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: Why do people hate playing support?
I like botlane, be it supp or adc, well actually anything except jg, jg is boring. What i enjoy of the most is laning phase, but the fact that winning lane depends almost entirely on a teammate cooperating makes it extremely unappealing. Many times I am forced to watch overly aggressive teammate picking a terrible fight, with clear disadvantage. Other times i go in to punish enemies for making a mistake, only to see the other person not moving an inch. Both extremes are annoying to lane with, but i personally prefer the aggressive kind. Nothing's worse than playing with someone who'll never bother to even try to poke, or when they do, it's painfully obvious and easy to answer, as they wake up from their trans once in 30 seconds to walk up from mile behind and throw a spell or right click.
: That wasn't an ADC meta. That was a Vayne being able to abuse crit meta. The closest to an ADC meta we've had was Ardent meta, and that wasn't the ADC being busted, but the item used on them. Edit: Vayne Q crit abuse was the same as Caitlyn passive crit abuse. It wasn't meta defining, just overpowered.
either you didn't play at the time, or forgot, But i think sometime around runes reforged (think before, but not sure) there was a time when there were literally 5 adc vs 5 adc games. it was fun at first but quickly got annoying.
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: Updated Player Behavior Guidelines
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