Meddler (NA)
: **For LoL:** C++ generally, with game scripting (what designers spend a lot of time doing as opposed to engineers) through LUA. **For other games:** Not my place to say sorry (and I'm no engineer so in most cases I'm not sure anyway)
Arent you a transport engineer tho? (saying hi as someone studying the same thing)
: Skin Ideas
I like the Xerath one!!!
: Skin Universe Lore in 2019: Alt Fantasy, Multiverse Theory, and You
YES YES YES! This question is for me! Lover of VO, AUs, lore etc. I was just thinking about VO today. Most importantly, please make lines auto fire when the requirements are met: I will never use ctrl2 to make Ashe say lines to the enemy Project Lucian in Rankeds. Specifically, I was thinking that Cosmic skins havent received a Legendary, (and a ward) or a story. Since DS already got a story this year with Odyssey, it shows there is a potential in it. Maybe not alone, but within that AU, with DS and cosmic both involved. I believe skinlines with more than 10 (or maybe even less) skins should get a Legendary because then the chance of specific lines firing is high. Also, if they are in the same AU like Cosmic and dark star, its even higher. I would like more theme specific lines, that could fire when a newer skin (than the legendary) is coming out in that theme, so that these lines would not be champ specific, rather theme specific. For example, DS thresh was in the first batch, so he only has lines for Varus, which isnt the best, and general theme lines could help this. This is why I think Legendaries are more optimal for skinlines with a huge number of skins: Lunar Revel, BLOOD MOON(!!!), Cosmic(my fave), trick or treat, winter, arcade, hell (nasus legendary au) could all get a legendary, or get more in the case of the last. Skins could also use more lines towards unrelated themes, like with Pulsefire Ezreal or CAIT(!). In 2018, one of the best stories in League was Odyssey. It was easily understandable, yet very very entertaining, and surprising! I felt so intrigued, I just cant say how much I loved that story!!! The story I liked the least was the Trial of the masks. It was confusing, and too complex. I think only those having a degree in literature could understand the deeper meaning of it (sorry for this, i want to say how I didnt get the the story, and what it felt like to read). For skin lore, a short short story for every bigger releases could be nice. Since character introduction like with odyssey and KDA wasnt the best about releases for me, less of these for more stories would be a good trade (imo). Still, the best stories were long this year (Odyssey; Eye in the Abyss; Where Icathia Once Stood), so for the best quality, I think putting more work into one AU in exchange for less stories is still the best I would like. Cinematics: personally I dont enjoy these that much. I would like less of these for more written stuff, along with pictures. Champ specific requests: I'm still baffled how Vel'koz didnt get a skin with Star Guardian and Odyssey. He doesnt have that much, so giving him one of those monster skins, after working on it anyways, would be ideal! Also Xerath: he needs a Legendary because: #1 he has sooooooo few lines #2 he was reworked not too long ago, so no new base VO in sight #3 his last skin came out almost 4 years ago (#2 for longest time without a new one) so pulling a DT Heimer on him would be lovely. What I think was strange, that GGMF doesnt have too many specific lines to her forms (according to my knowledge) TLDR I want a Cosmic Legendary for Xerath or Velkoz with many many auto firing lines and a story too! :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Geneman,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kbqHR9YX,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-07-20T14:32:18.908+0000) > > {{sticker:sg-soraka}} I feel you > I feel you Ah, your opgg indicates you're a man of culture aswell
> [{quoted}](name=RaikoPlays,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kbqHR9YX,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2018-07-20T19:48:01.365+0000) > > Ah, your opgg indicates you're a man of culture aswell And lots of us. I checked several times and since January Xerath has a good playrate, yet he still hasnt received a new skin. But wait: He's not forgotten
: April 2015 never forgetti {{champion:101}} {{item:3073}}
{{sticker:sg-soraka}} I feel you I feel you
: What about first win one the day mission ? I know it doesn't matter for most players but for new player it's pretty great.
Galiö (NA)
: Why is this patch so small so far? Even if you want to let meta settles there should be SOMETHING other than a relatively small kalista and fizz change. Edit: I just realized this is a 3 week patch. Any thoughts on giving Galio back his on being hit heal instead of DR ;) I'm prob just going to spam this for the next few years.
I miss that heal very much myself. Especially in ARAM, i loved to just catch a nidalee trap and heal myself up with it.
Nylisa (EUW)
: So far the best part of this event for me! another point for music team! i think Darius theme is more fitting than Garen theme. not saying Garen theme is bad though.
I think Garen's theme is fitting and I love it much more than Darius's theme
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Another WAD update
You forgot Birdio. Anyways, we're reaching the end of the list soon:/
Novalas (NA)
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.13
I see Ashe still didn't get any buffs/changes, even though she was mentioned in Meddler's quickie, whereas Xayah got buffed two days ago. Are there still plans to buff/change her, regard her unique Crit scaling?
: If it's like every other event (Project, Arcade, Snowdown, Lunar Revel) then the item will disappear and you'll get like, 1 orange essence instead. It should act like the previous loot items you got, like the tickets, orbs, and capsules.
But its not a token like the World or any event was. It is a chest disguised as a medal. Like if you bought project orbs, worlds orbs, they are chests too, and they should still be in your hextech page if you havent opened them. Orbs never disappeared after the events ended. Only those tokens that you could buy them with had a set time when they disappeared, and it was shown if you hovered over them, and it was announced on the event sites. There's nothing like this with the Bilgewater event, because the only thing that wont be available are the missions.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: @Riot If I saved a Golden Kraken until the VS Event, would it include the two new Legendary skins?
Yes, It will, I'm sure. When you open a chest it chooses a skin for you at that moment, so I think you should save it if you want these two.
: The event only lasts until June 18th, so in two weeks time when those skins are released, your Golden Kraken would disappear and you'd get nothing. I'd cash it in now, while you still have it to use.
: Same. We just got 2 VS events until now, did really **both** have to have a Noxian champion in them? {{champion:122}} {{champion:92}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Well, another VS event in which I don't care for any of the champions and simply make my choice dependant on the philosophy behind them. Please at least tell me that these skins are not legendary tier, I would be even more disappointed if they give Darius a second one while many champions are starving for a legendary skin for years.
Guess what tier it is! Legendary! Darius 2 modern skins, while Heimerdinger received his last skin before darius got his first? I'm hurt. Xerath isn't even that unpopular, and he received his last skin more than 3 years ago, along with rammus and skarner, but while skarner has a legendary, and rammus got a skin recently too, Xer gets nothing. Another 2 weeks of waiting for a miracle.
: I'll be at summer camp, so it looks like I'm missing this one. I just hope it lasts at least two weeks...
Maybe even 3 like the Bilgewater event
Rioter Comments
Fearless (NA)
: Cursor Update on PBE
The change isn't as visible if you go over an enemy. Maybe if the outline, or half of it was red, or maybe it was animated (red lines inside the cursor moving upwards), hovering would be more visible. I'll definitely use this new one, i had problems finding the cursor several times in teamfights. But currently, the little red/blue square is just too easy too miss imo.
Bultz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AquariusGine,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=oqyU1VW5,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-01T23:14:14.333+0000) > > 1. It looks like a poor man's Dawnbringer Riven, especially with similar color schemes of yellow-orange and blue > 2. Another blue Riven skin? > 3. She's already got a lot of good skins.. meanwhile {{champion:164}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:163}} .. > Even Camille would have been be a perfect Pulsefire candidate! > > Riven is one of my most played champions, and the skin ain't that bad.. but damn, if {{champion:164}} had got it I would buy the skin in an instant. Plus, I already own Dawnbringer which I consider to be the most incredible skin in the entire game. All I see here is just a wasted opportunity I get you want up votes so now you are attacking a popular champion getting a skin, but you need to realize popular champions are popular. They have the highest player base fans. You can't constantly ignore popular champions to get skins for champions 1/10000 people play. Riot is addressing the skin issue, clearly with the epic tf and shen skins, but Riot knows they have to also fund their projects and tf and shen alone wont make up the difference. So giving a popular champion a skin needs to be done for various reasons. Asol will get another skin it's confirmed and I'm sure the others will as well.
TF is a bad example too. His previous skin came out a bit more than a year ago. And that's not his only good skin.
Jkrexx (EUW)
: Not as urgent as the ones listed but my intelligent hentai boy needs some love. 1181 days (over 3 whole years) since Vel'Koz got a decent skin, 752 since his last skin which was "definitely not" worth it. I know Riot wants to make money from milking popular champions but c'mon! :(
In march, when the last Your Shop was, i got arclight vel with 70%, and not long after that, i opened battlecast Vel from a chest:D So i can't complain and they're relatively new to me. I played a lot of Xerath, but i just got bored of him since he had no cool skins, and changed to Vel. I feel he's better to play, especially with his ability to shred tanks too, and i've been winning way more games with him.
Wuks (NA)
: ❗Have an idea for the Boards? Let's hear 'em❗
I'd like to see a button that let's me change freely between EU and NA boards. If i go to NA through Dev Corner for example, i can only go back to EUNE if i search for it on Google.
: I love Xerath lore but his in game just doesn't seem like it fits. Like we have this largely emotional and almost anarchist character but all of his like model animations don't seem very vengeful. He also needs better sounds to really fit his lore.
He really need some new lines. Lightning bolt is getting a bit dull.
: > [{quoted}](name=Geneman,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EEoEEZXK,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-06T17:49:40.972+0000) > > Do you guys know where can i read about what region or skinline or etc the borders reference? I'd so like to know about it. They look so damn good. In Order of level: 1. Piltover 2. Zaun 3. Piltover (Hextech skinline) 4. Mount Targon (Solari) 5. Demacia 6. Zaun (Bioforge, Chemtech skinlines) 7. Shadow Isles (Death Sworn skinline) 8. Shurima 9. Mount Targon (Lunari) 10. Ionia (Warring Kingdoms) 11. Freljord 12. Zaun (Battlecast skinline) 13. Ionia 14. Bilgewater 15. Runeterra (Rune skinline) 16. Noxus 17. Mount Targon 18. Bandle City (Glade) 19. Icathia (Void) 20. Ionia (Blood Moon) 21. Runeterra (Mix of themes from 5-20)
Thank you so much! I'm kind of proud that I recognised the world rune one, but I didn't know that bandle city one. Thank you again :)
: [Skin idea] Dark Star Xerath
We are really in a need of a new skin that is high quality and is different from his previous ones. I think dark star fits these criteria for him. I'd wait a year more if I had to, but please make this one a legendary for him. I know it's really much to ask and there more popular champs without a legendary but if you could, please make this a legendary!
Fasmodey (EUW)
: I want Dark Star Xerath so much! I don't wanna die before it happens. You nailed it. Thank you. (I also want Cosmic Xerath but as they are in the same universe it is unlikely :()
Omg i agree with you 110%!!! I would like to see both of those skins. Dark star would be my first choice but if i could I would want both!
: Profile Border Art Appreciation
Do you guys know where can i read about what region or skinline or etc the borders reference? I'd so like to know about it. They look so damn good.
: I'd assume no one's talking about it because: A. Not many people play Wukong, and I'm sure some of the people who do may like his other skins more. B. Those people who like the skin don't see anything wrong with it or at least don't care enough to post about it. I am glad he's finally getting another skin tho.
I think this skin is a very nice skin, and i think people aren't as loud when they admire a skin. I still see a lot of praising on reddit for good skins, like for this one and for galio's and sivir's new skin. It's just not as visible.
GenoXx (NA)
: Of all the teasers Riot has done, I still think Jhin was the best.
Sometimes i just rewatch the video on youtube and try to remember how exciting it was to see this teaser.
Sukishoo (NA)
: >Not to be rude, but do you know how old is he? 2 yrs. What does that mean? He won't get a legendary skin for a long time Well, Thresh did get his after about 2.5 years of being in the game. So it is possible.
You got me;) Considering MF just got an ultimate skin, Jhin will prob get a legendary, cause he'll get one soon for sure!! And ADC's seem to get a lot of love lately: Caitlyn and Vayne, two adc's got a legendary last year, they're really overrepresented in the good quality legendary bloc nowadays. Wouldn't be a surprise if they made an exception with Jhin. Maybe his next one will be his legendary, a little more than one year later or more. (Also, I'm a former Jhin main, and still love to play him on ARAM.)
GreenLore (EUW)
: I think Sion might get renamed instead,because the skin has a completely different theme than the other hextech skins(as it is more about a cyborg-zombie,wheras the others are machinelike golems) Singed and Janna also feel a bit odd,in that they are more like hextech inventors instead of machines themselves,so it is questionable if they'd get adjusted eventually. Anivia though will likely be changed to be more similar to the hextech aesthetic,similar to what they did with Galio. Eitherway though I doubt that any of these skins will be updated unless Riot gives their champion a VGU.
They don't upgrade skins just because they're old, so yeah, definitely only with a VGU
: Dear Riot We deserve atleast ONE expensive Jhin Skin
Not to be rude, but do you know how old is he? 2 yrs. What does that mean? He won't get a legendary skin for a long time, cause they give them to older champions. Newest champ that got one is Yasuo, and only because he's popular af. Many many many champs released before yasuo don't have a legendary, heck, some doesnt even have an epic skin! And Jhin got 3!!!! skins last year, that's way more than a champ deserves, and they are all high quality skins. Don't worry, Jhin will get a legendary before many older champs thanks to his popularity. (who knows, maybe even an ultimate, it'd be a candy everyone wants and would pay for it). But you have to be patient, since lots and lots of champions are overdue for a new skin, unlike Jhin.
: Varmtte is that you?!
No, my in-game name is Geneman:D WOW tho i just found this question now, every now and then i search for xerath on reddit and here to see if there are new posts regarding his state of skins:D It's nice to see you here:D
: List of Champions that are overdue for a new skin.
Naono (NA)
: Dawnbringer Riven
Gosh i think that's the best legendary of 2017
: Hard to choose all time favorite... **-Eternal Sword Yi(He surfs on his sword!) -God Staff Jax -Mecha Aatrox -Dreadnova Darius -Warring Kingdoms/Demonblade/Executioner Tryndamere -Firefighter Tristana -Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV(HE IS LUBU!) -Hextech Kog'Maw -Moo Cow Alistar(Givin more Cowbell to all) -Arcade Ezreal -Big Bad Warwick -Meowkai -Poro Rider Sejuani -Secret Agent MF(Jessica Rabbit) -Bittersweet Lulu(She holds the Psychotic Cupcake!) -Corporate Mundo -Head Mistress Fiora -Bard Bard** That is it atm...
Eternal sword master yi feels much smoother than his lower tier skins, cause of the sounds maybe? I like it very much tho:) Thx hextech rerolls:D
Naalith (NA)
: Probably either Snow Day Bard or Candy King Ivern. One is the most horrifying skin of all time with the noises to match and the other has some good old penguin bombing action.
Dont forget the skating animation! Only knew it had that after i bought it from My shop:D
Novalas (NA)
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.6
Hello guys! I've seen the bugfix to Project Jhin. Was there a problem with his PROJECT background voices in his voicelines too, and are they still there? I want to buy this skin, but those dope sounds are a huge part why. (I heard them in the skin spotlight, and other videos, that's where i know about it)
: It took me 5 minutes to make a 'Golden' Warring Kingdoms Vi Chroma.
I think Vi got more love in 2017 so that's the reason for the no chroma
Keeman45 (NA)
: I recall seeing that too... I think they mentioned possibly bringing back a variation of it. I always bring it up any opportunity I can in hopes of catching the right person in a post at Riot to bring it back.
You're right, i will do the same, because i liked the gamemode, but didn't really care about the new items and im so sorry about that now. I'd like to experiment with them.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Ah, same. I hope his next skin is not purple if it is not Dark Star. I don't want it to fill Dark Star's room.
I just re-read your first comment. I totally forgot about the "set" thing, but it'll always be there. I dont think he would ever get a purple not dark star skin cause that would be too close to his classic skin.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Ah ok,so the small/big-part was only talking about the balance changes to existing champions,not to the actual size of the patch.
Quite like that. As you could see with 8.3 update, only a few champions were affected, and no items were changed in the patch. However, in the next big patch which is already on the PBE, there are new items for mages, a lot of tweaks with mage items, rengar and i think maybe voli changes.
Rioter Comments
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Gorgeous. Dark Star is a complete set now. I hope next set includes Xerath as midlaner.
:((( I want my dark star xerath, i hoped it would come out this year, but it seems it wont:/
Sharjo (EUW)
: This splash paints the story of am noble corruptant; one who was born of a system who faced the dark star with nobility and pride, even as it destroyed them. It retained their valour and righteousness, carrying that conviction with it such that it would not be a great destroyer of systems, but a defender of them, protecting the universe's equilibrium with it's almighty cosmic power. An enemy to the dark star's current host of horrors, this one stands for the preservation of life, rather than it's decimation. Or at least that's the vibe I get from the splash. It might just be head canon, but the way Jarvan's just beholding the system in his hand, not carving it up, shattering it or consuming it, feels more noble than anything we've seen out of this series before, and contrasts nicely with the destructive nature of the prior corruptants of the dark star universe. Colour me impressed and hyped by this skin. An idea I couldn't have conceived in my wildest dreams that feels pretty well executed imo.
His B animation kind of represents what you just said.
: Will we ever finish the Marauder/Warden skin line?
Yeah, most of those skin are cool. My favourite of the line is Nautilus, his skin is super awesome, but the splash arts are very nice too.
Jakra (EUW)
: If Xayah and Rakan's new skins have had their splash art revealed first..
There would've been a problem in that case too, but splash arts always come after the skin is released on the PBE. The problem with them was not just on thing, with Rakan his face was quite ugly, there were some problems about his clothes too, but they won't change his model at this point. They changed the texture on Rakan's face. Xayah's problem was her resemblance of Ahri, her colors on the clothes, and some other things. They changed some colors on her clothes to make it better.
GreenLore (EUW)
: ...then whats the difference between a small and a big patch? If the small patch has a lot of balancing stuff as well as a VGU,then how is it any different from the previous patch that had lots of balance stuf as well as a bunch of skins? Both patches had balance changes and something "big",8.2 had its skins&eventstuff,8.3. has Swain. And both had balance changes. So how is one actually considered bigger than the other?
"small" patches contain only minor, and only a few balance changes, while the big ones contain more, with more research about data going into them.
GreenLore (EUW)
: No champs and VGUs are always tested for 1 cycle(of course they get tested before their pbe release,but they remain only one patch on the pbe before their release). Also I dunno how 8.3 would be considered low key if it includes something big like a VGU.
Because the big/small patch is about balancing. Other things like new champs, VGUs, skins etc are not affected by this.
Lumiose9 (NA)
: Ideas For 2018 Events and Skins!
From your ideas, I love: Elderwood Kindred, cause i love the theme and your ideas would look very nice on Kindred. Other is the Battle Boss Velkoz, the name sounds perfect, and it could be aa great, fun skin for him:) Other ideas that i like are the Taliyah, and Orianna skins. For the Zyra part, i think that could be made into her base skin chromas.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
I love the voiceover parts of champions and legendary skins, so my question would be: Will champs with a legendary or ultimate skin expect voiceovers, or if they get a new legendary soon, can they expect new voiceovers regardless of a new high quality skin? Or, do legendary skins have no role to play in a champion getting a new voiceover?
Ifneth (NA)
: Newbie question: what are the WAD files?
Wad files contain every asset of a champion, so when the game loads in, it doesnt need to collect the data from a million places cause this wad file had everything. They just started moving champs into this format, so most of these files are only small in size, but for some champs that are getting skins are being transitioned into this, meaning that the size of their respective files grow significantly (for example, before we got the new skin for jax, his wad file got really big sometime around November and voila, his skin appeared on the pbe in December. New champs are fully in this file, namely Zoe, Evelynn, and Ornn was the first. For some time this will help in the prediction for skins, or other things. (interesting detail: the new project skins didn't bring with themselves the transition of Vayne, jhin and vi, so their wads remained very small. However jhin has been moved but not vi and Vayne, possibly hinting that jhin will get a new skin (unlikely) or maybe a chroma or something else.
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