: More like Origen.....then everyone else. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
inb4 Fnatic wins both splits again somehow{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Kendorra (EUW)
: EU 4-1 NA. Too bad CLG and C9 failed in the end, i would have loved to see teams from both regions in the bracket. And people plz don't start with hating again, yes EU has teams in the bracket and NA doesn't, but besides OG & FNC, NA teams are just as good as EU teams. You can disagree with me if you want, but plz stay humble in victory & gracious in defeat.
*cough**cough* NA 0-10 last week in grups *cough**cough*
foinhas (EUW)
: well, mithy niels huni reignover and febiven sure do have lots of world games on them, right?
Mithy was on Lemondogs in the S3 worlds
: Breaking down Worlds 2015 Group D
Ok so Origen gets to be 2nd in a group with korea 1 and korea 2(practicaly) and fnatic cant get 1st in a group with na 3 taiwan 1 and china 3?
: The Best Boss Steals of the 2015 LCS Summer Split
: Pray that they don't put in a pool were there is edg or ahq lol
I dunno how the LPL works but EDG ended 4th behind Invictus.
: Just wanted to know if the final will be played as a BO5 ?
Lucky Ace (EUW)
: i am sad to see another great eu mid laner start of his (new) path in NA, but alex really deserves his LCS spot. but sadly this team is just another showing imported talent winning the day. i wil support RNG like an EU team in NA tho, because even tho they compete in the NA LCS for me alex will alway be part of the holy EU trinity (Froggen, Xpeke and Alex Ich)
All 3 are in the lcs again :D cept Alex is in Na but still :D
: 1: Keep Remilia. 2: Will we get notified when Team Dignitas EU gets sold and renamed? One owner cannot own 2 teams in any of the 5 pro leagues, so DEU will need to be sold. I would like to know when it does.
Oh thank god for number 2. I actually like Dignitas as a team and have nothing against the players but i hate sister teams and organizations who have teams in more regions.
JHei (NA)
: Thats it? Only 5 Drives?
And why just from NA? Eu has some stories too like Yellowstar, Rekkles, xPeke, Froggen, nRated, Diamondprox, Mithy....
Tritan (NA)
: outstanding rookie: huni. ( for eu)
: If anyone but Yellowstar gets that award, I'll be floored. He is, hands down, the best player in the West right now. Great attitude, incredible shotcaller, deep champ pool, solid mechanics.
Febiven and Huni are worthy too ya know.
Ixnay (EUNE)
: possible when hearing the description. but honestly OG Niels deserves it a lot more.
No now that i read the article better G0dfred was voted 4th
Feanor314 (EUW)
: I think the EU roockie could be GIA G0dfred...
possible when hearing the description. but honestly OG Niels deserves it a lot more.
Kusper (NA)
: If I'm not mistaken, H0R0 has already played his first match on European soil. In fact he's played a total of 19 (including a tie breaker).
They never said he didn't play in europe but they said he is a new jungler for UOL .
Larzaruss (EUW)
: "the once-enormous skill gap between East and West has narrowed. " Hahaha what ? Team WE was DEAD LAST in China out of 12 teams ! They are in ABSOLUTELY NO WAY representative of how good the east is. Additionally Tigers choked hard and B01 series are a joke anyway. IEM is completely irrelevant for any _studious_ observer. About Fnatic : You have to mention that they also have a KOREAN toplaner (+ jungler) that can actually teleport properly. Nobody else in the west has that skill. This team that could take _some_ games from SKT just completely stomped EU. They tried many different things and they still won every single time. EIGHTEEN WINS IN A ROW Nobody in EU or NA has any kind of chance against that level. The enormous skill gap between the East and Fnatic has narrowed. The gap between the rest of the West and the East looks just as big as it did in S3 and 4.
WE after IEM got into chinas playoffs and took EDG to 5 games and Koo tigers started losing left and right after IEM.
: Flipping The Script: The history of lane-swaps
: LCS 2015 Summer Split awards presented on PTL and LCS Finals
Honestly Deilor should have gotten the best coach last split but oh well. There is absolutely no competition this split. Best rookie: Niels MVP: Huni, Febiven or Yellowstar NA is too close to call
: you are not a true fnatic fan if you give xpeke no recognition. like. really. febiven is the weakest part of the squad, not saying he's bad. but if you're smart you know xpeke is better, and will likely be for a long time
Did you watch diferent games than everyone else? Febiven might be the strongest part of the team outside Yellowstars shotcalling. Everytime Fnatic was playing sloppy Febiven was there making big plays to save them and he is the one who will always play good if his 4 teammates play sloppy.
wints22 (NA)
: I'd have to agree with all except I think g2 will win eu
Well i hope G2 win. their mid laner is from my country
: Power Rankings - 7/28/2015
So much hate towards Fnatic but they fail to realise fnatic basically used the LCS as a training arena for strats and team comps they are not that comfortable on. Week 9 they played 2 comps that were the closest to the style they played in the spring split and they downright chrushed both of their opponents (finished UOL in 23 minutes) So i really think they will do well.
Tritan (NA)
: wait, why did they say they were the only ones from eu in na. incarnation?
Yeah but incarnation wont be in the LCS for much more kappa
: Aggression meets innovation in Impulse vs. Gravity's battle for No. 1
o BioHaz (NA)
: origen vs fnatic in finals, fnatic throws series 3-2 so origen can make it to worlds, been done before in multiple sports now its coming to the esports.
Origen is the second best team in EU lcs and i dont think they will have much trouble in the regional qualifiers plus riot is really bent on fair play, there was one team taht was fixing matches i cant remeber which one but riot punished them hard with no bullshit you see in other sports.
: H2K will complete their Cinderella story and go to Worlds. Just everyone watch.
Everyone thinks that the 3 teams to go to worlds will be: Fnatic(duh) Origen and H2K.
: > [{quoted}](name=SerÐar,realm=EUW,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=h3asPYtY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-07-22T23:04:38.977+0000) > > Gambit doing well without Forg1ven ? better hope ^^ I didn't say it was likely, just that it'd be ideal... lol
If fucking Imagine would give back Steeelback Gambit would definetively reach playoffs
: Competitive ruling: Konstantinos ‘FORG1VEN’ Tzortziou
Bischa (EUW)
: steelback is playing in na cs tho.
I honestly hope its Steeelback besides (im not sure tho) i dont think you need to be in physically in NA to play in the CS except for playoff finals.
: Incarnati0n brings back burst assassins in win over NME
Finally incarnation gets to play what he is most comfortable on and look at the result
: Incarnati0n brings back burst assassins in win over NME
Finally incarnation gets to play what he is most comfortable on and look at the result
: Fantasy Love/Hate: Week 8
At Hjarnan it says Hjarnan(vs. Giants... and then Gambit in the paragraph.
: The Swedish Shot-caller: G0DFRED
I prefer g0dgana to fredgana
Ixnay (EUNE)
: 1. Remember TSM got destroyed by everyone, MSI must hurts for your na fanboy heart 2. Fnatic played at MSI with Steeelback who is a lot worse adc than Rekkles so i doubt EDG would have a easy time against this fnatic
Rekkles is better than Steeelback. He does everything Steeelback did better plus he can solo carry a game
: Power Rankings - 7/14/2015
Hoestly H2K feels better than Gravity. I would even dare to put Giants at n.20
12 30AM (NA)
: nice joke eu fanboy nice joke there
1. Remember TSM got destroyed by everyone, MSI must hurts for your na fanboy heart 2. Fnatic played at MSI with Steeelback who is a lot worse adc than Rekkles so i doubt EDG would have a easy time against this fnatic
: For a supposed "Rank 1", he's been looking like a rank fool.
hard to look good when your entire reputation is built on assasins which are useless in this meta
: Ask the Pros: Cloud9's Incarnati0n
This reminds me of CSGO Virtus Pro when they got pashabiceps. a team of veterans with a new guy who didnt live up to the hype an the team underpreformed and the reason for that was not giving pasha enough freedom. once they just let him play like he wants suddenly he VP was demolishing everyone. i feel like its the same here
: Now or never for Counter Logic Gaming
I just wanna point out that the longest rivalry in LoL is Fnatic-SK not TSM-CLG. The european organizations were rivals practicaly since eSports began and rito constantly forgets it but whenever TSM-CLG is on when get another article just the same the other hundred articles written about it.
: Future rivals? Fnatic & Origen square off in Week 4
: As someone who frequently plays him in dominion against diamond/challenger and even some current LCS players. I'd say he's pretty underrated by the community. Definitely viable as a soloque midlaner. But due to his poor scaling on his ultimate he's more suited as a support. We might even see him this LCS. The most important thing is that you really need amazing positioning and great map awareness. Both of which the large majority of players are bad at. And if you ever miss your knock-up closerange you're pretty much dead. It's so satisfying when you do play him well though.
Last time is saw Vel,Koz in lcs was SK vs Fnatic and he got butfucked hard.
: 2015 World Championship Regional Seeds
I would like to point out the curse of the world cahmpion: The team that wins the world championship wont participate in the next one. So far it has been true and it doesn't really look like samsung will participate in the s5 worlds
0neSh0tGG (EUW)
: The best player that ever played professional LoL. Has it all, mechanics, personality, positive attitude, leadership, shotcalling. Amazing. We love you Bora <3 (by saying the best player I didn't mean skill wise but the whole package as a player)
You don't watch him play do you? I feel like Yellowstar is the most skilled support in the world.
: Team Spotlight: Elements
I love their new version of the logo. Much better than the old one.
Cryovix (NA)
: pawn has been playing better then faker has since last season. faker isn't the god player that he was in season 3 anymore
A lot of people right now think Easyhoon is also better than Faker but i think that is just because of the meta. For now...
: Crimson Age: Gambit Gaming
Honestly i think they should have also replaced Betsy. Don't get me wrong i think he is a fantastic player with a lot of potential but right now he feels like Niq 2.0 i mean he is in the team just because he went berserk against Fnatic but that is honestly his only really stellar preformance
: FORG1VEN: Taking a Gambit
Best bot eu LOL . they are a fantastic bot lane but i feel like Rekkles/Yellowstar and Niels/Mithy are much better bot lanes.
: The fall of assassins in pro play
I honestly think assasins will never leave the meta just because of their snowball power and what they essentialy do and that is: delete a target instantly. There will always be players confident enough to take assasins even against 3 tanks
Ixnay (EUNE)
: Key word: was. NA HAD good mid laners like Hai, Voyboy, Reginald, Mancloud etc.. But none of them play in the LCS anymore. Now that the "old elite" is gone i hoped they would replce them with soloq or challenger series talent like EU has (Febiven, Fox, PoE...)
Viro Melchior- for some reason i cant reply directly to your comment so im doing this: the problem with challenger series is that you can't tell how will they match up against LCS teams example: coast and T8. One preceded their expectations the other didnt live up to theirs. And about the numbers, its unfair because the total people world wide playing league is about 32 milion and lol(at least i feel like is)is more popular in NA since they give scholarships to lol players.
Cheryl Cole (EUNE)
: Well i heard about some guy... when c9 was choosing new mid, there was some new NA talent together with incarnati0n. Honestly when i read about him, i couldnt believe he's from NA :D. Even his name was something northern. Like swedish or danish. So maybe there is some NA rising star.
I belive it was Yusui
: prolly.
Fantastic as a coach not so good as a mid laner.
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