: Just play better and win more.
I play better, thats the proble, I don t want to hit challenger rank1, I want to hit diamond 3 with 16wins and 4 losses, this should be enough to get me there , but its not, apparently!
: https://i.imgur.com/I5ZEYqF.png I see a lot of posts about the fact it's hard to climb from D4 So as you can see, D4 represents 1,64% of the total players of LoL D3 represents 0,36% of the total of the players. Now even if every single D4 player was better than the current D3 players it would mean that there's only 22% of the current D4 players that could be D3. Because there's just not enough room left for all of you in D3. As you noticed you are a lot to experiment this, and having 60+% winrate and still not climbing. But this is actually the problem. If 25% of you have 60% winrate in D4 and there's only room left for 20% of you in D3, having 60% winrate is not enough to climb. You need to be better than the players around you in the ladder, not to be better than the average :)
Yo, I've never been hard stuck in d4 (old d5) for more than like 20 games, thats the problem, i know that the difference between d4 and d3 is pretty big but tbh I matched only with diamonds d4-d2 and have a better winrate than average d3 player. I'm saying that they "nerfed" the climbing winrate but so far I only heard people complaining. I mean I don t liek the fact that a plat player with 44% winrate in 150 games hits diamond (s8 gold 1) and than is matched with me and ofc he has no clue what to do in the game (starting weird barons, making bad calls, etc) Anyway, I'm not saying that they are the reason I'm losing. I think you understand what I'm trying to say.
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: Skarner!!!!!!!!
Hi,as a mid-high diamond 1.2m skarner otp I can say this champ is actually pretty good.This presseason is not exactly his best period..but still he will get major buffs in next patch ,which will help him pass the 50% overall winrate.At the moment he is one of the weakest but i can still make him work just becasue i played thousands of games with him.
kargish (EUW)
: Skarner needs some love
Well,as a 1.2m skarner otp i can say that i m pretty jappy with skarner;s pasive.It s a unique and nice passive.He has lots of weaknesses,thats the truth.First of all,he has literally no scallling on his abilities.His damage is 85% from auto-atacks.And tbh i m pretty sure that this buff is gonna bring skarner back..and the meta will explode.Well.I ll abuse it,now i ll be able to stun a target for 5seconds wothout giving them a chance to flash,wich is insane.
: Bronze Rank looking for Plat+ Jungle Main for advice/coaching
I can give you some advices if you wanna play skarner.
khorney (NA)
: skarner
You guys dont know what are you talking about.Ask all the skarner mains and you ll see how "useless" his passive is ;)
khorney (NA)
: again u have 0 idea what your talking about,you cannot argue this old q gave u what the spires do now so how exactly is he better? ganking is the same before or after becuase hit 3 things to stun or hit ur e then basic and u have to hit ur e mind u. so yah i know what im talking about. His build is the exact samethign as it was before so there is no change in items. Lets talk that before u can stun a whole team if u had hydra now nope ur a ult bot in team fights because unless u have flash u have 0 engage. He used to be like udyr but better same items same moveset minus skarner can ult stun while true udyr can bear stance every person but meh. he has 0 advantage over how he used ot be minus ohhhh man u gave him a little ad scaling gtfo
Dont play it,if u don t like,this form is better,i m one of the best skarner(in terms of rank and expereince) .Thats why i play him,because i like it.Look at winrates.He has above 52% in all ranks,it means he is just fine.The reason he is not receiving any change is because he is just fine how he is right now.I played old skarner,and it wasn t that good..His problem in my opinion is mana.If u wanna lane,you will need to buy manamune,if u wanna do something.Thats my last post here,if u still don t believe,than it mean skarner is not for you,deal with it.
khorney (NA)
: umm lets talk his clear times are slower fact, he cant split push fact. You cannot argue his passive now was built onto his q not to mention he gained movement speed so he was faster now his passive is useless
You have no idea what are you talking about.If you don t like somethign about this champ than don t play it.I have 1M mastery points, i m a diamond skarner one trick,and i know really well his disadvantages.Again,his wave claer is strong,his jungle claer is the strongest in the game,his ganking succesfully after 6 almost every single time,and you can destroy turrets with your warrior+triforce very fast.And his ms is actually crazy with 40% cdr.
khorney (NA)
: Skarner
Skarner is not useless,his clear is one of the best in the game,you can full clear and be full hp,his engage is kinda bad if u don t have flash,but if you have some experience,you can engage without flash pretty easy.His splitpush is actually amazing with trinity force,same with waveclear.I m not saying he has no problems..he gets outsclaed pretty easy by a riven,jax,fiora, lifesteal adcs and lategame janna/karma shields.Depends what you build,but i can tell you that if you knwo what you are doing,you can climb and get high diamond pretty easy.
Shahamut (NA)
: Any Thoughts on Skarner?
Why everyone has a problem with spires.His spires are fine,his passive is unique and really strong if u know how to use it.With the passive he can farm really fast and get ahead so easy.The real problem is this:If u wanna play toplane skarner yes,your passive is completly useless.
: Becoming a JG main? HELP WANTED
Just spamm olaf.I Personally spammed Skarner from silver to Diamond and i still play him.I had above 60% winrate in silver and i got plat 2 in less then a month.One tricking is the best way to climb.Just play olaf if you are that good.When you are bored go ahead and play some normals.
: You guys are viewing Skarner all wrong.
As a skarner One Trick i agree with the fact that skarner has some problems with mana in lane.But when you gank you don t really have problems with it.If you ask me the reason why skarner has such a low pickrate is hsi ratios.he has very low ad/ap ratios,if u build full tank you will probably deal less dmg then your soraka support,but if you sacrifice some tankiness to get 2 offensive items like triforce and warrior(for jungle) and you try as much as possible to don t die ad eventually get the lategame,you can basicly win every single game.
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