: Unpopular opinion but it makes sense, albeit I have more to say about that. Regardless of how skilled your enemy is, on stage your should treat them with some level of respect. Taunting and emotes are fine, imo, because those are just banter. This, however, is disrespecting the enemy and not taking them seriously. "But Cap they're ALL support mains!" And? Are they going to pick five supports? No. It's pretty clear they didn't take the enemy team seriously and didn't give them any amount of respect. That said, I also think the team fielding 5 low-diamond players because they're women should be looked at. That's pure publicity tactics and looks really bad when one of your competitor teams is a meme team vying for "YOOOOOOO WE GOT ALL WOMEN TEAM BRO"
Maybe they didn't knew which sup will pick so they ban the 5 of them to be sure. I mean if X player is expert in a specific champion, wouldn't be smart to ban?
heroikc (NA)
: I'd appreciate more sensible support options, too, typically by veteran supports; tired of seeing Xerath, Kog'maw, Sylas and other non-supports...
Xerath's kit makes him better support than Zyra for example, yet Zyra is traditionally played support
: tbh I don't know why people keep taking this as 100% without a doubt proof. faker is challenger. challenger has a much smaller player pool then say bronze/silver/gold. so of course when your limited to only 200 potential play mates, youre going to have ranked disparities. this is irrelevant to lower ranks due to the fact that most of us hang there anyway.
Actually is exactly the opposite, in challenger the skill difference is way smaller than let's say in bronze/silver/gold games. And that's a fact. If you don't believe me , watch 5 challenger matches and 5 silver matches. It's even more applicable to lower ranks because the player pool consists of 20% of the skill variation spectrum (hidden MMR being a quantifier for this), whereas challenger and master has 1% of the skill variation spectrum
: Looks like Riot really did well with the power progression on Kayle.
Nope, it will be a mess. She will either be too weak to be fun or a nightmare for soloq, no in-between. This design pattern of champions weak early and monster late is highly toxic and near impossible to balance
: Kayle's new passive is what Syndra's Transcendent should be.
Nope, I like Syndra passive, in the way that not only she masters an ability but goes beyond mastery. It fits her lore and she doesn't change physically
: New kayle feels like a afk simulator
This is what I feared most, another master Yi like champion. They needed to make Kayle more balance in all game spam, now they skew it even more towards late game. At least Riot had the good taste not to give her a windwall or invulnerability to towers ... oh wait, she has those in her ulti. She'll be so balanced ...
Bazerka (NA)
: I definitely haven’t read the full discussion around this, but wanted to add in this: Super sorry you feel this way. It feels incredibly bad when it seems like you’ve been targeted by things like price changes (either individually or regionally). The only thing I can offer (which seems like others in the thread have been sharing) is an explanation that taxes and natural currency inflation rates are inevitable. I **assume** we held out as long as we could to do a readjustment, which may have been the wrong call (the other option being gradual price increases yearly etc). However hopefully the upcoming skins and content makes it worth the investment in the long term :).
This is pretty false ... there is inflation, there is also deflation. For 4 years, EU zone had an average 2% inflation, that's basically a 16% increase in prices. EU in 2015, had 2000 RP at £10. Now it's 1650 RP at £10. Next time, it will cost in Uk 9% more. That's a wooping ... 21+9 (%) = 30% increase . 2x the inflation rate. Taxes are the same So blame it greed not inflation. Also, inflation on software is a stupid in such a short time spam, because inflation dictates average prices increase to goods, and entertainment goods experience nominal rigidity because they are not that depended on basic goods, they are more depended on wages increase. There is a reason PC games cost around 59.99% for ages. So stop justifying greed. The game hasn't got better serves in EU, hasn't got better services, etc. Most actually can tell you the game has a decrease in quality.
: recommend a fun champion
Top Tahm {{champion:223}} , my favorite top lanner, you get two teleports if you pick {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:12}} and you can roam mid easily with ulti Build: {{item:3675}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} or if darius or other poker start with clasic {{item:1054}} Rush {{item:3078}} {{item:3009}} Then it's up to the game to adapt, some items: {{item:3742}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3001}} If they are squishy-mobile it might be a good idea after the rush items + 1 tank item to get: {{item:3095}} If you feel the team needs damage not tankyness you can try a highly cheese build: {{item:3124}} {{item:3153}}
: > [{quoted}](name=GripaAviara,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5rFnEfYf,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-20T15:28:21.129+0000) > > EU is constantly shit on. > We didn't get the new ranking system despite a lot of us begging for it. turns out the new ranked system is shit, so yay us.
> [{quoted}](name=King Braum,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5rFnEfYf,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2019-02-20T15:39:26.200+0000) > > turns out the new ranked system is shit, so yay us. Maybe, but then again I wanted to try it, it sucks we can't experience it. The old one is also shit so it wouldn't be a downgrade imho
: IT WAS YOU WHO BANNED MY CAITLYN!!! (*looks at EUW mark*) Wait...nvm... but in all seriousness, I have far more issues with Ez, Vayne and Kaisa than anything. For them to have buffed Ez and Vayne was just disgusting. KaiSa is just my biased opinion (no adc needs a stealth, a sniper tool, free-lock missles and a lux ult ranged dash that gives her more shields than a riot squad) but the other two are just BUSTED right now...it also doesn't help that it feels like 1 in 10 Ez players are just blatantly scripting, but again, that's just salt. I can only say I've seen one who was *actually* scripting, and all 9 other players (including his team) were calling him for it. In regards to the actual post though, my issues are usually with top. not so much with mid, mid lane is almost always even...but our top lane always seems to be 1/8 and afk in base spamming how garbage our whole team is in all chat by 10 minutes. Feel bad for my jungler most times...but every now and then I have to admit that the jungler probably did start the snowball.
Meh, Cait and Lucian are monsters in lane, definitely need some adjustments
Ifneth (NA)
: Remember that he builds Crit items. 180->160% is 12% overall, but it’s a 25% reduction to his Critical Q bonus damage. The Crit purchases he farms for and snowballs on are 25% less gold efficient now. Pretty solid nerf.
Yasuo kills you as squishy in 3.5 shots with 2 items. Not instead of 3.5 it will be a solid 4, which is exactly the same thing. He needs his WW reworked not nerfs like this
: Maybe it's a sign if champs have nearly 80% ban rate, that they're overpowered
"He's not good in competitive so he is shit" _Looks at G2 smashing with Yasuo_
: Riot sucks.. confirmed
EU is constantly shit on. We didn't get the new ranking system despite a lot of us begging for it.
Quepha (NA)
: as an immobile carry there will always be ways to pick her off.
an immobile carry with a fking immortally ultimate. Yeaah right. Same as now a fed Kayle is a nightmare to deal with, this one feel way more busted than the current Kayle at high levels
: Kayle + why true damage is a good thing
I call it now, Kayle will be next master Yi/Nasus like-nightmare. No champions build on this late game OP philosophy will be a healthy champion. While it works fine in high ELO, in low ELO it's enough a feeder lane/jungle and voila you have a game where you want to smash the keyboard because you have a balanced lane, and hop comes X from another lane and smash you to bits because of matchmaking While I can't directly analyze Kayle as it's not in the game, her kit is busted on first look.
Hexwater (EUNE)
: [Offtopic Rant] Releasing all-exclusive skins, that are low in their quality, beyond their original customisation (recolor, retexture) and updating them as the game progresses, is just unfair. To avoid that, in my opinion, a pre-order/playing beta reward should be something like an icon, a border/unique theme for a profile, a highlighted nickname, a title...something small, rather unupdateable, yet, significant enough to show to other players, that you're playing since the beginning. Not many of you may know, but there is an MMO out there, Forsaken World, that rewarded their beta players with "Worldshaper" title. Small? Yes. Significant? Very. You walk among the players with that title, and everyone knows, that you were playing beta. In Guild Wars 2, you can get unique customisation skins, if you have achievments in the first Guild Wars. It's in your reach, but you must play the first game. Also, in Guild Wars 2, you get anniversary rewards (that are also skins). The fun starts after playing 4 years, where you get a unique backpach for your character. As the game goes on, more rewards are added.
It's not unfair. The game progresses and a shout out to the people that supported the game when it needed the most is a decent thing to do
Arakadia (NA)
: Please don't devalue the skin to "just pixels" for the people who already own it but then recognize its importance, exclusivity, and quality in the same paragraph.
I don't know the downvotes, but the promise was "Exclusive" which means even after 100 years the skin should remain exclusive otherwise they can be sued or at very lease lose credibility. That doesn't mean they can't release a variation and make this exclusive a skin like prestige variant
: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DzhLXh0VYAAHjef.jpg just put this here
You forgot to add a smurf
Dynikus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GripaAviara,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AxIaEkqY,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-19T21:23:16.596+0000) > > Great I had this skin in a loot box and sold it because it was lame ... IT WAS ... FUUUUUUUUUUUU you couldn't have gotten silver kayle in a loot box, it was only available with the physical version of the game.
Then I'm confusing the skin Edit: yeah it was viridian, which it seems it looks meh now, so I guess nothing lost :P
Phridolin (EUW)
: WHY DOES MORGANA LOOKS LIKE A SEXY AND CUTE MIX BETWEEN {{champion:498}} and {{champion:28}} ??? Questions
: Silver Kayle is as epic as it gets
Great I had this skin in a loot box and sold it because it was lame ... IT WAS ... FUUUUUUUUUUUU
: ranged auto attack character. funny how many people play those type of characters for gameplay reasons and that we have an entire class dedicated to it yeh, i'm talking about adcs
Kayle is super slow to grow and you can't exactly taker her bot lane. This means a lot of solo uninteractive farming . After 4-5 games, it gets too boring. I actually like the idea of her going jungle, but it was gutted fast
: Everyone suddenly "loves" the old Kayle, meanwhile she is one of the top 4 least played champions.
Kayle is extremely boring to play, has nothing about her visual identity, I actually liked her visual a lot (as much as you can like an old design) You need a lot of farm to be useful and then it's point and click
Sobx (EUNE)
: Well said. Would you even believe that author of [this big thread](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/KeYTujMn-sex-sells-is-legitimate-as-long-as-it-does-not-hinder-character-identitythemecoherence) complaining about "identity of the champion" has literally 0 Kayle games played (AT LEAST since the champion mastery level was introduced)? One would think that's some kind of Kayle one-trick or at the very least high mastery player, but nope: **literally 0 Kayle games played**. People just want to be in the center of anything even if it doesn't REALLY concerns them.
That tells nothing, people can have multiple accounts on different servers
: @Riot: Reksai still needs more love to bring her into play without making her OP
All reksai needs a as a buff is a little more sustain in jungle. You get out farmed by most junglers because of this
huhndog (NA)
: To be clearer I'm a {{champion:154}} main. So whenever I gank, I have to rely on my adc and support to do the damage while I cc combo them. Whenever he is overextended and my bot lane is not present, I cannot do enough damage to him before he gets away
Don't lash at me, lash at Riot for making the game this way. They made lane priority too important because of pro play and this forces the team to behave in a certain way and comp vs another team. This is one of the reasons a lot of game turn wrong, team comp is extremely important now. As a botlaner, lucian is horrible to lane against unless a small pool of champions. If that lane has lux, etc sups that deal tons of damage and CC, it makes the lane impossible unless you and support are really good . This means jungler/mid even top needs to prioritize the lane early to give bot enough advantage to mitigate the early-mid game strength of that lane. It sucks but that's how the game is right now
: Can we corale mages out of the support position
No. Because auto fills will troll
huhndog (NA)
: My issues been bot lane. They feed a double kill in the first 5 and flame me for not ganking when the enemy Lucian is 7/0. After that they just troll and keep running down mid saying in all chat "GG better jungler wins". Its infuriating
The issue is a little with you, Lucian should not reach bot lane. And if it does, he needs to be shut down early or he will inevitably snowball
SIayton (NA)
: How to counter Yasuo? I have a 100% lose rate to him currently.
: Patiently waiting for Mordekaiser Reworked Armor
Because the art designers at riot are anti-masculinist, they will deny us this Men want to wear body suits too! /s
: Idk what riot was thinking when they did the redesign since it is just ugly and the base form doesn't fit her theme.
boners pushing the money out of the pocket due to space limitation
Jikker (NA)
: Why are Morgana's Wings on her...em....rear
: Kayle's visual design missed the mark
Yeah it's stupid, I hope they change it I don't get why the hell they removed the armor and helmet, it was what made her cool, like a Guardian Angel. Now the only thing she's guarding is teenager's wet dreams
: You do realize you're assigning a rank to people who have been demoted 3-4 ranks due to the season start? "Bronze" right now is saturated with smurfs/Silver/ExGold. Bronze has moved down to Iron. I have seen a Lee Sin/Akali duo literally coordinate spot perfect assassinations an entire game, overwhelming every possibly outplay you try to present. Last night I had a Yorick perfect play vs my Illaoi about 6 games after I stomped a Yorick (By perfect play I mean he had his full minion hoard every single time, which means that Illaoi can't eliminate them fast enough to win the trade; 7 + 1 Queen; You need 2 rotations of Illaoi's ult to kill the creeps, and the Queen still won't be dead). He was so fast that every time I secured an E and ulted him late game, he got away, even vs an Iceborne, when MY team had a Sona support who could speed boost us. And.... it's not as if he was actually fed. He ended the game 4/6. But that didn't matter because he was omnipresent and dealing with him meant we weren't dealing with someone else. (An actual Bronze/Silver Yorick wouldn't be able to do this) I was 70% Win rate up until the last 2 days in 60+ games. Two things happened since then: -I got a chat restriction for 10 games for getting frustrated at every game being a 1v5 where I can pull off a carry that is noticeable above my team -I got every role up to promotions to get the account into Silver. SInce these two things happened, every single game has legitimately had -1 minute 30 int feeders with 0/18 scores, -CS stealing supports, actively taking half my lane CS even after being told not to, -0/10 bot lanes when I'm top feeding a Sivir on Jinx (how does that even happen? Jinx 100% Counters Sivir, and the Jinx had a Nami! - who ended the game with 4200 heals in 32 minutes) -I had a game where my team actually had a 39/17 lead - except my adc was staying in our base since level 6, occasionally walking to the edge of our base, flashing, and then walking back to the fountain https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2978009109/243999882?tab=overview (I looked and she actually has a history of being 7-8 levels behind her entire teams and 15 minute surrenders) -Quinn using her R + Mobis to int feed to a Zed -Vlad inting to Urgot -Shojin Jax 1v5ing a team on perma dodge after top fed. I went from being 48 wins 22 losses to being something like 60 wins 39 losses.
Neah, you just hit the win % threshold and now you are on the "matchmaking bad side". When you reach 48%, things will turn 180* . To say ranked matchmaking isn't taking account of this is silly at this point
: Can someone tell me why Malphite has never been a priority in terms of rework ?
He's kinda fine kit wise, he also had a mini-rework The splash is also new. https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Malphite/History?file=Malphite_OriginalSkin_old.jpg
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: I literally created a thread saying exactly what you just did on eune boards and got downvoted 10 times.... Needless to say i agree.
eune boards are super toxic and close minded, that's why I stay away
: > [{quoted}](name=Not a Neeko Main,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wLWJVH8U,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2019-02-13T21:12:15.757+0000) > > do people even know why they started doing the 0 cs strategy top lane? its because Riot destroyed the advantage of wave control and cs leads by adding bounties.. "oh im ahead of my laner in cs better give me a bounty so they can catch up even though i controlled the wave and zoned them out by playing properly!" Gold items not getting figured into the Bounty was a huge part of what enabled this fringe equation. Several unhealthy bad design decisions went into making this semi-viable, but of course support gets the blame. The new Bounty system is truly unhealthy and is directly responsible for this pathology. You punish people for last hitting better, you encourage people to find ways to avoid last hitting. How unhealthy is that? Of course, Rito would never admit that. Their design instinct is just to go straight for the whipping girl role. Not only is the new Bounty system unhealthy, but it feels bad, too. You out last hitting your opponent to give them a better Bounty. Just plain feel bad on top of being unhealthy. This fringe case was enabled by a combination of the new unhealthy Bounty system and the new Kleptomancy rune, but what do they nerf? The whipping girl, of course. Why admit that their new unhealthy visionary changes are to blame when they can just nerf support without a second thought beyond the support nerfs not being "big nerfs"? No contest really. {{champion:37}}
I took a break and came back, and when I saw the CS bounties I was by looking at score I was : "Wth! How this stupid idea was implemented " I makes no sense.
: Why the support item hot fix isn't bad
Actually is super bad, especially vs poke champions that force ADC to retreat often. Actually Brand and Lux, champions that force your ADC "go home" are the most advantaged here While coin you are right, it's not that bad of a nerf, the frost fang champions are the biggest nerf here, because it was ok to roam midlane while midlane was top. Now guess what, you need a Midlander in lane to do it. You're thinking only at the gold, there's also the quest for the ward which is important to get it done fast
: Time management, FF@15, comebacks, and game theory
I've seen so many FF at 15 because jungle goes bot, he dies with the whole bot lane: GG game lost, while I smash for example the top lane and they aren't even behind except mid all playing late game champions. Also there's the fallacy that it saves time. Sometimes I have time to play 1 game, since i can allocate 1h. Don't want to FF at 15. Then there's the math problem in this issue. With an average 25 minutes a game. If it takes 10 minutes just to start the game and the fact to get back my lost LP it takes +1.2 games, and the fact you still have a game ahead if winning; with this game it means a whopping 3 games equivalent (since you got 20 mins = 0.8 of an average game) you need below 33% win chance. And frankly, 1/4 games I play there are turnarounds. While smaller than 33%, I like those odds better since there's also the "FUN" factor; it's not fun to wait in lobby. And when you add the fact, 1/4 games there's a troll/griefer and the 33% assumption is made that you win the next two games which happens 50% of the time, you realise even the math checks out in the long run. It's better not to FF unless the said troll/griefer game Actually FF should be removed IMHO, it gives fuel to whinners and proliferates a defeatist attitude. It's one of the most toxic things in LoL
: I'll tell you why. Because this "strategy" grants an unhealthy amount of vision control, which is not possible to be countered in a current state of the game. Imagine having max. 4 wards on entire map while enemy team can have 10 of them. This is the problem which this strategy brought. League since s2-s3 was lowering amount of vision, since it was too big. Current gameplay of league relies on limited vision, and this strategy basically broke it.
It's funny though because most of the times I saw this strat, it failed
Paroe (NA)
: The support item changes arent to combat a "toxic or cancerous cheese strat top". Theyre to combat the increased amount of vision that the strategy enabled. Just another step in their moronic war on vision.
They made the "war" on vision, because half the pro play was setting up vision. I get it, it was so important and boring at the same time. But vision gain here, is not that overpowered and won't change the game so much. Actually imho this strategy makes it more fun to watch
: perhaps CS bounties shouldn’t be CS bounties and should just be gold lead bounties. But what do I know?
BuT BOuntIeS ArE GoOd. THey FiX thE MEta!
: The real problem with kleptothiefs was that by not csing you would give your lane opponent a bounty which could be taken by your jg, mid, or yourself to get 5+ waves of cs worth of gold. But rather than addressing the real issue (farm bounty) riot decided to fuck over supports by nerfing their items.
why that bounty even exists? it's so stupid
: Wtf? Support items? Just wow.
I never understood why this strategy is an issue anyway. It doesn't seem overpowered, just different. Why is different bad? Also, they could just make sure the gold is a little lower than a standard CS and done. Heck, they could've made the gold efficiency of sup items 70% only without a champion in 1500 radius, and yet they decided to go with a full bust.
: I've seen some people suggest that in best of series champions could only be picked once. Even if they still pick the best champions it forces them to go deeper than just trading the top 2 picks back and forth.
Hmm, could be interesting. I would like something like: the champions played in the first game, can't be picked in next by the team, and just 4 bans overall. So it forces you to open with a strong off meta pick making things interesting from the start, then go into strategic normal picks
: **Top** - [L9Tr1ggered](https://ru.op.gg/summoner/userName=l9tr1ggered) Diamond ??? Support main. Over past seasons has finished Diamond 3, Diamond 5, and is currently Diamond 1 with 20 games. **Jungler** - [Merao](https://ru.op.gg/summoner/userName=Merao) Diamond 4 Support Main, no questions asked. **Mid** - [VioletFairy](https://ru.op.gg/summoner/userName=VioletFairy) Diamond 5 Mid/Support, who prefers Kat. If op.gg is anything to go off of (no smurf accounts anywhere) actually has more Jungle experience than the Jungler. **Support** - [Ankote](https://ru.op.gg/summoner/userName=Ankote) Diamond 4 Support/Mid. I'd hold of judgement until knowing for certain if they've got other accounts that they've played on and what the ADC plays, but I'll agree it doesn't look super promising on paper. One other thing I'm noticing is a lack of ranked play in general. It looks like the accounts we've found do a lot of their practice in Normals.
Wow there are girls in diamond? /s
: what do you think the average win % of the top 20 players in NA? well its 58.7% meaning even the the best players dont win alot more then 50% of their games. if match making is done correctly you will win around 50% of your games if you play well. and if you constantly win above 50% then you climb til you reach a point where you win right on average of 50% meaning this point is your mmr/elo /skill you are being forced into a 50% win rate cuz you are at your elo/mmr until you get better you arent going to win more then 50% of games just like if you created a smurf and started over you would win like 70% of games in bronze/silver and bout 60% in silver til you get to your elo/mmr and you will putter out at 50% its not hard to understand
Here's the fallacy of this stats: - Since they are the best of the best, the skill level is incredibly high among all the player pool, so you basically can randomly matchmake at that point because whatever you do the games will be pretty balanced . (basically, think of it like that, silver for example covers over 20% of the player base, if skill is on a scale from 1 to 100, there is a potential skill difference of 20 (it's actually more, but let's not complicate). The challenger matchmaking pool, is 0.1%. There is actually 0.1 skill difference. You understand where the problem lies?) Actually what you said, that the top have a different skew (not towards 50% but towards 60%) denotes that there is the potential to be another algorithm involved. I'm not saying it implies, because there could be other hidden variables, only that it leaves the potential --- I used to be sure about soloq smurfing fast ranking being a thing, until I realise almost all climbing smurfs use duo to fast climb and abuse duo tactics. Which totally changes the equation when looking at players that probably don't have a smurf partner
Voidbush (EUNE)
: "If you're a good player, you can carry any game" -Any high elo smartass
Funny thing about this is that "getting out of silver to plat fast" while soloq-uing (not premade) is one of the most popular queries, and perfect for streamers. Heck, I'll watch this and I don't watch streams. But almost nobody does it. Wonder why
Rock MD (NA)
: "Learn to cs and you'll climb" is a bad meme. If you want to climb learn wave manipulation.
While I agree, wave manipulation does not save you from 6/0 katarina in under 10 minutes or from a jungler that decides to ruin you hard worked freeze because he failed a gank and said : hey, let me at least take your lane
: From one support to another; how do y'all keep your cool?
I don't. Yolo. Because the matchmaking is a mess I can't. When I get 3 games in a row people that feed and make stupid mistakes (even I a silver-bronze recognize) and you tell them calmly what to do and they start flame, I lose my temper
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