: [TFT] Teamfight Tactics Release Timeline and Temporary Restrictions
So another company who does not give a shit about its european players. It's 8:30 now and no sight of the gamemode.
: Vote Lux for the New VGU
Are you drunk my friend? Lux has a ton of skins and is op. She doesn't need anything but deletion from LoL
: System Error
I got more than 4 crashes in one game. One during the loading screen, and the rest during the game. Match was over in less than 5 min because I kept on relogging....
: Why you shouldnt pick #worlds picks.
No,everybody who follows the ''worlds picks''are just a bunch of sheeps who do what those people do,like monkeys basically. The ''meta''expression is hilarious,now almost every match i saw a veigar teleport mid...because of worlds,lol
: LF Duo Que Partner with skype or curse
You mean over 4k matches,meaning 4000 matches. Also,that many matches an you are bronze 4? Ouch,that's gotta hurt


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