: Yasuo is Unhealthy for the Game
Yep, the fact he completely shuts down the ADC is wtf and should be a perma ban in any game
Rioter Comments
: Mages currently rely too much on rushing flat pen and spiking before they become completely irrelevant late game when everybody on the enemy team has built an MR item. (unless you're a bruiser mage like vlad/ryze) Not only to they need rework mage items but also rescale how MR works in general because MR is still invalidating magic damage super hard late game compared to armor.
I would contradict you here. Mages are very strong in TF. And TF are arguably the most important. Granted, in soloQ this aspect is something hard to achieve with 5 random strangers. A champion like Lux, who maybe can't 1v1 a champion, can be incredibly powerful in a TF and obliterate an ADC footing
: Riot needs to stop giving mages a mana item that gives almost everything. Like the standard build path for mages gives basically every thing a mage needs without losing anything while having all the items be boring too since there all just stats. Look at adcs they can go into bork for the early game or rush ie or ie with zeal or some times essence reaver. All of those choices while being a much small group of champions since there items don't give every stat they need. Like there so many cool items that just give not built because of the standard path being too good.
The problem with mana nerfing is without it mages are useless and you have ADCs and Energy based champs that get too much of an advantage For example, {{item:3285}} is an item that most mages rush because of mana, cdr and some wave clear. But nerfing any stats on this item will make at least 30% of the mages useless to pick Then you have {{item:3146}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3907}} , very popular items with no mana
: Found out the hardway how Yi's ult actually works.
While Yi itself can be shut down by a coordinated team he is too broken for SoloQ. Same with Yas or Veigar The problem with Yi is that he is too strong with just 3 items. I had a game a few games ago, where with Hecarim I managed to completely shutdown Yi. At one point, I had 2x his farm, I was over 8 kills ahead and had 2 more finished items than him. I catch Yi on a split push and proceed to 1v1 him since you know, he just had{{item:3124}} {{item:1419}} . I landed every skill except ulti, then he destroyed me. I was like WTF, it's not fair at all. That moment made realise how broken that champion is. If I would've systematically shut him down and just one of my teammates would've fed him and if I wouldn't play a powerhouse like Heca, he would've single-handedly win the game. It's not fair. No auto attack squishy single target melee champion will ever be broken, because there are a lot of CC and damage in the game. Buut, in a soloq game where there's no coordination and a high chance to be a person that feeds makes those games insufferable against those champions
: the only way to fix this imo is to release buybacks, which could be an ok choice but not sure if needed in this game
Or make a rule that to destroy nexus you need to destroy exact or more the number of inhibs you have down Make the 2 nexus turrets get a short damage and resistance boost after the first base tower is destroyed
: > [{quoted}](name=GripaAviara,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sAsadMLp,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-04-23T15:00:07.458+0000) > > Darius buff? WTF > > Darius is already OP if allowed to get to that 3 item spike Darius probs as bad as gnar rn. Those conquerer nerfs FUCKED him
Darius is just fine. The "problem" with Darius is that other champions are OP and need to be tunned 49.5 winrate http://na.op.gg/champion/darius/statistics/top
: At 50 minutes, maybe.
Why do you find this normal at 50 minutes, or any minute? When is this normal to clearly hold the lead for 49 minutes and lose at JUST ONE bad teamfight?_ (i'm NOT referring to hold the lead for 49 minutes and then slowly losing the game in 2-3 teamfights)_
: are you complaining about comebacks? i mean they are a huge part of any moba , a team does not lose the game until their nexus blow and so there will be those sweat victories where you win with your nexus standing alone.
No, I'm not complaining about comebacks, I'm complaining about meticulously building an advantage just insta-lose at 1 mistake If the enemy team would: win the TF, destroy the base, even the odds and then win at the next TF and win the game, it would be OK. But I'm not referring to that case!
: hecarim getting nerfed before riven and vlad no vayne nerfs in sight for such a toxic champ
Darius buff? WTF Darius is already OP if allowed to get to that 3 item spike
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: > [{quoted}](name=AnotherFeeder,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6HdGAdUa,comment-id=0017,timestamp=2019-04-21T03:16:48.971+0000) > > Im confused. I read post and assumed u were someone who wins their silver/gold games till i op.ggd. why r u trying to talk down to people who play at ur level? Can't win when your team thinks killing someone is more important than getting a tower, dragon, or baron ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
So the actual reason people are stuck in silver is that there are a lot of people in silver that do what you said and because how the game is designed and matchmaking conceived they are dragged down in a sort of fk up cycle?
: To be honnest you have a problem, because after 3 years plat i'm just crushing my way out of silver on my alt account. I'm not saying i'm not losing a few games, but I manage to secure a pretty solid winrate. Also if you truly are plat, you are supposed to be the one getting ridiculously fed in silver games. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Meteor+Driz The main problem is see is **your CS score is consistantly low**, way way below the expected CS score of a plat player. This prevents you to get fed and carry. Also playing an immobile carry like jinx does not prevent you to climb, but it will definitely lead to some games in which you will just get crushed and you will not be able to do anything about this. A well mastered vayne or yasuo on the other hand has no real counter and has a lot of ways to outplay in silver. After 400 games played in silver on your part, we can't really blame it on luck. You kinda prooved you are silver now. Maybe you didnt adapt to the changes of these new seasons (also you were gold 5 last season so, not really far from silver).
Dude, your alt have 400 games in silver, I don't get how you are "crushing" There's this select group of champions like Yasuo, where you can solo carry the game. Those champions I can count on my 2 hands and not everybody likes playing them.
: > [{quoted}](name=GripaAviara,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jGULAwgE,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2019-04-17T10:54:49.036+0000) > > Pretty much. And it's not an auto-win by any means, 60% late game is a very weak stat for a champion that's specifically designed to break late game and it's almost completly useless pre lvl 11 > > That doesn't mean this design philosophy is ok, just that Kayle "works" as intended by Riot She has over a 51% win rate at 20 minutes.
She doesn't, not after the nerfs, she had, and that's why they nerfed her. Still the idea of 60% win rate at 35 min for a hypercarry is not wow. Yes if that hypercarry maintains high win rates even early game, then he is broken. http://www.op.gg/champion/kayle/statistics/top Also another big problem for hypercarry like champs is hard counters. Look at kayle. She has a 34% win rate vs WU . While WU has an over 40% win rate vs riven the lowest (http://www.op.gg/champion/monkeyking/statistics/top)
: How is it weak? If it was weak wouldn’t their be hypercarries with higher win rates?
When the average game length is 26 minutes, if a good tunned **hyper carry ** has under 50% win rate in 25 minutes this means the champion is weak in higher div. What makes hyper carries scarry is lower ELO where they are overpowered. That's why imho the hyper carry concept has no place in the league where 80% of the players are lower ELO -- Kayle was very strong 2 patches ago, now she's meh in a game where her opponent knows how to play and nobody feeds her
: RIP Tahm top lane, those w nerfs to eating enemies Ouch
: Her kit isn't that weak pre-11, not anywhere near as weak as it should be for how dominant she is late. 60% is NOT a weak stat.
60% after 35 min is a weak stat for a **hypercarry**
OHminus (NA)
: Bye bye rakan. It's been fun playing as you.
Those Teemo mega buffs are what give me creeps
Rustypug (NA)
: for the love of god DO NOT NERF TARIC
Hard Counter to this strat: use 1 of your 5 bans to ban either Taric or Sona. Solved. Does Taric and Sona escape ban phase? Pick a damn juggernaut bot since now you can play a juggernaut without a pesky ADC to poke you, and a pick lux, viegar, brand, etc. Darius + Lux/Veigar vs Sona+Taric. Guess who wins? --- There are tons of other "strats" out there but people just aren't flexible to experiment, that's why you just see them pop from time to time
: Nerf Kleptomancy Problem solved Issue is that Riot has to admit they made a mistake, like that'll happen lmfao
Kleptomancy is just borderline broken, a nerf would make it nigh useless. Why? Because a electrocute will give you just base 180 dmg late, on top of items. Whereas klepto is nearly useless late. Other runes also offer tons of dmg early when compared to items Where klepto shines is on a few champions: ez, kayle, etc. that desperately need sustain and mana to keep up and also have an auto-spell, any other runes would be useless for a while, because with kayle until 11 you can't really fight if op has some skill If klepto would be broken, you would see this rune a lot more.
: i hate riot NEW logo
Who cares? Is a company logo. They can have a jerking fist for all I care
: Her intended niche is to auto win based on her kit? Don’t tell that to other late game carries lol
Pretty much. And it's not an auto-win by any means, 60% late game is a very weak stat for a champion that's specifically designed to break late game and it's almost completly useless pre lvl 11 That doesn't mean this design philosophy is ok, just that Kayle "works" as intended by Riot
: How is that a stupid argument? Would you rather A: Play on a smurf gaining 35 lp per win & -6 lp per loss OR B: play on main earning 12 lp per win & -22 lp per loss Which one feels more rewarding to you?
Definitely not earning earning 12 lp per win in a "child's" league. Let's put the problem, same freaking problem: - would you be a mediocre player in a normal football team - or would you be a super star in a 10 year old children team as a grown up?
: Its your fault.
This is not true in all cases **There are match-ups that are completely balanced by riot around the jungler involvement. ** One of those match-ups is ADC top. ADCs usually have top superiority over a lot of traditional top lanners without a jungle involved. You usually don't see ADCs top because their weak point is ganking. They are fragile and limited in escape mobility which makes them perfect jungle targets. Or a more "mundane" approach are champions that have superior lane control and constant shove creeps into enemy turrets (that now have plating! which is a gold mine) . Again this makes them vulnerable to ganking and here is where they are balanced around. And a jungle that doesn't gank those lanes is basically throwing the game
Oxóssi (NA)
: I just got an unraked Jungler in my Silver Promo, He averages 10+ deaths per match
Everybody: We need a fix for new players getting in silver -- Nobody: Riot: We added Iron as a new division for new players, but the new accounts still get in silver
: But someone can LEARN from the enemies. The game isn't just about YOU getting better. While some games feel insanely unfair it forces some bronzies/irons to actually understand WHY some of their actions were wrong. Once they overcome some of their stupid mentalities (like greeding instead of farming, or chasing kills) they will automatically climb. Also playing against good mechanical players will eventually boost your mechanics. I don't like smurfs, it is annoying for noobs/newbies but it's not as bad as some people think it is.
You can learn, but you have no agency as a bot for example on a top lanner getting stomped by a smurf that will then inevitably stomp the whole team. At best you can force a draw, but the problem is nobody jumps in skill so hard. You need constant stronger opponents to increase in skill
: When LP gains are fucked in diamond no one wants to play there. Plus it’s not about bashing low elo players, it’s about just having a “safety net” so you don’t feel tilted if you lose. I.e. you have 1 account in Plat 1, and another in Plat 2. You don’t get as tilted by rank fluctuation on the second account. Nor are you really “smurfing”. Same reason I usually have a higher rank on my “smurf” than my main. Being more relaxed when I play makes me play better. Also most people smurf at most 1-1.5 divisions lower. Being a diamond player against silvers is actually like playing against bots. There is no joy in beating them. It’s not like you’re going for big plays or some shit to get big outplays or pentakills. They just walk into you and die half the time.
> When LP gains are fucked in diamond no one wants to play there. So they play two, three divisions down, basically putting themselves - hundreds of LP behind? This is a stupid argument. Smurf are 3 categories: - **Not by choice:** they have friends in lower ELO and want to have fun with them. Or were placed by the system. I respect this smurfing since it's not their direct fault -**Training** they need a break from the stress and/or want to test new strategies/champions . While normal should be their choice, it seems some need the thrill of ranked, even if it's with people below their skill. - **Bully:** sort of a jerkoff, when they get a vanity orgasm from stomping lower skilled people or make views on their streams, most toxic smurfing and despise those people
: Riot ruined smurfing in Season 9 and it's killing games for both smurfs and non-smurfs
I brought it up and got tons of downvotes. But I'm glad people are more open here and finally start to see a problem
Hayoi (NA)
: I really hate Kayle's new gameplay design
This "too weak early, beast late" is a bullsht design. When you artificially add a "time counter" is not fun. The game is about team play. Having a dead hand early and a solo juggernaut later is against the core of this game. I get having a weaker early game and better late game, but no way along those lines should a champion be either useless for the team or 1v5 beast
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Local Jerk (EUNE)
: No, Riot doesn't punish almost anyone. Talking from REAL experience here. Just to prove it, look at the kha on my team in one of my recent matches. He wished cancer and death on a teammate and his whole family, multiple times. I've reported him. Wanna bet he doesn't get banned?
If he won't flame or get reported in the next games, he won't be banned. You need at least 3 games reported in 20 games and the system to find curse words I was chat restricted and even banned for far less (saying: cu nt and di ck head and no threats, no dead wishes)
: You wanna know why you're hardstuck silver and gold ?
If is so easy, how you lost that game?
man of tin (EUNE)
: time to nerf {{champion:266}}
Rioter Comments
Midg3t (EUNE)
: Mute button. Use it. Problem Solved. Thank me later.
Exactly, unless trolls, I don't get those complaints. Mute and there's no toxicity
: The toxicity of this community astounds me.
Tribunal and punishment at this points solve nothing. I can tell you from experience riot enforces bans on toxicity quite promptly. The problem is bans do nothing because people are toxic because of frustration. The game in it's current state is incredibly frustrating. This can make even the calmer persons turn into toxic maniacs. I have a friend, he's probably the calmest person you'll ever meet. Never heard him curse in real life. Trolls, unbalanced matchmaking, noobs that don't listen when you try to babysit them and one game after those bad games, and not even a horrible game compared to others, just a jungler that ignored his calls of help and goes counter jungling instead and die. He snapped hard. He was so tilted he fed hard and started cursing the jungler. It was bottled up frustration.
Well Cause (EUNE)
: Nerf Kayle
She's indeed strong but far from an unkillable monster. While I agree Kayle needs a balance, to give so late strength to early and nerf a little of the late strength. -- As someone who plays Kayle a lot, the trick is to focus her first, since the massive damage she deals is from E which is %hp missing and is gated by cooldown, so the little she can use the ability the better. If she ulti, switch target or try to run from her (if low hp run for good, she prob has an e charge ready so you're dead) count to 2 and then jump right back on her
: > [{quoted}](name=GripaAviara,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4TqurmzB,comment-id=00100000,timestamp=2019-04-05T15:05:44.351+0000) > > Mundo kit is pretty standard. I don't know why people call him outdated. I mean yeah, he lacks dashes, but for fks sake, riot should stop this mobility trend Mundo's kit is incredibly outdated. He relies completely on modifying his stats in various ways to be viable, in what we call a stat check champion. He's got no versatility, extremely limited utility in his Q, and he can't even close the gap like most other juggernauts can. His line of logic is "Do I have enough stats to overpower that champion? Yes. Engage." or "Do I have enough stats to overpower that champion? No. Do not engage." That's it. That is the whopping extent of logic required to play Mundo. His team fight is near useless, and his stat modifiers are overblown to a massive extent because he can't be viable unless his stats can overpower other champions.
What is a modern kit in your opinion (without dashes ofc)?
: That's not the point, this shouldn't happen for anyone.
Not only that but if it happens at 0 LP (and it happens) , that means at least 5 games to catch up. Wow
: Someone saw the C9 - TSM yesterday? Spoiler: on Game 4 C9 Nisqy played as Zed against TSM Bjersen as Zoe. Bjersen bought {{item:3191}} before completing the {{item:3285}} and he made the Zed useless. And yet ppl here will say that Armor is useless right? You guys just dont want to itemizate against Assasins so you blame the game instead of yourselfs for your terrible builds.
Armor is not useless against assasins that use raw armor pen items. It's useless against the rest
: mundo is annoying but he's still useless late game against organized teams his early game and mid game are cancer tho
> he's still useless late game against organized teams Insert here over 60% of the champion pool
: Dr. Mundo is at the point where his kit is insanely obsolete. He's a walking ball of stats, so in order for him to be viable, those stats have to be off the charts. This is a very unfortunate side effect of old kits that didn't have a lot of utility or mechanisms to allow for flexibility and healthy balancing options. That's why he tends to get big damage buffs to his kit, because there's not really any other avenue to give him viability without a full kit overhaul. Nunu experienced a very similar balancing pattern before his VGU. They first gave him massive stats from his passive when he ate certain monsters, and then gave his Blood Boil a MASSIVE AP boost for himself and his ally, as a way if injected power into his kit that was just stat based, and not mechanically based.
Mundo kit is pretty standard. I don't know why people call him outdated. I mean yeah, he lacks dashes, but for fks sake, riot should stop this mobility trend
: INB4 people come in saying that you would have to wait another 5-10 minutes for a game... I'd rather spend 5-10, even 15 minutes extra if it meant that every game I played was quality shit.
Maybe 15 min would be extreme, but definitely 5-10 min for a balanced game is worth it
Ir Sun (EUW)
: It feels even worse when you're 99 LP, you win, you're at 100LP (ty for 1 LP gain), you fail two games, drop at 68 LP or so (you got only +1, but still - 16 - 16).
try being at 99LP and getting 16 lp per win and -21lp loss, and the winning and then losing the promo to be at 60
: Before it ever hit the live servers,you removed Camilles true DMG crit from Q,do the same for Kayle?
No. I mean sure if they buff the early game, because now Kayle is just meeeh
: The Boards: "There's no such thing as solo carrying in this game anymore!"
There should not be such things as solo carry in a team-oriented game. They need to work on the fking matchmaking to provide balanced teams. They already have enough data to make a solid algorithm, they are either lazy or don't care
: Kayle 55% winrate, 59% after 30min
Every champion that's designed like Kayle (super strong late), for example Master Yi, is an unhealthy champion
Well Cause (EUNE)
: I can climb in my diamond account but im in a cold streak on my bronze account with the same champ
: Riot intentionally fucked the system ONLY for Diamond plus a few weeks into the season. They however didn't touch any other ranks. If you're gaining +26 at Gold 1, you will gain ~+25 when you hit Plat 4. However if you're gaining +26 at Plat 1, you will be gaining +15 the second you hit D4. It is BROKEN. It was not like this in previous seasons. It wasn't like this at the start of the season until Riot _broke it_.
: @Riot you want to know WHY matchmaking sucks?
I get 16 lp win and I am in silver. I have nearly 50% win rate. So yeah. Noice
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