: Never really understood what people had against him. I mean, I also don't find his character appealing but just the genuine hate a lot of people have for him for seemingly no reason besides him existing is just confusing to me.
He was also boosted up to Diamond, I believe. Then bragged about how he's OP while there was some really solid evidence that he was boosted.
: He's gotten some better tanning lotion then.
He changes colors. He's orange during daytime, black during nighttime.
: ehhhhhhh I don't believe you i think you're a robot also I can't see this yet, tell me of it's an ability showcase or not
It's a cinematic. A damn good one.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun - Champion Teaser
When you think you saw something before Sharjo. Nope. ...Damn you.
: Ziggs was viable bot lane since his SC remake. It just took a couple of high profile players to make it meta
If he was, someone would've figured it out by now. I think it's mainly because Marksmen are in a shit spot right now.
Serevas (NA)
: It's mostly just Ziggs because of his tower pushing ability. A large part of the desire of ranged physical damage is fast turret taking.
I've heard people have been picking up other Bot Lane Mages, like Cass or Viktor.
Rioter Comments
Korillo (NA)
: Your 10 ban list!?
Champs that are OP. ... and Swain.
: Riots definition of extremely negative can just be cursing/ saying %%%. It's complete bs but eh, just move on I've gotten this kind of ban 2 times myself, the first I had full warnings but the second time was an instant perma for practically the same thing
Riot straight up confirmed you can swear as much as you want as long as you're not toxic.
Rioter Comments
MagÊ (EUW)
: Morde whole kit is balanced around Rylai
Sanji fanboy is a very funny way to spell Malicious Metal. (jkluvya'll)
: Camille, Mysterious Zaun/Piltover Icons on the PBE, Universe page, Jhin heading to Pilt, WW VGU....
Ravore (NA)
: I'd actually just want a shen skin with a particle change....or something differen't. Maybe a new line or something? All of his skins are dated and comparably the same.
: They won't be completely forgiven until they release Dragon Master Swain and make a skin for Shen, Urgot, Cass and Yorick.
Shen has like 7 skins already. As a guy who's pretty damn confident with Shen, I can safely say that he has enough skins already.
Quality post right here.
: i hate this man right here{{champion:80}}
Ah, damn, I feel you, man.
Rioter Comments
: We saw him at Worlds. It was a rather poor showing, but he was played. I would absolutely expect to see him this season.
deaddesert (EUNE)
: something really broken and will never be balanced if not changed.
And she'll be fine once Courage of Colossus is nerfed. /thread
Oglaf (EUNE)
: New Champion Looks Like An Else Skin
I disagree. The only difference I can see is that they have the same body type and are both women.
: It can be used similar to ingite for all ins. can help you get f blood AND stay alive since the other top laner will be using ignite but since you have barrier you live. Again also great for getting ganked. A lot harder to get ganked when you have flash and barrier up. Waste the junglers time. Lemme know how it goes!!
Damn, I misunderstood what you tried to say. I'll try Flash + Barrier, though Flash + Ignite is, I think, the best way to go.
: Barrier on pantheon ? Pro panths any thoughts?
Wait a second, people roll Ignite + Teleport in High Elo? Correct me if I'm wrong but I am almost sure that High Elo players will never trade Flash for any kind of Summoner Spell in 99% of situations (except for the champs that take Ghost). Barrier + Flash... hmm, on paper it doesn't sound AS good as Flash + Ignite, since the Ignite is good for early game kills, and Panth is all about stomping that early game, but... I'll try it to see how it works.
: Toxicity
#How to teach teammates how to play: *Hey dude, Vayne doesn't scale with AP so I recommend going for the Statikk into Infinity Edge, rest is situational-ish. Survive the laning phase and you'll be good to go. Stick with your support, by the way.* #How NOT to teach teammates how to play: *Fucking noob, I go ward and you already died, go AFK and die gg I troll.*
: I hope the new champions passive is not a paragraph
Bet'cha 20 fictional money (because I'm poor af) that it'll be a paragraph.
: Who is Camille?
inb4 {{champion:31}}
: i would gladly prefer baron volkage as a champion than this feminist cyborg
"She is female so she is feminist amirite up top"
Bellows (NA)
: So, let me clarify. (small rant, but just my opinion)
Riot's not removing Normals. They're only removing Draft Pick on smaller regions. Twitch nerf may be too extreme but he was actually pretty strong for a couple of patches.
: "--Respond to Aggression--" Spammed in chat
Spaghetti code strikes back.
: NA is the best server... We get to keep Normal Draft :)
Yeah, NA. And BR. And EUW. You're not special.
Rioter Comments
: Season 6 Ranked Ending = US Election
Grand Finale of Season 6 and Grand Finale of America.
Escheton (EUW)
: Hey man. Thats why champs like Zyra and Ivern exist. So support can be appealing to anyone. Riot cant help that people are selfish and rather play something that isn't starved gold and xp so someone else can carry. Supply and demand.
Also, please don't go Support Ivern on Ranked unless... unless you're really good at him.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: They're not quite hard to spot this way, are they?
I'm actually making a list of all 9gagers who play LoL and am trying to track them down because there can only be one League 9gager.
Xikini (NA)
: I was really hoping for the lines to form a dickbutt.
: http://wall321.com/download/view?resolution=&file=MTk5MngxMjIwLzIwMTIwNjIxL2xlYWd1ZSBvZiBsZWdlbmRzIHJ1bGUgNjMgbWFnaWMgbWFsemFoYXIgMTk5MngxMjIwIHdhbGxwYXBlcl93d3cud2FsbDMyMS5jb21fOTIuanBn&name=bGVhZ3VlX29mX2xlZ2VuZHNfcnVsZV82M19tYWdpY19tYWx6YWhhcl8xOTkyeDEyMjBfd2FsbHBhcGVy
: it exists since a long time
Rioter Comments
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: http://www.potato.es/wp-content/uploads/potato-slider.png
Not even a long post smh.
: An illusion!?
What are you hiding?! Oh, whoospie, wrong game.
Thr34t (NA)
: You are far off the mark. My interactions when giving advice to low elo players more goes along the lines of: Them asking me for help Me giving them advice which helped me climb Them arguing that they think their way is better Me explaining that if their way was better than they'd be a higher elo Them saying that they are only struggling to win games because they are unlucky or their account is cursed or riot marked their account to demote (lol) and that they would easily be my rank if they just had better team mates Me telling them that they are low elo because they are bad and not willing to change and then removing them.
Teach me senpai. I'm willing to learn, I swear on me mum.
: without creating any new masteries, warlord's could apply to camps at reduced value like it does to minions now AD junglers could take lifesteal in its place in place of the added health bonus, where the sustain would only become significant after you've gotten SoA fully stacked
Hm, may be a pretty solid idea, yeah.
: I'm saying it's the only mastery that directly affected interactions with the jungle, since it added current health for every large monster killed. It made clears slightly healthier, so who wouldn't take this mastery when there is no keystone that competes with it for jungling also the new keystone sucks anyway
I'm curious, how would you personally deal with Strength of Ages? In my opinion, it's obviously not in a healthy state as almost all Junglers take it. What'd you do to fix the issue?
: there's nothing else for junglers to take why not address that instead
I really don't like the idea of there being one mastery that is supposed to be taken by 90% of the champions. That's the same as having 1 mastery for Top Laners, 1 mastery for Mid Laners, 1 for ADCs and 1 for Supports. Junglers never relied on Strength of Ages, it was just helpful.
Håppy (NA)
: "hurhur lets remove sota"
It's because almost every Jungler took Strength of Ages and it was most likely hard to balance.
: Wow, Mordekaiser really is OP.
inb4 Mord gets nerfs next patch and Malicious Metal starts knocking on your window.
: I think top lane will stay carrying champion and jungle will be tanks rare for them both to be the same thing
: Which Champs will be Stronger in Season 7? (excluding assassins)
Assassins will emerge as some of the most popular picks which'll make Tanks more popular, Tanks are also getting a new mastery which'll make them pretty strong, and a few items that might come in handy. Supports like {{champion:143}} and {{champion:43}} might fall out of favor and let the supports like {{champion:12}}, {{champion:201}}, {{champion:44}} get some time to play with their new toys (those being the new mastery and items). In a similar fashion, Carry top laners like {{champion:126}} and {{champion:85}} will probably not be the dominant picks, instead I can see Tanks like {{champion:78}}, {{champion:14}}, etc. Junglers will probably also be Tanks, though I am guessing Champions like {{champion:427}} might be good, in Ivern's case he is (in my opinion) meant to be a Support-type Jungler, one that can defend the carry from the Assassin that's coming to burst him. Also, I think things like {{champion:20}} or {{champion:14}} will be pretty strong. Speaking of carries, I can see {{champion:67}} being an especially good pick, since she can shred tanks, and the items really benefit her. ADCs that scale well into the late game will also be pretty damn good. Just my thoughts, though it does seem very likely.
johan390 (EUW)
: SKT or SSG ?
Honestly, SKT is much better, and I think it's obvious why. I'd be surprised if SSG won.
: Just got a leaver buster because of the client
You can't get Leaver Buster because of one game. You have to leave multiple times to get it.
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