mack9112 (NA)
: What are your computer specifications? Compare it to required minimum specs of the game.
i feel like the minimum specs are 10x higher than the actual minimum specs
: It actually is, I mean it pisses me off when our mid laner is playing {{champion:246}} V. {{champion:254}} . She obviously loses lane hard so instead of buying {{item:3117}} and roaming to other lanes she decides to fight Vi in lane and lose lane. And our jungler instead of helping our lane decides to go help the losing {{champion:246}} lane and feed their vi. Had they played around bot lane which was very easy to win because we were tied in, they would have snowballed the game in their favor but no let's lose and not help other lanes. Once you understand the value of teammates, you are going to find it a strategy game
vi mid, qiyana losing to vi mid, this sounds like a very interesting elo lmao
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nelogis (EUW)
: I can't think of a single champion that wants Omnistone
seems like something that only junglers will use, seems good on warwick tho
Jhinjer (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=WoonStruck,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aNMAaHQA,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-13T05:23:52.147+0000) > > Except...even if they nerf adaptive force're still getting the same amount with the old version as this new'd be just as nerfed as other instances of adaptive force. > > Think about it for a minute. Do the math. I think we're having an issue with communication here. I'm aware that eyeball collections isn't changing with this patch. What I'm saying is that the adaptive force changes will affect other uses of adaptive force outside of eyeball collections. If they left eyeball collections alone (10 stacks, 10 adaptive force) and nerfed adaptive force, the total AD/AP would be halved. By doubling the stacks on eyeball collection and doubling the rate at which it's earned, they've simply prevented eyeball collections from getting hit by the nerf to adaptive force. I do think that it's weird that they'd change the number of stacks in such a way rather than simply doubling the amount of adaptive force that each stack gives, but the purpose is identical regardless. The change was made to prevent the adaptive force nerf from impacting eyeball collection. Simple as that.
yall motherfuckers need some jesus to get off of those shrooms, 4 people upvoted this lmao
Terozu (NA)
: Play anyone with aoe... Play kat, play LeBlanc, play Lux. They will all, played properly, shit on Akali unless she's hyper fed.
*top lane akali has no counterplay
: Can someone tell me why Kai'Sa is still the best adc in the game over a year later?
the post was good until you came to this: >Only two of every regions most devoted Kai'Sa players (top 5 in each major region) have a sub 50% winrate. like what the fuck are you talking about, this is true for every champion and do you want mains to have shitty winrates on their champs? lmao
: > [{quoted}](name=Kai Guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oaWAAneM,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-13T00:29:29.284+0000) > > I am totally ok zero tolerance just not for everything and wish riot made more public showings of harsher punishments. > > I have/still support ranked only punishment for negative behavior that wouldn't warrant a full ban. You know when the police works well the criminals think twice before do something. But they need to show the number saying "Hey we reduced the criminals activities by 20 % blabla" Riot should every week says. X number of people were banned, Y number of people had the chat restrict and bla bla. Show the numbers make people scare, make them respect the game if there is no punishment people do what they want.
the numbers would look like "we have banned 50000000 people for toxicity this week! we also punished 32 players for inting, thanks reddit frontpage", if they showed the numbers even more people would int, well it would probably reduce toxicity as people would just go afk or run it down if someone pissed em off tho.
: Ekkos needs one of two things nerfed.
I doubt either of these would do much tbh, his early is just too safe for how strong his mid n late is
: She also has Lower range than tristana. The only reason shes better competitively is because she is safer but in solo que that shit doesnt matter
when someone hits you with "oh shes safer than the champion with 2 screen wide dashes and a lee sin kick" lmao
: Anybody worried about where all the bot accounts will play once Twisted Treeline is gone?
they have such low mmr that anyone that isn't a complete newbie wont have to deal with them for more than 2 games, and well, the newbies probably wont be able to tell they're bots anyways.
: Sad to say this, but the Akali is a rework failure
akali deserves nerfs as long as she has less counterplay in the top lane than old pantheon did.
: I'm going to refund True Damage Ekko if you do not add a way to mute the in-game music.
rito couldn't give 2 shits about what you spend your RP on as long as you buy it. this does sound like annoying shit tho but at the same time imagine playing league with sound on in 2k19 kek
: Does anyone else feel like Riot announced true damage skins and loot a little late/poorly timed?
I feel like the skin line should be renamed to "true skins", sold for 10k RP and convert all your damage to true damage, its been too long since we got something "true" added into the game.
: Trundle, please help him
trundle is bad because tanks are non existent, and lets be honest now, nobody likes playing against trundle when his viable.
: Go to PBE. The base is 10. BUT, the Lethality items all now have a Set bonus you acquire for having multiple Lethality items. Duskblade I believe gains + 18 more Lethality when you have 2 Lethality items now, along with a set bonus of 10% more CDR
so assassins will have a weaker early mid game and better late? seems alright to me.
: ***
>keep in mind D5 and P5 don't exist anymore, so it raises G2 up 2 ranks to P5 off that, but since P5 doesn't exist, its P4 I'm pretty sure only people in high plat and higher got moved up on the ladder, well everywhere besides NA anyways where d5s got lifted to challenger lmao >If I had kept playing I would have been staying right along with them ah yes this definitely matters in the argument of you being a bad player, its kind of like if I responded to your level argument "buuuth if I played 16 hours a day ever since the levels were released I'd be level 5000 you GENIUS!!!" >convenient that you "let" the account decay, more like you didn't have the money to pay someone to keep it from decaying oh absolutely, it takes like what 1 game a month to stop yourself from decaying and like 20 losses to drop out of d4? I could have gone 0-100 every game and kept it in dia for 2 years if there were no soft resets lmao
: I couldve made it sound less complicated yes, but I said the HIGHER elo you go, the little things matter. It takes time to learn those "basics" for lower elo players, you say it's easy for you because YOU already know, for others it's harder to comprehend. And I know that because I've been trying to help out a jungler friend of mine who hasnt understood even after multiple times.
>it's easy for you because YOU already know yes I already have better game knowledge than the junglers at my elo despite not being a jungle main, I think this already disproves the "jungle mains 200 IQ big brain game knowledge". also the reason people are having so much trouble with jungle is because it got changed quite a bit, its kind of like if rivens combos were changed a little bit or if all your furniture was moved by an inch, its not difficult to walk around your home afterwards despite you always hitting your toes, you just have habits that don't work anymore.
: You're ignoring scalability with AP and itemization. Nami can heal up to 900 with an Athene's. BUT..... they SHOULD be able to; Armor doesn't counter assassinations. Most shields don't either. Many Assassins almost have un-jukable kits as well (Hard to juke a good Zed) I'm 12 is also missing the fact that Lethality items now have MORE (not less) Lethality, so the items are actually doing more damage (part of why people are saying Senna is broken is because she's building lethality). They now have a SET BONUS Weapons of Drakkthar
didn't they remove half of duskblades lethality ...? assassins will have a far weaker mid game.
xelaker (NA)
: {{champion:432}} 230 {{champion:267}} 160 {{champion:497}} 120 {{champion:37}} 110 {{champion:16}} 200 {{champion:350}} 161 {{champion:26}} 1100 (ult) All max level. These look like too much to you? Prob missing some, but you can get the picture here. By the time a support has a heal to max level most assassins can use a single ability to drop that much health. Hell, half of them can auto for that much by that point. You're a bit late to be ragging on the enchanter/healer meta.
I ain't pissed about the enchanter meta I'm just saying this is the reason for the change and it ain't a bad one if it tunes down the overall damage. assassins were buffed to where they deal 200% of a squishies HP because shields and heals were keeping them alive if they didn't overkill em by that much. its also hilarious to think that a raka outputs a heal of 200 while trying to counter burst an assassin but I'll just ignore that lmao
AdamrCc (EUW)
: They should gut his early game for how well he scales.
his late game really ain't that strong, his mid game is by far his strongest point and that's what should be hit.
mark6028 (EUW)
: Why is duskblade getting grievous wounds?
because a big reason assassins need so much damage to function is the heals coming from supports, essentially this allows rito to make assassins deal less damage while still being viable :)
Cloud273 (NA)
: Buffing tanks directly is the best way to fix them
give tanks defensive scaling buffs so items actually matter on them, or just nerf last whisper and void
atorelle (NA)
: I would spend longer typing a reply on why that is incorrect but I've done that several times above this message, so if you insist you are correct feel free to look at my other replies to people
eh I'm not gonna read 50 essays when its too hard for you to spend 2 seconds on copy pasting shit
: At one point Braum could use his ally dash ability on wards. It was removed pretty quickly.
maybe as a bug on pbe or something but it has never been a thing in the actual game.
: Kha'zix nerfs
one of the champions rito will never balance, good idea to learn him
atorelle (NA)
: Not really out-csing by auto attacking, it was a combination of more so he aa-ed whenever he could, messing up my cs-ing patterns and making me lose CS and making the wave push into a position that was disadvantageous for me to farm, (either I had to sacrifice farm or take damage/die in the process of trying to get farm, and obviously when he had taken cs from me when I was trying to control the wave I was behind) My support isn't supposed to out-cs me, that is the complete opposite of what you are supposed to do. He's out-csing me by auto attacking? Okay, then why the hell is he playing support? Might as well go any other solo lane if he wants to farm, but taking that much farm as a support is just incorrect.
getting out farmed by a velkoz as an adc is also just inocrrect, I mean hey I'm not saying that what he did isn't a dick move but it could have very well been the play which granted him the highest chance at winning the game so
atorelle (NA)
: "Shut up he's carrying you lol"
I mean at the point your support can out cs you by auto attacking you have no business complaining lmao
: And yet people who like Udyr are agreeing with me. Season 4, I mained Udyr.
oh really people think that the champion they play is weak? what else is new lmao
Yenn (NA)
: Can we get some improvements to make Udyr competitive with other juggernauts?
udyr isn't weak, a few other junglers are just completely busted :)
: ***
I really hope you're trolling when you imply that account level has something to do with game knowledge lmao
Quáx (NA)
: If you're gonna remove ward hop for some champs why not do it for all champs?
braum never fucking hard ward hop tf yall talking about
: Make Braum ward jump to wards again.
I don't think this was ever actually a thing for braum lmao, nor should it
SirEnds (NA)
: 0.00 fight duration.... hmmmmm
SEASON 9 CHAMP KEKW rengo better hide he got competition
: Maybe on the dead EUNE server it's different but in NA I will get 1 minute que's but still get autofills on my team / autofilled myself. Que times are not a problem I really think that autofill exists as a 50/50 winpercent kinda thing.
I'm pretty positive that at this point NA is actually more dead than eune, nope I might be wrong NA still had almost 10% more players last year. the reason you get fast queue times is because you play in gold and don't play at night time. >Que times are not a problem I really think that autofill exists as a 50/50 winpercent kinda thing. I mean I'm all for disabling autofill at elos where queue times aren't a problem but I ain't taking 1 hour queues back. I'd still like to know how you define bad players though.
: can we just address AP shaco already
AP shaco support is a shitty cheese pick that shouldn't win games unless you're bad
: How the fuck are you supposed to play jungle without feeding and be actually able to enjoy the game?
jungle is simple, look at a high elo streamers pathing on the jungler and copy that, gank lanes between clearing n recalling ignore dragons when playing bellow dia.
: Jungle is the most complicated role, there are very little things that helps you win a fight. It's actually like playing chess if I'm being honest. I play jungle and I found my place as a Zac main, I recently picked him up and he has been a blast, I have a pretty good KDA and I duo with a midlaner so that I can have someone to rely on to carry games. You need to find your champ on jungle and you need to revolve on the playstyle. For me I am a tank jungler, I love giving my teammates kills and letting them carry but sometimes me dying over and over is frustrating so I usually only gank or fight when I'm sure my teammates can back me up. If you find yourself dying over and over on ganks, you need to be sure your laner understands you're ganking and hes able to follow up. If you're just getting caught out or you initiate teamfights without backup, you need vision. Nunu cannot skirmish any of the top tier junglers right now, he relies too much on your team. It's not like its abnormal either because although I love playing Eve or Rengar, I do bad or mediocre.
3d chess jungle mains lmao, jungle is the easiest role in the game, you only need half a brain to climb with it.
: It's about how bad players are allowed to play ranked. I haven't once talked about AFK's. The chance of getting autofill doesnt matter and it doesn't matter if it's even, it objectively ruins matches, wastes peoples time, and makes the game lose players.
how do you define "bad players"? I'd still rather play 3 games instead of waiting for the duration of 3 games to get into a game just to be guaranteed my role. PS: you too can help fix the problems of autofill, pick a role that isn't contested, it makes it easier for you to climb and it makes less people get autofilled :)
: When did we start talking about afks? I mean those should obviously punished with a rank ban too, but thats not what we were talking about.
your entire thread is about afks and autofills, the chance for autofills is also the same for your team and the enemy though :)
: actually the chance for an afk in your team is lower. unless you yourself are a constant risk of going afk, theres 4 on your team and 5 on the enemy
everyone assuming that they aren't the average player sounds weird when talking about statistics
: Why is it a terrible idea to remove autofill? You like it when you instantly lose the game because you have an autofill jungle vs a jungle main and waste 20+ minutes of your time and lose lp?
the chances of an afk in the enemy team is the same as mine so it evens out, I'd rather not sit in a queue for 2 hours though.
: yes he's so good mid that he's got a whole .4% playrate there. just cuz you're incapable of dealing with a class or that class inherently has an easy time over a different class doesn't mean they need to be reworked. that's like bitching about tanks as assassin or about assassins as mage/marskman. kennen ain't beating them because of his range but because of his cc. if you lose just because a champ is ranged with those you deserve it. jax isn't supposed to win early game anyway. and if the best way to deal with him is those immobile melee bruisers, then how the fuck is he beating every melee?
>yes he's so good mid that he's got a whole .4% playrate there. all kennen players just want to have a free lane by autoing melees with klepto and getting fed without doing shit, of course they wont play him mid much :) >just cuz you're incapable of dealing with a class or that class inherently has an easy time over a different class doesn't mean they need to be reworked. its kind of like when mages were pushing adcs out of bot lane, either the adcs get buffed or the mages get nerfed. there's a place for champions in this game and for most melees its the top lane. >kennen ain't beating them because of his range but because of his cc. he beats them because his ranged with self peel, if he wasn't ranged there wouldn't be an issue. >and if the best way to deal with him is those immobile melee bruisers, then how the fuck is he beating every melee? nasus being able to sustain through his poke or mundo cleaver farming doesn't mean they beat kennen, they can just lane against him.
: aye lemme kno when midlane kennen is actually worth playing. there's multiple ranged champs that don't have any other lane than top too, there's melee's who go mid quite a few honestly. they're just not immobile bruisers which is what you're actually talking about. this has nothing to do with him being a rework candidate even, they ain't gonna change him to melee.
>aye lemme kno when midlane kennen is actually worth playing. I'm pretty positive midlane kennen has had an insane winrate for the past 2 years lmao >there's multiple ranged champs that don't have any other lane than top too this is why they need to be reworked :) > they're just not immobile bruisers which is what you're actually talking about. no I'm not talking about immobile bruisers, kennen destroys riven, irelia, tryndamere, fiora, yasuo, jax ... the immobile bruisers are actually the best way of dealing with him in top lane.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Kennen actually has a great kit. About the low interaction, just take half the mages. Ryze: run stun shield run away, Ekko: dash stun run away, etc. Kennen rework of E actually made him pretty interesting. He's also very interesting as a bot choice As for VGU, he deserves one, but he's a rat in a ninja suit, not much they can add
> About the low interaction, just take half the mages. yes every mage that goes top needs to be gutted
Mc Raton (NA)
: So you want Kennen reworked into an abomination balance wise? Because every reworked champion are extremely frustrating to play against nowadays on release...{{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}}{{champion:82}} __
I'd rather play against any of those than kennen, well akali is almost as aids but still not as bad.
: cuz his kit genuinly doesn't need heavy changes to be modernized? ezreal/xin zao tier rework would be fine. just cuz he beats the shit outta the one archetype you play doesn't mean he's that bad. his model is outdated but aside from that his visual design isn't inherently bad. blood moon even looks amazing tbh and an update should probably follow the shapes of the super kennen skin but with more ninja visuals.. he's got a 3.2% pickrate. that's far from the worst in the game.
if a ranged champion inherently destroys every melee in the only lane that melees can go to they needa fuck off
: The gameplay moderation team already is way to heavy handed and biased. We don't need rules to allow them to go even more extreme.
I mean the moderator team pretty much said that "the rules are completely open for interpretation from us and every rule can mean whatever the fuck we want it to", so they can punish you for whatever they want anyways.
Tenebris3 (EUW)
: who the fuck downvoted this post ??? give me reasons why not implement this.
the problem with this is that 90% of the playerbase ints, well probably actually more. it also becomes a question of "how do you define int", there's a reason for why you can play 100 disco nunu games without getting banned. also its a terrible idea to remove autofill
: Senna does not have a dash
its kinda like xayah doesn't have a dash, shes still slippery as fuck.
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