iiGazeii (NA)
: Prestige skins also have slightly different models and new particle effects. Prestige PROJECT: Irelia doesn't have a visor and her hood is down, and her blades are more complex. It's a different skin, not just a chroma.
> Prestige skins also have slightly different models Aka, Prestige arcade Caitlyn's broken neck
Antenora (EUW)
: If they disable Fizz, Fiddlesticks, Sona, Jax, Sylas and the other broken shit sure
How about we get the ability to ban champions like them, like we used to have?
Xavanic (NA)
: the problem is riot severely overtunes the numbers of high skill champs for some reason...which is honestly just bad design...i can understand giving riven a bit of a dmg edge over say...diana....but right now its ludicrous....riven is doing 500 dmg level 1 with a single combo..which she can pull off within 2 seconds because of her animation cancelling, she does have counters, but as of right now...riot needs to be a little less generous in terms of numbers on high skill champs
I just love how they deny to nerf Riven but they nerf Aatrox to the damned ground because he is picked at pro play. I really don't understand what they are thinking
Teh Song (NA)
: That's not a thing. They don't balance champions differently for ARAM. Unless something changed without me ever noticing in the years I've played this game.
He means the +% or the -% damage dealt/taken
Rioter Comments
Jamaree (NA)
: I want you to name me a single business, literally even one, that will consistently create content for anything that doesn't have appeal. I'm not saying they should only make skins for popular champions, but let's be real here, they are a business and just like every business, their job is to make money, and there isn't much of it in making skins for unpopular champions. "Well they should just do it out of the goodness of their hearts." Sadly, goodness doesn't feed people.
But we can't just ignore that Riot games used to care about other champions that just 20. And we also can't ignore the fact that the past 2 years Riot has started adopting the EA technique aka, doing everything they can to make money and not on keeping a quality game.
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Not goodbye, you still have Teemo and Vayne ^^
And don't forget about Vladimir still being there
: http://apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1424733242139/TeslaEffectPROJECTQuinn1.jpg Could of gotten Quinn but nooo...have to be the popular girls.
That is a very nice skin even tho Valor there looks a little bit too much like Yveltal from pokemon
: Riot has stated that PROJECT is for humans with significant weapons only. Udyr doesn't have a weapon, thus he will never get a PROJECT skin. If anything, he would be in Program. In terms of Warwick, a Rioter has stated that hi being there will be explained in the lore.
Does Pyke count as a human tho? I mean, he is more like.. Sion at this point than human.
: People troll my games because I pick Vel'koz support.
Vel'koz is a very powerful champion in general and excels in botlane. Whoever does not understand that is very low elo. Oh, also, shame on you for playing Vel'koz support and ruining the enemy botlane's day
UomoAfide (EUW)
: Project: Reckoning
The skins look good but still, there are many other champions that deserve skins way more than they do and many other champions that could fit into the theme way better than Jinx Akali and Irelia. Pyke has 2 kins so getting 1 more is not that bad, Jinx...I mean, come on! What her weapons going to be? She already has advanced thechnological weapons! Akali will be just a meh skin and Irelia has infiltrator skinwhich is a advanced weaponry themed skin. For me, instead of having Irelia and Jinx in there, they could have put Karthus and Yorick which would still allow them to be with the "impending doom" or the "corruption is aproaching" theme
: Jax needs CD nerfs.
I.. I don't get why people are still asking for Jax nerfs even tho we all know that the only thing that makes him overpowered is Spear of Shojin. There are many champions in toplane that counter him, heck, even Irelia can easily beat Jax now. Jax right now is only good vs non meta champions like Olaf or Garen while every other single champion at toplane can easily beat him. I feel that Jax can only kill you if you play recklessly. And I am talking about him without Shojin because with shojin, he is not longer a champion, just a abomination.
: If Ryze can get an awesome trailer...
I actually would prefer not Yorick, but Mordekaiser and his army of souls, finally breaking the barrier and coming out to conquer runetera once and for all. And I prefer Mordekaiser because Yoricks army are...ghouls, plain old brainless ghouls, while Mordekaiser collects the souls of brave soldiers, giving them form in battle. It would be amazing to see either of them tho.
Jamaree (NA)
: Mostly because most of the post here can be boiled down to "This thing beat me, thus it needs nerfs."
And then there are posts of very high quality about balancing (which deserved to be at gameplay+ that Riot removed and replaced with RANT) and not a single Rioter will answer or say his opinion or if he disagrees or agrees with the ideas. That is how you know when a company stops hearing it's playerbase and it is all going downhill
Yenn (NA)
: Hitting Rengar with CC during his jump and still dying in half a second does not feel good
Same goes for damned hecarim who you will also cc but his E will go out anyways.
: Couldn't it be Diana though? Or Akali? Or Trynd? Or Talon? All of those champions use one-handed bladed weapons. Or was it confirmed to be Pyke?
Tryndamere and Talon are out of the question because riot does not care about them, at all. Akali could be but I doubt that and plus, we have the confirmation of this streamer who probably lost his partnership after that one.
: Runes Reforged was a mistake.
They wanted to create diversity because, to say the truth, everyone was abusing thunderlords at that point. And so, we got runes reforged, aka, at the beggining Dark Harvest, then Conqueror and now whatever this mess is. They should have just changed some numbers, nerfed thunderlords, nerfed deathfire, nerfed courage of the colosus and that would have been perfectly fine because on the most part, the older runes were very balanced.
NickEgirl (EUW)
: Spanish streamer Leaks League Partner Program conversation about new skins and and then laugh at it
And we have more proof of this, https://twitter.com/loleu/status/1150087493326376960 We see a minigun like weapon hitting the metal plating, hitting towards Jinx and a slash which could be from a sword but no other small sword (1 handed) is left without project skin which means it could be Pyke. Riot...what can I say... **Dull**
: Thoughts of Skins: Mordekaiser
It would be awesome if we saw a skin in which he is human. You know, like pre-void kassadin, young ryze and many others, which show the champions before they were affected by their fate.
: Will it ever be possible to obtain certain icons that aren't purchasable?
There are some Icons that have been vaulted and some that haven't. For example, It is very hard to find the Burning Tides icon because it is quite old while icons like the one you want, have very high chances of coming back in a future event/skin release/blue essence emporium. And of course, you can pray to the RNG-Riot that you find something other than a champion shard in a chest
: Zed is getting a comic this fall so shen **might **be in it aswell...
I just hope to see Jhin in that comic. They managed to make him look amazing at "Awaken" so I have high hopes of seeing him as amazing in a future comic.
: Would Xerath's body buzz?
In game, when you stand still for some time, he starts buzzing out of his armor. If in game is anywhere close to canon with the lore then, yes.
Minarde (NA)
: Do you remember the SR strategy where a solo laner picks a support, and the carry jungler basically camps that lane in-between jungle clears? The idea was to funnel gold and xp onto that jungler (via having access to two resource streams) so that they hit their powerspikes much earlier than intended. It showed up on the Rift for a few patches before Riot [nerfed it in 8.14](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-814-notes#patch-items), claiming it's a "passive and unengaging strategy" that "subverts a lot of normal laning patterns." Note that this strategy is different from duo-bot in SR, where two players share one resource stream. The situation's more complicated in TT though. Instead of "funneling," it's referred to as "Hypercarry meta" or "Support meta," and it's been around for years. The previous designer(s) in charge of TT even went as far as to say that it's good to have a different playstyle be viable alongside the standard "Jungle meta." Naturally, Hyper meta is a controversial topic for 3v3 players. Advocates point to the map's layout encouraging funneling and that the strategy makes for a nice change of pace. Detractors point to Riot trying to remove funneling in SR as well as Hyper's persistent dominance (for years) in 3s. tl;dr: TT has three revenue streams: top-lane, bot-lane, and the jungle. Jungle meta distributes revenue equally so that each player has a source of income. "Funnel comp" or Hyper meta has the jungler take both jungle income and top-lane income.
First of all, respect for anyone who played Dominion and got this icon Second of all, this strategy still happens and mostly at toplane. It is impossible to deal with and it is game winning in most situations. I recently was vs against a Lulu at toplane and the jungler just came and dove me over and over again. Of course my jungler didn't give a crap on ganking **A DAMNED IMMOBILE SUPPORT ** and the game got lost.
: People have scores like this and then tell me not to surrender.
First of all, shame on you for playing Vel'koz support Second of all, this looks like my average team in Platinum
Yenn (NA)
: I've gone 14 consecutive games without getting my primary role. This is not acceptable.
You have Toplane which is barely playable You have Jungle which is barely playable You have Support which is unplayable in solo Queue And then there is Mid and ADC which are both suffering from the other lanes being uplayable because since nobody plays support, most of which a ADC will find will be autofills and Mid can't 1v5 the game effectively. So...yeah
usul1202 (NA)
: What's your 'it happened in a dream' skin?
For me, it would be Knight Sion. Full plated white armor, with a helmet with gold shoulder pads and a red cape. That would be amazing
: the big question is, this takes alot of resources to develop and where does riot get money from this. like tft was developed because many people showed interest and it is sure to generate massive amounts of money, which is why riot puts development into it
If we see a Twister treeline rework, everyone will be interested. But again, you are right. Riot is just a small indie company who totally does not have enough money to spend on a TT rework.
Mouglas (NA)
: Gnar and Hulk
Talking to yourself I see
Moody P (NA)
: Buff tank items
No. Tank items do not need more stats. AD and AP items need stats removed. Especially AP
Ryzê (NA)
: every shaco i've played with/against either refuses to build their jungle item or simply "doesn't" have to, maybe instead of asking for buffs just build your jungle item and you'll be able to perform better
Ad item is way too weak for shaco to get it first and it will set him behind in gold Ap item and Health item are out of the question So the best is attack speed and yet works with nothing (except maybe ult) on his kit. That is why most shaco's prefer to get other items than the jungle ones, because they simply don't work well enough.
: Easy fix, give junglers the green jg item back with wards. If they choose to not use it, you can blame JG instead of Riot. (As a JG I miss using it)
And nerf Lee'sin the same patch they are brought back.
Cubical (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=I Play This Game,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iExEfluc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-11T17:49:18.799+0000) > At least bot has 2 people. > Do you really think ADCs ward?
At platinum and higher, you ping that you have ward on cd as support and the adc will most of the time ward
Composure (EUNE)
: Qiyana is boring character in the lore. (Very long post)
No reason to have written such a long post. I read it but I can describe her with 1 sentence: She's a **THOT**
: He wasn't a balance issue because he wasn't fucking picked. It's hard to be a balance issue when there are more people born in Antarctica daily than people who play you. You can't be a balance issue when two people having bad luck drops your winrate by 5%.
Old Galio was a nuke. He was extremely strong but not picked. Same went for old Swain, Urgot and at least for my low platinum adventures, so was old Yorick
: @Riot Aatrox lines in regards to revive removal
Nah, they will probably be kept as unused like some unused Sion ones, and we won't be able to ever hear them again.
EdgeLady (NA)
: Let's talk about the big armored Demacian in the room
I just love how Demacia's most elite soldier just dropped his guard and allowed himself to get bashed in the face with a magic blast like a god damned amateur. Also, for me, this comic has made me hate Lux even more. She has done so much damage to her homeland and her brother by helping Sylas even tho Garen allowed her to stay in demacia even tho he knows of her magic
: >Why did riot even release this rework if wasn't even complete? Because they have deadlines to meet. We have roadmaps informing us about the stuff that is coming to the game. Imagine how people would react if they told us "we have to postpone all this stuff because Mordekaiser took longer than we expected". The roadmaps create expectations. They try to fulfill these. The time management probably didn't work out as they hoped when they planned Mordekaiser's rework, he took longer than expected. And in the end, this means that they have to cut some stuff here and there. Like vfx, for example. He was supposed to ship before Qiyana, who was probably done way before him and ready to ship. Then there was a deadline Qiyana was supposed to come out and they had to put Mordekaiser before her to keep the timeline intact. This would also explain why the Mordekaiser rework and the Qiyana release were so close to each other, Qiyana actually came the very next patch after him. Maybe you are lucky and another team from Riot will change up stuff. There are these guys who are working on animations here and there, like the small updates for Dr. Mundo, Caitlyn, Amumu, and so on. You could possibly reach out to these guys in specific and ask them if there is a chance to get some work done on Mordekaiser.
They had to prepare for the insane lore and gameplay yummi brought us and the insane lore and gameplay that qiyana too brought us. Yeah, so its better to leave a champion half unfinished for newer and flashier champions shake.
: nerf tank dmg sejuani and tahm and gragas doo too much damage for their tanky and mobility
Sejuani and Tahm, ok. But damn Gragas? Really? You can pick most champions at midlane and if you have more than 30 IQ, know when he will ult and try to not die by it.
: Why is Kennen getting a compensation buff?
Wow they really want attack speed kennen to be viable, don't they?
: So I agree with the Aatrox nerf
So, you agree to remove a huge portion of his kit for no other reason that he is good at pro play? And the balance team does not understand that this nerf is bigger at solo queue and almost does not effect pro play at all because he still gets increased self healing on R. What can I say, the balance team is really made of monkeys.
: {{champion:202}} isn't babied THAT much, I mean in this meta he isn't considered favoured, he's not exactly un-usable either but he's not like S tier either. Honestly looking at tier lists he's B tier at best, and this is speaking as Jhin main too.
For Jhin to be viable, they need to reduce the speed he gets from critical striking and increasing the damage he does with critical strikes. Then, he will be able to compete with other ADC's
: What is the best designed skin?
For me, it is God King Garen
xelaker (NA)
: If you can't handle being countered, don't play ranked...
Aka, go double jungle without a toplaner because toplane is all about counterpicks
: Ravenous hunter is ability-only. Spellvamp also works with things like smite. It's a big mess. Ravenous should just be spell vamp, and gunblade should be spellvamp and lifesteal.
Because everyone want's to see Vladimir becoming stronger, right?
Infernape (EUW)
: They're not Spell Vamp. They just heal from a percentage of the damage your abilities deal. It's separate. The only source of true Spell Vamp is Lee Sin with his W2.
: I would be glad if a rioter answers me this. Why do you refuse to give Skarner actual damage?
Excact same reasons apply to Singed too. Skarner and Singed should have something fixed about them
Kanzler (NA)
: Is this a lowkey confirmation that jax is a human?
Kanzler (NA)
: {{item:3193}}
And it took that Vayne 3 more autos to kill me once I activated it.
: Adaptive Helm heavily cuts his damage by the way. You'd be surprised on how much of it is his passive. His Q is his only other source of damage and it's on a very short CD, so it can get hit by Adaptive as well.
Great! When I play a tank champion I will consider alongside the health items I build to get adaptive helm too. Oh wait, he deals more damage the more max health you have. Welp, scrap that plan.
: I don't think dominion needs an overhaul, and the only modernisation it needs is visual, and it really doesn't need to get faster, the paceing was perfect and one of the reasons i loved it. If you want a faster versiobn, we have ascention for that... What Dominion needs is rannked and publicity. The main thing that killed the mode is that it wasn't showcased in anyway, not even sure if newcomers in later season even got any hint that it existed beyond beeing able to pick it in game mode select. No streamers(Mostly because no ranked), no proplay, not even show matches for fun on events like it's done with aram or the 1v1 turnaments. Just as with TT right now, riot did all it can to hide it's existence from the players which paired with the neglect in terms of ranked and balance(though one can argue that the latter is a blessing given the current state of SR) caused the small player base. The mode at it's core was awsome, just everything around it sucked.
And if they ever bring it back, even as a temporary gamemode (Definitely not Dominion) I beg them to keep the music. That nostalgia of the music is something else...
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