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DeusVult (NA)
: There are some threads that raise legitimate discussions about how strong bot lane is (not just ADCs, but how supports factor into their power budget) and then there are a whole shit-ton of threads that use hyperbole to circlejerk about ADCs. Also many of the good threads get taken over by circlejerk comments and the fact that other than once in a blue moon when a rioter makes the rounds for a day or two to a number of threads, this forum is completely devoid of rioters in favor of reddit and twitter.
True,but then again there's this They complain how strong a bot lane can carry (2 people) Yet they celebrate when they bring back solo snowballing that allows for one guy to carry alone. Which to me is even worse,i know its frustrating to go up against Tristana and Janna,but i cant think of a worse thing then when a fed Yasuo,Yi,Darius,Zed,Fizz,etc kills 3-4 people alone and carries.
When people get up votes for saying ADCs can one shot tanks and 1v1 assassins (though some of them can if they outplay but then again a supp can kill an assassin if he outplays him)
: It’s coming people
The hypocrisy of League boards,you cry cause bot lane carries hard,even if its two people,yet celebrate when they say that they're bringing back solo snowballing and solo carrying. Can't wait for the people to start bitching how one Yasuo,Zed,Yi,Darius etc carried the game all alone,crying for a nerf
: However because of his passive you are losing the AD from AA Q AA passive W AA passive meaning you lost AD off of 6 parts of that 7 part trade. I just feel like he values the all in more than the survivability. He wants fyi be the aggressor
That equals to around 40-50 damage lost in the early game,meaning the enemy Luc with 125 hp plus Bone plate that blocks around 70 damage at that point, is still ahead by 150 hp,i think,not really 100% sure though,i wish i had someone to test this out with
: I think Lucian cares too much about the early AD to snowball to go resolve
Actually i think Lucian can really use this just cause he can all in really good and this will let him tank around 3 enemy autos early game
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Running Chrysalis and Bone plating on ADCs?
I just had a mirror lane Mf vs Mf,we had a few 1v1s with identical spell usage W E auto Q R and i always won even though she was ahead a few kills just cause of those 220 hp,it literally eats up her Q and auto damage
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: Then start by hitting the shit out of the adc's with the nerf hammer. Since they are main source of damage since they got buffed 2 years ago for no reason.
Admit it,youre critmaster garen and you have 5 alt accs to circlejerk about adcs and upvote yourself
CLG ear (NA)
: this sucks I like watching forgotten weapons and hickok45
> [{quoted}](name=CLG ear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ahMPAP5i,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-22T08:51:14.082+0000) > > this sucks > > I like watching forgotten weapons and hickok45 Hey me too,hickock is the best gun guy on youtube
Almighty (EUNE)
: Scuttle crab is unhealthy.
Its funny how the original poster was dead serious about Vayne being unhealthy and it got 40+ upvotes and now these threads are mocking it,really goes to show that getting upvoted or down voted doesnt mean a thing in most cases since you can literally have 2 upvoted posts that say two completely opposite things
: See i don't see diana as a diver more of an assassin so I think diana should be able to one hit vayne barring a vayne e before diana gets her pull in. I know diana is classified as a diver/assassin but thats just my thought. Divers include this list which is a subcategory of fighters Now I'll talk what I mean fighters should win if they get on the adc champs like Irelia if they get on an adc will kill the adc same with camille. So the one's I'm going to focus on are the more juggernaut/diver mixes. The likes of olaf, skarner, kled, renek, and even aatrox. Those champs are more known as bruisers to most people with mix of damage and hp. The problem I see right now is these champs have to build damage because of their lower(ish) base stats so they need at least 1-2 offensive items but yet as an adc main if a renekton, or kled even jumps on me I'm never scared they will actually kill me (assuming neither of us are fed) because of how much damage I do. Right now it is very hard for divers to actually do their job. Dive. Adc's don't even need to kite these hybrid diver/tanks because of the fact that they die to fast and don't do enough dmg so they are at this awkward state because of how overtuned adc's are. Just going to throw in that the diana scenario I think should happen. Vayne would get rewarded for correctly kiting and positioning. I'm not saying they should just insta die. I'm just saying that divers need to at least be able to do their job. Because right now adc's have so much forgiveness when they position super poorly.
Im not sure how a class that has literally the least amount of defenses,hp,and tankiness,can have as much forgivness as you said for positioning poorly,cause if i play an ADC and i get cced,or jumped,or over extend im dead in half a second,also like i said i really don't think Renekton or Kled have any problem killing any ADC 1v1,they may have a problem in a team fight,since they will be at the front line and get damaged,but if a Kled ults your Jhin,Ashe,Sivir,Twitch,Mf,Kog, etc they will surely be killed,Kled can do 50% of an ADC hp with just his W,add Q and E and they cant even run away from him,and he gets a shield from his ult. If kled ults,hits his QW and doesnt kill an adc then thats a fight between a full HP Kled that can still auto you for 150-200 damage a hit vs a 20% hp ADC that if it isnt late game still has no lifesteal
Solitair (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Thicc Gragas,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7E8AANIT,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-20T18:14:15.805+0000) > > The problem is they can't balance ADC's to do damage to tanks and squishies, because constant damage to tanks often means 1 shots to squishies. It really doesn't, and it's really not so hard. I don't know why Riot has such an issue with this. 1. The marksman class should do less damage in a short time than the mage class. A mage's burst should do markedly more damage in a short amount of time at any stage of the game than a marksman can ever do in that time, even with high crit rate. A mage's combo should always be significantly higher than a marksman's full kit rotation in the same duration of time including any non-skill autos. 2. A mage's cooldowns should be significant enough that a marksman's damage has time to stack up to match/surpass the mage's burst over long periods of time. So the balance is that High DPS should come at the expense of burst. You cannot burst a target, but what makes the DPS higher than the burst over time is the presence of *consistent damage output over time* resulting from the consistency of AD scaled autos being the primary source of damage. Cooldowns are essentially what keeps the mage from being able to out-dps the marksman, while still being able to outburst them. I don't think marksmen are really supposed to be tank busters. No one should just "bust" a tank. But tanks shouldn't be enough of a threat on their own that they need to be busted anyway. Tanks are team oriented. Marksmen should be a more reliable source of damage against tanks due to sustaining damage, but they shouldn't be "tank busters". A focused Marksman should be able to take down a target fast with a coordinated team, but a mage should have the aoe ability to be a primary threat. Marksmen *should* be strong at dealing damage to objectives. Tanks should be strong in forcing those objectives. Mages should be strong threats to the aquisition of those objectives or to the enemy team, but also should do some damage to them. A marksman should never be a strong duelist. A marksman should never be a primary source of AOE damage. A marksman's single autos should never be strong enough to outburst a burst class. In fact, it's stupidly obvious what Riot could do to fix this.
I agree for the most part,but i do think some ADCs should be able to 1v1,since they've done it literally from the beginning of the game,Vayne,Tristana,pre rework Graves,Ezreal,Draven,even Kalista is good at 1v1s. Not to mention the newer champs like Lucian or the newest addition to the game Kai Sa,or if you want to expand it to all marksmen then some of the best 1v1 champs in the game are marksmen,for example Teemo,Quinn,Kindred,Graves,even new reworked Urgot is under the marksmen tab in the store(not in the collection though) they all can 1v1,not as good as an assassin,or any other class for that matter,but with enough skill they can(talking about traditional adcs). So why should a game design thats been around from the beginning of the game be removed and reworked so every marksmen champ is in fact Jinx,Ashe,Kog maw or any other Turret type adcs where you either get peeled for or die,and there's not much that you can do about it and there's no cool ways to outplay your opponent like with Vayne or Lucian you just stand in the back and right click and pray to god that you wont run into one enemy alone in the jungle without your support cause god forbid that you can actually 1v1 him or run away,no you're supposed to be instantly killed so people don't cry on the boards.
: The problem is they can't balance ADC's to do damage to tanks and squishies, because constant damage to tanks often means 1 shots to squishies.
I hate this argument,and this point that people make. Literally EVERYONE in the game can one shot a squishy,especially if fed,what's the point of your statement,Mages,Assassins,Fighters,Divers,Juggernauts,Slayers,even some Tanks and Supports(especially supports like Brand) can one shot a damn squishy. Yes marksmen deal sustained damage,yes,that means that they shouldn't one shot,and they don't unless when extremely ahead or full build,yet you're all here acting like a 2 -3 item sivir does the same burst,especially if not rocking a shiv,as a 3 item Zed,Talon,Syndra,Veigar,Fiora,Jayce etc. so why shouldn't a full damage no defense,glass canon class not be able to do damage when fed,yes i do understand mages and assassins have cds, skillshots and cant kill tanks in a sense they do less damage overall,but at the same time i really dont think any adc can compete in burst damage compared to assassins and burst mages,nor can they compare in the amount of CC or Utility that some mages bring nor can they Tank and dish out damage like some Juggernauts like Urgot or Darius can when fed. 2nd argument that people usually make is that they are designed to kill tanks,now i didn't see a SINGLE statement from the riot devs that ADCs are designed solely to act as an anti-tank class. News flash,its because they're not,they are supposed to be ranged physical damage dealers,and yes some are more bursty some have more traditional sustained damage but yet again i ask why is everyone else permitted to one shot a squishy except the no utility,no cc,no tankiness,pure damage dealing class? Is it cause they can also keep doing the same damage over and over? Cause i don't think that matters,a lot of Champs can do constant amounts of damage,one shot a squishy,and kill a tank I.E Ryze,Cass,Malzh,Taliyah,Yas,Yi,Fiora,Camille,Irelia,Jax(don't get me started on Jax) The offset being that mages require mana and skillshots hitting,and the rest are melee,but even those limits are sometimes barely felt since mana is literally not an issue past the first item or two,spells on champs like Ryze or Malzh are either point and click or in Ryzes case he has a CC to ensure his Q lands,and some melee champs have so many innate surviveability,and ways to mitigate damage and close the gap that sometimes it doesn't even matter if they're melee or not,especially if its not a 5v5 fight,i don't know why you're all acting like youre not bronze or silver and that there is no fighting except late game 5v5 team fights,and that no one gets caught out and that there's no 2v2 3v3 fights? All in all i believe 90% of the boards players greatly overstates the power of the ADCs and how fast they come online especially if you're the one losing the lane,try playing some adc,you'll see how it feels to be the squishiest person on the team,for the last 8 years,and again don't start with the supports being there to protect you,if youre bitching about ADCs bitch about them,if youre bitching about ADCs AND Supports then don't exclude supports,and dont be amazed that you cant win a 1v2 or that a lane with 2 people has more influence that your solo lane. Rant over
: Vayne is unhealthy
Im so glad this post got down votes after it got up voted,its such a shitpost it started a mini meme
: Alright let me explain this a different way. I think we both want the same thing I'm just not explaining things right. 1) I do agree adc's should be able to 1v1 2) what I am saying is that I think riot needs to go back to reward kiting and good positioning which means you can 1v1 someone if you kite properly 3) I'm saying they need to make it so adc's die if a diver or assassin gets on you. Which right now I think is a Fleet Footwork problem and a overtuned support problem So we both essentially want the same thing mine is just more general. You are saying adc's should be able to 1v1 people which I agree but if the enemy champ gets on top of the adc the adc should die. But nice discussion I now see where I was being slightly confusing I totally agree with you though I just want to take that they should be able to 1v1 someone and apply it to teamfights with kiting/ positioning
Yes but i still disagree with the part of adc insta dying if a diver gets on top of him,i think all damage should be lower,or like i said somewhere else adcs should get more resistances and hp and less damage,that way the fight isnt who's gonna pop who first,it's more of a prolonged skirmish. For example a fight between Vayne and Diana looks like this now If Diana is fed she jumps and isntakills vayne If Vayne is fed Diana jumps does some damage gets knocked back and proceeds to die in 3 hits Now what i would like for it to look like with less damage overall is this Diana and Vayne are both equally fed Diana jumps on Vayne does 40%-50% of her hp Vayne kites away and proceeds to kite and deal 40-50% of Dianas hp not in 2 hits but rather in 6-7 Which gives enough time for Diana to get another round of spells and gets Vayne to 10% hp at which point Vayne again starts kiting,now Its a fair fight its basically 50/50 will Vayne kite her to death or will Diana survive with 5-10% hp and get her cds up. Lower Time To Kill makes the game feel more fair,skilled and rewarding in my opinion,its not about blowing people up before they can react
: You just proved my point. Thats what I want to happen. I want to reward people for kiting. As of right now hypercarries like kog and jinx can just 1v1 most anyone by just standing still. My example is if an adc gets jumped on by say a kha alone the adc will die. But if the adc gets jumped by a bruiser or tank I think the adc should still die but rn tanks and divers cant do anything because the adc can lifesteal more than they do dmg. I want to bring it back to REWARD kiting and positioning. I'm not saying the class can't 1v1 but their 1v1 should rely more on orb walking and kiting and less about can I out lifesteal and kill this guy before he kills me. What I'm saying in the quote and what Sneaky said is that if a tank/bruiser/diver gets on you and jumps you, you should die. Just like what assassins do to alone adc's. Do you get what I mean now. Sorry if i wasn't clear before.
I do get it and i still dont agree with you since i dont believe a certain class should win or lose automatically this isnt rock paper scissors,id very much balance it ike in wow,if you ever played wow you know every class is self sustainable and can win vs any other class,some do counter others but its more of a slight advantage than an auto win. Adcs should be able to 1v1 anyone if they have the skill,just like any other class can,why should they be an exception,also if you think adc can out lifesteal tanks then you either havent played adc or you just use full build vayne as an example cause lifesteal is 4th or even last item no 2nd or 3rd lifesteal item adc can kill a tank solely by out healing him,tanks like mao can kill an adc in mid game without taking a hit due to all the cc
: As an ADC main who has been here since season 5, I'm personally of the opinion that ADCs aren't really half as strong as the boards have been saying. ADCs, like AD Assassins, have an item crutch(or two) that are the only things that keep them as relevant champions in this game. During the early part of season 7 when they were awful to play and awful in general, instead of actually addressing the problem of over pressurization from junglers and the rest of the team and the issues with tanks spiking too hard too fast, Riot instead opted to buff a handful of ADC items to allow the ADC class to function. What that has resulted in is a class of champions that are, individually, terrible and still *feel* terrible to play but can at least function at a moderate rate. This just upsets the entirety of the boards as the majority of the boards are actually top and mid mains; they are biased and likely never touch the role or even ever play botlane and have likely never actually played ADC. They see the damage that ADC's do(damage that, honestly, they should be doing; that is their only job and that's the only job they've ever had and that's never going to change. Where mages get to do damage and provide utility and Assassins get to be mobile and provide damage to squishy champions, ADCs get just damage; they don't get the defensive options of either of the other damage oriented classes and many of the higher damage ADCs aren't provided with a ton of utility in their kits) and suddenly they're upset because,"How dare this squishy, full damage, no defensive item champion get to do damage with two items that aren't even *cost* efficient alone?" This logic is baffling to me since mages, before the AP item reworks, got to get morello and sorc pen boots and be able to easily 100 to 0 everyone because no one on the enemy team would have the MR to actually deal with that. Morello was more than 100% gold efficient in just base, raw stats and was monstrously gold efficient when you added in its two passives. It was a ridiculously cheap power spike for all AP mages but almost no one ever complained about it being the issue that it was. ADC builds are boring and stale and playing ADC isn't fun. I'm pretty much required to build Shiv if I want to win the game; shiv is always the right answer and even considering one of the other zeal options is trolling. I'm also not allowed to just have a 2v2 bot lane; either my jungler or their jungle feels the need to be a permanent feature in the lane with next to little consequence. That is a change I'd like to see; I'd like to see camping be more of a punishable action, specifically around the bottom side of the map. I'd like to be able to see enemy teams who five man bot over and over again *actually* get punished for dumping all of their resources onto one lane. Because honestly, the meta has been dog pile botlane for *far* too long and I miss season 5 and even late season 6 where botlane was just a 2v2 lane and you could rely on just playing the game. I want them to revert the bot tower to make it *actually* defendable and remove the stupid first blood tower thing all together; it was that point that made ADCs feel shitty to play and it was at that point where they were forced to crutch the class as a whole with Shiv. I honestly didn't see a problem with lane swapping in LCS as it made gaining and maintaining vision control that much more important. It also opened up the map and forced the jungler to go other places outside of botlane.
If i wrote this exact comment id have -30 down votes,i agree with everything,adcs arent half as strong as boards make them out to be and i do think only 10% of the boards or less are adc mains or have ever played an adc (judging by their ludacris statements) the fact is when i play Malzahar,Zed,Yi etc im always first or second in damage dealt and can carry as much or even more than when i play adc which i main. Also the things ive seen tanks pull off i have never seen an adc do,killing 4 people in a 4v1 for instance while all 4 are actively hitting and ccing him
: As an adc main I heard C9 Sneaky say this once regarding the "tank meta" He said that tanks should be able to kill adc's if they got on them. he said and I quote "If you die to a tank as an adc you did something wrong" and i agree with him on that. I think adc's should be killed by almost everyone if they position wrong or get jumped.
Just cause some player is good doesnt mean hes right,why should every adc be bad at 1v1,that would just make the class more boring,i personally hate to lose a 1v1 so i play mobile adcs that can kite and outplay
: It's what everyone is asking for. Make ADCs less team reliant and less powerful.
Im an adc main and i agree with you but i also think you and the rest of the boards are going to cry even harder if that happens since being less team reliant means having more mobility/cc/tankiness/burst all of which ive seen people explicitly cry about like a bunch of toddlers,lower damage could compensate but they would still be harder to kill and since they are aa reliant they would still be protected and peeled for plus now theyre even harder to kill when you get to them. Maybe it could happen if crit was deleted and most adcs were reworked to be more ability reliant like Ez or caster Varus,that way they would be similar to mages with less ability damage but stronger aa damage and it would balance out
: I split my time roughly evenly between the roles, I don't play ranked. I'm around silver skill wise. I play Vayne and Varus when I go bottom. I think ADC items need less damage and more survivability. Put some health on Bloodthirster and some MR on Phantom Dancer. It feels fucking stupid when you either three shot 3 people because you outflank a team or take them one by one with Vayne or when you just get obliterated by an MF ult. Outplaying people with Vayne feels amazing, but I think the game would be a lot more fun if Vayne could take an extra hit and needed an extra hit to kill people. I'm kind of torn, I feel like Battlerite has it balanced perfectly where every champion has some survivability, some cc, some damage and some mobility. I'm not saying LOL needs to change its champions to be this way, but having ungodly tough tanks and insanely damaging ADCs isn't fun. As for the strength of ADCs? I never build MR. Except for MR boots for the tenacity, it just doesn't make sense when ADCs deal the damage they do. That said I don't have problems feeling weak when I go top, jungle, mid or support, maybe it's just MR items not being as strong as armour items.
Thats what im saying for the last t 4 years or so,adcs need to have more surviveability and less damage,its all good when youre one shotting people with an adc but even then you can be one shotted by an underfed enemy assassin,if damage was lower you wouldnt be the highest priority target anymore and if adc were more tankier then it would be easier to play them as sort of long ranged bruisers that contribute as much to the team fight as any other class,not be the mvp of the teamfights
: Oh right because mercurial scepter and Mikael's crucible on a support aren't things that exist to easily rid that problem. Oh and pretty funny how your using Nasus's early to mid game as an example when all he is good at is being a LATE game champ. Right I'm the one not playing Nasus.
Please add me so we can play a 1v1 you pick any adc and ill pick nasus or any tank (im an adc main) i want to see you kill me while rushing merc first or second item,let alone survive long enough to build it as 4th or last item,by that time i do 70% of your hp with my Q thats on 0.5 sec cd
Potentia (EUW)
: {{item:3009}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3060}} {{item:3142}}{{item:3800}} {{item:3742}} Just some of the items for melee that gives much more movespeed or reduces enemies far more than any adc item. Most melee champs have more base movespeed too. Please stop talking out of your ass.
Im not even sure who upvotes this posts,most adcs dont even have a dash or escape,while most melees have some sort of gap closers while being also tanky and able to one shot the adcs,i remember one time i couldnt out run let alone kill a maokai, with 45 cdr ezreal,like i had literally a flash spell every 2 seconds yet his root was almost as low of a cd plus his Q plus his ult plus his movespeed was higher,he chased me untill he killed me for half a lane trought 3 team mates... And people are still bitching about adcs unbelivable,go play them for the love of god an see how ''easy'' it is when you take an immobile adc and your supp doesnt peel or is bad
Dàizumi (NA)
: After some research, I found a disturbing statistic about bot lane.
A lane with two people getting fed better at carrying than a solo lane,huh,who knew that 40% of the team can carry harder than 20%...
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: You built duskblade against a tank and built Lord Dominik's over Mortal Reminder. No wonder why he was able to kill you. If you built Mercurial instead of Duskblade and Mortal Reminder instead of Lord Dominik's you probably could've killed him.
You really think one item difference would make me go from 200damage Qs on a 4.5k tank to 1k damage Qs?? LDR is more damage,mortal lowers his heal,it evens out,merc would maybe keep me safer but not that much,his root is on a 3-4 sec cd,i tried to double down on my poke ability with duskblade,to try and kill off their squishies and then gang up on mao
: If you cant kill him as MF, youre the problem tbh. Same for the fact that youre focusing all available CC to a tank (that already was minimal). Sivir has to play super close, so shes only good in a dedicated AoE comps. Or super coordinated play. Jhin is supposed to be downright terrible vs tanks. Lucian is supposed to try and fight them before they can reach a 3rd or 4th item. Tbh you should have been more afraid of that 6 item yi and 3 item vayne. Then ahri has 5 big items. But i have to ask, why the duskblade? Lethality/on-hit
Always some silver 3 trying to teach people. Mf is bad for killing tanks,especially compared to Vayne,Kog. What would you buy on ez? Duskblade was going all in on my poke cause i sure as hell couldnt kill Mao,already had botrk + ldr
: If you cant kill him as MF, youre the problem tbh. Same for the fact that youre focusing all available CC to a tank (that already was minimal). Sivir has to play super close, so shes only good in a dedicated AoE comps. Or super coordinated play. Jhin is supposed to be downright terrible vs tanks. Lucian is supposed to try and fight them before they can reach a 3rd or 4th item. Tbh you should have been more afraid of that 6 item yi and 3 item vayne. Then ahri has 5 big items. But i have to ask, why the duskblade? Lethality/on-hit
What would you buy on ez to kill a mao?
SephAgro (NA)
: Correct, still took a full combo rotation.
Well play Tanks then,i've just had a game where i was 18/10 ez and Mao still flashed on me and killed me 5v1,literally 5v1
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Thumpin (NA)
: The game is so adc oriented right now it's ridiculous. As a jungler all I have to do is camp bot, and if my ADC is competent we win. If they're a monkey, we lose. I can have 3 fucking Koreans on my team and it wont matter at all if one of them isn't ADC.
Speak of the devil I had 18/10 with Ez,their Janna 2/11 their Vayne 3/8 and went afk Mao solo carried the game 4v5,5 of us couldnt kill him,he ults,flashes into me,and proceeds to kill me,a fed ADC with basically a basic spell flash,i just couldnt get away,his root was on a lower cd than my E and his damage was higher than mine,and every team fight he goes into 5 of us,roots,stuns,and acts as a meatshield for his team while Yi and Ahri mow our frontline down and come for me. One team fight i think i hit him with over 10 Qs,since i had 45% cdr my Q was on about 1 sec cd,he was just tanking all my Qs autos and Jax autos and we still couldnt kill him,we got him down to maybe 500 hp and then he healed with his passive. And then tell me ADCs are op right now,if you're not playing Tristana,or one trick Vayne tanks like mao can ruin your day
Thumpin (NA)
: The game is so adc oriented right now it's ridiculous. As a jungler all I have to do is camp bot, and if my ADC is competent we win. If they're a monkey, we lose. I can have 3 fucking Koreans on my team and it wont matter at all if one of them isn't ADC.
From an ADC perspective,having a better jungler/mid and having an actual tank to peel and act as a frontline is 10x more important to winning the game than actually me getting fed,and last but not least having a competent support. I dont know how many games i've lost cause my supp couldnt peel,or just fed,or because enemy Zed/Talon/Fizz you name it mid would one shot two of my team mates and get the third one to 20% hp before he dies,leaving the rest of the team to mop us up. Or how often it happens that the enemy has a superfed tank that i cant kill if i dared to take any adc that isnt meta,like cait,lucian,jhin, or just not a good tank killer like Ez,i've seen tanks go into 5 people kill 2-3 and survive
SephAgro (NA)
: i as was up as a 12 kill kayn and carried my team to victory with most honor. 9 kill draven pops out of bot bush one axe chunks half my life i react, no flash, hit w, spam r to save my skin, doesnt matter auto attacks again and kills me. yeah youre totally right. everyone and everything is the problem except adcs (supports, tanks, junglers, outplay, etc)
Happens,but admit it,how many times did you kill the enemy adc with just W + Auto with Shadow Assassin Kayn?
: if your shaco pre 30 min the support can easily 1v1 you
Well any support can 1v1 any adc before 1 or 2 items also,so whats your point?
SephAgro (NA)
: Who is the REAL assassin here?
Be honest with yourself,if an ADC kills you as Zed,Yi,Fizz,Talon,Kata etc, youre just bad,not saying that there arent Adcs that cant kill you 1v1,Draven,Vayne,Ez,Luc but you really kind of have to mess up,in what world do you hit Fizz R,and then easy land the rest of the combo and you dont kill an ADC?
: Imaqtpie summons up the problem of marksmen
Can the guy that said Graves can go bot if he did 200% damage to minions stop talking about adcs,you obviously dont know sh*t about the role,every post you make is filled with wrong or made up numbers and bad logic and yet every day you spam boards about adcs,most of the games mid or junglers carry,not every game looks like lcs,not every supp can protect their adc,not every adc can self peel,not every team has a tank to peel for them,especially in lower elo or normal games,just stop with the adcs are op mania
: i disagree i prefer his new gun, but i would tweak few things to allow him to go bot again base attack speed increased autoattacks now deals 200% damage to minions also he needs to scale better
His range and two shot mechanic would never allow him to truly be used as an adc,compared to Vayne,Tristana,Mf?
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: when your entire teams squishy of course you're gonna get dunked on. you need a tank to peel for you. you cant just be an adc alone and expect to survive against an assasin
Well i cant make other players play tank,i cant even get a support that isnt bard lux or zoe that can only give him a double kill..also he can easily flank and jump on you in a confusion of a teamfight,not complainin much,its just not every argument can be won with well your team comp isnt perfect,its like telling people that bitch about adcs that you just need to one shot him or cc him,sounds easy but it isnt always like that
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: Her body just feels bland. Mostly the same figure of most female champs. while her outfit is kind of a clean slate. That's her issue. Just make it more distinct, there are parts of her that look distinct enough (her face [to an extent, the markings make her different enough though it can definitely be improved upon], her "void wings") but her body is kind of... empty, for a lack of better words.
Im just bummed its another pretty generic looking female champ,She looks literally like Project Vayne,her face is similar to Xayah,and her body is identical to every other female champ in league,it'd be better if it was a guy,at least it wouldnt look similar to others
: You cleary missunderstood my point xD I'm not talking about the complexity or abilities or mechanics or skill of adcs! I'm just saying that adcs gameplay mostly resolves around their autoattacks and that you cannot dogde them with skill (except for some spezial cases like jax e, or twitch r aso). And if you cannot dogde/avoid something with skill, it becomes pretty predictable and rather "boring" compared to skillshots which always can miss completely. My point stands: You cannot outplay the rightclick, aka AAs, which makes AAs in general less exciting. Technically point and click abilities are also on the "boring" side, as a sidenode. My point is that crit chance wants and does make AAs alot more unpredictable, thus more "interesting". I'm not saying that crit is good or bad, it just fullfilles this spezial purpose and also not that all adcs are just boring rightclickers. The AAs are boring, not the Adcs themselfs! Thats my point. Nothing more and nothing less. Hope that clearifies things a little :D
"The AAs are boring, not the Adcs themselfs!" " point and click abilities are also on the "boring" side" Well i guess we just have to agree to disagree,since i find most champions outside of adcs and some aa reliant melees like Yi kinda boring,or at least not as fun as crit/aa champs,also i prefer champions with more point and click,less things to miss and mess up mechanic,for instance i dont play a lot of mages but i love playing Malzha,who has basically one skillshot. I just dont see champions and gameplay as fun or not from a "does it involve skillshots or not" point of view. its more about the whole dynamic,the whole kit and gameplay of the champion.Is it skillshot or not affects my satisfaction of one champion much less than what the actual abilities are and how the champ plays in general.
: ____ Well to "fix"/"improve" critchance we first need to understand why theres randomness in a competitive game in the first place. It doesnt make sense from a competitive standpoint! The reason why crit is based on a chance and not just a flat dmg amplifier is because it brings unpredictablelity, uncertainty, thus more "interesting" gameplay, especially for adcs and the viewers. ____ To put it blantely: The adc gameplay experience is flat out boring. **You cant "outplay" the rightclick.** Compared to skillshot dependent champions/roles, which can completely miss and do nothing at all, a "zero or hero" playstyle mostly based on your and your enemys skill level, thats interesting because anything can happen! This type of exciting gameplay experience (hit or miss), (in general) doesnt exist for adcs. They rightclick and thats it. ____ And thats the reason why this randomness (to be clear its controlled pseudo randomness) is present in a competative game. As a quick example: You wouldnt watch sport games if the outcome is mostly like the statistics predict. Nobody would watch it because its boring; Its predicatble, its not interesting. ____ So if you want to fix or improve this system, ether remove the randomness and also somehow manage to introduce something similar to skillshots for the adcs rightclick, OR just try to improve the randomness a bit, so its not as bad as sounds. Otherwise riot will not even try to considere the idea, because it introduces more troubles than it fixes. My personal stance on this is: _"Pure chaos is bad and unhealty, but controlled chaos on the contrary can even improve gameplay experience!"_ ____ I did alot of research and dove pretty deep into Leagues crit mechanics and to improve the current system I propose a stricter PRD. One which still is based on pseudo randomness, but outliers and extreme cases are elimiated. So its technically "fair" randomness, but it should no longer be able to royally f*** everything up, just because you or the enemy good extremely lucky. Again, it will not messy with normal cases, ~99% of all cases, just the bad extremes! I can provide a indepth explaination of my stricter PRD, if wanted. And if I claimed something that is wrong, please feel free to point it out! Thats what discussions are for :D
Well its funny you generalize all adcs as boring right clickers where there is no zero or hero mechanic,you seem to forget theres a lot of skill heavy adcs,Jhin,Ezreal,Xayah,Varus,Lucian,even kog has 3 skillshots,Draven has two skillshots and a mechanic that requires him to move and catch the axes,Kalista has a similiar mechanic where the skill of the player has great influence on the success of playing her. Most of the time the outplay of adcs isnt about whos gonna crit or not,its about whos gonna kite better,which is a skill in its own cause it takes hella of a lot more APM to kite a melee with an adc than with lux where you just throw your spells out and keep walking
: Back when Graves was an ADC. I still miss my favorite ADC. It really is shocking looking back at that damage. Guess the damage creep was introduced in small bits so I never really noticed how out of control it really became.
He was my favorite adc too,he got me into the adc role,im so pissed they changed him
: i respect your opinion but i disagree no matter if guinsoo existed or not kog's kit is still a huge issue a mix of physical and magical damage built in %hp damage on every hit built in huge physical+magical shred built in 50% free attack speed steroid those 3 combined screams a problem that is creating a marksmen autoattacking heavily while not needing to build glass canon at all, kog can just build on hit effect and defense items this wouldn't be an issue if it had a weakness somewhere, but you add on top of that the fact that he has 700 range and you can't dodge his damage either so you can't survive in any way(since you can't dodge his damage), and you have troubles to kill a target too both combined creates a bad design
If youre going to act like you know stuff you could at least google how much AS does his Q give,also he doesnt have built in % hp dmg and 700 range on every hit,he needs to use his W,which has a cooldown and mana cost,his weakness is the fact that he's one of the least mobile champs in the game,with no hard cc,no self peel,no spells to help him dodge stuff,he's a sitting duck without his team to help him,so if he didnt deal damage,what in the hell would he do?
: yes I do enjoy losing to champs then crying to the lol boards about it
Adcs are op,here this game where just me and bard had between the two of us 4/30 proves it
: > [{quoted}](name=HarrowR,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ea9yXFnb,comment-id=001a0001,timestamp=2018-02-18T15:12:01.417+0000) > > If you think any carry will do damage with rushing those two items without an IE in between you never played an adc. Whats the point of criting when you have 70-80 damage and your crits do 120 damage after resistances,you need to get IE or at least a bf sword first oh no, guess i'll just wait the extra 4-5 mins.... so instead of doing 70-80 damage with 120 damage crits after resistance, i'll do 180-200 damage with 400-450 damage crits after resistance.
Good for you if you can get 3400 gold in 4 minutes,you must be challenger
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