Vbvb124 (NA)
: Is Darius A Good Champ To Solo Carry Out Of Bronze
It is sad to see that higher than silver elo, darius just doesn't work because toplaners know what they are actually doing and darius is easy to counter and beat if you play it right. He needs some adjustments....
: Is it worth getting the Trials Pass?
Think of it the other way. By buying the Trial Pass you are giving the current Riot games, money, the Riot games that doesn't care about the gameplay of their game but more on how to make profit off it. If you want the prestige so much, go to pbe and get it and have fun with it but please, don't give them money because they took a aatrox skin and repainted it gold (just a chroma really), they don't deserve it. If you think of it like I do, then you will realise it isn't worth it.
Voluug13 (NA)
: Malz's ult was balanced around high CD, general squishiness, being the last spell casted on a 4 spell combo and short range. Malz cant even kill people by ''flash ult'' like Annie could as Riot claimed with the rework, and he has no reason to do that in a teamfight. Ryze is an abomination of a champion tho and doesnt deserve to have a spammeable P&C root while being a tanky bruiser.
and yet, lulu has the polymorph, which is point and click, has low mana cost and is low cooldown unerfed for so long.
: Why is Lee sin in every single meta?
Because if you take a look at the LCS or any region LoL competitive series, 4 out of 10 games and for high elo, thats very, very common. As long as no pro player says he is overpowered, they won't balance him even tho he can basically 1v2 with warrior enchantment and black cleaver. Oh and they totally "nerfed" him by removing the warding jungle item.
: Can Yasuo Ult Stop Taking Him Out of Turret Range?
And not only that but when you encounter a yasuo midlane, after he gets the 2 items and he tower dives you, you can't do anything to survive such a combo because he gets out of turret range, after the ultanimation ends and you have (somehow) survived, he will crit you and with his ult passive (crits get free armor pen for the next 10 secs) you will die no matter what. What I suggest? Not only remove the thing that yasuo gets placed outside of turret range and instead make his ult go at the direction that he hit the enemies (if the tornado came to the left, he ults at the left of your champ no matter if a tower is present) and remove the free tank busting passive on his ult (because nobody talks about it doesn't mean it is balanced nor necessary).
Rioter Comments
: It's insane to me that Diamond was so much easier to get than climbing out of silver.
Toplane has to be the most tilting and frustrating lane while at the same time one of the most impacting lanes. Think of it this way: Are you first pick? Yes? Get counterpicked and play a lane where you rely on your jungler to keep you safe Do you have a jungler who helps top? No? Are you higher than gold elo? Yes? Then the enemy laner freezes mid lane, preventing you from farming while you jungler is either 1. doing nothing (common) 2. helping other lanes (uncommon) 3. getting drakes (rare) 4. carrying (ultra rare) Do you get ganked from the enemy jungler? Yes? Most likely you will die and the enemy laner and the jungler will take plates and snowball the entire game because you were first pick. Is the enemy laner a hypercarry pick? Yes? Then accept getting spam pinged at because your entire team thinks it is your fault Did you do your best? Yes? It doesn't matter cause nobody is going to look into the reasons why you lost lane but instead will just spam "x9 toplane, ban that r%%%%%". All that of course, if you are higher than gold because under it, as you said, every player who feeds will just say "its just a game xD"
: can we remove on hit builds from neeko
I don't get why she has such passive anyways..
: Dear Riot: So about those Warwick bugs.
Riot is just a small indie company. They can't fix such huge bugs.
: Rumors are that he is working on new game for Riot. Also, boards were acting totally in the same way as today, calling him idiot and stuff, begging for his replacement. Boards never changes.
Called him an idiot because their champions were too weak and they didn't like it while now, we are calling them idiots because most champions are too strong and they care more about creating new skins than balancing em.
: Fervent Plea For Modekaiser Information
I just want to know who will be in charge of the rework so I know if he will be broken or not.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: But hey, according to the boards only certainlyt creates overloaded champions!
I just hope CertainlyT doesn't do the rework of Pantheon or Mordekaiser because if he does.....well, we all know what will happen if he does.
: A Case for why "Size" Should be a (Tank) Stat
My biggest issue with malphite being bigger based on his armor, is that the bigger he gets, the more minion block he will get. Minion block is already a huge issue (which riot hasn't fixed for some fucking reason) and since even a champion like teemo can get creep blocked, a in lane malphite will get even more. Not to mention that bugged hitboxes like darius e or tahm kench q and such, will hit the malphite even more because he gets bigger.
: Favorite rotating game mode
Definitely not Dominion which was...Dominion. Not on this list tho.
: The question is: What do you want this new keystone to do exactly that isn't already present in another rune tree?
Deathfire touch, how about that? There hasn't been a replacement for that rune and still champions like {{champion:27}} don't have any good rune for their kit.
: Wow I thought that type of shit only happened in Slver
: Kai sa ARAM
Balancing at aram is bullshit anyways. You have champions like kaisa who do 12% more dmg for no reason so does zed and many others without taking more dmg... I don't get it, really.
: Isnt it time we nerf jinx now?
The only thing that makes Jinx overpowered is the free attack speed she gets from....auto attacking. Does any other adc get free stats without any effort? And some say that she can get crowd controled easily and that I true if she does not have a support but if she does, good luck with that!
Anaphiel (NA)
: Volatility and League: Why does playing league feel like a coinflip?
I played adc after a long time..Jhin to be specific I was doing fine but I was the onle one with positive score 0/4/2 toplane 1/3/1 jungle 1/7/0 midlane and my support was a 1k points thresh so I had nothing to rely on. I ended 1/1/2 I think with only me and my support not being spawn afk at 14 mins.... What did I do to deserve such teamates? I never have been toxic, never have trolled, never have given up.... Btw, that was one of my plat 2 promo games
: No room for casual play in League of Legends. You are forced to commit to LoL or Uninstall
And what do you earn for commiting to competitive League? All kinds of diseases happen to you and your family after you get 1 0/5 adc at platinum elo....Yeah, really liking playing competitively
: Champs without mana should not have ability to poke
When I saw this thread I was expecting to see {{champion:85}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:150}} who are overpowered lane bullies with no mana and great excape and great damaging abilities without mana costs, but I guess that was Riots plan when they released vladimir who healed without having and drwabacks (he used to be more balanced because his q healing was lower but fuck that, right?)
: Wtf are you talking about? Jax doesn't need a buff, if anything he needs a god damn nerf. He's one of the most busted champs in the game right now, and he has been for quite some time. He's been dominating every elo bracket, he's a solid top laner/jungler, and he's completely over-tuned while having very little counterplay. The only thing you said that I can actually agree with is that he's boring.
I did not talk about a buff. The reason why nobody bothered with banning jax back in s5 s6 and s7 was because bork was still a viable item to pick. Jax right now, as I have stated above, is only overpowered because of the current meta of items or else he would be killable.
Rioter Comments
: Every bottom division is like that, with exception to Iron (Iron is "wtf are we doing?" as being clueless, not as flame) But I'd have to say that a lot of higher elo players (on youtube) seem to agree that plat is probably the most toxic elo in the whole game, even more than silver. The way I understand it, Silver is the level of "I'm not bad anymore! But apparently I lost the coinflip, and my entire team still is bad, so feed me, mr. jungler!" (To be fair, this is extremely accurate, and especially this season where matchmaking is quite literally pairing silver players with both gold 1 and IRON 3, they're actually quite justified when talking about that coinflip bit on some occasions) And Plat has been described to me as "I DON'T CARE IF I'M 0/7, I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING, I'M F##KING PLAT! BOW BEFORE ME, PEASANTS, AND DO EXACTLY WHAT I SAY OR YOU'RE ALL REPORTED FOR TROLLING AND INTING!" (I wouldn't know...I'm not plat. >.>)
You know, there are a lot of such players in Platinum (is it a coincidence that such attitude is mostly seen on adc mains and Riven/Yasuo mains?) but for me, idc if you even go 0/20, participate in fights, deal damage, be helpful at any way and you are ok in my books (I'm toplane main who says "don't gank top, help bot and rush drake" which I when playing jungle haven't ever seen other player like me). But unfortunately most don't think so
iiGazeii (NA)
: Who could use an Ezreal-tier VGU?
Hey.... Remember me, your old pal {{champion:72}} ? Yeah, that champion should get such a VGU and some love in general (he doesn't even have a home anymore)
: Riot, please release new melee-only AP brawler items and let them be strong jungle clearing tools. Also please replace magic pen with Lethality becoming a hybrid/adaptive stat, and add AP Lethality items while giving AP assassins Lethality ratios in their kits (like Pyke). That will allow distinct item sets to be balanced between AP fighters and assassins. AP Skirmisher/Diver champions, like Ekko and Diana, should be allowed to benefit from both AP brawler and assassin items. They should be able to fully take advantage of the new AP brawler melee jungle-clearing tool(s) in particular. This will give them the tools to thrive without simply overbuffing their numbers.
And to counter such items tanks get?
: Zilean the forgotten champion
Same with Skarner Same with Fiddle (except the skin which was awful) Same with Singed Same with Ashe Same with Heimer Same with Kog'maw And the list keeps going
Laura ß (NA)
: Just one of many reasons this games trash and you should never play it to relax after a hard day
I am actually having fun playing 3v3 competitive. After long time I can finally (after banning illaoi, kayn and darius) have fun at League of Legends and not only that but climb while doin so. It would be more fun tho if they finally decide the permanent gamemode (nexus blitz preferably) so that we can have something to relax with (since dominion will never return) that would bring back the fun factor.
: Playing High/Drunk in Ranked should be bannable
If you aren't drunk or high, it is impossible to have fun playing this game at its current state.
: If I were God Emperor of Riot and could do whatever I wanted for season 10..
Ranked: Bring back the "unskilled player" report.
Lock On (NA)
: Why punish me for doing well? (Ranked)
That has happened to me. At one point I was at about 78% winrate with sion and after getting some "amazing" teamates it fell to 52% while I am an exceptionaly well Sion.
: So, when can we top mains expect to have our lane fixed?
I agree with your statements. Toplane feels too relied on if the jungler will help. If you have your junhgler gank and give you a kill you can practically win the lane, if the enemy jungler ganks you and leaves the kill to the enemy toplaner he will win the lane. Not to talk about the shit I have to go throught at every pre game lobby where I haven't been last pick since (literally) the december of 2018 and all the other times I am either first or second pick and because I main Sion and Jax, if I pick them first pick I will either get a Darius/Fiora or an Aatrox/Darius and that Is pretty much gg assuming that the jungler does not give a crap about helping me at any way (like forcing the enemy to back and use tp to get in lane where I will shove him out and I can snowball easier) but he will flame me once he sees the 2/0 enemy laner walking down and killing everything because it is obviously (K) my fault. How to fix that?....... I have no freaking Idea.... The lane is so messed up that there are hardly anything to do to fix that other than making some champions return to meta with their original purpose (Mundo got his q buffed instead of increasing some of his armor, Garen got his W buffed instead of adding a passive that the more enemies are nearby the more his armor increases (Oldest garen thread suggestion) etc)
: Hashinshin complaining that Bruisers do no damage to Tanks and that Tanks are weak against Mages
MR is stronger than armor on their passives BUT you can't ignore the fact that most mages are able to 100 to 0 you with no items because of their base damage and scaling being higher even than tank abilities. Take brand as an example, the infamous champions that does dmg even with 0/10 as long as he gets 1 item. What can you do against that? Ok, he is 0/10 build a spirit visage and just kill him. What to do if he is 10/0 tho and you are a tank? Build spirit visage, adaptive helmet and...OH WAIT, he already has sorcerers boots and void staff earning in total 58 magic pen which you are NOT able to do as any other class in the game, heck, even champ (with the exception of Darius). And abot what you said about spirit visage giving health regen...yeah...{{item:3165}} 70 ap 300 health, magic pen, grievious wounds and now to add that to 58 magic pen we already had, 58+15=63 magic pen....YEAH that when with a full magic resist build on lets say, sion, you can have about 230 magic resist which falls down to 160-180 and because mages have items that give up to +1k mana, they are able to spam abilities so much that even that 230 mr will feel heavy damage. And I haven't yet mentioned Liandrys torment which gives BONUS DAMAGE AS LONG AS YOU POKING SOMEONE. You say that the magic resist items have great passives and yet you don't mention what a average mages items give as passives. And since when is Ryze's core item a protobelt?! Every ryze I see goes archangels and frozen heart feeling no damage, spamming heavy damage and shielding alongside with speeding up himself in the process.
Thilmer (EUW)
: The balance in toplane has been laughable for whole seasons
Totally agree but wait theres more.... They are buffing Wukong....
: Yuumi proves how utterly clueless this forum is.
She is one of the most balanced champions we've seen in a long time. For a Jack of all trades she is, she is perfect, balanced ap ratios, balanced damage on q and balanced healing The problem is that there aren't reasons to pick her over, lets say, {{champion:37}} or {{champion:16}} which both do what she does but better and that is why the boards complain.
: Only takes one report for the game to be reviewed, and the account to be put under scrutiny. Shoulda clarified that. ~~Also it only takes 1 report, 4 people reporting doesn't increase your chances~~ And what about those newer games, were they equally as trolling? How can you tell the difference without looking at the game itself, a bad game on a ~~Maybe~~ bad champion versus purposeful feeding? Do you ban someone on one game alone?
A bad game does not justify someone running it down a lane, does it now? And banning is not necessary. What you do to the afk players? You force them to lower priority queue, why can't be the same be done about intential feeders? Just a way to make them scared of trolling again because right now, with the current system, no matter what you do, you can just write like "a bad game" in all chat and welp, you are free to go (like that person did when he died the 6th time on the enemy nexus turrets)
: > [{quoted}](name=LTK KoRo,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rXPrmIZw,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-05-18T12:12:35.957+0000) > > tanks are definitely playable but whatever Good joke. Tanks die in .4 seconds flat. Last I check tanks are suppose to live for a long time, deal little damage and have a lot of cc. Atm they don’t live long enough to even get off half their kits.
And you are 10 iq. Tanks don't die because of black cleaver BUT mostly because of the true damage and mobility there is in the game. What can a malphite do vs a Vayne? Nothing What can a sion do vs irelia? Nothing etc
: > "NURR IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BEHAVE LIKE A CIVILIZED HUMAN, BUT THE OTHER 4 DON'T HAVE TO BECAUSE THEY CAN GANG UP ON YOU AND REPORT YOU." Or you report each of them for being toxic, and they're the ones who get punished, because number of reports doesn't matter. It only takes one.
Seriously? It only takes one? On a game where the enemy team had a yummi (ranked btw) who went 0/5/1, decided to run it down our towers, got report from 4 people as far as I know (including me) and oh look, 12 days passed and still not banned (has newer games in his match history)
: Can we have a black cleaver for mages
The short answer is NO, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO The long answer is, maybe but under certain circumstances: Black cleaver exsists so that bruisers can have a long term solution to tons of armor Such item exsisting for mages would mean that magic resist exsists and it does not What can a tank (let's say {{champion:14}}) build vs a figher? {{item:3110}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3143}} What can the same tank which does not benefit from magic dmg build vs a mage? {{item:3065}} and {{item:3194}} and that can be countered by a item called {{item:3135}} which gives 70 ap and 40% MAGIC PEN Ok, there is a item to heavily counter armor too, 2 to be excact (but mages also have boots that give magic pen for some reason) {{item:3036}} and {{item:3033}} but they give very low ad and their armor pen isnt even that strong compared to void staff. To sum up, give everyone more viable magic resist items OR reduce the ap every single ap item gives AND THEN something like what you suggest should happen.
: Fed Draven with BT takes NO damage.
Draven is by far the most low learning curve adc with the highest reward in the game. All a draven has to do is 1. learn the set pattern of the axes and 2. learn to double axe and that is it! Draven is unkillable, unstoppable and is 1 shooting everything in range distance with no counterplay whatsoever. There are counter picks but then again, those are {{champion:51}} and {{champion:81}} with correct build. I have been saying for ages he needs to get a mana cost on catching the axes, even if it is a small one because you might as well remove the mana bar cause it hasn't got an effect anyways.
Exelvisix (EUW)
: Why can't we just replace Conqueror with good old Fervor of Battle?
Because if that happened, not only we would get a forced tank meta again but also adcs will now have a perfect rune and trust me, you don't want to see vayne with fervor of battle in your game again.
: Patch 9.10 Dodge Tierlist
Toplane meta: Riven That it...fuck, I hate my main lane so much....
Pika Fox (NA)
: Enable low spec mode if your computer cant handle it.
> [{quoted}](name=Pika Fox,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MeU35hOF,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-15T14:03:16.604+0000) > > Enable low spec mode if your computer cant handle it. The old client was made for every computer to be able to run AND you didn't get bugs on loot/buying new champ/transactions etc. Simply, just better
Pika Fox (NA)
: Theres a reason why theyre the balance team..... and youre not.
And you think what? That the balance team is doing well? Because if you do believe that, you aren't playing the same game as we do.
: Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE
I want Riot to allows us to be able to upvote or downvote the Dev corner threads, it would be really interesting to see threads as these reach the 200 downvotes in no time....
Rioter Comments
Kevoskin (NA)
: Yuumi
I don't think that yummi should be buffed just because the other enchanters are overpowered. She is a jack of all trades and this should be what she remains because if they buff 1 aspect of hers she will instantly go to, poking category, healer category etc.
Even (NA)
: Disappointing patch releases
Riot has changed their logic since season 7. Instead of saying "Ok, what should we do in this patch to make the game more enjoyable", they say "Ok, what should we do in this patch to make more money?" And that is the problem of League, what is trending these days, anime, so how will they make their china playerbase happy and make more money, ANIME SKINS FOR CHAMPIONS LIKE LUX AND EZREAL WHO ALREADY HAVE LEGENDARY 20 BUCK SKINS. They are trying to make us forget that the gameplay is pure shit, with pretty graphics which for the new audience works (especially the kids) but if that is the technique you want to follow then forget about the serious players who have years of experience on the game. OR You could admit that you have failed on your job and do the simplest thing, ASK THE PLAYERBASE, create polls on what should change and for the love of good god, STOP LETTING Bradford 'CertainlyT' Wenban CREATING CHAMPIONS (Yeah I actually think he is one of the main problems of the game since its beggining). So back to what the thread reads. True, the patches have been unsatisfying and I actually wonder, how Riot used to create 1 champion per half a year and we were getting hyped up for it now, they create 2 champions per 3 months and they rework half the unique ones to a generic "revenge" theme.
: > [{quoted}](name=FSRER,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=25BUOfuk,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2019-05-14T13:08:43.107+0000) > > 2 are the things that are only needed to make yasuo balanced. > 1. His crits from 80% dmg dealt to be changed to 65% > 2. His Ult passive removed (For the next 15 seconds, Yasuo's critical strikes gain 50% bonus armor penetration.) > That should be enough to balance him. Nah, I think his damage should be kept as is, since he's supposed to deal damage. But remove his passive shield and make his dashes have a longer delay in between. The fact that he's so safe is the main frustrating point against him in my opinion. Let's use for example another cancer champion that happens to be my main, {{champion:105}} His E is an extremely powerful tool both defensively and damage-wise, but you make him burn it and he's absolutely vulnerable as it costs a lot of mana and the fact he's extremely squishy leaving him with only his Q to dash back on a minion if the trade goes on for long enough since a good Fizz will never engage with E. Now let's go back to {{champion:157}}. He's also squishy, but before you can even try to deal damage, you have to: * Pop his passive, wait till it runs out. * He's gonna be dashing around so landing anything that isn't point and click is a chore. * He will be generating his passive shield back up while he does his dashes and walking. * He has his windwall so he has a period of time in which he will deny almost everything you throw at him, giving him even more time to regenerate his shield * He has self peel with his tornado that is up every 5 seconds basically. * He has no resources so he can spam anything he wants for free. * Even if he has none of the things mentioned, he can back off through your wave if he leaves one minion available for dashing. * His ult gives him his passive shield for free so he can panic ult you since let's face it, his tornado will be up almost everytime he needs it. He just has way too many mechanics that make him extremely safe while also rewarding him if he messes up for playing risky.
So, we have 2 choises. 1. Let him stay as he is damage wise **but** reduce how safe he is to play Or 2. Reduce his damage and let him keep his assassin abilities (since he was never meant to be a duelist)
iDarkWind (EUW)
: I hate how bruisers nowdays have acess to items that make them unburstable while doing assassin levels of damage. Looking at Jax and Riven.
Jax isn't a bruiser nor is Riven....was designed not to be at least.
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