: What is, in your opinion, the worst designed champion in this game?
: Unpopular opinion: Jungle is way more better now!
At least you used unpopular opinion right
Aionoia (NA)
: Your job as a support is not to catch waves and farm. Your job is to help your team and protect the carries. Play a mid or top lane mage if you want to be a damage carry. I'm so sick of entitled support mains thinking they should be ridiculously overpowered at every stage of the game because "qq muh role sucks." Support already completely controls bot laning phase and has more agency in the mid game than most other roles. The item change "nerf" was way overdue.
It's soloQ, you don't chose your teammates. His job is to win
: Is there a way to get rid of the "It's pre-season, who cares" mentality?
The truth is: Who cares? I'm not saying straight out inting and griefing, but the games should be more relaxed because they don't matter almost at all. Ranked que in the preseason is a glorified normal que. Ah MMR you say? They won't really place you up if you didn't climb alot, same goes if you don't fall alot, because nobody frakking knows their MMR black magic fckery as they change the way the early placement goes in every season
BBKong (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GripaAviara,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fisYzc2T,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-12-01T23:18:41.656+0000) > > {{champion:22}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:202}} ADC supports are "old" news . The thing was, it was a risky choice as it should be, ADCs off role should be by definition a risky pick, so bot lane does fine, then it's a good gamble, otherwise a hard lose. > {{champion:235}} on the other hand, it's not a gamble, it's a fully functioning support in any situation. And here lies the problem with ADC/Assasin supports like Sena and Pyke, they are too strong on the support role and of top of that there's the ADC/Assasin layer which makes them so overloaded and busted Correct me if I'm wrong but ADC supports were never *truly* meta, if I remember right (or it was during one of my breaks from the game). Besides, my point was intended, strong supports mostly. Edit: Well one was a counterpick but it still wasn't meta outside of that.
No, i never said they were meta. The point is if someone wanted an ADC sup he could, with the tradeoffs an ADC support would offer. So to be meta, the tradeoff needs to be small, hence champs like Senna which excels both as an enchanter and as an ADC at the same time, which is problematic
: As a 600k Soraka main the very existence of Senna is just a slap in the face
> Senna: looks good visually I mean, hot woman in latex. Can't go wrong with that. The big gun is so out of place, visually and logically, but nobody comments about that, because hot chick with big gun is cool
: Botlane is a very explosive lane, most supports have that one spell or combo that if they land, you can die very quickly, you got two people suddenly focusing one person all at once, if the target isn't a tank, it's either a squishy Marksman, Enchanter or Mage. Also it's a very bad argument to speak of luck when talking about landing a hook, the same could be said if you dodged or connected any skillshot. Pyke is pretty telegraphed and won't pull you this far away. Nautillus is very wide but that's also he's weakness, it,s hard being precise when throwing an anchor at people. And Blitz only purpose and strength is his hook, without it Blitz is not a champion but a glorified minion. However, Pyke kit is truly up to debate on if he's kit is Toxic or not, I found it not that toxic since I've had a rather easy time against him, dodging hooks and E engages, whenever I fight him he's passive regen is useless since I go for the kill and don't really trade with him since it's useless and he's ult is easy to Flash or Dash out, even just walk out in some cases. On the other end, you found yourself with an Assassin who got a Tahm Kench-like level of regen that got damage that rivals an actual assassin and as a fix execute that doubles the worth of the kill. Nautillus is the CC God, Root, Hook, Slow, Knock-Up and is one of the hardest tanks to kill once he gets rolling on his items. And Blitz you dodge the hook he either needs to W in to knock you up or flash, most engage champions that flash on you will probably kill you but that's a trade they take.
While Puke's not a strong presence as Naut in the botlane, the fact he can easily and quickly roam and spread his busted ulti gold makes him a dogshit champ. Then if he's ahead, the bastard is nigh impossible to kill due his kit. Blitz might not be Naut as facing head to head, but his hook is a game-changer. Her has enough damage early like you pointed out, to easy combo kill with the ADC if the hook lands. Then when the lane phase is over, a good blitz will shine over Naut. The ambushes that guy provide are to overpowered if he's smart. He can also destabilize a 5v5 if the teams are not dumb to meet head on on mid like it's ARAM and fight in the jungle, baron or defeding the turret, as blitz hook, bypass walls making him the undisputed king of team kiting. Naut works way better because in my ELO people just play ARAM after 20 mins
Mártir (EUW)
: You realize Yuumi has a 38-41% WR (Depending which page you visit) in ALL Elos?
You realise she's not buffed for a reason, and that's the underlying problem OP points out
BBKong (NA)
: I support Pyke's **IDEA**, but the implementation is so infuriating. Hearing "support assassin" I was like "oh? this could be a cool one-of champ. An actual AD support." Then I saw his kit, said looks decent but the R might be bullshit. Turned out the passive/W is the most bullshit part to me. I love his E and the hook is fine, but the ult and W/passive healing are so toxic imo. But I could stomach it! There are annoying champs. It's fine, it's new and cool, not a stupid kind of new. Then we hear about Yuumi, I say "ooh an enchanter? Been a while, could be cool." Her W is just stupid. I don't mind anything else but the W, which is the entire concept of the champ, is just absolutely unfun in every way. THEN we hear about Senna. Another AD support. Pyke is no longer as unique, only the "assassin support" not only the "ad support". I never liked the concept of "marksman support" in general. People complain about facing 2 ADCs in a team when they pick an ADC top, now the team can have 2 ADCs without giving up a meta toplaner slot? And her winrate/banrate/pickrate are all insanely high. And there's a new AD support item line so I only assume it'll get worse. Unique champions have a place in League, they get lots of fans. But it doesn't have to be a completely unique champion that's "eNtIReLy unLIkE AnYTHinG wE'Ve eVeR sEeN!!" ***every damn new release***. Champs that are generally simple with one or two unique but not game-breaking part of their kit are the best sort of champions in the game. I get that we have a lot of champs so it's harder to make those, but the new ideas they're having just aren't as cool as those champs in my honest opinion.
> 2 ADCs without giving up a meta toplaner slot {{champion:22}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:202}} ADC supports are "old" news . The thing was, it was a risky choice as it should be, ADCs off role should be by definition a risky pick, so bot lane does fine, then it's a good gamble, otherwise a hard lose. {{champion:235}} on the other hand, it's not a gamble, it's a fully functioning support in any situation. And here lies the problem with ADC/Assasin supports like Sena and Pyke, they are too strong on the support role and of top of that there's the ADC/Assasin layer which makes them so overloaded and busted
: Whoever saw pyke and thought "yeah, that seems balanced", is out of his mind. I'm all for assassin supports/ adc supports/ whatever supports. HOWEVER, supports had utility/cc as their main contribution to a fight rather than damage. The latest 2 supports {{champion:235}} {{champion:555}} also provide damage (not as bursty as an assasin or adc, although that is arguable), which they ended up abusing, and overperforming in literally all other roles of the game rather than their intended role. That is until riot understands the unbalanced crap they threw at us and nerfs the fck out of the champion (see yuumi), so it's questionably average in pro play and definitely under-powered in all other queues . What Im concerned the most, is that riot continues to make the same mistake 10 years now. They value champion complexity over champion fairness. You could have morg's q instantly kill you. Or have nid's Q deal the damage it use to do, and still these champions would be more balanced than what we have now.
> I'm all for assassin supports/ adc supports/ whatever supports. > also provide damage (not as bursty as an assasin or adc, although that is arguable), which they ended up abusing Pick a side, because if you're all for assasin (basically high mobility and dmg) or adc (basically high auto dmg) supports then they will clearly provide dmg else would have this "secondary" roles
: I think she should just gain AD per level instead of per mist stack. Doing that was just unessisary if she getting not only free crit, but free lifesteal for excess crit, and range. I'd also argue for her to gain 25 range per 25 stacks and not 20. Another part that makes her good is that her drawing attack can crit (and it does current hp damage, meaning she can really hurt a squish player at high health).
That's what i never got about her, why is he designed to get AD from stacks?
: If she wasn't getting picked or banned I don't think she'd be an issue. But she is, so she is. I've always considered pick+ban rate a bigger indicator of something being broken than win rate. Senna has the highest ban rate as of the last time I checked so something is unfun about her. Too much utility and safety imo.
Even if the champion is not broken, is clearly toxic when he/she gets a high ban rate
Saezio (EUNE)
: She is way worse than pyke. Pyke on release had like 48% winrate. And he never got to have 5%+ pickrate in any off role and 55% winrate.
Pyke is hard to play at first, until you get a hang of him, you need to land skillshots. But he easily gets disgustingly broken once someone plays a few games with him beforehand
: I'm currently seeing Senna players play top lane. It's actually really disgusting. Why may you ask? Because it's the range. Her range is insanely high (Idk her range stat) but it's really not good. I played as darius top lane and I was against senna and I was out ranged for the whole laneing phase. If she runs press the attack and hits you three times she takes a chunk of your health. That also doesn't include when she hits you and take your soul which takes another chunk of your health. She needs to be nerf and gutted and set back in her place as a support champion. It's absurd and uncalled for that riot hasn't commented on this issue with this specific champion. I'm seeing senna players run dark harvest + precision runes and running {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3179}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3031}} And other attack items that an ADC would use. She just needs to be a support and that's that.
: Unpopular opinion: Aphelios isnt as hard to play and master as riot thinks.
My problem with this bastard champion is facing him. I have to freaking memorize all his damn abilities
: Are We Really Going To Start Another Season Without Addressing Damage Creep?
You are mostly right, but I fail to see how the sanguine blade is abused. The item is subpar They even had to hotfix buff the item to make it decent
: The point of league, FROM THE GET GO, was to be a "dumbed down" version of Dota that more people could get into easily.
It wasn't a dumbed-down version of Dota. It was a more casual one, but casual doesn't mean dumb. I've started with DoTA on battlenet. Then tried league a little, but soon switched to HoN. Then returned to league and stuck with it. I never could get into DoTA 2 due to some weird "contrast issues": I can't see the action properly for some reason, it's hard to visual focus on creeps and especially team fights. League striped the DoTA gold lost on death mechanic, which I never liked. Another striped mechanic was creep denying (which could still be an interesting addition to the game imho) . But in contrast, those "simplifications" opened the game to a more strategic depth. League was above DoTA when it came to 5v5 games, because deaths and kills were secondary and because of the lack of denying wave manipulation was more important. Also the fact in LoL you have AD and AP, which again made mage gameplay way more interesting than in DoTA. Both game have their charm, but LoL it's losing its charm simply because teamfights are at its core, and now teamfights are way too messy. Too much mobility and damage, makes them obnoxious. And the fact the games don't last long, means less teamfights
: I still had 40-50 minute flex games every once in a while and those games was cause of both teams equally trading blow for blow. As fun as those games can be I’m glad its not an everyday thing anymore because unlike in the past, these games are still fast paced action, and that would be exhausting. I prefer the 20-30 minute games to be the expected now.
30-40 minute games are fine 20 minute games are boring after a while and void of satisfaction
: damn i remember when china/korea was all about in-depth strategy and late game (starcraft) those days are over. chinese pc cafe game 15 min ff here we are
: The passive gold income was almost never a support's main income and most came from the main passive.
The main passive gets removed from the 1000g quest item
: So as predicted senna is tier 1 on release, are we gonna nerf her oppressiveness yet?
Senna is crazy strong. Just pick her and go on mid to see how easily she outperforms most mid champions. Sure arguably she isn't viable there due to other kit reasons, but the fact she can go toe to toe with a lot of solo mid champs is scarry
: Read the pre-season patch notes. Season 10 will make Season 9 look like Season 5 before the "class reworks"
Honestly, if S10 will be this bad, the game will go downhill in terms of players
: Goodbye Season 9 and Good Riddance
Worst season and with the instability of the balance, matchmaking finally shows how awful it is. It always was for the last seasons, just now with the snowball and damage bursts it's easy to see that
Bârd (NA)
: Ezreal's Q can't crit. Even if he can technically apply it, its a massive waste of gold since he's largely wasting the crit chance, and he can't get the empowered shiv lightning.
Rioter Comments
: World's finals are pretty much the usual every year. 1 team plays normally, the other one isn't even recognizable in playstyle. Extra boring game due to the CC oneshot splitpush fest. Team fighting? Yuck. No more live event for me next year that's for sure. 3 years in a row I paid a lot of money to watch the most boring games of the season.
Yeah, this is a big turnoff when it comes to worlds. The finals are BS. I don't know if it's the week break from semi, the small number of games, tiredness, the fact teams don't value consistency, but something has to change else too few will care about worlds. I watched last years, this year watched sparsely, and with the final really made me lose interest if something doesn't change.
: Will there be another event pass before prestige points expire?
: It's also disrespectful for G2 players. The entitled Boards dwellers think they are sellouts who lost on purpuse. As a FNC fan last year I had a pretty similar experience and I would never think that they lost on purpuse.
It's not. It's their job. They are all adults and their job to play consistently since they are paid pro players, not charity workers They performed way below their skill in all 3 games so the criticism is pretty valid. If eSports want to be valid sports, the players should be treated as such
: Diana's getting changes in 9.23 lads
I wonder how they would balance her. If he loses her current gameplay, need to make her tanky otherwise she will be useless. But if they make her very tanky it will be a nightmare to face a blinking tanky fighter
Tolinar (NA)
: The argument against Omnistone - a pointless rune.
I don't get why they don't tweak klepto, but simply remove it The item part of the rune is fun. There are many ways they can tweak the rune: - Increase the frequency of gaining items and make the items 0g to sell. - make it trigger on spells also and decrease the value of "a trigger", make it's gold generation not random or increase CD, that way champs like Ez can't abuse it - Make the rune have a big CD and give a lot of items on the trigger
: Then we'd get a 4-0 for FPX and what would that resolve? Sweep would still be a sweep.
They can make: 3 games a break for tactical and rest 3 more games a break for tactical and rest Last game It's clear something is wrong with this format. A lot of teams underperform in the finals and makes the whole worlds a joke to follow. You'd expect top games but last years where just the most boring ones. I think a break to reconsider strategy might at least spawn a good game
Rioter Comments
: All "True" should be deleted
True damage is important. The problem is that is abused. True damage should be reserved exclusively to execute-like abilities. Not autos, not constant spells.
: Is it fair that if someone AFKs, everybody that is on the Losing team loses LP?
So if I duo with someone, he has internet problems and DC and we ofc lose, I have to lose more LP? Double the punishment? Or if I get a bug because of their spaghetti code and DC and can't reconnect Neah, the only thing they need to do is half the LP lose for those that remain, normal LP lose for the persons that DC and protect the users from demoting or losing a promo (once only), even if the users get to negative LP which then carries in case of demoting. Sure it can be abused a little, but let's be honest they community gain is too good for 1-2 players that have no life and abuse this.
Rioter Comments
: Ryze shield in 2019 :'(
I don't think I saw a Ryze without {{item:3048}}
Moody P (NA)
: How is Kennen not a t1 VGU candidate
Kennen actually has a great kit. About the low interaction, just take half the mages. Ryze: run stun shield run away, Ekko: dash stun run away, etc. Kennen rework of E actually made him pretty interesting. He's also very interesting as a bot choice As for VGU, he deserves one, but he's a rat in a ninja suit, not much they can add
Abandon (OCE)
I think last week (?) I had a game and the support was decent so I asked him to join me the next game. He did, only to find out it was impossible to start the match as he was bronze and I was gold. Like ... how the fk was here there in the first place? Now this particular player, was a decent enchanter, but can't help but wonder what if there were others like him outmatched in solo lanes. The matchmaking is fked hard
Rioter Comments
: What do you guys miss most from league?
Longer fights. Being deleted in 1 second is stupid gameplay
AdamrCc (EUW)
: The elder dragon execute outright invalidates champions such as Warwick and Olaf.
Any dragon changes in making the dragons more important will destroy the lower elo SoloQ. Why? Because a lot of games you can't control the drake because the team refuses to help ward. Same with Baron. But at least Baron is harder to kill than a mere drake I honestly don't think the changes will survive in this format after the preseason
: Riot needs to remove CDR from most items and make it a stat you have to built into again and not coming free with your items. As a mage in the older days you HAD to itemize everything to get 40% and those items didnt have AP built into them so you sacrificed damage for shorter cooldowns. If Mages can do their rotations less often then there's an actual trade off for when and how to use your skills instead of blowing them all to one shot people so you can rotate again in 2 seconds. That goes for the rest of the classes. CDR needs to be something you build in and not free through 1 item (Ludens) and a keystone making cap at 40% instantly.
The main problem they legitly encounter with this approach was in balancing ability CD. So some champions will need compensation in naturally reducing their CD or shift damage from abilities to autos, and then ADCs will again reign supreme. It's very hard to balance them when CDR items are specialized and scarce. When the game had 50 champs, it was doable, now, not so much. That's why {{item:3161}} proves so problematic. On some champs it works fine, on others, basically adding a layer of further CDR makes them too strong
: > [{quoted}](name=GripaAviara,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LKItzN8n,comment-id=0001000200000000,timestamp=2019-10-27T23:50:27.305+0000) > > So Nidalee has an 8 min powerspike over ekko .... broken Nidalee Nidalee is a versatile jungler who's not weak to invades and scales up well while being able to pressure at all points of the game. Ekko is a pure gimmick as a champion and there's a reason he's in jg instead of midlane; all champs who suck ass in lane go to jg because they have to fight bad match ups way less (just like Wukong and Camille went jg because they were weak as hell as top laners).
Nidalee is very weak when it comes to invades. You almost can't contest any of the current meta jungle since you need to : have enough mana, early mana on nida is a pain so you have low hp after clears, slow early clear due to need of kiting, you need to hit the spear to warrant a 1v1 win. So if the opponent has decent reflexes and it's not stupid to CJ without wards, tough luck as Nidalee. Where Nidalee excels is at early ganks and map roaming. Her current higher than 50% win rate is due to this, you pick a busted lane and snowball it. And since the games averagely end up early especially in high ELO and the fact only Nida mains play Nida, she might look busted. But no, Nida is way underpowered compared to other champs, but she's damn fun to play
: I play two matched of TFT every day, just because of the beta rewards
What beta rewards? You mean the rewards from TFT screen where you start the game? Are there non TFT related rewards ( like champion skins) ? Because if all rewards are TFT related and you don't play TFT then they are useless
Saezio (EUNE)
: 10 year anniversary appreciation thread
They did great with the anniversary. But I hope we don't get to wait another 10 years for such an event
: > [{quoted}](name=GripaAviara,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LKItzN8n,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2019-10-27T23:06:54.429+0000) > > Nidalee?? Wtf :)) > > As a nidalee main: it's a pain to hit the stick. You hit the stick, prepare to jump the champion use dash since it seems any champion has to dash. Now you are a squishy champion that is in the melee and useless. Ya dead > > There comes ekko: doesn't need to hit a skillshot to dash far. Has CC, shield, and ulti that saves him and guess what the damage is nearly the same No it isn't lol. Ekko's early laning is stupidly weak pre-6 and easily abusable by enemy assassins as well as mages. Ekko doesn't even do halfway decent damage until protobelt.
So Nidalee has an 8 min powerspike over ekko .... broken Nidalee
Sylaelque (EUW)
: Vlad, Kai'Sa, Neeko, Janna, Qiyana, Shaco, Kled, Vi, Rek'Sai, Lee, Fizz, Taliyah, Nidalee, Xayah
Nidalee?? Wtf :)) As a nidalee main: it's a pain to hit the stick. You hit the stick, prepare to jump the champion use dash since it seems any champion has to dash. Now you are a squishy champion that is in the melee and useless. Ya dead There comes ekko: doesn't need to hit a skillshot to dash far. Has CC, shield, and ulti that saves him and guess what the damage is nearly the same
Abandon (OCE)
: There are too many strong champions right now. Please balance the game.
I totally agree with the point, but not with the list. Morgana, Leona, Ashe are fine. They have above the chart win rates because they provide CC and in a game where fights last 2 seconds (like wtf) a 1-2 second stun is a death sentence. ** The game needs to tone down the OVERALL DMG** Kayle has a very bad design. She's not broken per say, it's broken per design. No champion should be allowed to be useless early and totally nuts late. It's pure bad design when your main audience is SoloQ which can't mount a response to this due to lack of coordination Then you have Ryze, Puke, Garen, Jax, etc that like you said are too stupidly strong and the only thing that keeps them in check are other stupidly strong champion.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: At this point, mobile games with loot boxes are like mobile versions of casinos. Isn't this shit gambling though?
It is, but since politicians have no clue how they work and even if they exist and not enough people complain about regulating them by law, they skim below the radar I see you are from EU. You can do a good deed and write to your representative about this issue
: > [{quoted}](name=General Esdeath ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0O4wj1eL,comment-id=001300000000,timestamp=2019-10-27T05:59:53.391+0000) > > $10.00 > > 4 digits, gg ez I play a MMORPG that I can confirm regular whales spend at least $1000 a month (judging from the Diamond status they have) and the super whales can spend up to $30000 to build a single piece of gear. Illegal real money trading obviously happens because of this, but that's just to be expected at this point.
This happens when politicians have no clue about those practices because they can't understand the tech. I expect more corporate new tech exploits in the future. Just to draw a picture: You have casino gambling that's heavily regulated with min allowed rates, transparent rates, age limit, legal supervision, etc. Casino's max unique clientele in their lifespan is around a few hundred thousand people. You have gacha (lootbox) gambling: no regulation, non transparent rates since no authority checks if the company lies, there is a theoretical 14 years (!!!) age limit, but because there is no hard restriction a lot of kids bellow 14 end up in the game. Some game have tens of millions of players in their short lifespan across the globe.
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