: Actions speak louder then words. So far they proved that they don't know what they are doing. I bet that adc "nerf" will somehow become a buff for them.
Nerf adc stats but buff adc items xd
: RIOT ADC's needs gutting not MAGES
Next patch they nerf ADC... Later ''Because ADC's are weak, we are making supports a bit more forgivable. Janna,lulu,karma... buffs and redemption buffs as ADC seem to die... too fast''
: It's fine. You got a Yasuo! According to the forums, he can be 0/20/0 and still stomp.
This was in Diamond 5-4 elo... No way Yasuo can carry :/, that works in bronze... Even in Diamond people tend to suck so hard or go troll/afk which i see in most cases. 1 time dies > I go afk... lol
: The only way to carry is if those on your team aren't deadbolted to the floor
{{champion:157}} 1/3/0 {{champion:32}} 3/6/1 {{champion:245}} 0/4/1 {{champion:145}} 1/10/3 {{champion:412}} - me 0/6/2... Feelsbadman, how to carry this?
: Autofilled support starter pack
That feel when {{champion:157}} ADC and {{champion:20}} support beats your bot lane {{champion:18}} {{champion:16}} ... had this game and I don't know what to say...
Rαy (EUW)
: Why are Janna and Warwick being ignored every patch?
'Cause they aren't in proplay? Except janna maybe
: What's taken the fun out of league for you?
{{champion:121}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:145}} Balance them and the fun can be taken back.
TS Media (NA)
: Here's my problem with catchup exp
To prevent counterjungling 24/7. I really wish it wasn't like this because now you can't prove anything with skills. It's either get 1/2 kills and enemy jungler can still have some impact.
: @RiotRepertoir, can we do something about TALON?
And then you have {{champion:238}} the most broken assassin ever...
: Minesweeper will kill League of Legends
That feel when you never actually won minesweeper... Feelsbadman
Áery (NA)
: Not sure if I ever met someone who said they truly enjoy League after 5.18. But it’s been almost three seasons, they surely have their priorities in check.
5.18 :'( the good old days... I remember playing back then... it makes me cry as league was better! GIVE BACK ZEPHYR!!
Vanjie (NA)
: Sad To See Almost No One Enjoying LoL
Every game has downside sometimes and league has it. Old devs, old league was much more fun as carrying Solo was possible. Now it's your luck with your team. I've seen people having 23/4 kda as Kha'zix... they're doing every single thing for the team and yet he still loses as someone got caught and they all died. Team game is just awful.
: Welcome To League of Legends Season 8!
People in Korea love to have lower games. Riot knows that Asia has most population on servers and brings the most income so they're listening to them. If they want faster games > let them have for more $. Simple... Game was pretty good in season 5-6, after that it went down like a melting mountain.
Destaice (NA)
: How to teach kids a lesson.
What happened when you woke up?
Amoustafa (EUW)
: On creating a new Youtube channel
So many people today has started making Lol gameplays... You and 200 others will compete.
: My friend just commited suicide...
Sorry for loss but don't post this on league boards.
: Garen deserves a large-scope rework
Everytime I play Garen i feel like I'm challenger. I love that champ. CHARGE!!!!
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: Can you decide wether J4 is a diver or a oneshot bot?
Everytime now I saw Jarvan in the jungle, it was a massacre. Duskblade+Warrior = instantly one shoting everyone in his path. No need for tank since you have W shield...
: When you think she's beautiful, but it's C9 Sneaky
saltran (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fade to Black99,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MlvhqK85,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-04-11T12:45:15.087+0000) > > {{champion:11}} {{item:3147}} ?
I saw it in Diamond 5, you wouldn't be surprised how this can one shot you. So stop downvoting if you didn't see it.
: Why is Rengar back ? dealing 80 million damage in 0.2 seconds again ?
{{champion:238}} {{item:3147}} {{champion:11}} {{item:3147}} {{champion:107}} {{item:3147}} And so on. Duskblade IS the problem of this thing. NOT THE CHAMPION, it's this one little shit item. It's making them rise.
: More Irelia Nerfs on PBE
Well she is a bit weak. Every game enemy team lost because Irelia was on their side.
KazKaz (OCE)
: Huge FPS drops this patch
Feels so weird when people have problems, have same computer and nothing. Everything working fine,.
: The main issue with riot's cowseps response...
Why put a flag of North Korea when they talked about South? You more like South?
RosyMiz (NA)
: Who's the hottest female champion? (round 1)
KazKaz (OCE)
: Huge FPS drops this patch
Just tried the game and no lags at all. 1050 gtx. Don't know what is happening with others.
BrewDrew (NA)
: The only couple that matters. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/254017721652609024/430923161580732417/11419093_787635041356631_1213325709_n.jpg
: [CLIENT] Irellia Champion Profile
That was the same thing for most champions like Diana,etc.
: I can't say "Fun" in my item sets -_-
For example I want to say ''Puta'' because this means ''X, multiply'' in my language. It's censored as in Spanish it's a harsh word...
: They haven't even had a full season together, and rakan is already after other women.
: My account cannot demote
Well It's not that I don't believe you because I was in the same place as you. I was once Diamond 5 with 0 lp for a looooong time. Lost aroudn 56 games and then 57 lost demoted me to plat 1. No jokes.
: Extremely low FPS on a good PC
Sometimes it's server problem. I'm constantly having 219-115 fps with GTX 1050. Don't know guys but I don't see any problems. If LOL is the only game that have lower fps then it's servers most probably.
: Why Its Not Worth Believing The Hype Around Bitcoin
Bitcoin is a risk. You can put your money and hope to get some profit of it or lose.
: I bet you fortnite and Pubg die in a years time.
Those games are dying because they have nothing more to offer. People get enough of those games after some time.
: How is league mmr calculated? @RIOT
That's a top CIA/FBA secret. And a bullshit if you ask me.
sAyCo (EUNE)
: if i saw someone is getting boosted..
It's not worth. I have submit multiply tickets of how people are boosted + various number of proofs. But none of them did care. They never got banned and continued to play. So I gave up.
: LOL Wolrd Map (Upgraded!!)
That first island (on the top) looks like the map from Game of thrones lol
: Ashe is probably the most well balanced marksman, and is underappreciated for that.
Ryze is most balanced champ in my opinion (besides ashe as marksman). He needs a lot of skills to be played.
: League is no longer fun.
I know how ya feel bro..
: OwO This is hot...
kczingx (EUW)
: oh really do you now!! so why on this site if you quit it adds no value to your life what so ever since you're not a player! you're an ex addict lying to him/herself you're forcing yourself to stay away,why fight it just play, its just a game might as well kill time right! don't fight it bro come back to league
Mythrandill (EUNE)
: Daily "I quit league" post
Ordinary people like me will actually quit league. but streamers can't quit because money is good.
: Nightblue 3 "quit" (part 2: "only quit streaming it")
Typical streamer... greed... greed never changes.
Almo (NA)
: When you get 8-9 hours of sleep and wake up in the morning and go to work.
If you play computer so much then even sleeping 9 hours won't change much. Your eyes will hurt a lot. You need a fresh day without too much computer.
: Thats it!!! Im taking a break! Fix your match making!
I quit almost 6 months ago and i feel better.
: Hearthstone is a terrible game.
I never played Heartstone so i can't say anything but you should play Heroes of the storm. Pretty balanced game in my opinion. There's also no pay to win. Only problem is ranked matchmaking like in every game... Sometimes 5 premades can play against 5 random people which sucks...
: Very nice explained just don't put dot at the end of the title. It doesn't go there.
lul when someone is mad because he can't admit he made a grammar mistake.
: I have literally done this too. Got Blitz hooked, Tristana jumped on me, pressed R and W and got a double with just frostfang.
Now you see how it's bullshit. xd
: Please get Brand out of the support role
Brand is a cancer man. You hook him with thresh > get him to like 300 hp and yet he still manages to kill you all just because his last breath combo deals 10000 damage... BTW winning 1v2. ADC doesn't even need to try to help him, he can die and get double. Fire damage and there's no fire resist in the game.
: Is it just me or is the fountain laser underwhelming?
They made it weaker so that people can get famous pentakills inside fountain and potentially giving assassins a deal to instant shot you even when you're healing.
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