Hanza (EUNE)
: Urgent changes for disabled players.
I have read all of your comments. I did not answer only those who were a joke. **Thank you for reacting**. Really. At this moment - 15k views in just two days. Many have suggested the Legacy cursor or to use different programs but we think that this problem could be solved by some creator-specific cursor modifications that would help both eye-suffers and those who also have difficulties with existing pointer. I just don't know how to get an official answer from creators/developers of the game - Are they going to do something? Is it possible? If not - why? If yes - when and how they are going to help us? But at this moment - i got only copy/paste answer.. That is quite sad. So yeah... here we are. #Hanza
: Just make the pointer bigger lol
Thank you for your comment. But it is not the best solution to this problem.
: I think I remember RIot making some sort of video awhile back talking about some gamemodes or something specifically made for colorblind people, not sure if it's reliable but it's just a suggestion if you're struggling and haven't heard of this.
It's good to hear, that there are some sort of videos, but the reason why we have to discuss this - because the video creation alone does not solve the main problem. So we want to send the messege, that we have difficulties with pointer settings and we need help.
: This is why I use the Legacy cursor, it's not the best but it's way better than the newer cursor style.
Thanks for your reacting. I agree, that the legacy cursor is better, but as i mentioned in other comments, developers could update pointer settings to help those, who have difficulties with their eyes.
BowWowzer (OCE)
: As a person that has severe Keratoconus (pretty much multiple ghost visions), I had to play around with my monitor settings, I had to make the screen just a little darker, just anything to tone down the brightness, I also lock my screen alot and it does help
Thank you for your comment. I can say, that i'm too with Keratoconus (one eye is in the last stage, other is better). So yeah, we really know that ghost vision effect and other difficulties. We really would like to get more attention to help solve this problem for those like us.
Saevum (NA)
: Making an option for the pointer colour shouldn't be that hard. It won't make the client crash right?
I hope, that it won't.. But somehow, till now we have only two pointers - main and the legacy cursor... Btw - thank you for reacting.
: Feel sorry for you, they should at least make "chroma options" for minions and cursors for you to use.
Thank you for your comment. I hope, that developers of the game will see this discussion.
Zeurth (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hanza,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HATeiXEi,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-13T19:27:53.614+0000) > > I'm here to represent those, who suffer from **incurable eye diseases**. Because we have vision problems, there is a problem with mouse pointer colour in the game - it blends/merges with the whole game environment. As a result, we often lose the pointer in sight during the fight. This leads to the making of false movements. For example, as far as i remember, _Counter Strike 1.6_ creators made an option to change aim/target colour by yourself (greem/blue/red/yellow/..). > So i'm asking - is it possible to make the mouse pointer brighter to those like me? Is it possible to let us change colour in the middle of the mouse pointer (for example - bright green dot in the middle of it) or pointer contours/edges colour (to set bright colour around the mouse pointer)? > I'm sorry for grammar mistakes. > Thanks for your understanding. Try using YoloMouse.
Thank you for reacting. Is it safe to use it in LOL? However, developers could make changes to avoid using such extraneous ways.
: I don't have an eye disease but I often have trouble spotting it at certain times too. Too much going on.
It is fun not to be alone with this problem. Thank you for your comment.
kayochan (NA)
: Not disabled, but i would love to have the option of a stronger mouse color. I do agree that it blends in too much with the background...ESPECIALLY during team fights.
Thank you for your comment and the same idea. Cheers!
: u know u can use the legacy cursor too right?
Thanks for your comment. We know about the legacy cursor. But it was created just to play the game (old LOL pointer), not to help those who can't see that well. That pointer could be adapted more to help be in control of your pointer.
: The Legacy Cursor should help. It's completely yellow when it's not targetting something, and turns completely blue when it is.
Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, that the legacy cursor is a better option because it is yellow. But it was created just to play the game (old LOL pointer), not to help those who can't see that well. That pointer could be adapted more to help be in control of your pointer.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Have you tried reverting to the legacy pointer? Is it still the same? (sorry if I am not helpful, this is all I could think of)
Hello. Thank you for this comment. Yes, i and other tried. But we still think, that pointer could have more settings for people, who have an eye diseases.
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: game randomly minimizing itself early in match
Same to me. It happens twice during all my games in ARAM. And more in early game stage. :(


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