: Poke =/= Dueling power/trading Poke is the ability to attack a champion frequently and consistently without taking damage, and not having to engage. The only people out of those that has "poke" is Jarvan, and maybe poppy's passive, though that's once every 15 seconds. The rest of the champions on the list either aren't guaranteed to hit their poke (Darius Q, Renekton Q, Sion E) or have to put themselves in melee range to do damage (Fiora Q, Renekton E, Riven in general)
I wouldn't call Darius's stuff "poke". More like a "stay the fuck away from me boy or prepare to get royaly fucked while I heal and DoT you, while I ignore % of your armor and execute you with a true damage ult that applies before gap-closers".
: I'll grant you that the Dodge Mechanic seems interesting. It does. But (1) the HP you got back from your Passive on your Q wasn't that low, even at Level 1, you display hyperbole at it's finest, and (2) it actually did enough sustain to keep you from being pushed out of lanes by Poke or to be able to reasonable go even in Trades against even the strongest of Top Lane Champions. So while your Lane Opponent was chugging pots, you were fine just Q'ing something and smacking it around to get your HP back... while holding those Pots for the Gank that would come. Also, losing any and all form of poke was just stupid... it's the only thing that made him viable as a Top, since he could poke back or farm with Q against a Ranged Top (bet Fiora wishes she had some Poke Ability after Quinn *Huni* wrecked her). Without that he's to risky to fall into such Counters, which were already difficult for him but now should be down right impossible.
Old Shen used to mindlessly poke without any counterplay and entertainment value with his Q. The rest of his kit then was for some god forsaken reason, designed entirely around dueling, which got Darius levels strong with the regen from his Q. New Shen has none of that bullshit disparity in his identity. He's made entirely for dueling and tanking. The old Q didn't fit his identity and was dumb to use/play against. Now he has spammable shields from his passive that cost no energy, and an AoE dodge, to help him duel in lane. Dodge is extremely strong. If Jax was a pain in the ass, at least he could die. Shen builds a sunfire cape and becomes immortal, good luck trading him when he has his dodge up. He'll become Nasus 2.0, wait and see.
: Actually, until Late Game, his Shield is less reliable than his old one.
Well it is spammable and doesn't cost him energy anymore, instead he gets it whenever he uses an ability. And it also has an HP scaling now. So it makes sense. Pre-rework, his shield was as forgiving and reliable as a support's. And he didn't have to worry about a resource, since he has energy. Coupled with the fact that his Q gave him crazy HP regen.
: Riot absolutely deserves that spam for removing teambuilder. At the moment league is 100% anti- fun. "hey guys look, there is an awesome new champ but guess what, you wont play him for the next two weaks since he ether gets instalocked banned or firstpicked" The chance to actually get him in blindpick is about 5% since people just dodge or troll if you instalock, what is the only way getting him anyway. And if you finaly picked him first and nobody dodges you have a random role since typing the role before picking him is completely impossible. Blindpick (no matter if you want jhin or not) is 100% cancer right now. And in draft you only have a slight chance when you are firstpick. But most the time one of the 6 guys banns him anyway cause he thinks its funny to not let people play him.
So exactly how the game has been since its inception. K.
: New Champion Q&A: Jhin, the Virtuoso [COMPLETED]
He seems to me as the character to disregard physical pain, while hightened from the thrill of "performing". In a sort of Joker-esque manner. Coupled with the fact that it's obvious his body has taken a great toll from the upgrades and equipment, he has sacrificed a great part of himself, for the sake of his "art". Let's imagine him standing amongst his victims, in a "performance" he just completed, witnessing his work of art in a trance state, thinking he's been sent from a higher power to deliver a higher state of expression upon this world. And he just caught off-guard, shot somewhere on the body. He touches the wound and seeing his bloody hand thinks this is how a true performance should be, and he feels alive, part of the greatest show to ever be performed, before chasing to gun down that poor fellow with 4 well aimed shots. Well, does he disregard pain? Or is he the kind of person who wouldn't be there in the first place, and instead be performing from as far away as possible, being a "grand orchestrator" of sorts, shooting down his puppets.
Jąnna (NA)
: Who's his voice actor?
Quinton Flynn. He's the voice of Raiden from Metal Gear, Kolyat Krios from Mass Effect2+3(among others). The voice proccessing they've done on the VO, to make it feel like he's talking through a mask, gives a very similar vibe to Paul Bettany's voice. For a bunch of days after his announcement, I legitimately thought they'd hired him for a VO, his voice is amazing.
: Oh, my. 1.75 seconds of dodge on an 18 second cooldown? File a lawsuit, why won't you? The way you phrased that makes any ability seem OP. "AoE %MR shred and slow, paired up with an AoE ability that can crit for extreme numbers." Better nerf Karthus.
The way you twist and bend context to suit your personal agenda, as well as the fact that you're so hell bent into having it your way-in our instance getting Shen buffed-you're willing to disregard facts as well as different views/opinions other people have on the matter, is rather fascinating. I've seen the way you've responded to others not blindly following your point. It seems you might be allergic to critical thought. You should become a polititian, you could've given Trump and Hillary a run for their money. Now, if you please. don't reply to me, thank you.
: Not to get passive aggressive, but you've spent almost double the amount of time on league as I have.
Do you see me making dumb posts on the forums?
: Riot, now that Shen is purely melee, can we make his E hitbox larger?
No. He has AoE dodge for crying out loud, and you can already taunt 5 people at the same time. By the way, they took away his "range" and gave him a stupendously spammable shield, so no, again.
: Also trolling, obviously?
Aeron Em (NA)
: Is banning a champion greifing?
Do whatever you want mate. You have every right to ban whatever you want no matter how stupid it may be/seem. It doesn't matter what others say.
: I report everyone that bans my pick intents, regardless of the reason they have for it. It's not sportsmanlike; it ruins my game. Because Riot Games is Riot Games, there's no consequence for trolling your teammates, though, so I wouldn't worry about it.
If banning the champion of your choice is trolling, then fucking assisting the enemy team and feeding your gutts off is what? Get a grip.
Ancestor007 (EUNE)
: Petition to bring back team builder
Petition denied. From now on, this kind of post will be marked as spam. We have enough of them already. I guess it's the new cool thing to do for upvotes. Two days ago was to complain about Fiora, one week ago was to complain about how weak the turrets are, and it goes on and on.
iainB85 (NA)
: So your argument is that because a lot of people still play the game we shouldn't reach out to the company on their own boards when we don't like the direction the game is taking? I really don't see the point of this post at all.
It's very interesting if you think about it. Perhaps, OP has too much free time on their hands?
: League of Legends is still the most popular game in the world
http://sarkarilife.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/then-and-than.jpg Other than that, all I could say has already been said by people in the commets. And your post is shit.
: "Nobody cared who I was till I put the mask on."{{champion:202}}
Didn't know bodies were sentient? Oh crap, did I miss the apocalypse?
Brascus (NA)
: Every team has that one Mumen Rider
I report those people. As if they haven't donated 20 kills to the enemy team by themselves alone, they keep their teammates-and in extend the enemies who like fair sportsmanship-captive in the games they ruin.
: Jhin's true identity?
The only thing I got from this is that Phreak is going full blown aerodynamic for some reason. Are you preparing a space program RIOT?
: https://mazforthefanz.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/the-office-gif_zpsfb561c58.gif
: It's been 7 years, and 4v5's are still broken games.
They give no shits because games with AFKers are rather rare. But apparently frequent enough for literally everyone to have them, some more than others. Huh, nature, such a weird creature she is. In all seriousness, what would you expect, from those who created a system that throws a hissy fit whenever someone says 'fuck' in the chat and lets griefers/trolls/feeders run rampant and spread cancer in our games. At least they come up with great art and music. Their only redeemable qualities.
: You seem to have misunderstood. I directly answered RookPusher's question of why someone might not take Grasp of the Undying in lane and my personal reasoning in my own decision not to. Nothing more.
>They need to increase the window on it or I'll just stick to other things.
Bârd (NA)
: http://st.elohell.net/public/chill/aed01bf540fc2bc7d25361840591117e.png
Meme game on point.
Bârd (NA)
: http://share.gifyoutube.com/Zzd087.gif
Émiil (NA)
: As a linguistic amateur, I would in heaven.
Different strokes for different folks. Personally, I'd like a break from all this crap. And it doesn't help that those educated enough to properly communicate with me, are far in between and irredeemable twats on top.
: ok high elo players, what if i told you...
What if I told you http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/meme/images/e/ed/Y_what_if_i_told_you.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150614224357 People just fucking love to complain
: I'm not a fan of Grasp of the undying. Don't like that the proc won't stay active unless you actually stay in combat. They need to increase the window on it or I'll just stick to other things.
That's like, your decision man. Why the fuck would they "need" to make a change because you decided GotU doesn't fit you? ...
: you put a gif with whoosh, and i add the sound effects
: Do you really purely need verbal queues? You can't tell what most people are doing by their mannerisms and pings? You can't deal with it once in a while? Sure, it's not perfect but it sounds like you're making it too big of a deal that it happened once. The closest thing i can relate it to for myself is that i used to play another game very competitively and would sub in some Brazilian guilds that spoke Portuguese mostly. It was fine to deal with here and there. How does EU deal with multiple languages?
EU doesn't deal with multiple languages. You seem to be under the impression we have small to none communication issues. Well I'm here to let you know the truth is far from that, far enough to fit our universe in the gap. >Do you really purely need verbal queues? You can't tell what most people are doing by their mannerisms and pings? You can't tell someone "hey, don't overxtend there like an idiot without wards dude, come back and regroup with the team", with mannerisms and pings. You can't tell someone "well done yo, that was a great play", or "nice teamwork mate, thanks for the help". >You can't deal with it once in a while? Just because you get constipated every now and then, doesn't mean you have to deal with it and not try some fibers for your 2 next meals or something. And nobody said he's not dealing with it. He just doesn't like it. One doesn't exclude the other.
: I'm confused do you want true solo q or are you upset that some people can't speak English on NA? It is not against the rules to use a language besides English.
Nobody ever mentioned something about rules. What he said is that speaking everything else appart from what the overwhelming majority does, it makes it extremely hard to communicate. He said he could speak his own language too, but that wouldn't benefit the game in any way, so he wishes people would actually get out of their way once in a while to at least put the effort into communicating in the game, just like he does. He juxtaposed the fact that premades who give zero shit about communication in a team game(in our case by spamming in an alphabet even his client couldn't recognize), are making the games really hard since there's no way and willingness to communicate. Thus concluded he wants the true soloQ, where nobody's will be premade with anyone to hinder communication. Which is understandable and expected. You're on the NA server, you're supposed to speak what's spoken in North America, which is mostly english. If you feel like english is not your thing, and you still have to force it down your teammates' throats, you can chose another server where spamming whatever language you like, won't ruin the game from those who are not in your group. My personal note: Ya'll don't know jack fucking shit about horrible communication. You should see the freaking chat here in EUNE; english, greek, polish, russian, dutch, turkish, lebanese, german, ukranian, romanian... All of them with their distinct english alphabet infusions. You'd wish it was filled with white boxes instead.
: *whoosh
Uhm, sorry what?
: the joke your head
I got you mate. http://i.imgur.com/axJmn.gif?noredirect
: Time to play Jhin!
Coop VS AI Where you can test his skills and mechanics all you want, to get the basics of him before trying him against players. There, problem solved, post garbage, yet another circlejerk post about TeamBuilder gets shafted. Bye.
: Below plat this is a non-issue. I am leveling a smurf through gold III right now. I have ace'd teams with fid-ult and then my team just goes back to farming OUR jungle, despite the pings for baron and towers.
That's an issue across all levels of play, across all regions. People just don't know how to finish games. And add to the fact that most don't have the confidence to siege nexus turrets when the enemy Yi has only 35 seconds to respawn. http://25.media.tumblr.com/2f1b15a4190499dde014cf5604060e71/tumblr_mh8st5MCVY1rcny7ko1_250.gif
Cabigon (NA)
: What if towers got increased stats based on how many allied champions are near it?
Nah. It'll just be an artificial steroid, like the passive shield the T2 turrets gave. Similarly to how everyone crowded to it for shields and the siege would last for an eternity, everyone would just camp the turrets and bottleneck any potential push. As if anything outside the EU LCS wasn't a snoozefest already, imagine the teams now sitting under turrets all game. And that would also require swift in the turret stats, to balance the fact that they could get extremely powerfull when the entire team is under them. That means turrets would be weaker when alone, and glorified babysitters when champions are near them. You also seem to forget what's the role of turrets in this game: they are not there to craddle you throughout the match, they are the very match's objectives. They are meant to be taken out, like chess pieces, not babysit you all game.
: That wasn't luck. That was skill. It was extraordinarily quick thinking too, whereas most players would take a flash for an ult as a good trade and call it a day, he was able to plan out his next move, monitor the timing on his ult, and get into position, all within a matter of 2 seconds, and got his toplaner an easy kill
Or, and here me out, he had no vision of Quinn coming right back in because Gankplank moved back at the last second, she was even outside of the screen for a moment before jumping right back in while Gankplank was at the very front of the wave. And Bard used his Q to put pressure on the wave, and it just happened for whatever reason to bypass all the minions that went out of stasis at the same time, and latched onto the last one stunning the dumb Quinn. Not only that, but the facf that it passed through the minions and latched the last one is most likely a bug, since there's nowhere a mention of Tempered Fate having different stasis durations based on how far the target is from the center of the spell. You can check for yourself http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Bard
: ROFL WTF BBQ YESSSSSSSSS Draven can finally beat you the death with his face literally
>"ROFL WTF BBQ YESSSSSSSSS" ...what? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-6dMwk0qJJIc/VQN3R_Q6NFI/AAAAAAAAAr8/dRNJ8cQTdRA/s1600/tumblr_lmfske94pB1qfiuy9.gif
: I liked Graves when he wasn't a jungler
I never liked Graves. A short range ADC that behaves like a burst bruiser, and can go literally everywhere and still be viable.
Titowam (EUW)
: Reverse Poppy
This is mild, at best.
: A Bard Main's Dream
Luck is a wonderful thing.
: Eh, when it's true of every mage support (except maybe janna and raka) I'd argue it's a class problem. I mean, they scale hardest off of items they can't afford and only buy support items because it's all they can do on a support income. Tank items are cheaper and rely less exponential scaling (read: buying multiple 3000g+ items) to be useful and thus tank supports don't have this issue.
Once again, this is a problem with champion design. Tank supports can afford deviating from their intented role because they are made inherently stronger. They have nothing to offer to the team appart from tankyness and CC. So they need the power. And as you said, they also take advantage of the relatively flexible and cheaper itemization for tanks/bruisers. Champions like Leona, Braum, Volibear, can go in and out of supporting with relative ease, Blitzcrank can go mid or jungle. Utility supports on the other hand, get their off-builds extremely shafted. The reason is, they are designed to bring to the team extreme amounts of utility and gold value; free heals, shields, slows, MS boosts, toned down CC, tons of poke damage, relative safety, situational heavy CC, teamfight changing ultimates etc etc. Would one utility support deviate from their role and go to any other lane, their playstyle comes down to this: be extremely binary and obnoxious to play against, while having 1 or 2 aspects extremely broken about you, outsustain everyone, enjoy stronger itemization(usually pure AP) that pumps your high base scalings because you were ment to use utility items, and either fail or succeed(lose lane=lose game). For example: I enjoy playing Nami and Sona mid. They both have poke without counterplay. They both have 1 strong form of CC. They both have free heals tied to their damage(Sona's passive, Nami's W bounce), they both have hidden power in their spells, they both are paper thin, they both have speed boosts and game-changing ultimates. If I lose the lane, I'm literally useless, and end up a glorified heal bot that goes OOM really fast, I also lose the game because the team lacks a true AP carry. They are also very obnoxious to play against, because of the way they work. Slap a DCap, LichBane, RoA, Rylai's, whatever you like on them, and watch them do stupid amounts of damage the weirdest ways possible. That's been happening because they never really knew what an actual support is, or could be, and what it could do or can do. And then Bard came along. His entire kit screams "actual support". While he can go off-meta(AS+onhit), he's primarily built around supporting the team. Why? Because his entire kit is made around "enabling" his teammates into a victory. He has no direct offensive capabilities. All his power is tied into spells that pave the way into a play. He has enough power to contribute into the lane, but not enough so that he could push out the boundary. He trades with empowered AAs, which can put him in danger. His Q doesn't do alot of damage, but has some very nice utility. He has only 2 offensive spells, and the other 3 are ment to offer to the team. Does that mean they actually figured out what a true support is for the game? I don't know. In my honest opinion, that's how pure supports should be built from now on; nothing more than enablers. The occasional tanky support should be balanced around being a tank first and a support second. But proper supports should be guided through paths that enable the team into making plays, taking advantage of unique niches.
: so aggressive, its a normal game in PBE bye, good luck and have fun in the rift
No, it's is NOT a fucking NORMAL game in PBE. It's is a CUSTOM game AGAINST BOTS in PBE, and the player FARMED 45 FUCKING KILLS to prove Kinded could solo Baron. Facts, are facts. >bye, good luck and have fun in the rift You're not fooling me, I know what you are and how you think.
: Who gives a shit about silver kids getting destroyed by Sated Yi, Xin or Jax? None of these champs are a problem at decent elo.
I agree with this.
: If every role was just as boring as top lane.
The only place top lane is actually boring is in the NA LCS.
: Support being an undesirable role is what should be fixed. The whole concept of one person playing a role that's basically "mid laner with slightly more utility and no damage" is just stupid. At least tank supports can become, well, tanks.
That's a problem with champion design, not the class in itself. Similar to how Fiora, Garen and Darius might be juggernauts, but they don't automatically make Aatrox an actually good pick.
Rezandra (NA)
: @Riot - You need to start rewarding supports
>Riot - You need to start rewarding supports How about no? Everyone gets equally rewarded for what they do. Why should any class, and any given set of corresponding players, get special attention? Could it be because you feel entitled to it whenever you're supporting? >If playing support meant that people would get rewarded for their patience and willingness to boost the power of the rest of the team I'll skip the fact that this is nonsensical, and say they already do get rewarded. >then people might actually want to do it People already want to do it. And they do it aplenty. But videogames are for fun, and to have fun you take a carry role. Sitting in the back, "enabling" your team into a victory(which is what supports do, enable plays), is not as thrilling as playing Katarina. And when you want to hop in for a couple of games to have a rush of fun, you'll pick what's most entertaining. >The problem is that support is the least desired role right? So reward people for choosing it as their primary role when they queue. WoW has done this for years. Tanks and healers get an extra loot bag with some goodies after finishing an instance No, no and no. Also, wrong. You can't compare an MMO to a MOBA. A healer is required in a raid, no matter what, period. In a MOBA you can flex and/or brake the meta for what is actually "support". Hell, there are even supports who offer no short of sustain to the team. You can't do a dungeon without the healer in your group, simply because nobody else is built to sustain themselves and the tank is bound to not be able to carry 10 players eventually. > support really is a thankless job that somebody has to do I get thanked a metric fucking ton for carrying games as support. I get thanked aplenty when I save someone. I get rewarded with massive amounts of assists, with great plays, with teamwork. I get reworded with what my class is supposed to get rewarded with. That's your own personal issue, and you have to deal with it. But asking for special treatment based on it, is something I cannot accept in a game I enjoy. I say, if special treatment was to be applicable in this game, give it to those who actually carry and save games craplords troll and ruin. They actually earned special treatment the ward way, by carrying 4 teammates. Does this post's wording rub you off? Good. To hell with entitled people.
: Lmao...no one even builds Devourer or plays any on hit champs in high elo/LCS. When is the last time you saw Xin, Yi or Jax in the LCS? Or Devourer at all? Troll post.
Who gives a shit about LCS... A group of 10 weebs playing against eachother on a custom game in front of an audience, does not hold a candle to the actual game. If you want to balance around high level of play, there are divisions for that. LCS, not so much, especially after watching NA's performance today, NRG 15-0 TSM. LOL
: How to win the most annoying matchups in the game: A comprehensive list.
A comprehensive list and analysis on counterplay and counterpicking, by your friendly resident 2-seasons-and-counting bronze player. http://cdn.meme.am/instances/65050687.jpg An example of how this guide is bad? Why list Mordekaiser and Akali as counters(Akali especially isn't), when there are actually stronger and viable option on the table like Zed, Leblanc, Orianna, Lissandra and Ahri to name a few. How is Caitlyn actually a viable pick later on against him? She has 1 dash on average to long cooldown, he has 2, one of which makes him untargetable every 4.8s at 40%cdr. And you're telling me this champion that's specifically designed to slip past your peeling teammates to get to the back line, has a rather hard time against an immobile and burstless ADC. Viable ADCs against him, and actually quite strong as well, are Lucian, Graves, Vayne and Corki to name a few. They have self-peel, great damage/poke/steroids. A Caitlyn is a free meal for a Fizz; catch her down bot lane farming solo, and murder her ass. You're talking about Riven, telling players they have to be smarter than her when playing against her. You are telling me, people who have trouble playing against a freaking Riven, have the knowledge to freeze and generally manipulate waves? And you're expecting that from them? I personally have no problem laning against any Riven but I can't manipulate a wave even if my life was depended on it. I could go on and on about this whole thing, but fuck that. Bye.
: PBE =/= Live doesnt matter if its normal,bots,ranked, one for all, urf, doom bots
I don't give a shit. Want to talk to me about PBE balance, show me gameplay from a "proper" PBE game. Going in a custom, farming 45 bot kills, getting free stacks on Kindred's passive, gold and items, and then soloing baron, is not an example of PBE balance Kindred.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ironhold,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jAE0J0iM,comment-id=001500000000000100000000,timestamp=2016-01-31T03:22:14.338+0000) > > Because AP kogmaw is dead. > > Building Nashor's, Gunblade, Rageblade and the like, doesn't make him AP. > > In my mind that needed clarification. No, but building RoA, Liandry's, Void Staff, Nashoor's, Deathcap does. And as I said, I still think it is strong if played correctly.
Just play Kayle if you're going to build like that. Or Diana; hell, Diana is **extremely** effective with that build and enjoys innate tankyness. But he's not strong. It's not a matter of playing correctly. It's just that the only reason it was viable, his ulti, got fucked and nerfed, and the rest of his kit got overall nerfed/shafted in order to force him into this DPS immobile bad version of Kayle. And I mean truly immobile. If Koggy moves during his W, he actually loses DPS. Different strokes for different folkes, but I will never like his new identity. Oh, and on a sidenote, all those broken on-hit items will eventually get nerfed or fall out of meta, then he will lose practically everything.
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