: What is going on in this meta?
ye, made a thread myself... nothing makes sense anymore
: So I haven't go out with my family in almost 2 years
Hey buddy, hang on there. Just think about it, every passing minute you can decide to get a shower, get some nice clothes and work out your body and brain to a point where people dream being around you. The only price for this is discipline, hard and unscrachable DISCIPLINE. We, the LoL community, got your back. STAY STRONG
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Flaherty (NA)
: There's not really a point to discuss something that requires 10+ years of technology to be developed before it's even a possibility. The way the game is designed it wouldn't transition well, if they made an entirely new game designed with VR then that's a different thing.
Im pretty sure VR aint fps only based, you can have the overhead view in the VR just as well as on a PC screen... Anyway, the topic aint about VR, it's about making the concept video... which we both agreed that it sounds cool.
Flaherty (NA)
: A virtual reality version of League sounds cool but would be stupidly hard to actually play well since everything now is played from an overhead view and the amount of actual movement required in the game would make playing impossible for a huge majority of the players.
I am sure the transition from overhead view to realtime eyesight would be the least of problems. But look at us, we're already talking about that possibility, either a success or not, it at least deserves a board discussion. Think Big, who knows what the face of gaming will look like in 20 years. Consider the difference between 90's and today. The 90's could never have imagined the gaming tech and it's evolution the way we enjoy it today. I dont envision this in 2-3 years, I'm talking about the League in 2025, like... THE future.
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