: Am I meant to suffer?
Why dont you try to play champs thet are for thet lane and mby try to watch some yt vids or streams on thet champ thet you are playing and i am sure thet you will see you are not cursed or something you just idk how to say it hmmm you need to play more of just one champ so you get along with his abilities and then you will be person thet is contering some one not them contering you i mean every champ has his conters but if you learn how to play thet champ you can ez win lane and demolish enemy champ...i mean i play alot of garen and teemo keeps countering me but when i learned to play teemo and sow how he conuers me as a garen i learned how to deal vs teemo (my english is very bad but i hope you got a point thet i wanted to say)
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