Just remove them all together
: Normal Blind Matching
When i was leveling one of my accounts at around lvl 16 i had a challenger adc on my team and challenger toplaner on enemy team
: Your and their MMRs are similar. Also, it was slightly influenced by the fact you were a duo with Your.
his duo was under lvl 30
: This should be Crabgot's Dance
If the they dont change it i might as well just quit league
: What happened to this game
They ban you if you call the inter "r%%%%%ed" but he can go 0/10 and afk and receive no punishment
WardMyBüsh (EUNE)
: league of legends New Bewitching Skins Blitzcrank, Kassadin and Miss For...
Ofc they make a prestige edition to earn even more money
: Hello Summoner! Seems like there's ongoing issues with North American server right now. Players are unable to connect into the games and being stuck in a ghost games as well. Riot is aware of the issue and works hard in order to fix it within a reasonable matter of time. Many players are experiencing this, so don't worry, it's not an issue in your account. Stay away from playing ranked games for now, until this issue is fully fixed, please. There's no ETA on fix yet, unfortunately and it's yet to be determined if there's gonna be a compensation. Please be patient and thanks for understanding! :) ***UPDATE***: Issue with ghost games should get fixed in about 2-3 hours and you'll be able to play again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best regards!
"works hard"
datfatguy (OCE)
: How do you even play against Tryndamere
I never lost to a trynda 1 v 1
: spear of shojin solo makes jax actually stupid to face in many teamfight scenarios
Bla bla bla nerf jax bla bla bla nerf shojin bla bla bla
Zeanix (OCE)
: Legendary skins should be focused on older champions, rather than new ones
nagıto (NA)
: Urgot's Ultimate Can Trigger Seizures
An option to remove that VFX ? That is so stupid, just add an option to remove the entire champ and problem solved.
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: ChaseShaco gets DDoSed for exposing wintraders
Lets ban nubrac and lets keep people like this in the game
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