Bârd (NA)
: So there's a bug with Morde's ult in practice tool, allowing him to surpass the size limit. Love it.
koshkyra (NA)
: Exhaust is dead
I use exhaust on 90% of my games and for me at least it helps a lot, there were numerous times that had I not taken exhaust we'd have lost the fight. There are times when ignite is better, but in general for me exhaust does the job just fine when it come to fighting 3v2 at bot.
Theorex (NA)
: remove the no indicator silence on her, and I would be fine. AT THE VERY LEAST GIVE IT A VIEGAR LEVEL INDICATOR. Like FFS. She can completely deny any good plays from anyone because its instant. I don't care if they increase the range, but made it have a .75 second indicator and MORE CLEAR. Its already fucking hard enough seeing small skill shots that are traveling. But trying to spot a silence zone that blends in with every other skill in the game, is near impossible unless you are hyper focused on Soraka the whole time. Or if they made the silence only work while inside the zone. Literally that Silence is the most AIDs silence in the game. At least with Fiddles you can see it coming. With garen he has to get in melee range, unless he flashes WHICH IS A BURN OF A FLASH. Cho Gath is slow and has a smallish ranged Silence. Malzahar has a sufficient indicator to show you are gonna be silenced. Blitz is tied to an ulti. Albeit on a low CD, but its not a massive constant Silence zone. Literally my only gripe with Raka is the lack of counterplay to her silence. So many times I have been denied or plan out stopped by the silence because 1: I didn't see it in the clutter of spells, 2: its instant so the second I got into range to kill someone, it was casted. Stopping my spell cast, and then a Q followed up because I was a 0 threat enemy (Since I only play mages). 3: It was in a brush and didn't reveal, so I walked into the brush to continue the chase. Just dumb things about her.
If you run towards her or any other enemy while she's near, it's common sense that she will silence once you're in range. It is your own fault for going in while you know that she can insta silence you. Soraka is very squishy, one stun is enough to take her out, constant poke also does the job. Bait our her silence and do whatever you want. Simple as that. She's only strong if her adc knows how to protect her. Her silence can only be frustrating when you're not careful, I main Nami so trust me, I know. Also don't pick Raka against her. Blitz, Thresh, Naut, Leona, Janna, Zyra, Brand, Lux are all better than raka against soraka.
: I think the main problem, is that its too easy for enchanters to protect their adcs through shields and heals. If more of them needed to actually hit skill shots (not necessarily on enemies, but on the adc for instance) it'd make them feel a lot more fair. Imagine if you could miss a janna shield, or soraka heal, etc. It'd allow you to put a lot more power into their supporting capabilities, instead of just making them bad at everything
Sir, did you process that before you typed it? ''its too easy for enchanters to protect their adcs through shields and heals'' Are you for real? Clearly you don't know how supports work, my guess is because you've never been one. Making a heal or a shield into a skill shot would render the enchanter supports completely useless. They're called enchanters for a reason.
Xonra (NA)
: "Its a teammate dice-roll simulator" Which is why I hate the way they do mmr and match making in League as it is a team game not a 1v1 If you break down a 100% chance to win a game of league in ranked: - 40% is personal player skill - 40% is praying to god you don't get that F rank player the OP mentions cause the game turns into a 5 vs 4+1 and in most cases you simply lose that scenario. - 20% Is dealing with auto fill because if you get an autofill jungler you are VERY screwed. You can put someone who is pretty good in mid and slap them in jungler and they go from an A+ player to a C or lower at best in an instant. - And 20% is just trying to deal with picks like {{item:3161}} Conq Riven cause Riot refuses to touch her, the items she abuses, or the rune choices simply because they claim it is an "NA solo queue only" problem. So factually the majority of the game is out of your hands before the actual game starts unless you are that hard feeding F tier guy or the poor guy that got auto filled into jungle then you are helping negatively even if not on purpose. So while everyone says you have a "50 chance of winning every ranked game" that is factually false. You have a variable chance of winning based on autofill and match making that can go up or down at complete and literal random.
: *spoilers* People die
> [{quoted}](name=MordridtheBlack,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=GcThn9Hn,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-05-10T13:09:38.655+0000) > > *spoilers* People die Why spoil? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Man now i want a skin called Gay Bar Gragas.
You deserve a medal. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Ann3x (NA)
: Another toxic player thinking he or she has done nothing wrong. It doesn't matter what level or rank you are just because you are online doesn't give you a reason not to be a decent human being. There is a reason you have been reported maybe instead of yelling at the people who banned look at your words and fix your attitude towards other people.
: > [{quoted}](name=Satose,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Z8ieeYOw,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-12-08T14:05:11.625+0000) > > I don't want them to know what they'll do b4 they do it. > I need the system to kick those that ruin the game for the rest of us. > I checked on those people, they still lose people's games, what is the system doing? > I'm not a troll nor afk, I do my best on all parts, kda, vision, objectives, roam when possible, save teammates whenever possible, shout calling, > I don't always succeed, but I surely try, and the reward is bitter. {{item:3070}} so are you complaining about people with negative winrates? or ragers that have positive winrates? m8 if you're silver and know you belong in silver why are you complaining? silver 4 or silver 1. it's still the same boarder/rewards if you want to climb get better at the game.. if you want a casual environment go play normals.. or get a few friends and play flex what is your core problem?? that ur dropping from silver into silver? that you see - LP instead of +LP? flamers? you can mute.
Am I writing on a different language? Core problem is that some people ruin the game by being afk or simply trolling. Example [Ranked game] : I declare my pick, I main Nami, my mid bans Nami and says oops didn't see sorry, okay I roll with it, mistakes happen. The game starts, yasuo runs down mid lane and the feed begins. All he bought was boots. Needless to say we lost. Managed to climb, currently I am at G2, I still see this shit quite often both on my team and on the enemy team sometimes. Reports don't seem to work and I don't know any other way of sending a ''message''. Not being cocky, but I am getting better at the game, thing is that whether I do my best or not sometimes it doesn't matter cause it all comes down to whether someone will troll or not. I've had games were we won with a troll on the team twice actually, but does this make it okay to place bets every time? Dodge is only an option only when it's is clear from the lobby chat that someone will troll, otherwise should I dodge every game? ''if you want to climb get better at the game'' I did ''if you want a casual environment go play normals'' Don't care if they're dicks I just don't want them to troll also normals are no different. ''flamers? you can mute'' Common sense that when I see flame I mute. sigh, buddy, I believe that you understand my point, at least I hope you do.
: omg.... and yet you don't complain about people with guns doing more damage by buying swords?... or how you can wear like... 5 suits of armor.
tell that to kirito
mack9112 (NA)
: Riot can only moderate people they can't read there mind and know what they are going to do before they do it . I play in plat and never see trolls or afk because those individuals can never make it that far.
I don't want them to know what they'll do b4 they do it. I need the system to kick those that ruin the game for the rest of us. I checked on those people, they still lose people's games, what is the system doing? I'm not a troll nor afk, I do my best on all parts, kda, vision, objectives, roam when possible, save teammates whenever possible, shout calling, I don't always succeed, but I surely try, and the reward is bitter. {{item:3070}}
: It's mathematics. As long as you are not the troll or afk on your team, for every game, there are 4 random people on your team that could be the troll or afker while there are 5 random people on the enemy team that could be the troll or afker. If you assume there is equal probability of each of the 9 random people to be a troll or afker, there is a greater chance of the enemy team having a troll or afk than your team. You should gain more lp over vast amount of time on the normal curve. If Rito reduces lp loss for troll/afk, it will open up for other kind of abuse. For afk, team would flame or abuse teammate(s) into afk in order to selfishly reduce their own lp loss creating more toxic environment than what we have now. For troll, Rito troll detection system is not exactly...perfect and it would create an unfair system where some people will be lucky and the troll detector gave them reduced lp loss while others will be unlucky and the troll bypassed the troll detector and get full lp loss. It's better to let mathematics and the law of probabilities to take care of it.
Mathematics didn't take care of it nor the system did. I checked. They still play and loose people's games. Either I overreact or I'm against the laziest system there is.
: It is not fair, but there is no fairer way of magically solving the issue.
I checked on the people that went afk or trolled, they're still playing up to 15 hours ago the last one I checked. How exactly were they punished? Where is the ''fair'' in that? Call me a creep for checking on their match history but I had to see for myself if the reports they got actually did anything. And nothing happened, they kept on playing. Either I live in a world where troll and afk is okay or the system needs an update.
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