: I still think the pull is just too oppresive CC on already oppresive ability but the null zone would definitely help maitain the synergy with MV.
I personally dont think its too much as it is on an ultimate and if you hit someone at the edge of your ability they know its coming and can get away, so yes it was meant to be cc chained but ideally you want to do that with all form of CC. To be honest half the reason i made it this way is that i feel this worked well thematically for Malza, and the knife would get some use. The best minimum amount of change to the ult would be: Range: 700 Tether Range: 900 Active: You mark a target, after a short delay if the target is within tether range they are suppressed for 1.5 second and dealt magic damage every 0.25 second. A Null Zone is opened beneath the target that lasts 5 seconds, dealing magic damage every half-second to all enemies within. This way the cc is not so oppresive, QSS only removes the cc the damage stay intact, the enemy has a way of getting out of the damage(Its not easy but it doesnt have to be) and yes Malza would not be suppressed with his own ult so you can Q while your ult is going on but that doesnt really change the damage as you would combo it either way(yes the combo is easier but the ult damage nerf validates that, i believe).
: It would create consistency mess given that it's supposed to refresh on-damage. Even If you split the damage in two, it would take away the sustained damage consistency and the fact MV works as amplification of DPS to his ult.
What about the if damage stays the same with null zone and all so, the only real change is the shorter suppression and the tether based pull?
: > I didn't touch MV the q and the r would refresh it, so in that 1.5 sec suppresion time MV and the voidling would still do DoT. MV is refreshed on damage. This means that current ult, given it is several ticks of damage, can refresh it multile times, extending the duration. Yours only damages once.
So if it refreshes it when the pull was succesfull and when the damage is done the duration will effectively stay the same.
: Not only will this counterplay be more easily used by mobile champions (against whom this ultimate is supposed to be strong) it will further fuck up immobile champions, given that against them the ult is practially just buffed. Additionally this minor counterplay, easily covered by literally any form of CC, does not justify the massive buffs you've given: * Now contains pull of the champion, a CC that is extremly strong as proved by Blitz, Tresh and Pyke (and one that cannot be QSS'd) * Now allows knock-up interactions (Yasuo ult) * Now deals the damage instantly as burst on otherwise sustained damage champion * Now does %hp true damage, which has been proven to be problematic on Vayne and Fiora and cannot be itemized against The drawback you provided are: * Damage focused on single target * Damage can be completely negated * Tether can be broken * MV cannot be refreshed multiple times From these, the tether is bad because for immobile champions it will pose practically no change in counterplay, it will be more effective against them while mobile champions will be able to cancel the ult to the point Malza won't even try to use it on them. However one slightest shortest CC on team means there will be no change against any champion and Malza's ult will be just buffed. The damage negation is also irrelevant since the one tick you took If you QSS it now is equivalent to taking no damage and as such this is practically no change at all. The focus on single target yet again won't change much due to the fact most players know to spread well against Malza, as such they would likely not be hit at all. The fact Malza cannot refresh his MV multiple times is the only considerable nerf, one that doesn't even make sense and a lot of Malza palyers would very likely rather have that than true damage. And that nerf isn't significant enough to cover broken mechanics like pull or %hp true damage.
Currently the "counterplay" to the ult is to manage your distance(which is already easier with mobile champs) and buy/or QSS, thats not changing. I already stated why i put the knock-up in there, its a secondary thought the suppression is more than enough. I didn't touch MV the q and the r would refresh it, so in that 1.5 sec suppresion time MV and the voidling would still do DoT. A lot of things would not change in how you use it and how you play against it, that is intentional as the main focus of this is to give a chance outside QSS to do something, make it so QSS is not just a complete deletion of your ult and shorten the 2.5 second suppresion without it being a simple nerf. The only thing that is essential in this is the tether based pull, all the numbers can be balanced, basic idea is that if you mark someone they cant just walk away, but yes if they are already CC-d or you hit them with q its almost guaranteed as it is already now. Summary, the ult is already a mind game more than a skill game, but now one wrong step is not a guaranteed unwanted kiss of death.
: What counterplay exactly that the current one doesn't have?
The whole tether range thing where if Malz just puts the mark on you at 900 and you can walk or dash or flash away you dont get suppresed?
: This is literally just buff to already oppresive ability. Why?
For the glory of Teemo, of course! Jokes aside, the goal is to give the ult some counterplay while keeping the feeling of it and not nerf it to the ground.
Jinto (OCE)
: I'd prefer we don't have the airborne, it'd become a free kill if you have a Yasuo around
Honestly the airborne part is because the animation i though of is the enemy helplesly lifted in the air until Malza stabs them.
Arakadia (NA)
: Yes but it also stops immobile champions just as hard and is totally unfun for the enemy to just get clicked on and suppressed.
That is why i was thinking for a counterplay option for the enemy, as for the extra fed champs, in my opinion at that point its already a team fight so the 1.5 sec is enough to focus a carry out and the teleport helps so their team cant get to you that easily.
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