: What about the autofills? i play 5 games 2 of them is autofill
In case you're playing mostly midlane, that is the issue i believe. Midlane is by far the most popular role among the players and having a lot of people queing for the same role does get you easily autofilled.
: I'm actually having great success (70% WR) with Ivern against early game champs this season, but I think that's mostly due to my ELO's lack of experience facing an Ivern.
That might be the reason, or maybe you're just good at ivern aye? Or maybe you had luck with the players. Either way, you are one (lucky) individual playing Ivern and finding a success playing him. On the overall statistics, his winrate might be 51.40%, but his play rate is 1.07% and ban 0.04%. He is an extremely situational pick where you usually play him with a duo where you two are smurfing so peeling for him makes the pick have some sort of sense. Either way, good job on the winrate buddy.
: Yea I used to main Jungle and Supported secondarily a few seasons back, but the jungle pool got insanely boring, and there was nothing that really fit my playstyle so I gave it up. The role is just weird. Jungle never feels like its allowed the diversity of every other role. I would love to see a mix of options available for junglers, but it feels like S tier junglers are so far beyond A tier junglers, that you basically just have to hope you favorite champs happen to be one of the 4 or 5 viable junglers for the meta.
Yeah. The game is being changed (yes, changed, not balanced, that doesn't exist for a very long time now) around big tournaments such as MSI, Worlds and Splits. They know some champion might be busted as hell and they are just forcing it so they can get the views and, well, money. On the other hand, back in the day when utility was important and games were actually being strategic where players need to play smart rather than play a strong champion with tones of damage, the game itself was way more enjoyable than it is right now. Since right now its really not even remotely enjoyable.
Saezio (EUNE)
: It is only normal the MMR gap will be greater with less people playing the game and Riot refusing to simply make people wait longer. But divisions don't matter at all in the match maker, doesn't take them into account, only MMR matters (which should be visible)
Back in the day (feeling like a grandpa now lol) you just physically couldn't play with a player that's 2 ranks below you. In example if you're gold you can't play with bronze, nor a dia can play with gold (altho for diamond it was a bit more strict). Plat couldn't play with silver no matter what MMR the silver had (in case he was smurfing). Even if theoretically a silver player (that's smurfing) is having a higher mmr than a plat 5 player, he couldn't be queued with that plat since the ranks don't go with each other
: I Exclusively Fill in Ranked and...
Yeah. Jungle is in a pretty rough spot at the moment. In my opinion one of the heavy reasons is that the variety of champions for jungle is close to non existing. In other words, junglers can't play what the WANT, rather what they HAVE to play. In example, when was the last time you saw an utility jungler (such as Ivern) in jungle that did good against a heavy early game monster such as Rek'Sai, Jarvan, Hecarim or Kayn? After they changed Camille's E taking her out of jungle i feel like people forgot the power of early game junglers. I remember back then the team that had to play against Camille wouldn't be going anywhere further than their turret due to the threat she opposed. Nowadays while scutle has been moved to 3:15 and is not an early game priority, junglers are forced to invent new paths that will make them benefit from farming if they are unable to gank. That's why in high elo, junglers are forced to play for their red side jungle cause golems and raptors give the most amount of gold and xp forcing them to move around the red side jungle all the time and hope that the closest lane to red side jungle has lane priority or any sort of engage so they can proift out of ganking
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: The worst player has more impact than the best
The Chain is as strong as its weakest link
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: OP sounds like he asks women his own age to be his mom
Will you be mine tho
: > [{quoted}](name=Better at Bot,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RIhyX9UN,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-10-13T12:28:57.330+0000) > > Ngl u got me lost rn too File names can't contain slashes, because that's what indicates a directory level.
you meant the entire thing, ya, i know, but it was a complete 0/8 thing not like a slash
: OP i just looked into your OP.GG and ......you dont seem to realize a thing. This is a team game. No matter how much someone feeds, no matter how much someone gets fed.......there are still 3 other lanes with a bunch of people whose status will impact the game progression greatly. Alone and fed as hell while your team got smashed as you farmed midlane for useless kills (killing same guy 4+ times). Game is hopelessly lost because 80% of your team is weaker than theirs......even if you do the work of 3 its not enough as long as they have two with the power of two each. You died a bunch of time but all the other lanes won and even by a landslide at that? It means 80% of the enemy team is weaker and its a won game for your side, naturally. To illustrate, i recently played game as Syndra midlane, i had rengar jungle, wukong top, jinx+thresh botlane. Enemy side was Veigar, nunu, Tryndamere, twitch and morg. In that game i got monstrously fed, enemy veig is a silver while i am a former plati, but my toplane and botlane both broke down and the Tryndamere even killed Rengar+wukong 1v2. So, why did i win while 80% of my team was essentially down with Tryndamere pushing towers the second turret? I smashed veigar and nunu into paste and force fed rengar and wukong with it, i smashed twitch to stop him from getting a true snowball rolling by roaming down on him and i gave jinx time to farm. Then i turned toplane, i drove tryndamere into the dirt 3 times to have him stop pushing and drove the minions away and had Rengar+wukong roam together in the meanwhile which killed twitch&morg several times and got both of them back into the game along with thresh. Veig had become entirely useless, morg was behind, nunu was behind and Twitch with his earlier lead was still pretty strong....if he was allowed to do anything. Tryndamere found that he couldnt push top with me around so he started roaming......but by the time he did it was far too late, my team was already back in the game and no matter how he tried he couldnt even 1v2 anymore. I won that game by spoonfeeding my own team kills, stopping enemies looking like they were about to snowball and smashed their strongest one. That, is how you win games as a overfed midlaner with a losing team, not by ignoring them.
You go ahead try doing something against a fed as fuck botlane with 0/50 botlane of your own while they are incapable of using brain, keyboard or mouse. I see shit like this very often and yeah, it is a "team game", but guess what, 70% of my teammates are people that are respectively garbage. How am i supposed to do something in the game when my botlane is feeding from minute one. They can't even afk farm. Same goes for toplane. Like, dude, if your game knowledge is bellow your IQ which is around none, go play normal games and learn how to play before actually queueing for a ranked game.
: I was momentarily confused at what a file like 8botlane.png would be, and why it would be in the hehe0 folder. =|
Ngl u got me lost rn too
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: Just curious did I miss something or did the planned post detailing how Nexus Blitz went never get published? Meddler promised something like this a month or so back and it never came to fruition (though from this comment it looks like things went well).
Meddler promised a good game too yet we're still playing League of Legends
: this would hurt a lot more if it was coming from someone who can actually play
Coming straight from a guy who says Illaoi is having a hard time against camile omegalul
: sure fam, i'll cya when you finally get out of d5 after another 5k games lmao
: has 11 kda as mid mundo and ap malphite with 10 games played on the account, ye fam i'm silver on eune
: you must not be very good at the game if you think illaoi is good against cam
: Kaisa is 100% pick worlds
Cause they need her for Worlds lol
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: Preseason Development Update 1
Do you plan on changing (even reverting) assaasin items to something more of a season 5 builds? Lethality can't be balanced cause it's either too strong where you delete someone in 2 to 3 seconds with just half of the item ( dirk ) or you end up being Zed that does a triple shuriken combo after Electro and Leth nerfs so you can't even kill someone with it. Season 5 was amazing for assassins and imo it was the best season for assassins due to the damage they output but on a normal time scale where enemy can counterplay. Also items like Stormrazor should be deleted or completely reworked. And for the last part, could you do something about the entire true damage on everything? Remember back in the day when only true damage things in the game were Garen and Darius' ult, Vayne's W and ignite? It was way better back then to play against or as than it is now. Conqueror is an abomination that you added desperately for bruisers to fight tanks and you overbuffed it. Now Jax from being unplayable cause any tank would delete him went to being the best pick in the game. And last thing i am interested is, do you plan on reworking Zed? His ult feels really bad due to so many **damage reduction** abilities and items ( such as Irelia and Galio's W )? P.S. Black Cleaver needs some buffs i believe
: Lucian doesn't build it
{{item:3153}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3026}} I really think even this is too much damage that deletes even biggest tanks in the game, please don't make him take stormrazor too.
Rioter Comments
Namîste (NA)
: So how would you rework him then? What would your reworked abilities be? (Note: I don't play Zed...I have no opinion one way or another)
I would keep majority of what his personality as a champion as it is right now but his ult is the major problem due to the fact that there are so many counters to it that the champion became so useless. zhonyas, damage reductions and other stuff like that. Imo giving him something like irelias counter to shields ( where she basically almost ignores shields ) would be preferable. His itemization should switch back to season 5 where he had damage but enough damage to be counterplayed ( while not deleting you in 0.2 seconds ) where he needs to land all 3 skillshots to kill someone. Before the newest electrocute mini rework and duskblade nerf he didn't even need to land skillshots, he would ult aa E you and you're dead. And now after both nerfs for previously mentioned things he can't even kill someone on mid with triple shuriken if not on 30/40% hp. Riots balancing team is so bad at this its beyond my imagination how they actually function together. They make one champion insanely strong and then they nerf him into the oblivion making him unplayable.
Rioter Comments
5050BS (NA)
: Im fine with him staying out of the meta for a season or 3. Let some other champs other then manaless AD play mid for a while.
Absolutely disagreed. Zed wasn't good since he got nerfed a while back ( W cd up, attack speed lowered, Q ad% down etc ) and EVERYONE in high elo agrees on this ( by high elo i absolutely don't mean diamond 5/4. ). Back in season 5 he was amazing. His build wasn't revolving around lethality but he had damage and he wasn't "broken" even for low elo. Back when black cleaver was actually useful and not a worthless item as it is now and back when he was a yomuus, botrk, black cleaver Zed. He did damage but not in 1.5 seconds. Then they added lethality and gave him power to delete everything living in less than a few miliseconds. Then they nerfed him and now after electrocute rework he is absolutely garbage. Unplayable.
Infernape (EUW)
: Unplayable? Laughs in Ornn and Ryze
Ryze is still fine. Really weak compared to what he was but fine. He just needs late game scaling and some itemization tune ups. Ornn is a classic riot example if balancing. They make him a monster and in meta and then delete his damage and resistance from the face of the earth.
: > [{quoted}](name=Better at Bot,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rUv3W7xE,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-21T19:01:33.417+0000) > > Sejuani was sleeping mid so that was the only opportunity i had to roam. I don't mind anything you've said > But it really doesn't make any logical sense that Sunfire Katarina does more dmg than AD zed. > Edit: by more damage i mean taking out 90% of my hp with cinder. You stood next to her for over 36 seconds? Or did they increase sunfires damage 10fold when i wasnt looking?
What i mean is that the only item she had was Cinder and she still did way more damage than i did with regular zed items.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: That should be enough but if she used Heal with right timing then thats probably what saved her. You didn't use ignite nor ult and your items weren't exactly those for oneshot. Always rush serrated dirk, then ghostblade if you want to roam a lot or duskblade which is better first item on Zed I think. Don't bother building defensive until you get both these two items first. From what I found, laning as assassin vs assassin is all about outplay and dodging. You should be able to easily kill kata if you land everything and so she will be if she lands everything. So don't get hit instead. Get hexdrinker only if they have more than one AP champion and only as 3rd or later item.
Why would you even remotely call Katarina an assassin in this matchup? I don't find very assassin-ish a Sunfire Cape katarina. But an obvious point stands and i stand behind what i've said. An AD Zed SHOULD deal more damage than a fucking Sunfire Cape Katarina.
: Whoops, mb. Mixed up Hexdrinker with Maw. So, here's the problem: You took 16 minutes to get {{item:3134}} and 21 minutes to complete a single item. You then got Black Cleaver before finishing your Last Whisper (Which you never needed anyways). You never roamed to actually do anything to the Xayah, and I don't see any interaction between you and her until almost 28 minutes in, when she killed you. If you're playing Zed, you need to be roaming. You didn't need a Maw first item into a Sunfire Katarina, you needed to actually get your necessary items and roam to kill the botlane. Your WQE happened on a Xayah who almost had a level advantage, and an advantage of a full item over you. Of course you were going to not do much damage to her, you had fallen behind the ADC as an assassin, something that's pretty much never supposed to happen. This isn't an issue of Zed being bad. This is an issue of poor builds, not roaming bot at all during lane, and fighting someone with an advantage over you.
Sejuani was sleeping mid so that was the only opportunity i had to roam. I don't mind anything you've said But it really doesn't make any logical sense that Sunfire Katarina does more dmg than AD zed. Edit: by more damage i mean taking out 90% of my hp with cinder.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: I started playing Talon on my smurf acc and was able to climb 2 divisions in one day after I get my initial rank already. AD Assassins are currently the strongest champions on field as they can oneshot squishy in less than half a second. However there are certain conditions you need to achieve that. If you lose lane or be even in lane where enemy adc gets fed you might not be able to oneshot him. And because Riot balance team was so smart and gave us {{item:3095}} , you must oneshot them because if you won't you get two-shotted in return, three-shotted if you are lucky. Or you need to use your kit in a way to not allow them attack you or just run. Still until very late, when they get so huge lifesteal it is actually not so needed to kill them. Just dishing a lot of damage to 2-3 ppls, burning their summoners and then escaping without dying is still worth. If you weren't doing exactly great in lane and enemy botlane got fed then you shouldn't aim for the kill but for damage/summoners instead and abuse that in next fight.
Was 1/1 on my lane with +20 cs lead against Katarina. Went botlane to kill a 45% hp Xayah. WE double Q Electro proc Xayah is on 10% hp with me having ~130 ad.
: > [{quoted}](name=Better at Bot,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rUv3W7xE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-09-21T17:32:18.774+0000) > > Champion is garbage and deals no damage with full build. He clearly does damage, there's no champion in League of Legends that doesn't deal damage. Could you try being a bit more constructive?
2 item Katarina one of them being Sunfire Cape other one Hextech gunblade deals 150% more damage than 4 items Zed.
: Who's the most balanced champion? And who's the most forgotten champion?
Balanced {{champion:555}} all the way ( before the new buffs he DOES NOT need that are upcoming for him in the next patch ) Forgotten {{champion:102}}
: Unplayable? What happened, is there a bug?
Champion is garbage and deals no damage with full build.
: ~~You have no game with this build **anywhere** in any match history of yours (let alone this patch) that also has a Katarina on either team.~~ {Edit, I was mistaken}
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TheFortex (EUNE)
: why are you checking my rank... you make me feel insecure
Because, no offense, but usually low elo talks about "wood" and complains about new divisions.
Doge2020 (NA)
: If you going to talk about a champ in this way then every single champion in the game is broken. Play Garen into a ranged matchup like Quinn and tell me how OP he is then. Just play him a bunch in general into every matchup. Look at his kit, he has no gap closers/dashes besides flash. Which is has around 4 min of CD. Yes his q gets rid of slows, but that is only once he activates the ability, so just wait until he uses q before you apply your largest slow to him. His e deals reduced damage if he is hitting other units, so if he engages you with q and you are silenced, walk into your wave or walk in a way that makes him hit multiple units (preferably a monster champ or your minions instead of your teammates) to deal less damage to you. His r is actually fine to me, try play the sustain game and stay at high enough health so his r won’t execute you, it's damage is based on the targets missing health. With w just make sure that you use CC that doesn’t matter that much, save your longer forms of cc for when he wastes it when you fake an all in or after the 0.75 of the tenacity boost is over.
Did you for real just say that flash is on 4 min cd. Aight. Let's ignore that. I have played against a Garen a couple of days ago and i was Yasuo. Infinity edge - true damage, Ult - armor pen. 3 of us, Alistar Warwick and i all-ined him with alistar knocking up, ww ulting and i ulted. He did NOT lose a single health point in his bar. Not a single one. He W'ed and Sterak's kicked in. Every single player in high elo agrees with me that Garen is in fact broken as shit. You cannot counterplay that champion nor you can do something about him. Yeah Quinn is ranged. You think that stops Garen? He outscales that champion beyond imagination of what outscale means. His winrate is 52.50 in dia+ elo. He is supposed to be late game tank and his highest winrate is in 25-30 minutes. That champions needs to get nerfed down.
TheFortex (EUNE)
Why are you complaining about any sort of new low elo addons especially "wood" while being silver 2? Jesus.
: Can thresh mains confirm?
Depends on the division to be honest on this one. I'm a thresh main ( d1 promo highest peak this season ) and i've got a couple of friends struggling in gold so i naturally help them out by playing on a smurf. Since i usually duo bot with them i don't have any issues with lantern pick ups ( since i basically throw it to just him cause i count on only two us to carry the game, i don't mind others much ( i do throw them lantern when needed tho )) but in high elo its way more fun. Predicting the hook when someone flashes in low master high dia game while flashing back to throw a lantern to your adc just to kill their adc under his own tower is so satisfying. And they always pay attention to the lantern which is so refreshing when you come back from low elo.
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MrHaZeYo (NA)
: The point was no assassin in the game outside of maybe Talon can just assassinate the opponent pre - 6 without usually poking down the other champion lol. I'm not saying it can't happen, but LB is also very much capable of doing it herself. Her whole kit screams burst assassin.
This entire season screams burst assasin, to be fair. 80% of the champions pool that is usually played ( aka meta ) ( with those 20% just being supports so they don't do that much damage unless Fiddlesticks xd champion ) is becoming an assassin due to insane damage output in all stages of the game. Graves is NOT an assassin. Stormrazor + 150 dark harvest stacks? Iwilloneshotyouall.png, Garen with just being that garbage champion? DemaciaOneShot.jpeg This season alongside this game is going to hell.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: Is mid game the start of the game to you? 2 item and boots LB can basically look at whoever and put them down. She's no more a poke mage then Zed is L.
You just randomly added 2 items to Le Blancs inventory.
: It still sounds like you need to look it up. Let's put it this way. There is a large variance in gold gained between players.
Sorry, i made an error in that last reply. What i meant by "i just said that the current variance in gold gained is so low that its ignorable" is that people that get assist gain so small amount of gold that its ignorable.
NY64 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Better at Bot,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZE3q2aoj,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-09-16T21:39:17.632+0000) > > I couldn't care less about what some statistics after 2 days of nerf say. Her ult is ridiculously stupid. Not ult as a power but the shield she gets in the lategame. A shield shouldn't be bigger than her entire hp bar. Period. Remember when Tahm’s shield was the size of his health bar for a long period of time. Oh the good old days. But at least on him it made sense since he was a tank. Man what a great idea to give an adc who can life steal, a massive shield bigger than their health bar, while also being able to use it as a gap closer. I’m tired of fighting her no matter how outnumbered she is only to have her win just because she pressed R and then have her say “outplayed” after killing me. I don’t feel outplayed by someone pressing R just because they can. I feel like I’m facing ranged Tryndamere. If they remove the shield off her R then players will have to actually think about when to use it but hey as long as she is not pick or ban in pro play that must mean she is fair.
Partially agree. I don't think removing her shield entirely would be a good idea but giving her like 500hp shield on level 3 ult is enough. No scallings, just base shield per ult level. I don't need an assassin that deals AP AD True damage and max%hp damage with one autoattack while having 3 thousand health shield making her unkillable while healing herself to 100% hp in 3 seconds with just 10% lifesteal got from Mercurial.
: > [{quoted}](name=Better at Bot,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZE3q2aoj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-16T21:40:22.795+0000) > > This was the first time we didn't ban kaisa cause there's too many stupid champions (>>>>>Jhin Garen<<<<<) in the game that nobody wants to play against my bans are kai'sa , irelia and if im having to blind pick top lane ill ban my hardest counter. if team bns kai'sa/irelia i might ban out pyke/brand to make bot lane easier for my team
Brand and Fiddle are so aids on bot. Pyke more less ( is strong but not broken, he's perfect imo ) but holy christ i get so upset seeing Garen/Jhin/Kaisa/Fiddle its beyond me
: i ban kai'sa every game
This was the first time we didn't ban kaisa cause there's too many stupid champions (>>>>>Jhin Garen<<<<<) in the game that nobody wants to play against
: {{champion:145}}'s been gutted and tossed into the dumpster. 49% win rate: http://na.op.gg/champion/kaisa/statistics/bot
I couldn't care less about what some statistics after 2 days of nerf say. Her ult is ridiculously stupid. Not ult as a power but the shield she gets in the lategame. A shield shouldn't be bigger than her entire hp bar. Period.
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