: Sounds fun, bonkers and absolutely broken. I do think we can learn a thing or two from Riot's perspective on Karma, when looking at other games, but we also gotta keep in mind that Karma has an early game identity ever since season 3. I don't mind moving away from it, but I suppose many would.
> fun, bonkers and absolutely broken Well isn't that basically every Riot rework :D
: Karma - Forever a Divided Community?
I'd personally take inspiration from the Legends of Runeterra version of Karma. Her special power is when the player gets max mana, she gets enlightened and starts creating/casting a bunch of spells. _____ What if Karma had her own resource bar gradually filling up as she casts spells. After the bar is full (let's say 100), she can use Mantra on her next spell (consumes 100 resources). Every Mantra use increases the resource max by 10. When Karma reaches a cap of 300 max resources, she gets to cast **Enlightened Mantra** which applies Mantra's effects to all of her spells while the resource gradually ticks down to 0. Using Mantra when below 300 resources would not activate Enlightened Mantra, rewarding players for being patient when gathering resources. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: Blitzcrank Changes Heading to PBE
His ult active could be changed to be less frustrating. Just give it a one second charge time.
: Feedback on Urgot Changes
Tested him on PBE and the changes felt pretty good. I was positively surprised that **W at rank 5 becomes a toggle ability** (always on until deactivated). It makes him feel more unique than before and helps with constant passive proc's later in the game. I don't really mind the shield being relocated to his E.
Zeanix (OCE)
: Prestige K/DA Ahri was a real big let down
: Karma's Old Identity on Hew New Kit (Healthy Compromise)
I like the passive suggestion where she gathers strength for her mantra with basic abilities. I would propose an addition to how her mantra consumed that power: the longer Karma holds her mantra state active (up to 5 seconds), the more strength she funnels into the empowered ability. This way optimal mantra usage would require planning ahead to get most out of it. Quick mantra casts offer slight power bonuses to empowered abilities, while charged up / strengthened mantra casts offer huge power bonuses. "Waiting yields the most reward" but also gives opponents time to prepare. That's the trade off. But I must still say that shield bomb would overlap with Karma's primary damage option, RQ. I'd prefer a unique defensive ability, such as a dome shaped shield which blocks projectiles in an aoe (but unlike windwall, could be destroyed).
: Awaken - Karma & Kennen
Karma is getting a gameplay update sometime this year. Let's hope the art team tackles some of the concerns regarding her model... but I wouldn't expect fans to make a return. Riot could give her the fans for her base skin dance animation much like in her other skins.
giantZorg (EUW)
: Hi there Level 20 sounds fine, but you will need to increase game time with it otherwise it will have near to no effect at all.
Levels beyond 18 sound boring. Games rarely last for that long and the bonuses would be marginal. Probably wouldn't feel like a defining champion mechanic.
Dynikus (NA)
: Played Sylas on pbe. Riot, are you feeling okay?
It's not the ult stealing that's op, it's his ability to both heal and shield himself for ridiculous amounts. Making his W heal only if he executes a champion would be so much more balanced.
: Kindred's Ult / Rework or adjust?
Kindred's overall design needs to include Wolf more in the duo and Riot is aware of this. If their ult were to change, I'd hope it became something that involves Wolf. They are 'The Eternal Hunters' so perhaps something that fits that theme would be nice. _Send Wolf in a target direction to seek out the closest enemy champion. Wolf leaves behind a trail which Lamb can follow with increased movement speed. After finding its target Wolf bites them dealing damage and putting them asleep._ I'm not a huge fan of the current ult. It feels more fitting for a support character. If Kindred needs a death evading mechanic, there are other ways to do that, for example a short duration death immunity when taking lethal damage.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vonler,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=Fi4LOEpe,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-26T13:32:35.280+0000) > > I like the idea of casting W between two targets. Perhaps W could provide some synergy with the rest of her kit by duplicating/enhancing effects between two connected targets. > > Here's an extended idea for the W mechanic: > > - Two tethered allies receive same shield when Karma's E is cast on either one > - Two tethered enemies take same damage from Karma's Q > - Ally-enemy tether transfers health to the ally based on Q damage dealt to enemy > - If tethered ally is shielded, tethered enemy takes damage as the shield gets damaged > > Mantra W could allow ally spells to get duplicated/enhanced, not just Karma's own spells. O_o that’s surprising. Believe it or not I did think of those ideas, except admitably the shields conversion into dealing damage, but I ended up scrapping the idea for a couple of reasons. 1. The numbers became too complex * this one’s kinda self explanatory. I’ve always liked Karma for being simple yet effective, even old Karma was simple. I wanted to add something like this originally, but the more I thought about it the more I figured it would be more reliable if Allies/enemies where effected individually rather than based off the others experience. 2. The mirror spell aspect was stepping on {{champion:44}} toes. * the CDR thing kinda steps on {{champion:26}} ties too, but Karma’s always been a CDR reliant mage, and unlike Zilean Karma’s could lower ally cooldowns. 3. Depending on the numbers the shared healing shields/damage could easily be way too overblown. * I came to this conclusion while doing number testing but just about any ADC would abuse this in the mid game, any mage anyone could easily abuse the ability if the numbers where even slightly too high. Then there was a problem of “should it be 100% of the damage/shields/heals or less, or If W already heals Karma, why does it also heal on damage dealt, etc... this one kinda bleeds into the complexity problem too. And don’t even get me started on eating up Karma’s power budget, her shields and damage would get pretty big compensation nerfs most times. 4. The only way for this to be balanced is if one end of the tether stayed connected to Karma. * And for a while this was the version I had, but I decided the dual cast tether was too interesting to pass up.
I'd assume RW baseline healing would have to be removed in order to give room for more situational buffs/heals. Instead of having a healing component as a baseline, it would be tied to her Q's damaging capabilities. The potential to duplicate buffs, share damage between two enemies, transfer health from enemy to ally or damage enemies with a shield would be a strong and versatile ability. It would definitely have to have some restrictions such as a limit how many spells it can affect per cast.
: One last Hoorah. Yet another Karma rework concept
I like the idea of casting W between two targets. Perhaps W could provide some synergy with the rest of her kit by duplicating/enhancing effects between two connected targets. Here's an extended idea for the W mechanic: - Two tethered allies receive same shield when Karma's E is cast on either one - Two tethered enemies take same damage from Karma's Q - Ally-enemy tether transfers health to the ally based on Q damage dealt to enemy - If tethered ally is shielded, tethered enemy takes damage as the shield gets damaged Mantra W could allow ally spells to get duplicated/enhanced, not just Karma's own spells.
Byakugon (NA)
Her W could receive a charge based casting to increase its range similar to Xerath's Q. Instant cast would still work the same but charging the spell could increase the range by an extra 200 units based on charge time.
: > [{quoted}](name=WAAARGHbobo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=vXlr82UR,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2018-12-14T15:59:00.436+0000) > > Generally the “spirit gods” are depicted as they appear in the Freljord because this is where they are the most revered, worshiped, culturally important, and arguably appear the most. (This includes Kindred’s appearance btw). > > They exist in different forms (perhaps simultaneously!) across runeterra and often look differently but still connect to the same source energy. > > The only counter example I can think of is Tahm Kench (which was thought up at the same time as the 2.0 logic ). Which we’ve depicted as a bilgewater demon. Because he is more culturally important and relevant in bilge. But one can safely assume there is a minor frelordian demi-god that is suspiciously like him. That is a massive info drop, as far as i knew none of that was a thing. I like the impact it has on the idea of their skins; in Piltover, Hextech Anivia might be found wandering above mountains of discarded gears and likewise materials, seen as a symbol of recycling and renewal. Noxus and Bird of Prey Anivias being one and the same, altering appearances slightly as she travels to and fro Demacia and Noxus. Festival might grace Ionians and Vastayans with her presence occasionally, when they hold great festivities. Minor, yet present all the same.
It's more likely that people of Piltover crafted hextech Anivia as a tribute to the idea of Anivia rather than the original Anivia manifesting herself as a clockwork machine.
: Generally the “spirit gods” are depicted as they appear in the Freljord because this is where they are the most revered, worshiped, culturally important, and arguably appear the most. (This includes Kindred’s appearance btw). They exist in different forms (perhaps simultaneously!) across runeterra and often look differently but still connect to the same source energy. The only counter example I can think of is Tahm Kench (which was thought up at the same time as the 2.0 logic ). Which we’ve depicted as a bilgewater demon. Because he is more culturally important and relevant in bilge. But one can safely assume there is a minor frelordian demi-god that is suspiciously like him.
Are demons demi-gods or twisted manifestations of them?
: I personally think Neeko should look like this.
Yes! If not as a base look, perhaps as a toggle option.
RJay123 (NA)
: I love Evelynn so here is a thread with a list of cool skin ideas (pls Rito ;-;)
: That's the problem. Mantra Q is too hard to land and the opppnent has to be thr one to make a mistake. It doesn't need more damage. It can become ground targetable, pass through minions, target only champions. There is literally anything they can do but they don't. The healing would be no different than what the changes they are doing now with it. That sounds like a cool idea. See? Anything unique than the crappy Mantra E we have now.
She can either wait for the enemy to make a mistake or she can take the initiative by rooting enemy with W and then land RQ. But sure it's more risky with W.
: I Fail To See How the Rework Improves Karma or Her Mage Identity
_"Mantra Q doesn't need any more damage. The functionality and how this ability works needs to actually be addressed. Actually having the ability to land Mantra Q in a more skillful and unique way would solve the problem of the ability."_ You keep saying that RQ would be more skillful as a ground targeted ability but isn't that just the exact opposite? It takes more skill to land it when there are minions blocking the way. If it wasn't blocked by minions, it would have similar mechanics to Shyvana's dragon form E. **I'm not opposed to it**, Shyvana's ult E feels smooth to use. I kinda like your idea of mantra Q explosion healing her and potentially allies. But numbers would have to be balanced accordingly. Too many effects means they can't be individually too strong. _"Placing a massive shield on the ground that sits in one spot."_ That sounds interesting. Like a static shield dome that blocks enemy projectiles until the shield runs out? Yasuo 2.0?
: [LONG] My thoughts on Karma and the proposed changes made by Riot 2 months ago
Karma isn't a dedicated damage champion, she's an enchanter with burst potential. You can build her like a mage and do fine in certain situations. Her specialty is her ability to respond to various situations through her mantra. That flexibility consumes a portion of her power budget and is one of the key traits why people like Karma. There is no reason to homogenize her mantra spells. Reason why shieldbomb doesn't exist is because it has so many effects spread on an aoe. It's either tuned to satisfying levels and is op or it's tuned to balanced levels and feels bad to use. If you want damage, you use mantra Q to either poke or make a risky play with W to secure it.
: Let’s Talk Zilean
I like the targonian concept for him. As an aspect of time he could be interested in Icathia and the spreading of the void. He could also be an ascended sunborn mage from Shurima... but I feel like time magic would fit a targonian aspect better.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Is the vayne buff on the pbe a fucking joke?
Her Q during ult will be on 0.6 sec cd (with 40% cdr). She's essentially a ranged Master Yi :/
Moody P (NA)
: extra 10% armor doesn't come close to matching the removed shield
He gets free stats at lvl 13 through masterwork items. That 10% bonus to armor & mr encourages him to build defensively. Also his E damage scales off of armor and mr.
: Rhaast Theory and Darkin Concept
The mention of a banner depicting a scythed blade in the story is curious indeed. It could foreshadow that Rhaast's imprisonment was planned rather than him being randomly placed within a scythe. Even Aatrox is questioning him being stuck in a "gardening tool". There's definitely something going on there, but it doesn't necessarily concern Vladimir's master. As for the next Darkin, I have a speculation of Mordekaiser being one. His rule over Noxus happened around the same time as the darkin roamed Runeterra. With his VGU it could be interesting to explore a darkin background for him and how he escaped the fate of being imprisoned by binding himself into a giant iron armor. I like your general idea of a darkin who is preying on other darkin. If such a darkin had the power to absorb a darkin out of their weapon/prison to empower themselves, that would be neat lore-wise. Collecting multiple weapons however seems a bit unconventional, gameplay-wise that could be interesting tho.
: What is the Noxian dream made of? Is it Iron?
: at night she takes off her tail and there are shoes underneath. no legs. just two feet and two shoes
It was recently stated vastaya can shapeshipft into different things if they so desire. Neeko is an expert cause she naturally feels closer to chameleons, animals who likes to change. So I assume there is a possibility for Nami to develop legs if she wanted. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/gXQ2ndit-vastaya-humans-vs-vastaya-inhumans?comment=0000
: I DEEPLY disagree with you. Sona looks like shit, since her animations and her VO are so dated and ancient and so divergent from modern standards that people don't believe she's ever been updated. Same with Miss Fortune, and what's worse for her, her dance animation has her guns horribly clipping each other when she puts her hands above her head. Alistar is saddled with a whopping 8 voice lines - TOTAL - and clumsy, old animations. What's more, EVERY ONE OF THESE CHAMPIONS has had minor to extensive kit work done to them after their half assed MTUs, making them essentially half completed and half assed VGUs - Alistar's kit changed significantly over a year ago (after his MTU), Miss Fortune's kit was updated and streamlined with her MTU, and Sona got a pretty big kit overhaul swapping her kit from auras to actives around the same time as her MTU. So on the whole, these champions were denied the fully comprehensive work that SHOULD have been given to them to completely modernize them because of this exact sentiment you have - that half assed work is better than no work.
I stay by my words. Giving an old champion a MTU / VU doesn't deny them a future rework, although it might delay it. Riot is gradually updating the worst cases until they reach a point where they can more freely choose which champions to work on. That's just how it goes with games that have a lot of old content which has to be updated. They have to prioritize problematic champs first. Those champions who received MTUs were not super problematic but just had outdated visuals which Riot wanted to update cause otherwise they would have remained in their 'old visual state' for a long time. Riot tends to prioritizes champions with bad gameplay rather than outdated visuals when it comes to VGUs. Of course I would like if Riot gave comprehensive VUs for old looking champions. But sometimes less is enough. For example Lux could use a new model and animations, but she doesn't need a full VGU.
: Riot has already stated they won't do MTUs anymore, because those updates you're qualifying as a MTU were shitty and hastily done, and took champions who looked, moved, and talked like garbage and just made them move and talk like garbage while looking more modern (except Sona, who's underlying rigging is just BAD). They were horrible approaches to character updates because they left those champions saddled with their horrible, ancient animations and their horrible outdated voice overs. Champions need full VGUs or minor VgUs, not those half assed MTUs. Karma, as I've said, is not a candidate for a VGU of any flavor because she's already had one that in the scope of things isn't that long ago. Her VO is also very fine, and while it's not as extensive as newer champions, it encompasses her and translates her personality very well. Champions who would benefit better from minor VgUs are Ahri, Riven, Vayne, Lux, Leona, and several others, but not Karma. Karma at least has an actual recall, and now a homeguard, which are the baseline for modern champions.
"Half assed MTUs" are better than nothing. Not every champion who needs new visuals needs new gameplay. Although it is rare these days to receive a purely visual based update on a champion since Riot focuses on full VGUs. This doesn't mean there aren't champion who could use a VU without major gameplay changes.
: Ezreal was redesigned. https://i.imgur.com/4Ta9CpZ.jpg Those are two completely different designs. They adhere to the same concept, but they are different designs. You said that Ezreal got a model, texture, VO, and animation update, with minor gameplay - this ALL qualifies as what champions get in a VGU. Literally all of it. Ezreal's VGU happened to preserve most of his kit, but what he got visually is completely equivalent to what any champion undergoing a major VGU receives. His visuals just stayed truer to his original look, like how Ryze, Akali, Warwick, and Poppy all still looked pretty much verbatim how they looked before, except more modernized. You are greatly minimizing the scope of the visual work done to Ezreal for some reason. Karma does not need this scope of visual work. And yes, she is falling behind a little, since she's slightly older now, but visually she looks very good and nowhere near the level of bad as like Mundo, Mordekaiser, or even champions like Vayne, Riven, LeBlanc or even Lulu.
_"You are greatly minimizing the scope of the visual work done to Ezreal for some reason."_ I think you are deliberately understanding my words incorrectly. We can all see what was done to Ezreal and it would be hard to 'minimize the scope' what was done to him. The evidence is right infront of our eyes. This is purely an argument based on choice of words... which is ridiculous. Design overhaul - completely new visual take on an existing character (Sion, Galio, Swain) MTU - visual update staying true to the original design (MF, Maokai, Sona) A VGU can take either approach on an existing character. Ezreal got an MTU level visual change, not a design overhaul. It's still part of a VGU cause it was paired up with gameplay changes. Karma could use a MTU level visual update focusing more on retexturing her, with possible modernization to some aspects of her model and added animations & VO. Not a design overhaul.
: No, Ezreal was a complete VGU with less emphasis on the kit update. His model was redesigned and remade completely from the ground up, preserving none of his old animation, vocals, or anything the old Ezreal had, as were his complete VFX. Just because it didn't dramatically change how he looked conceptually doesn't mean it wasn't a VGU. Irelia and Akali didn't change that much conceptually either, and their VGUs were way more involved in terms of kit changes.. Karma doesn't need model work done at all. A texture pass would suffice for her, and her VFX are in a good place for the most part. She could have new animations added, like this shielding animation people say was supposed to be in her VGU from the start, but none of it needs to be overhauled.
Ezreal wasn't redesigned... he still uses the same design he previously had, he was just modernized. Ezreal VGU essentially was a MTU (model & texture update) with added VO, animation and minor gameplay changes, enough to elevate his update to a VGU level. When comparing Karma to modern champions, she fall behind on many levels, not just textures. Her design is solid but she could use a new VO, animations and possibly minor adjustments to her model together with a texture update. An MTU with added VO and animation work. But she's not in dire need of any of this. Perhaps some day.
: Karma won't get a visual update anytime soon. She was VGU'd in like 2013, early 2014, so her visuals are pretty damn close to modern standards. I believe she could benefit from a texture polish like Zyra got 2 years ago, since a lot of her textures seem grainy and dark, but she won't be needing any kind of VGU. Furthermore, they just went to great efforts like last year to update all of her splashes to match her VGU, so they wouldn't have invested that much time into her if they she needed another VGU.
I didn't ask for a VGU... Ezreal level visual update isn't really a full VGU. It's just a modernization of character model, voice over, animations and possibly VFX, not a complete design overhaul.
: Obviously she's never had crazy shapeshifting in game, but that's what Super Cow means. Neeko's kit is a deceiver's kit, and honestly fits LeBlanc's lore more than her kit of a magical burst assassin. From a flavor and design standpoint someone like LeBlanc - who's main mode of manipulation is through subterfuge, political intrigue, and easing her way into favor with world leaders to influence them - doesn't make a ton of sense with a kit that has magical chains and warping capabilities. It's honestly a pretty big disconnect between her lore and her portrayal in the game. Neeko's kit is EXACTLY the type of kit that LeBlanc should have because it would have perfectly captured her abilities to be people when she needs to and then strike them down when she has the upper hand.
I'm sure there are ways to strengthen Leblanc as a deceiver other than adding shapeshifting. She has a pretty strong gameplay already. If I don't recall completely wrong, Lissandra also had the ability to change form in her lore (dunno if that was retconned).
: Practicing ADC Has Made Me Hate Pyke
His ultimate reset mechanic could just be removed and he would still be a decent support. Perhaps its cooldown could be reduced to compensate a bit.
: If this was four years ago and someone was acting like this, I would say the same exact thing. The fact of the matter is it has been five years since her VGU. Players, like me and many others, have been fighting to get something done on this champion and there has been nearly no communication or work being done. Riot Game Developers put an inexperienced Developer in charge of Karma's VGU. Karma was also the very first VGU in the game. Players gave their feedback about the work they decided to do on her . . . and let's be frank it was all negative. Do you want to know why is was so negative? This inexperienced Developer took everything away from Karma and replaced it with half-arsed content that is still being played off as a successful VGU. Answer this: 1) Tell me something Karma does in her kit that no other champion or item active in the game does. 2) Tell me what art asset is amazing, fully conceptualized and matches any part of her present and past lore. 3) Tell me something iconic about this champion that gets players excited to play her. 4) Tell me what Karma's gameplay identity is in this game. -------------- You can sit here and say whatever you want. Players are fed up with the special treatment specific champions get. Players are tired of zero to little communication about one champion, but a comment a day about the same ones. Don't tell people to give them a break. Most Karma mains back then and for the past five years, have given them a break and been especially patient. Do you know what Riot Games have done? Excuses. That is all they have given for the past five years. Riot Games Developers had the opportunity to do anything that would address Karma's problems for the past five years. Guess what they did? Gave us more front-loaded damage on an ability with horrible functionality, an ally mechanic on another ability that was removed in the past on other champions and doesn't even fit Karma on a thematic level, and the same old AOE shields and speed steroid that have done nothing for her. You want to know what new VGU have on Karma? Completed art, a fully conceptualized thematic, an actual gameplay identity, a unique and cohesive kit that is at least fun to play, and something enticing and iconic that really makes you want to play the champion. Karma had that and it was taken away, wasn't replaced with better content, and she continues to be ignored. A recent Developer asked for feedback and she got it. What did this Developer do? Nothing. She did nothing but number buff the Mantra abilities that have been number buffed, reworked and nerfed more than 15 times. So yes. The majority of us have been giving these Developers feedback, given them plenty of opportunities to address the champion, and they had the power for the past five years to do virtually anything on this champion. We have given them everything they wanted and what do they give us in return? A future revert on Karma that will be a big "I told you so" because nothing is being done to rectify the problems.
_"Most Karma mains back then and for the past five years, have given them a break and been especially patient. Do you know what Riot Games have done? Excuses. That is all they have given for the past five years."_ Riot might have not delivered results, but they did work on Karma. It wasn't all just excuses, there was a deliberate attempt to work on her which ultimately failed. Riot has limited resources and many other champions to work on. She's probably on the same boat with Azir, Ryze and Kalista. Riot has limited idea what to do with her since the Karma community is setting high expectations and demands regarding her kit. It's quite restricting when a champion is torn between two camps... Riot has to find a third path without creating yet another camp. It's a tough situation and something they can't rush. In order for Riot to dedicate considerable amount of time for a champion, they have to have a strong base for them. Karma doesn't have the strongest base due to her history. In that regard it would be good if there was a dedicated team to research her and create a strong base for her. I'd rather wait for the upcoming mini-rework and evaluate the situation again after that. Game design is often 'trial and error' type shooting. Most of the trials happen behind the scenes and are not released and sometimes even the released products end up as errors. ___ _1) Tell me something Karma does in her kit that no other champion or item active in the game does._ Empowering abilities from level 1 with a variety of effects ranging from burst to protecting allies. I don't see why effects from other champions/items can't be reused. Happens with other champions as well. _2) Tell me what art asset is amazing, fully conceptualized and matches any part of her present and past lore._ Overall she has a good visual design, although it needs additional work. As I said she could use an Ezreal level visual update. _3) Tell me something iconic about this champion that gets players excited to play her._ Choice to empower various abilities for various effects. Ability to protect/inspire her team. _4) Tell me what Karma's gameplay identity is in this game._ Her lore depicts her as a spiritual leader using the magic of Ionia. Her gameplay identity is to be an inspiring presence on the battlefield (enchanter with burst mage traits). A spirit mage.
: @Riot - Karma's Walk Animation is Terrible
Your way of talking about the devs is really douchy. If they hate Karma as much as you make it sound, why would they even consider animation or gameplay updates on her? I think she could benefit from an Ezreal level visual update. No need to overhaul her whole design, although her mantle could be re-evaluated. Gameplay update is already being developed. ___ _"she is constantly sitting at an abysmal play and winrate when she is not numbers buffed to death"_ Can't this be said of any of the recent VGUs? _"EVERYONE IS TIRED OF WHINY KARMA MAINS ASKING FOR WORK TO BE DONE ON HER. WE ARE TIRED OF WHINING AND FIGHTING FOR WORK TO BE DONE ON KARMA"_ True, so how about giving it a little break? The devs surely already know the Karma community's opinion on her. Focus on giving feedback on things that are released, in this case the run animation (which imo could be improved further). _"WORK ON WUKONG WHILE YOU ARE AT IT TOO! Stop making excuses as to why Wukong still doesn't have work done on him."_ And Mordekaiser, Mundo, Rammus, Volibear, Pantheon, Corki, Skarner, Fiddlesticks, Shaco, Malphite, Udyr...
: Neeko is everything leblanc was supposed to be, a champion who confuses and tricks her opponents.
"Neeko is everything Leblanc was supposed to be" ... Other than the concept of deception, I don't see how. In the old lore she could pretend to be anyone, but not in game. Leblanc has her own niche as a deceptive champion. Riot could definitely improve upon that, but shapeshifting is out of the picture. I'm sure Riot tried the shapeshifting mechanic on LB during her rework but decided it was a mismatch... I remember them stating they tried 'something' on LB but ultimately thought the mechanic would be more fitting on a new character.
Ereldra (EUW)
: Hello Meddler, there has been for some time alot of complains (forum, reddit etc.) about the general damage in the game beeing too high. Something I've started to agree with; the game often times feels like "Who bursts whom faster wins". Has there been any talk about this in the team? Do you like it the way it is or do you have any plans to decrease damage in the game?
Reducing burst damage increases average game duration as players would be harder to kill. The game would shift from killing champions to farming minions/monsters until you are strong enough to kill players. Riot wants to keep average game times around the 25 minute mark. Longer games promote surrender votes if one team is ahead and not showing weaknesses. Either the losing team surrenders or endures the rest of the game knowing they will eventually lose. More erratic game state (high burst damage) makes it easier to snowball, but it also allows easier comebacks.
: Some thoughts on more dated female champions, from a girl
I feel like Leblanc needs a full graphical overhaul, not just upgraded clothing. She's an enigma... she should feel more unreal.
Meddler (NA)
: Open to it if the current version proves problematic regardless of tuning. Old DH had a bunch of issues too though and want to make sure we're separating power and functionality appropriately when assessing (hard to get a good enough read on health when something's strong).
Reuse Leblanc's previous passive mechanic on dark harvest, the one with the 1.5 sec 'cook time'.
: What I presumed you guys would do was release all digital version free, through Universe and/or any other branch. Then after 6 months once the series is completed, release a purchasable paperback graphic novel for those who just really wanted their own physical copy. The most under-appreciated boon the Universe site and League's lore in general had was it's all a free provided service, especially without extra contingencies. But this stubborn cheapskate will wait 6 months.
A new era of lore monetization is upon us. I hope Riot is smart enough to implant spoilers themselves regarding the important events (preferrably into the map of Runeterra) so we don't have to avoid Necrit for 6 months... I'd like to be up to date with the important lore through small snippets if nothing else. Comics are a nice platform to display story details and paint the world and its characters.
: Zac Should be Reverted. Riot Please Read!
Zac used to have the most boring champion kit ever. How realistic would it be to revert it back?
: > [{quoted}](name=Vonler,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=wYXzA3EZ,comment-id=000900000000,timestamp=2018-11-28T04:10:35.253+0000) > That's not Mordes lore. U should read his existing lore. He rose to power in a time that many hypothesize to the the aftermath of the darkin wars, thus it makes more sense for him to have subjugated a Darkin to have added blood and thus iron magic to his abilities, thru using the weapon. It would also round out the types of dakin related champs we currently have as there's already a Darkin whose in control: Aatrox and there r no darkin survivors, Targon made sure of that Basically I see Morde as dark necro magic user firstly, and he uses Nightfall fall like a big blood and thus iron magnet But I worry if this isn't leading to anti cohesion
I think Targon only cares about whether an idea represented by a corrupted ascended being is destroyed, not what happens afterwards. Ideas get destroyed when darkin get imprisoned. If Morde was a darkin and 'imprisoned' himself into a walking armor or something... maybe his celestial idea got destroyed and Targon doesn't care any further. ___ What I'm speculating/suggesting is a lore revamp where Morde isn't a mortal warlord-king who got turned into a wraith-king by necromancy but rather an ascended god-warrior-king who broke the curse of flesh (by necromancy?) to escape the fate of typical darkin imprisonment to continue with his plans. We know mages imprisoned the darkin. Mages also overthrew Mordekaiser (more specifically Leblanc). Very similar scenario and similar villains. But sure he could be in a similar situation to Vladimir where he subjugated a darkin and uses/learned their power. It's just a matter of what you think is realistic within the league universe.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vonler,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=wYXzA3EZ,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-11-22T18:06:09.840+0000) > > I think metal powers could be explained better in the Runeterra scene. > > Where does metal controlling come from? Well... Mordekaiser is an Iron Revenant. Maybe he specifically controls iron. And what has iron in it? Blood. > > Could be interesting if Riot somehow connected Mordekaiser with blood magic through iron. What if Mordekaiser found a way to live without flesh and uses a more refined variation of blood magic that focuses on controlling the iron found from blood. > > https://youtu.be/qD32P4L4g4A?t=45s > > Who could have had the capability to research and refine blood magic into such an art? A darkin perhaps? An ascended being with passion to make themselves truly immortal. I think this is very good idea, especially since there's the theory that Nightfall is actually a subjugated Darkin, and we kno they were masters of blood magic, and now there's more than 5, so Morde could have taken a Darkin down and is either using blood magic thru Nightfall or has throughly stolen and learned blood from using Nightfall. By categorizing Mordes abilities through blood magic you could explain that he can specialize it into controlling the iron in their blood, which leads to manipulating iron, and that would allow him to cause pain in another's body...well its still kinda wierd Alternatively you could say the subjugated Darkin grants Morde one type of abilities and he uses another type of power. Basically treat the explainaction of Morde's power like Taric. If you have a troublesome power with multiple parts, just change the power type that can encompass all the parts well
I was thinking more like Morde himself being a darkin who broke the curse of flesh that so often haunts the remaining darkin. By researching dark magic and applying that to the blood magic knowledge of the darkin, he could have achieved immortality rather than being trapped in a weapon like some of his kin. In the lore darkin are basically just ascended beings who went corrupt. Most got destroyed in a moon ritual, some escaped the ritual but were weakened and killed off by mortals and the remaining darkin who didn't attend the ritual were later sealed within various weapons. What if there was a darkin who escaped all these 'grim' destinies and forged their own? Now I'm not completely sure how the timeline goes. I assume Shuriman empire was active way before Noxus, so it wouldn't be super far fetched for a darkin overlord (Mordekaiser) to rule and spread fear among the barbarian tribes of ancient Noxus.
: The reason Dark Harvest is actually too busted. And it's not the damage.
Riot could make it proc after two damage instances with a delay between them --> first damage an enemy to prepare them for soul harvesting and after 1.5 sec damaging them again harvests a soul.
Moody P (NA)
: Black makes me think strongly of Phantom Karthus to be honest with you I like the red best. Feels 'thematic' for the guy who created Noxus if Noxians ended up adopting his color scheme.
I doubt Noxians would proudly wear the colors of Mordekaiser. Noxians were barbarians who overthrew Mordekaiser and took Immortal Bastion for their own. It's not far fetched that the barbarians used red as their prime color even before Mordekaiser.
: A little discussion on Mordekaiser's colour scheme
I personally like the green/teal one as it highlights him as a being who managed to achieve immortality (or something close to that). He's more closer to an undead than living, so the visual connection to Shadow Isles feels natural. I don't think his color scheme needs to reflect the current color schemes of the nations (Noxus). He's ancient and the colors associated with regions have surely changed over centuries. Green would also fit soul magic, which he presumably uses as his main source of power. Black could work as a neutral color and definitely support his overlord thematic. I wouldn't mind the black variation. The red seems a bit too flashy on him and he has a lot of red skins already which will hopefully deliver that aesthetic. It would be cool if Riot explored him as a potential ancient ascended being (maybe even the very first) who researched twisted magic to achieve 'true' immortality. It would nicely connect him with the rest of the universe.
: Community wants DH balanced?
Or... make it harder to proc. 1. damage enemy below 50% health to prep them for soul harvesting 2. damage enemy again after 1.5 sec to proc the effect
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: I don't understand the thought process that lead to these changes.
I think the problem with Dark harvest is how it's so easy to proc. What if it had a delay? "damaging an enemy under 50% health prepares their soul to be harvested. Harvest the soul by damaging the enemy after 1.5 seconds after initially damaging them" You know... like the previous LeBlanc passive (which got reverted).
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