: Still no Jinx nerfs.
I don't understand why there are champions, especially ADC's, that get free attack speed for nothing.
: Why did you buff jax.
Say that Jax isn't overtuned compared to other Toplane meta champions and that he is only overpowered due to Spear of Shojin and you get downvoted to oblivion. Threads 2019
: Conqueror is going to get changed
Fervor of battle? With the current balancing team? Oh god...
Anatera (NA)
: Just stop playing!
Riot relies on the fact that they have the best moba (dota has been a hot mess for way longer than LoL) and so, they stopped developing relying on the fact that the biggest part of the people interested at the genre, will come and play League. Now, the only thing that would wake them up would be a better moba to be created which I really doubt since it is not easy to create a moba good enough to be compared to League. Either this or them releasing a mobile version of League of Legends which I really doubt they will be stupid enough to do at this moment and time
KazKaz (OCE)
: Why is Riven getting her E nerf reverted?
Why..why nerf and buff her all the time? Just remove her auto cancel on Q and voila, you got a huge nerf
: Can we have mid Lulu back?
Supportive mids..I don't think that is where enchanters go
: I am at a point where I do not care about the absurd damage, the absurd mobility, lack of defense...
I enjoyed playing Jax back in the days, the real Jax. The one on who you would get Bork Trinity and Ravenous, doing 1v2 and 1v3 because you calculated every Q, every flash and E, every third hit and every ravenous hydra auto reset proc. These days I enjoyed playing League, I enjoyed playing toplane. What is Jax now? Play trinity, spear of shojin, titanic auto win because of the items even if you have no idea what you are doing.
: Riot, what had happened to K/DA?!
There are roumors about a music skin line returning but it might not be KDA. We just wait and see
: Happy to see a better Pantheon
There is also Kayle and Morgana that are the aspect of Justice (which before was her mother). Isn't it weird that they are not talked about, at all and there is not a single aspect that interacts with them?
Adder (OCE)
: Can we talk about how "Pantheon's" is an actual restaurant in the Star Guardian universe?
So, Star Guardian Universe is connected to Culinary universe. Good to know. Here's hoping that they connect more universes together
: Harrowing map? Please?
It will not give them money so don't expect it to happen except if they add map skins or music packs (which I would actually pay for)
Adder (OCE)
: Am I the only one who is fine with the new logo..?
The outrage is not unjustified 1. This change is unecessary 2. This new logo can be made in 10 minutes at Microsoft Word 3. The current logo holds a story of 2 eras (LoL clash of fates which is ancient history and the newer LoL story) For the 10 years anniveristy this is a cheap job and it deserves the outrage
: What small lore/character development things do you want to see?
I want, more interactions between Pyke and Bilgewater ("no more captains" and "big tin can man" are just lazy quotes in my opinion) I want Sion's hiden quotes to be used in game (there are some awesome quotes that got never used) I want a update on Twisted Fate, Graves, Gangplank and Miss Fortune whereabouts I want the mist to aknowledge the exsistance of Mordekaiser (there is a lot of potential between his world and the mist creatures) And I want a update on Jax's journey to find warriors worthy enough to help him take back Icathia and while we are at Icathia, Update on what Zilean is doing in his created purgatory
Zemasu (EUW)
: Character discrepancy from teasers to in-game
Riot has solved this issue for you! They will no longer be doing teasers like they used to do so, there will be nothing to compare the in game material to
: What champion quotes really are
Some are, some are not. There are champions talking about summoners that are obviously out-dated and then you have ones that do not fit the champion's lore ({{champion:53}} and {{champion:61}} for example). Then of course, there are ones that will always be canon like {{champion:203}}, {{champion:83}} {{champion:14}} etc Tldr, it depends on the champion
: Who has a crush on whom?
{{champion:86}} on {{champion:55}} {{champion:518}} on {{champion:76}} {{champion:41}} **had **on {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} on {{champion:201}} (based on quotes) And as for the ancient ones {{champion:59}} on {{champion:102}} {{champion:4}} was shipped with {{champion:28}} {{champion:68}} on {{champion:18}} And sink the damned ship of {{champion:44}} and {{champion:86}}
Etherean (NA)
: Can you take some of the cait/jhin buffs back?
Jhin needed the buffs because compared to other ADC's he is weak until he gets 2 IE and even then, the enemy adc will be 3 items while he will have 2 IE so, he even then will probably lose. He needs changes (like giving him less speed for more crit dmg) so, I am not completely against them. Cait on the other hand...oh boy
: @Riot Here's an Idea I think everyone will love: Training Rooms
"A new tutorial?! New AI?! It took us 10 years to make AI that was competent and a tutorial that breakes with the simplest moves, how do you expect us to do such a big project? Have you gone mad?!"
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: CertainlyT left league btw
Alright, he did his dmg to LoL and now moving to ruin TFT
: Raise your voices pls
Do they want to erase everything that links us with League of Legends (clash of fates that even ~~Riot~~ Tencent has forgotten) because if thats the case, they will be erasing the veterans as well
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Even better... If system will flag you as afker (3min afk) then you will lose 200% LP. If you rage quit then its like losing two games! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
So...if the spaghetti code (that League of Legends is known for), crashes you and since many people have not to notch computers, they should lose 200% lp because of that? And keep in mind that the ban team is somewhat incopetent on finding the right people to ban for the right reasons so, nobody would have a way to get his LP back for that
: Champion pool getting smaller and smaller when its getting bigger and bigger
Riot decided to go quantity over quality in both champions and skins.
Mortismo (EUW)
: you are really dumb
> [{quoted}](name=Mortismo,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ilvyAAaH,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-09-16T13:50:26.292+0000) > > you are really dumb Like your arguement
: How bad is Singed?
Singed? You mean the guy that you have no reason to pick over Teemo who does the same job as him but better?
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=preternatural,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AE9EmpeK,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-16T09:10:45.497+0000) > > I keep saying on the boards that she's overbuffed Riot overbuffing champions? Who would of thought! {{champion:51}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:245}}
Jhin is not getting overbuffed at all. When the entire ADC roster can 1v1 Jhin with 1 infinity while he to **maybe** kill a enemy adc with 4 shots (or he will die at reload) needs 2, there is changes needed to that champion.
: How come Akali, with impunity, can stand on top of minios and spam Q on me
Because when I play any melee champion I have to rely on 2 RNG features, minions not blocking me and pathing not screwing me over while Akali who is almost always sped up from Q and passive, doesn't rely on them. It sounds weird but if every champion had the same minion hitbox (not getting blocked) then Akali would be legit less powerful
: Riot needs to stop Kaisa and Xayah every game on SOLOQ and in Pro Play
Give Kaisa a cooldown on her passive (because you can't have such a strong passive on a champion that has a ability that gives bonus attack speed on active!) and give Xayah a bigger cooldown on R and a slightly slammer range on passive feathers. There, fixed
: Tired of Ranked
In all honesty, the only way that the current matchmaking could be fixed would be to make the lane based rank a real thing and give different lp gains or loss based on kda.
: Riven changes Reverted, replaced with Q CD up but Shield CD down.
I think Riot has totally forgotten about Riven's passive. You get a champion who can spam abilities and say "yeah thats fine but she lacks reasons to auto attack, might as well give her 15+ ad lvl 1!". Give her real cooldowns on Q and nerf her early damage to give melee champions actuall reason to be picked vs her.
: i feel ignite should give true sight and get a damage nerf
Or make Exhaust a spell again so that mages have a chance against assassin
: Why damage is so high now
Because 2015/16 Riot who still were in their (almost) right minds, realised Tank items were overpowered compared to the AD items back in the days. So, what was their answer? More damage! Wait...AD now is too strong..huh, didn't expect that one, maybe buffing tank damage would beat their dmg. Oh wait a minute, now tanks deal way too much damage and are too tanky to die easily. Welp, let's buff damage more. Wait a minute, we forgot about assassins.. Alright, give them lethality and overpowered cheap items and give some damage to mages to start bursting assassins from poke. Wait a minute.. We got to season 9 already? Well, might as well give some skins and add more buffs for worlds!
Glîtchy (NA)
: What champ makes you salty like no other and why?
Hands down {{champion:84}} Whenever I play against her (keep in mind I play only melee champions) I feel there is nothing I can do to beat her in lane. She just Q back out back in over and over the entirety of the lane without you being able to engage her due to the slow and her shroud. They have nerfed her but no matter what a player who has familiarised himself with the assassin role, will beat you no matter what you do or what you pick. Oh and her only counterpick at toplane is Maokai and Riven so that makes her a perma ban champion for me
Rioter Comments
: Ex-Rioter Stellari on the Divide between Unpopular and Popular skin sales
True. For example, who bought the praetorian skins on Fiddle and Graves? Nobody. Did I think they were good? No, hell no. Did Riot think they were cool? Maybe, or else they wouldn't have released them like that
: Death Match mode on the Rift
That was called Dominion. No towers no nexus just kill and capture
: > [{quoted}](name=mack9112,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jLea9MzU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-14T10:42:48.314+0000) > > This may be my opinion but the kind of person who is going to play the overpowered champions aren’t really gonna buy skins are they ? > > The kind of people who buy skins are the long term mains who love a champion for the concept not the balance. > > Myself as an example I own every velkoz reksai and zac skins. I think you'd be surprised how many people buy skins when a champion is suddenly turned broken. "Oh wow this champion got buffed, time to play them". "wow I dumpstered them and it was easy, wow I'm gonna buy a skin to look cool sense I'm gonna play this champ and spam him). Low elos are the ones that buy the most skins. When I played in low elo everyone has skins. High elo people don't have as many because it's full of smurfs/alts.
> [{quoted}](name=XJ99999999999999,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jLea9MzU,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-14T10:49:50.508+0000) > > I think you'd be surprised how many people buy skins when a champion is suddenly turned broken. > > "Oh wow this champion got buffed, time to play them". > "wow I dumpstered them and it was easy, wow I'm gonna buy a skin to look cool sense I'm gonna play this champ and spam him). > > Low elos are the ones that buy the most skins. When I played in low elo everyone has skins. High elo people don't have as many because it's full of smurfs/alts. Not to mention eternals..
: Which region of Runeterra would you like to live in?
The utopia that once were the Shadow Isles aka, The blessed Isles
: Again, Why Are We Buffing/Nerfing Karma if You are Canceling GU and Doing Nothing?
Why do I get a feeling they are nerfing Karma because of her toplane presence? She is a very strong pick for Toplane that hard counters most duelists and since they want Riven to be op again and Karma is a champion that can beat her, she is getting nerfed.
: "event" "mission" "rewards"
Why should they give you a free orb when you can buy it at the shop with a very small price that totally is ~~not~~ worth your money. In all seriousness, what happened to the EU laws that are against gambling in games because I am pretty sure these orbs, jackpots and the TFT eggs are illegal
: Tahm is getting nerfed again....
They nerfed a support that went Toplane Meanwhile at botlane {{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:161}}
: Fiora buffs LMAO
So, her E does not help her split? What..why?! Why make her Q of all things deal extra damage to towers? If her Q will deal bonus dmg to towers should we expect Jax w to do so as well?
Rioter Comments
: What the frick are these massive Riven buffs on PBE
Welp, we always thought Veigar ult did unreasonable early burst damage but right now, a melee high mobility champion does more than that..good luck picking Riven at ranked Riven mains. Now she will reach 90% banrate guaranteed
: Just look at those Riven buffs on PBE. Lmao
I really want to see what they will say at the patch notes to justify that buff
UomoAfide (EUW)
: Yeah, but the ending means that the comic wasn't able to link its own story with the "current" state of things in Demacia. We still have a gap in the story that still need to be filled. Hence why Jhonny questions about the confusion brought up by "For Demacia".
Why I get the feeling that the images we saw in the first issue of Lux (the burning city) is what happens in that gap?
: {{champion:53}} His looks and animations (not skills, they updated these, but everything else) are absolutely terrible. It went so far that it even started ruining skins for him.... When his Lancer skins dropped, many people wanted him to get a new walking animation. But Riot refused to give it to the skin and now we have these Lancers skins with **jets**, waddling around on Summoner's Rift. He also has many other terrible skins. One of them is even in the legacy vault because it is **literally** just a chroma that got sold as a complete skin back then..... And the worst thing: His voice lines. Blitzcrank in the new lore is supposed to be an everyday hero. He is saving the people of Zaun from the many dangers they have to face. We even got a short story about him saving some people from a falling elevator. And then you listen to him in the game and notice, he constantly just talks about exterminating everyone and that he wants to end humanity.... ______________________ {{champion:61}} Similar problems like Blitzcrank. Her looks could use some improvement. She is not some ancient doll, she replaced her body with hextech. It is hard to believe that the technology used to augment Camille's body is the same that makes up the entirety of Orianna's body. Her movement looks ungraceful, like some amateur has built her. Which Orianna definitely is not. And her voice lines are the same like Blitzcrank. She is an absolute angel in the lore, she sacrificed literally **everything** to save a bunch of kids in Zaun she didn't even know and her father. But she constantly talks about how much fun killing is.... _______________________ {{champion:51}} Simply because of the potential. Piltover has changed alot over the years and Riot has nailed down a very specific aesthetic for this region. Caitlyn does not fit into Piltover anymore, she doesn't look like a Sheriff in this highly advanced city should look like.
Add Singed and Twitch here as well because Piltover has indeed changed a lot and they need their lore and abilities changed to fit current Piltover as well
Sukishoo (NA)
: Immortal Journey, Championship and Hextech are on the ryze XD
"We don't want to create new skin lines or create random skins of not famous skinlines because we fear not many people would buy the skins" Riot claimed this some time ago when people wanted the return of old skin lines (still waiting for battlecast here!) and what a suprise! Look what they create! Alright, now they have two choises, either they take more old champions and give them good skins or we have found another occasion of Riot lying.
: [Spoilers] Lux: Issue Nr. 5 - Feedback, Discussion and Questions
Zed will be better, only if Jhin is involved (let's get real here, eveyrything that has Jhin in it, is amazing). Now, for this issue I have only one question. Who killed Jarvan the third? Personally, i think the black rose is involved because in history, they never missed a chance to create chaos that would benefit themselves and their payers (which means Noxus in this case). As for the champions that weren't involved, we could come up with excuses for them. Vayne is hunting for monsters, Quinn is a scout that probably is in the borders, Poppy is searching for the Hero and Fiora apparently is drinking her tea while Sylas is wreaking havoc outside. Now, I thought about Galio myself and how useful he actually is for Demacia. He did not wake up when an entity consumed all the magic that has been absorbed by Demacia's walls and thousands of mages fighting so, is when will he wake up? Do we have to wait for Morgana and Kayle to fight in Demacia again for him to wake up? Or he will wake up in the future (and will fight for Demacia and thus we saw it destroyed in the first issue)? And now that I think of it, what will Sylas do now? And what will be the future relationship of Demacia with the mages guild (outside demacia, can't remember their name) will they cooperate and so Sylas only hope would be to flee either to noxus or somewhere further away to be saved? Or will Demacia turn hostile against that guild and they will have to fight Sylas and them?
: Riot has a problem with continuity
Shyvana? Sona? Skarner? Jax? Fiora? Who are all these characters (and many, many more)? Do they bring us money? Do they sell skins? Is their playrate high enough? No? Then forget about them! -Riot 2019 I wish this was a meme and not the truth. Lux is a champion who sells well, has high pickrates and winrates and is played very much which means that there are many players that would willingly spend money on a new skin of her or to pay money to hear a story about her. Even this comic is centered around Lux more than it is on Sylas (not to mention Gare or J4 here). They will **not** willingly update a old champion's lore/story until they rework them and even then, the possibility of half done lore still remains based on how many people are hyped up for their rework. That is Riot so, except if the chinese playerbase demands it, no old champion will get new lore
: To be fair the company as a whole is a meme and huge joke.
> [{quoted}](name=HideInYerBush,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=9mvvqeqG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-12T10:42:49.770+0000) > > To be fair the company as a whole is a meme and huge joke. On gameplay matters, couldn't agree more On Lore/Art/Music matters, heavily disagree
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