Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
If you could, would you design 1 more champion by yourself? If so, what type of champion it would be? Where's Morello at? I convinced myself that he went to work on some secret Riot Games project but after so many years I don't even know if he exists anymore. I loved Malphite for years after long break from League I noticed that Ornn skillset feels like reworked Malphite. Is it because there is something planned for Malph in the future or it was just pure coincidence?
: tbh honest he'd be on this thread too if they did play with Talon. If Ekko was just nerfed and Talon got this treatment, the comments would be reversed. If they nerfed both, there'd be a post complaining about the nerf hammer. No one's happy regardless.
You mean if Talon wasn't nerfed to shit twice? Yea I guess so, but what is your point? They kept Zed in line with small buffs, nerfs while Akali got basically deleted.
: tbh honest he'd be on this thread too if they did play with Talon. If Ekko was just nerfed and Talon got this treatment, the comments would be reversed. If they nerfed both, there'd be a post complaining about the nerf hammer. No one's happy regardless.
You mean if Talon wasn't nerfed to shit at least twice? Yea I guess so, but what is your point?
: If you have a tumor you don't just trim some pieces of it away...
They didn't play with Talon. Nerfbat was hard and steady every f time.
S0kaX (EUNE)
As a person that played over 4000 normal games I heard this argument maybe 40 times. And I found that very little mid and high elo players use normals to chill and don't play lanes and champs they main. Most ragers and shittalkers activate while being stomped, rankeds or not.
Wuks (NA)
: Yes, Riot's policy with regards to account security and account actions is to place it on the responsibility of the account owner, and for good reason. However, I've seen a few instances where Riot were able to work their magic. If what you're saying in the OP is true, I certainly hope that some magic can be worked here. I don't have much influence on these types of matters, but I'll see what I can do. And +1 for multifactor authentication/two-factor authentication. It's something that Riot's been looking to implement over the past few years, but I certainly see the urgency for players.
About 4 years ago I had my email hacked and used as spambot. After quick ban I made a contact with support and they explained whole situation to me, I said my part and in 1 week I had my account back. It was obvious My 7yo email box would not be used in such dumb way, especially when I had tons of personal things like family photos, mails from job, school,etc. I was actually glad that they banned that account quickly yet were able to help me without any problems. Permabans followed by words "We won't be able to help you any further" are just heartbreaking. I can't honestly say that Riot did good job with this guy ticket.
ßoy (NA)
: How to counter zed.
Reminds me Deponia where MC is saying that he can't hear anything over some irritating sound. And turning sound off was legit way to push story further.
: When you see a Yasuo try to windwall your Lux ulti
Pic is actual representation of some Lux players regardless of time, place and situation.
FBI Officer (EUNE)
: Orianna was always immobile and people could dive her
Tf is even less mobile and squishier than Ori yet way more popular. Ori biggest problem is that she is relatively easy to counter and few other mages outclass her in almost every way. I think Viktor is just more reliable pick while being harder to gank.
Aptest (EUW)
: that being said she was considered one of the tournament counter-picks to zed, back when he was LCS-material. (of course this was also during "tank rengar's" heyday)
Ori was never counter pick to Zed, its other way around. Ori can handle Talon but Zed's kit is just too much against her.
FBI Officer (EUNE)
: Weaknesses of a skilled Azir
I don't like threads like that because ppl who make them don't want any answers, they just want another players who circlejerk around topic. No point in trying to discuss anything.
: The Real Reasons Riot is Forcing Dynamic Queue
I disagree with point nr 4 simply because Riot doesn't really care about new players. Only recently they decreased price of tier 2 runes still leaving price of run pages far beyond acceptable lvl and it still took them over 4 years. Tutorial is garbage, pvSI is garbage (and bots are farming low lvl games for years), Smurfing is so common that most new players gets absolutely destroyed by experienced players game by game. And worst of all, bad and toxic players often make new accounts to use them while they got bans on other ones or when they simply can't handle fair matches, Its so easy to slam lvl 4 newbie and make fun of him in chat while you kill all of his team members. This is probably last game in the world I would like to introduce to my friend just so I can play with him. Especially during most garbage season of them all.
: When I ask my jungler for blue and he says no
In season 1 and early 2 probably 90% of Blue buffs went to mid laners it felt like an obligatory part of the game you couldn't really change unless you were a noob. Now I often take blue buffs if im behind on junglers like Yi or Xin because they are really precious resource I can safely farm without any risk. There are some instances or matchups where blue is required to smooth down laning phase especially if your mid is against hard to gank picks like Fizz, Lb Kata. Really few champions are so mana intensive that you don't wanna see them without blue, Anivia is one of them, old ap kog was another but all in all most ap mids could wait out enemy blue by waveclear and not doing anything stupid. Not every mid player needs or deserves blue. It's a matter of experience to judge it properly. Just like good mid players won't take their blue buffs if they don't need them.
: Your name is now the name of your main
: I would do it again
{{champion:45}} I respect your evilness.
SirPurrr (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Doctrorpheus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gU8zh6cy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-10T02:40:46.658+0000) > > Of course that is what they're doing. > > Keeps you from getting bored and quitting. I'd much rather have an actually balanced game than artificial changes.
You want perfectly balanced 6yo multiplayer game with over 120 champions and tons of items, runes and masteries? You want a game that is most popular in Korea where they spend every possible time to exploit games on any possible lvl to have upper hand over their opponents both in esports and ranked games? I mean would be great but I don't think its possible. There always be better and worse picks/builds/strategies.
: No it probably won't because I've rarely (if ever) been toxic in the past, and with how much I play and how much time I've put into this game I don't take being banned/restricted lightly. Honestly though the stuff I said could easily warrant it.
Btw I had really similar situation, I have played with some guy that took lb mid and went on feeding spree despite me doing absolutely everything i could do in a jungle to keep game up. We fallen down to insanely fed Zed and I blamed LB for not trying to win or at least not to feed. After the game I saw he was 1st time bronze Lb Vs Diamond Zed and felt really shitty. I added the guy and apologised (he wasn't particularly mad because with score 2/12 he kinda felt bad about us losing really close match). We played few games together and we both felt a bit better. Heck he even carried me once :).
: LAte answer but maybe you are still interested. As a former Zed main (since i can't play him except in blind normals or poro) long range champs are difficult. Lux can make a Zeds life very hard. Swain,viktor are also good. LeBlanc ofc. Every character with reliable CC and burst ability. Liss for example is listed as a counter to Zed but so far i never lost lane to liss. Her waveclear is too bad early on and she is way too squishy to go in a 1v1.
Errastas said pretty much same thing. But all those pics are equally good against assassins in general, not Zed especially. My main problem with Zed is while all other assassins have to jump in, kill their target and/or die, Zed often push one extra button and is back safe and pretty far away from enemy team. I feel like I might be a bit biased because I actually like champions Zed is really good against and I don't play any of his most common counters. Anyway I haven't tried to play post nerf Zed, hopefully he will feel less oppressive.
: Could a Rioter help me contact another player? I'd like to apologize for being a jerk to him.
I don't think 1 or even few reports make you chat restricted. You really need too push ppl down game by game to get it.
aîdan (OCE)
: Possible Zed Nerfs
Or strong electrical shock straight to the balls every time you miss your skills. That would help distinguish good Zed players from great ones.
Lettow (NA)
: Player Made Solo Queue? (@Riot would this be allowed?)
There are websites that have own ladder for 1v1 and 2v2 that you can play for free or gamble on your games. Oddone even promote one of them so I imagine something like SOLOQ made by ppl would be technically allowed too but that sounds pretty ridiculous considering how many ppl play this game. And if it grows too big it will be shut down very, very fast.
: It's just for some opponent variance. Basically just custom games
Its not about them having deal with a problem, ofc its not perfect if you have ~100 players in pool, but it is a form of protest that should at least be recognized by Riot.
: I am SICK of Playing Blind
Vision is fine, its carry that don't use trinkets, junglers that don't ward enemy jungle or take crabs for their teams and supports that slack off or ward in useless locations. do you think that when green wards where in shop vision was on another lvl? The only time vision was overly buffed was when supports spend their all money on them ending up with 2 items in 35 min game.
Mandang0 (NA)
: At least the "hot" page won't be the same stale memes & games posts for once. something something nami something something the-same-wave-picture-that-always-gets-used
I fear that in few years ppl will start using mainly internet images to communicate. Those memes are like new age hieroglyphs for lazy ppl. And nothing, absolutely nothing is funny in such high density.
Dataless (NA)
: He thinks of his people first, and wants what is best for them, but he is still very much a totalitarian figure, even his VO lends itself to this and that's POST Ascension.
You do understand that you compare Azir to Stalin and Hitler right now? Azir VO doesn't give you that negative feeling you should get from actual totalitarian leader. The difference is Azir wants to protect his home but he isn't talking about taking others land by force or killing innocent ppl. Totalitarian guys done that while keeping **their** ppl in fear and despair. There was no room for talking, you either did your part or you and your family got killed. And some of his quotes directly give you choice. "You need not follow, but you must witness." or "We are made by our choices." I can't honestly say he feels like a bad guy.
Dataless (NA)
: {{champion:268}} "I am your God and you will obey. In return I will protect you from our enemies and you will have the privilege of living in the greatest empire the world will ever see." Probably something along those lines. He is a dictator after all, even if a benevolent one.
I am pretty sure that he had to change his ways a bit to gain Ascension.
Errastas (NA)
: This is the boards, they won't be happy until Zed somehow becomes a support ninja.
If Riot properly nerfed him earlier like they did with Talon boards would not show so much hate against him, but currently its Lee Sin over again. Sometimes boards are right. Assassins aren't generally that bad, they just bad when you compare them to Zed.
: Don't worry people, solo queue is coming soon™
At this point its not about solo q but how Riot is handling its players. Once in blue moon whole community said its a bad idea and that they don't want it. Riot basically said that they know its bad but they will put it in, fix it till we like it and everything is gonna be fine. That's even worse from straight middle finger.
Lîon (NA)
: For future reference is swearing allowed in these forums?
Oh my we got gentlemen here, guys, bring the red carpet. {{champion:223}} "Drops Tongue" Will do.
Wygol (EUW)
: When you realize just how much your bot lane fed.
There is no hope in this feeding madness.
DrDiaga (NA)
: How many years does it take to get a tutorial?
Voluug13 (NA)
: That was exactly my point: Riot only wants Assassins without meaninful weaknesses. Akali, Talon et all have been basicaly thrown aside so Zed, Ekko and Fizz can shine in their inbalance.
Ekko problem isn't that he is best assassin but he is basically mobile bruiser with assassin lvl dmg. Fizz wasn't this much of a problem till items rework that push him into very favourable position. But I see most assassins nerfed constantly. Some of them are waiting too long for ones (like nerf ekko will get next patch) but all in all most assassins have a lot of weaknesses. I do think Fizz is a bit over the top but he wasn't strongest mid for quite a while. Meanwhile Zed didn't fall below Top tier for years. (maybe 2-3 months tops). I would say that Riot likes assassins to have weaknesses but play favourites with some of them or makes us wait too long for proper and healthy changes.
Voluug13 (NA)
: Clearly not Riot, since they want assassins without weaknesses.
They nerfed tons of assassins or assasin like champions so your statement is pretty dumb. Talon got nerfed almost instantly after world and then again after next time he got few games in LCS. Akali is at terrible spot for more than a year and Vayne is getting slammed by Lucian, Ez and earlier Corki with his 300dmg nukes. I would say only Zed is Assassin without major weaknesses.
Caítlyn (NA)
: Nah I think its balanced that his invulnerable untargetable wall-hop AOE slow AOE nuke jump engage escape has only a 4s cd.
: IDK why it just gives up.
"I tried to find ppl to play with you but nobody likes you, seriously. Just spend rest of eternity watching this timer."
: If League did a war with dota
LoL would cheat and send ppl with URF buff.
Skelenth (EUW)
: Jhin has an arch enemy
{{champion:86}} You know what's symmetrical? {{champion:86}} Justice!
Mandang0 (NA)
: This argument's always seemed a bit unfair to me. Shen's giving up one of his skills for that shield (and another for the dodge), why should he be punished for it? Is Zed given very low AD and movespeed because he has an abundance of those in his spells?
This argument is actually fine even if you don't like it. Try to view it from other side. First thing is I don't play Shen and I don't know if he needs buff but generally tanks cannot have to high base values because they scale better with defensive items that are cheaper than offensive ones. If you overbuff tank early game he will quickly counter his enemy and force him either to scrap all his gold for dmg and hopefully roam to fight squisher targets or he will have to buy tank stats himself even though he scales worse than his opponent. Opposite situation happened when Riven's were buying Brutalizer, Black Clearver, Last Whisper. They bought fairy cheap penetration items, that countered only thing riven should have problem with (Armor). Tanks were actually useless without making any mistake on their part in that matchup. yes even armor kings like Malphite. If you give Shen and Zed 100hp, 4armor and 4 ad, who would scale better at early lvls with it? Shen will probably double or triple values of those stats while Zed will generally see them as it is. But generally Zed can be deleted from this game for all I care, ppl got used to his reliable kit and dmg output and now they don't want Zed to have any weak points like Talon or Akali.
: I'd be crying too if I were playing a Demacian champ.
You denied {{champion:37}} {{champion:82}} bot duo s1 lane? Disgrace.
: It's been 1,800 days since Yorick's release (June 22, 2011). Since then...
: @Meddler Why Zed's R nerfs can be reverted and you cant give Azir 3/4/5s Ult duration?
Azir ult will be most boring ult I have seen in a while. It's basically aoe knocback with mediocre dmg. Well Aurelion sol looks even worse but I don't understand why they are so similar.
: I get salty over Overwatch. Not because I die a lot or I'm bad...It's just that..**BASTION** takes play of the game.
They will fix it for sure, and then you will be able to watch your sick plays just like you deserve it.
: What people who flash their mastery icon every time they get a kill think
Vayne did it on URF while she killed my Brand, then I soloed her and danced on her corpse.
9kPluzZ (NA)
: Lets forget the fact he was garbo for most of season 5 due to overnerfing, and has nerfs coming on the pbe.
And now he dominates s6 pick rate for months. What is your point, just because champion had his worse time doesn't mean you have to grind him up the top and keep there. Also he wasn't "garbage" per se, only meta didn't favoured him over other picks. That's a huge difference if you have champions who will be garbage during any meta because they base stats or ratios are simply too weak. Lucian should get nerfed a looong while ago.
: The "I'm bad at AD Carry but need ELO right now" starter kit
I like how Rito isn't greedy and included "Nerfshield" into starter pack FOR FREE!
Verxint (NA)
: Honestly from what I know Blizzard is way less tolerant of this kind of crap than Riot. I saw one flamer in Overwatch already which was funny cause I'm pretty sure it was the guys 3rd or so game.
I don't think Blizz would do any better. None of their games had this lvl of toxicity combined with so high number of players. I also don't think Overwatch is a game that in current state will bring hardcore gamers that most likely will flame a lot more than casuals. PPL are hyped too much over fresh game. Forgetting that Bli$$ard updates their games painfully slow and their content is always paid or force same grind as LoL which is free from the start. I am not saying Overwatch will be bad game or won't hit big, but after playing few post Diablo2 games I find Blizz way less appealing than I saw it 10 years or 15 years ago.
: Tell me that Veigar's name Please I want to add him and then honour him for being amazing
Sorry but its been ~3 years and I have played over 3500 games :). But me and my friend will remember him for a looong time as we are really sentimental dudes and that is even greater honour that points you can get in game.
: "hey mid could you go tank?"
It reminds me one sick Veigar player I had pleasure to play with. We had an afk in out team and he carried us with his premade friend (KAyle) for 35 min setting his score at 16 kills or something. We started to lose when enemies finally scrapped some gold for BV, Mercs and QSS's making his life tough. I played Xin jungle and I knew that with Old Baron we might have enough power to just kill 1-2 ppl and push through to the end. Veigar said he got this and I said I belive in him. We started Nash and their team focused yordle right away but Kayle didn't ult him for some reason. He just stood inside empty pit and took massive beating like a champ while me and Kayle disintegrated their whole team. I was amazed how the hell 1000ap veigar was able to tank 5ppl till I saw his items. HE sold EVERY SINGLE AP ITEM and went full tank without any dmg. Enemies didn't check it before the fight and it was their dawnfall. One of the cheesiest wins I had ever had in League and really really fun at that.
: that would require allot considering the rng bullshit requirements of warframe, make weapon X to make Y to make A so you can finally make the weapon you want, weapon B. and the blueprint for 1 of the warframes, I literally played for 14 hours nonstop before I got the blueprint, and because it was through a ''quest'' all I got at the end of every mission were credits, biggest waste of time ever so I highly doubt LoL can top warframe it's bullshit rng paywall.
: Jesus fucking Christ I've opened several Hextech chests and only got skin shards.
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