: 1. K. When i see better champion concept, i will let you know. 2. Passive is passive. Damage one is only for flavor and theme, linked damage is true passive, bonus health is a reward for not sucking. 3. Why is that? I think it would be fun to carefully plan every step, think when to use abilities and basic attacks, carefully wait till minions drops low, only to last hit them, instead of blowing your health on non-killing basic attacks. It would also be but to plain against this champion, because there is many ways a math-up could end. 4. I disagree. His passive would feel awesome and fun. Mark two enemies, focus the one with lower mobility - deal damage to both of them. Because he is hybrid, he rely more on abilities, that on basic attacks, but his basic attacks scales with AD and AP. Of course, if you don't want to do damage to two enemies - then don't attack two enemies, because damage share is triggered by your basic attacks. 5. Yorick's ghouls focus enemy champion. My champion's **shades** focus any enemy nearby and lasts for 8 sec or until they perform 3 basic attacks. Yorick's ghouls last until they are killed or until they decay. 6. Laning: last hit enemy minions, sustain with E, harass with Q. Teamfights: Q to stun, R to pull, E for sustain, W for some extra damage, and with {{item:3153}} he can afford AA any enemy he wants.
1. Whether this is concept is better than others is entirely your opinion. As said, it's absolutely disgustingly narcisistic. 2. "reward for not sucking" you mean for not winning. Honestly, you should consider moving some of these passives onto his abilities. if you love it that much. 3. It wouldn't be fun to be forced not to basic attack. If you made it not proc against champions (Maybe even heal), then maybe I would agree. Because seriously, it would feel absolute shit for taking damage simply for attacking enemy champions, especially those with high resistances. It's one thing to reward you for doing things well (CSing in this case), but punishing you for not is just unfun to play and would make the game overall seem more clunky (which is the reason why they're reworking champions instead of making a bounch of new ones). 4. Sometimes you're forced to attack different opponents. Dealing reduced damage simply for changing targets (sometimes the damage that goes to the other opponent would be useless) This should undoubtedly be an active component, maybe even to replace his Q (since it doesn't fit his kit as well as the other abilities). 5. Simple solution: Attack your opponent once, and then don't CS for a moment. They can't even run because the shades won't run out until they attack enough.7 6. He will untoubtedly be better in a lane though. Only because he CAN do something outside of a minion wave doesn't mean he can do it well enough. I don't get why you insist on him being a PVE champion here, there's nothing wrong with him sucking the souls of champions.
: ***
As the thread creator said. Though these champions also have a very minor degree of this, making them feel much less like that. Tryndamere lacks the tankiness to do this properly. Olaf only gets some slightly increased healing and attack speed.
: > 1 Mana spender champion, who gets stronger by spending mana faster Kassadin R ? > 2 Champion who would level up in a different way than other champions Don't really understand what you mean there. You might want to give some more info there. > 3 +1 assassin (who is weak 1v1, but can easily move through map and have global presence) Sounds strange, as assassin are mostly defined by their damage, but it sounds interesting I imagine him to be like a mix between {{champion:432}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:98}} > 4 Dedicated support, who binds to one champions and will always follow him {{champion:44}}, if he wouldn't be able to recast bastion like {{champion:429}} > 5 Suicide fighter, who benefits from taking damage How exactly would you counter such a champion ? > 6 Critical strike chance based mage Crtical strikes better work for sustained damage, since over time Crit is balanced out. A lucky crit on a burst spell however will just feel unfair.
> "5 Suicide fighter, who benefits from taking damage" > > How exactly would you counter such a champion ? Kiting or bursting. Olaf, Mundo, Tryndamere, and Sion already have this sort of a mechanic but to a lesser degree.
: Several unique ideas
1. Kassadin does this already, and it really isn't a very fun mechanic to play with. 2. Sounds completely and utterly broken with next to no potential whatsoever. 3. Teah this sounds pretty good. 4. Janna? 5. Not too unique of an idea (considering how it's so easy to come up with. I personally have wanted something like this for ages), but I like it. Mundo and a few others can also count as this though. 6. Critical strikes are already a horrible game mechanic, and it would be especially toxic on abilities. Though if you mean like an AP ADC (for the times when you lack AP) that buys AD which turns into AP and magic damage etc, then i'd agree.
: [The Best Champion Concept Ever] Zafer Kul - The Templar Of Death
1. Please don't think your champion concept is any more special than anyone else's. It's narcisistic and disgusting. 2. 3 Passives? Come on, Yasuo's 2 passives are enough. 3. I really like the concept and all, it's really damned good, but it really doesn't seem like you care much about the fun to play and fun to play against element. 4. His passive would feel extremely annoying and clunky to play with (drains HP for autoattacking, makes you deal less damage overall if you hit targets). Abilities like these should be an active/disactivate type. 5. His W minions should be killable. It would be imaginably unfun if Yorick's ghouls were immortal, so these shouldn't be either. 6. He seems way too reliant on killing minions to do anything. What will he do in a teamfight except Q? How ridiculous would this guy be to lane against? It's like old Mordekaiser.
: [CHAMPION CONCEPT-Fruca'Alz] you never seen this before, RIOT you will be please with me
1. Stop thinking your own creation is special and better than that of others, it's not, it's just one champion concept of many. 2. Passive: Is this a sort of active or does it randomly activate? If it's random then i'd go ahead and say that it's wayyy too clunky. You don't want to ward completely random bushes, especially considering that some may already be warded. We can't see the cooldown either. 3. Q: So basically just another way to snowball harder? What is this ability supposed to do when you're not ahead? Kill yourself? 4. W: In what way does this synergize with this otherwise supporty kit though? 5. E: This is stupid. You shouldn't add toxic and unfun gameplay elements just because you consider for it to be unique. You really need to reconsider the concept of this ability entirely. 6. R: So the shield value stays the same throughout the game? What kind of use would this thing have lategame? 7. R: Reduces their mana and health regen by 200%? So you mean they lose health based on their health regen? AND the lose mana? First of all, the health regen thing should really be replaced with a DoT instead, because all this does is tell your opponents "don't build this". Second, affecting your opponents' mana is extraordinarily toxic to play against, this can by no means be in the game.
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