caps used at worlds
Zoe {{champion:142}} can also reactivate her Q during zhonyas. I am unaware if this is a bug or intentional.
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: Darkin Passive Idea
I really feel like there would be ALOT of problems and bugs on this one. But I gotta love the idea because I love me some Darkin. Idk a teammate who would actually sacrifice themselves in a teamfight for a dead teammate to take their place. And the fact that you take one of their abilities makes me think it would bug out like mordekaiser. I love the concept and hope riot could make this happen in some way in the game.
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DjToAsTy13 (EUNE)
: Am I the only one who lost most of his emotes ?
Ye I lost the emotes that aren't available for purchase when I updated. Just waiting for riot to say something about it
: Mastery Level Points
I couldn't agree with this post more. It really hurts to see that you won't get that mastery 5 JUST because you lost and not because you played bad.
: I need a new champion to play
May I suggest Evelynn {{champion:28}}. She can be quite scary in the right hands. She may not be the MOST flashy but you can still do some cool tricks with her. Other suggestions are Wukong {{champion:62}} and Camille {{champion:164}}. Both can be played top or jungle. Hope my suggestions were of any help
: What is the most satisfying sound in the game for you?
Ornn ult is satisfying.Especially the second cast. Nocturne ult on eternum skin. Illaoi ult and Volibear ult. Those are just ults that get me going. Nocturne freaks me out because I don't know if I'm going to die or not xD
: I don't have the client open in front of me, but Cosmic insight is the 5% CDR, and the other 2 are the ramping up ap/ad over time and the....river bonus? It would certainly be more competitive in that part of the tree
It's in the inspiration tree next to approach velocity and celestial body. You're talking about the sorcery path. But I got your point.
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: Does anyone even use Minion Dematerializers?
I would switch cosmic insights and minion dematerializers position. I think that would kinda force you to take it or it would just completely nullify the other two like they aren't used already.
Thilmer (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Swarovsko,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xmlEJyZX,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-11-27T01:14:45.233+0000) > > Just another CertainlyT champion I was going to comment this. The guy only makes balance nigthmares.
> [{quoted}](name=Thilmer,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xmlEJyZX,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2017-11-27T10:32:54.487+0000) > > I was going to comment this. The guy only makes balance nigthmares. But she does make some killer champions tho. If you think outside the game
: I Had a bug where ornn items where in my shop but.... there was no ornn in this game.... Happened several times Rikoto games pls
There is a little bit of ornn inside us all
: PSA: Lux Should be your League Role Model
I roleplayed as Illaoi once. Enemy got annoyed and got 5 to come top to kill me.
IndyBoy (NA)
: Zoe Nerf Propositions
My main problem with her is her E true damage. If they removed it or lowered it I would be fine with it. Anyway she really needs to be **adjusted**.
WolfChases (EUNE)
: Am I the only one who thinks Warwick is actually one of, if not the most balanced champion in game?
I think Illaoi might be a good champion for the most balanced category. You can beat her by picking hard CC or Mobility. Raw damage will _**almost**_ never work against Illaoi in a 1v2. For example a Illaoi can't do anything if a Warwick post 6 fights her and a champ with some kind of CC and some damage. But if you don't have CC you most likely won't beat Illaoi in a head on 2v1 if she has black cleaver. And she can be countered by champs that can fight much better pre 6 (Renekton, Darius, Yorick, Yasuo, Gnar and even Singed)
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: Refering to asking for personalities, here are a few tropes I think I haven't been explored and would be cool to see: **_Demacian Inquisitor_**: **Think of Frolo** from the Hunchback of Notredame! This character would** break the trend of all Demacians being righteous**. This person could be a Soldier that wants magic power for himself, **appears good on the outside** but has desdain to commoners and is scheming, but also thinks his methods lead to the greater good. ----------------------------- **_The Goku Arquetype:_** this has been tried before, but not to its fullest potential IMO. This would be a **care-free** character that exceeds at some combat discipline, but is** joyfull** and just **fights for fun** ------------------------------- **_Tinkering Adventure Girl:_** Probably would be from Piltover (Piltovian?). Sort of **naive and joyfull**, but with tons of self-confidence (so no Taliyah or Poppy clone). She **is funny and adventurous**. Her theme revolves around building and **using hextech artifacts** and using them to battle (or support). She doesn't want to avenge anyone or have higher motives, **she just enjoys her life of privilege** ---------------------------------------- **_80's Rambo Dude:_** A** modern take on it would be Marcus Phoenix** from Gears of War. As **opposed to Graves and Kled**, this character would have a proper military background, and thus, higher motives and honor to fight for. He would have **over the top dialogue**, **high energy** and **leadership**, but disregard for authority. think Kled if the character wasn't a crazy hillbilly with megalomania and fighting for a cause ---------------------------------------------- _ **The hive mind presence:**_ Parasitic monster with inteligence and malevolent motives, cunning. **A support that doesn't want to help allies, but sees ADCs as a tool for his use**. **Character can infest allies** (like Kayn ult) for some gameplay mechanic (cast abilities from them? buff resitances?). **Mocks Allies** it infests and is **condesending, feels as a superior being**
> ---------------------------------------------- > _ > **The hive mind presence:**_ > Parasitic monster with inteligence and malevolent motives, cunning. **A support that doesn't want to help allies, but sees ADCs as a tool for his use**. **Character can infest allies** (like Kayn ult) for some gameplay mechanic (cast abilities from them? buff resitances?). **Mocks Allies** it infests and is **condesending, feels as a superior being** So you are saying they should add a champ like abathur from heroes of the storm. I wouldn't mind. I am an abathur main in that game


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