: If you haven't picked up on it, over the past few years Riot has been phasing things to largely favor an adc-centric playstyle. There's obviously exceptions and ways around it, but these are largely much riskier and work more in solo queue than competitive play. Think about pro play... it's tanky bruisers or tanks toplane for the most part. Carries are only played when hella strong for the patch and even then, they're on a time limit unless the other team likewise picks a squishy carry champ. Jungler's are mostly relegated to being vision control and setting up their teammates to carry even if they get a big lead for themselves. They use their lead to survive after getting the insec that wins their team the fight. Or they're playing knight's vow tank or redemption olaf where their itemization is more about empowering... the adc than about making them as individually strong as possible. Midlaners used to be able to 100-0 a squishy in mid and late game if they were assassins or burst mages. Now it's 70-90% in most cases. And after that, they have nothing for about 10+ sec during which the fight will have pretty much been decided. They're much more about cc to enable their team to pick off a single opponent faster than the other team can. Just look at stuff like lissandra and galio in the past year or so to illustrate the cc point. Other mids might offer more damage or even outscale, but that's no longer what mid is largely about. Supports are get more gold, but their itemization is still either generic stats or stuff focused almost exclusively around adc-style champs. Bonus attack speed, armor, tank some of the damage meant to be applied to adc via itemization, shield them from burst damage, etc. Much like jungler, support is often more or less centered around being a stat boost for adc. Basically, we've largely been heading towards a state of game where adc is supposed to kill 4-4.5 members of enemy team in order to get an ace. Mid kills the other 0.5-1 member largely by themselves. All others are there for cc, to be caught and killed, to peel or engage for adc (often in combo with midlaner), to be a meatshield that absorbs damage until blown up by adc and friends, and/or to be a walking stat buff to adc. Sure solo queue is a bit different because other roles are more capable of carrying in a semi-coordinated 5v5, but it's still adc-favored game for the most part. That's not to say they don't have their own troubles either, but just that the game is mostly trending towards the idea of adc as the exclusive 1v5 champ at higher level of play. In iron? It's iron and anything can still happen. And honestly, that's the more fun game to watch in my opinion.
But why would anyone want to play a team based game where its one adc and 4 support? All of the team members should impact the game, its not league of adc. 1 year ago adc were kinda bad, but now it is better botlane wins. So should everybody who want to impact the game should swich to adc role? I get it that a support's job is to help the adc, but please don't make the toplane and the midlane a lesser support to thr adc. The support role is the least favoured position at all, dont make it worse lol.
: Question about designing Yasuo's Windwall
Slayers (formerly "Assassins") are fragile but agile damage-focused melee champions that look to swiftly take down their targets. Skirmishers (also known as Duelists) aim to shred through any nearby enemy that approaches. Because Skirmishers lack high-end burst damage or reliable ways of closing in on high-priority targets,_** they are instead armed with situationally powerful defensive tools to survive in the fray**_, along with extreme sustained damage to cut down even the most durable targets. Most of the skirmisher defensive skills have really high impact(sometimes support level defense skill) but generally have high cooldown, so you are rewarded if you use it a proper time, but you get punished if you use it early and the skill is on cooldown when you really need it.
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zounet (EUW)
: Riot, I think I understood the most important thing about kayle and morgana, in lore
The lore has a lawful good-chaotic neutral alignment conflict vibe. Howewer, it is twisted in a pretty clever way, bc Kayle's idea of justice feels quite strict, and Morgana's "evilness" is just she going her own way. Also, I played Mass Effect and I got heavy Samara vs. Morinth vibes.
: Uh yes,giving Tryndamere a 50% crit chance at lvl 16 is a VERY VERY GOOD IDEA GUYS.
Well yas has these double crit thing so.. As the crits now works like +25% it would make no sense to have a champ with +35% crit. He still needs to buy 3 crit item to reach the cap so it means he loses 10% crit chance value by building said items. Btw it is a late game buff where trynd is strong ayway so there is little reason to buff his lategame. Rn games rarely last till trynd has 5-6 items so this buff has little merit. Also they didn't buff his early where it is hard for the Barbarian.
: Uh yes,giving Tryndamere a 50% crit chance at lvl 16 is a VERY VERY GOOD IDEA GUYS.
Kivolan (NA)
: Tryndamere Is In Desperate Need of a Rework
Well Riot needs some champs that can make ppl bitching about them.
: ***
"Kayle is a ranged Tryndamere" -some random lol player
: The worse part is that he runs off like a little bitch when someone stonewalls his dick move split push.
Nah he just does a tactical retreat.
Kivolan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TimX24968B,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t3JQEgJx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-02T22:26:45.294+0000) > > First of all, that sounds like how trynd's kit is supposed to work. > > Second, this just shows your lack of knowledge on how to deal with him. > > Also, why can't this be a champion's design philosophy? I don't recall the community being in charge of making every champion teamfight-centric, all with the same abilities, since that's what it feels like everyone wants at this point, even though it would hurt the diversity of the game. What if I want to play a toplaner who can just deal tons of damage and is simple? what if I want to play a champion that can brute force a win if necessary? > > 90% sure this is just gonna get downvoted or not even fully read anyway due to the community seemingly wanting to play 200+ slight variations of someone like sion. But then again, losing a ranked game against a tryndamere isn't a reason to whine about how he needs a rework. It's not a one-game loss thing. It's an accumulation of how many times I've felt cheated out of a win. It's strange to be up ten or fifteen kills and several objectives only to lose simply because our top laning dies to Trynd once or twice, giving him two or three towers at a time. It's frustrating to be the one keeping Trynd in check as well. You're constantly chasing him down, because you're either going to go to a team fight while he split pushes or try to push the wave while he goes to another lane to push that instead. It's a lose-lose situation if you're up against a team that is able to clear waves from under their turret while Trynd does his work. I've played top lane against Trynd, and I literally feel like I'm not even getting to play the game because I have to babysit him. {{champion:122}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:62}} are all top laners who are relatively simple but all have very different kits. They can all brute force a win, but they also have some utility and teamfighting potential... Whereas Trynd can essentially _only_ operate in a 1v1 setting.
Actually not only he forces game situations: having an enemy blitz means you have to dodge conwtantly or get grabbed, having a Karthus means you have to instantly recall with low hp. All of is how champs who we hate: imI eont like Mf enemy adf for example: he cwnlq simply get multy kills by simply pressing the r button. Do I complain about it? Do I start threads about how Mf is braindead? No, I either bann her or simply try win the game.
Kivolan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TimX24968B,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t3JQEgJx,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-03T05:38:56.177+0000) > > He has no weaknesses? > let's see: > {{champion:17}}, {{champion:67}}, {{champion:86}}, {{champion:133}}, {{item:3075}}, {{summoner:3}}, {{summoner:14}}, {insert any ADC played by someone who knows how to kite or any toplane mage}, {{item:3143}} Not entirely sure who you're responding to, but as far as I'm aware it was never stated that he "has no weaknesses". This is not a "Tryndamere is OP" thread. He needs a rework because his kit is frustratingly dull and encourages mindless splitpushing. The rest of your comments in the previous post though, oh gosh... Continuously banning a champion is not a solution to their kit's outdateness. Further, pushing the lane once he leaves it would be viable except for the fact that he can take two turrets in the time most other top laners can take one. How do you beat a mindless splitpusher? Bring another mindless splitpusher. Coughcough {{champion:77}} (though even Udyr feels more bearable than Trynd) A champion's lore and quotes don't represent how their laning phase should be for the enemy lol. I enjoy playing against the majority of the champions in this game because there is room for error on both sides. Facing a Tryndamere feels like a desperate game of tag that's stacked majorly against you. I have played Trynd, and it was just as boring as facing him. Helicopter in, right click something with low HP, press R when your health gets low. Fun.
Actually every champ that builds crit is a gimmick then. Crit chance as a stat is bad on one thing: u pay for luck. There is 2 states of it where it is not rng: 0% crit chance(no double damage) and 100% (double aa damage). Any else crit stat is bad. It is up to riot to release an item with only 100% crit chance and removing not 100% crit from the other items. But that would make the crit item weak. If u compensate the loss of crit of other stats: those items become too strong. Actually both crit items and tryn passive says: u MAY deal double aa dmg. Until u reach 100% crit chance u pay for a stat that is not certainly helps you in the next fight. If u buy an item w like 30armor: congrat now all your incoming phisical attacks will be lower CERTAINLY. So crit can be bad for Tryn too: he may not crit in the next 5 second fight.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kivolan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t3JQEgJx,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-03T05:54:34.057+0000) > > Not entirely sure who you're responding to, but as far as I'm aware it was never stated that he "has no weaknesses". This is not a "Tryndamere is OP" thread. He needs a rework because his kit is frustratingly dull and encourages mindless splitpushing. But, that actually is fun. Really fun. The simplicity is one of the best parts of his kit, particularly when so many older champs get reworked with a bunch of gimmicky unwieldy abilities that are super awkward. Not every champion needs to have a bajillion different intra-skill interactions within 3 second cyclical windows of power triggered by 4 dimensional skillshots, sometimes it's ok to just walk up and click on stuff.
Yes, u are totally right. Simplicity makes Trynd different then other champs: u can focus to the game instead of champion mechanics.


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