Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 13
> **We**'ll be making some individual champ adjustments to outliers in it but **aren't going to be doing anything that should majorly shake things up.** I mean, looking at the changelist posted by @MarkYetter you're trying to outright kick out Karma and Sylas out of the meta, nerfing TK again(while he's already bad) and knocking down Gragas and Sejuani. all nerfs to competitive which will shake the meta. In that same changelist are buffs to already good, A tier champs that look like attempts to push them into S tier. That seems like the complete opposite of what you claimed, attempts at introducing more champions into the meta and pushing champions out (Karma's most likely completely out of the meta with the heavy nerf). Are we not getting any nerfs to any soloq terrors like zed,pyke,kha and so on? They don't affect competitive so there's no reason not to nerf them if the goal of the change is not to shake the competitive meta, most of'em (with the exception of pyke) don't appear in comp anyway.
: she doesn't deal true damage Kaisa is just an easier and flashier vayne
That's also safer and easier to fit in a teamcomp thanks to mixed damage, and harder to itemize against, and has more versatile build paths. So yeah, modern champion design in a nutshell.
: > [{quoted}](name=DorkunedAuras,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9aQpcEVx,comment-id=000800000000,timestamp=2019-09-11T14:35:03.464+0000) > > Kalista is an entirely different problem from any other champion and comparing her to them is absurd I still want kalista to be viable again.
Nobody else does though, sorry.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Kog is stronger than Kai'sa with a great enchanter to protect him and I bet you'll see Kog more often than kai'sa at worlds. Kog and Jinx's range are absurd can be exploited into tons of opportunities. On the other hand, Kai'sa thrives in soloq due to her overloaded kit
Except it's been the exact reverse, nobody picks kog in competitive, in any region, while kai'sa remains a contested pick. There's no reason for it to flip on it's head at worlds unless Riot turns the meta completely on it's head, and they already stated they don't plan on big metashifts on the before worlds patch.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Only one? Right now most of the threads are made are about Pyke Even Yasuo was never hated that much lol
Disagree, Yasuo hate is eternal (as exemplified by his banrate)
: His old E could never crit unless ur talking about the Q and auto thing, which he still kinda has on his Q. Anyway, here's old E and new E damage: Old 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+ 300% bonus AD) New 55 / 105 / 155 / 205 / 255 (+ 150% bonus AD) +100%/166% AD New one unempowered deals more damage at almost every stage of the game (until you have enough AD to make 300% bonus > 150% bonus +100% total, which takes quite a bit). Assuming at least 1 adaptive force rune, it deals 125 (+150% bonus AD) physical damage at level 1 rank 1 unempowered w/ no items. The empowered version out-damages the old one at all stages of the game. The new one does require hitting that shield slap for the majority of its damage though (but you can reactivate to end earlier and you can move with it as well). But yes, it is in fact a DPS loss because it's being done at double the duration (overall a little less than half the old DPS). Also the new one waveclears better (old had 60% reduced to minions, new has 50% and as stated above deals overall more damage over the duration while also not having any reduced effect on the slam portion).
The crit thing I mentioned was this >PASSIVE - CERTAIN DEATH: Pantheon's basic attacks and Spear Shot Spear Shot Critical strike icon critically strike all enemies Health icon below 15% maximum health. which used to be on his E(you could argue a part of it is on his Q but it doesn't count as a crit, is only on the throw and has different breakpoints) but he completely lost the crit synergy and guaranteed crit autos. And you're terribly mispresenting the E because while you're showing the correct numerical values, you forgot that this damage gets spread out throughout the duration, and the new E has a longer duration than the old one.(you can basically just take the value and add a +100% bAD with a situational +200%bAd as he will get to smack down an auto attack in the time the new one is still going on even with no as items, and will sometimes even crit because of the old passive) If you compared the same time frame for doing damage, the New E is worse at every respect if you factor in that after Eing you resume autoing, and if the target is low at that point you also might go into the automatic AA crit territory.
Ralanr (NA)
: I don't get where people were expecting his E to hurt. His old E never felt that impactful when I mained him up to season 5. And with the defense mechanic, the damage is more or less a bonus.
Old e had the crit when target is low thing though, and could wave clear, new one is actually a dps loss
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 2
Damn I was hoping the TFT balance slowdown would be accompanied with an increase in balance efforts for SR, not the opposite. I can kinda understand not wanting to shake up the meta before an important competitive event, if not for the fact we've had a stale mate for a WHILE now. Are you guys fine with Corki vs Azir being so prevalent in competitive?
: Now you see, remember what pykes passive is? He can't gain additional health, rather gaining bonus ad when he does. He actually needs the armor values since he only gains health through levels instead of gaining it upon items like all the other champs. Any champion can become tanky, their abilities just wont scale then. Do you know who else is tank? {{champion:32}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:86}} etc, they can one shot any carry if they get close enough and why is that? It's because of their kit, just like lux has an extremely low cd on her ult and has a slow + root, she's labelled as a support. It's the same thing but different champs
That doesn't matter if the majority of the game time is spent running around with {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3026}} for the champions he shares the assassin pool with which actually makes him way tankier than other champions with the same item pool. It doesn't matter if he can't gain health if majority of the game he won't get to build it. Don't fucking try to sell this idiotic idea of "pyke is squishy" when he's literally tankier than every other assassin at their most important item spikes of duskblade youmu.
: > [{quoted}](name=J Eevo,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jii97oeO,comment-id=000300000004000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-01T16:28:20.615+0000) > > yeah he is, but you claimed he wasn't tankier. Maybe don't lie to people? I'd like to point out that against Thresh, Pyke is easily killed if he tries to go in. Pyke himself isn't actually tanky, it's after shock and bone plating that present the illusion that he's tankier than an assassin should be. Plus the main thing about the thread is that Pyke should lose anti poke (i.e most tanks and vel, lux, morgana, etc) and mobility (i.e talon, zed, katarina, akali, etc). Op wants Pyke to either lose what many other supports and "supports" have, or what ever other assassin in the game has. He isn't tanky, it's called runes and sustain.
feel free to argue against op's points(which obviously are overblown, though you could argue whether his passive should lose SOME effectiveness), but don't try to claim bullshit like that he's super squishy when he's not. >it's after shock and bone plating that present the illusion that he's tankier than an assassin should be. No, he IS tankier than other assassins, it's not an illusion it's fact, you can look up base stats, and compare him to any of the other champions with similar builds at similar points in the game and find that in most cases Pyke is just straight up tanky. Runes do help (if he elects to go resolve) but even played with electrocute, he has the base stats higher than that of a fucking juggernaut. he has the third highest health total at level 18 and 9th highest starting health pool at level 1 You know who else has the same health and health growth numbers and shares that spot with him? Fucking {{champion:223}} who's a full on tank. Oh but don't worry they have a difference, after all Tahm kench's base armor is highest in the game with 47 to offset the fact he is a melee with no way to affect the outcome of the lane early game, Pyke's base armor? 45 coincidentally 2nd highest in the game - oh but not for long because while Tahm Kench's end up at spot 9 when it comes to lvl 18 armor values ( with 106 armor) Pyke gets to climb all the way to spot 1, getting his base armor up to 130. >He isn't tanky, it's called runes and sustain. Just, no. Plain no, what you're trying to claim isn't true.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: He's allowed to be a little tankier than other assassins if their damage is 5 times higher.
yeah he is, but you claimed he wasn't tankier. Maybe don't lie to people?
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: I like how you're ignoring the fact that zed and talon do 5 times as much damage as pyke
I'm not, you're shifting goalposts, the point was whether he's squishy or not, which you tried to claim he was.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: You are just factully wrong. Pyke is squishy. Hard fact, can't even argue with that. Go play him and tell me how much did that 130 armor help you survive damage at level 18 Tanks are getting shreded late game with 300 armor. You think 130 armor and 2300 health is a lot late game? Now that is laughable.
I like how you're bringing up lategame here, and talking about how games don't get to lategame a post before. No, pyke is not any more squisher than other assassins, in fact he has better base stats than champions who build similar items at similar points in the game. Compare Pyke with youmu duskblade to a zed, talon, or shaco with the same items and Pyke comes out on top with both higher health and higher armor and magic resistance.
Eedat (NA)
: The fact that a mouse cursor sparked magnitudes more outrage than the removal of TT
the mouse cursor news came out first, so it's kind of disingenuous to claim one sparked more outrage, when the news didn't come out at the same time. Besides you can literally have a look at the front page right now and see a whole page of discussion about TT so, no.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=jgl never top ff,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jii97oeO,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-31T05:03:33.540+0000) > > who is actually a tank > {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Funny way to spell squishy edit: this guy says pyke is a tank, gets 30 upvotes. i claim he is not a tank, i get downvoted 20 times. This board is a meme.
Pyke got base stats up the ass though, it's laughable to call him squishy when the actual squishy champions have literally half his stats. Yes he cannot build health, but that doesn't make him any more squishy than someone who just elects not to build health because it doesn't align with what they want from their build.
Capote (NA)
: As a Swain main I really like his changes. The mechanic changes were BADLY needed, especially the ability to pop your ult whenever you want, even if for reduced damage. The minion Q body blocking removal will also be healthy, and getting permanent benefits for having a high hit rate on your skills will also feel more rewarding than just overpowering your ultimate next cast. The only thing left to see is where the number tweaks will land, but I’m looking forward to try the changes.
I like the general idea but the changes seem iffy at first glance, less range on q, wider spread, and a higher cooldown on his main damage ability, making it significantly less spammable?
usul1202 (NA)
: What's your 'it happened in a dream' skin?
Tahm Kench in wonderland. I love the cheshire cat aesthethic.
Ahris (NA)
: The thing is, Ahri is VERY weak in highelo, and the point here is not pickrate but rather making some champs more viable.
She's 52% wr diamond +, with only master leagues sporting negatives, for a straightforward champion with a very easy, low skill floor champ that's actually pretty great.
Adalvar (EUW)
: > why not put it onto something that's not played like mao or voli, or wu, or anything else that isn't the 5th most played toplaner Renekton. Last i checked Voli is on the VGU short list along with Fiddle, Wu already has a kit rework on the PBE and Mao already has a niche as a semi-global engage tank. Ahri always had her charm cancel dashes until a stupid rework attempt that failed hard, and she's losing almost half the duration to her dmg amp in return. Also last i checked Renek doesn't have a niche besides "bash people in the first 15 minutes", which if you think about it, this change only fuels that quasi-niche. Also Blitz got the shield-breaking mechanic and he's arguably the least played of the hook supports, Kled also got the GW treatment as Kat, Kench can now eat Red and Blue, but lost alot of dmg. Sylas is now a anti-mage focused pick with his magic dmg only shield. Leona has a flat dmg reduction on her W to deal with DoT champs. Morg/LB/Karma now gain true sight with their tethers. I'm guessing that this will be a dry run patch to test how these soft counters and if it pays out, we'll see a few more
You can easily slap on mechanics on kits that are still to be vgu'd even if there's plans to VGU them later on, makes it easier to test out the changes on a larger scale and makes the champs more appealing in the meantime. We've seen it with voli's E, and before with Nunu's W. Mao's niche clearly isn't defined enough as nobody picks him so the kind of work being done of shoring up niches seems like a perfect fit. Renekton's early game niche also stems from his generalist kit, he doesn't have a specific niche like anti X champ, because his kit already has a ton of tools to play around with, you get safe laning with the sustain, he's harder to gank with his R and E, and he can be very versatile with the combination of all of the above, you need a priority target disabled, he can dash through the team and empower W them, you want him to stall and defend, R and empower Q, tank killing, empowered E. (if anything they could shore up his already existing choices of empowered QWE and make the defence shave on E more impactful, but adding yet another mechanic just feels wrong) Blitz I'm totally ok with because so many champions having hooks now in contrast to the times before when his was the only one I'm down with giving him more defined tools, but the GW? When it's been shown to be toxic when against champions whose whole shtick is based around sustain? When Mundo's ult had to be readjusted because of the abundance of GW and him never getting the full worth of his R? It just feels like such a missed opportunity to me that might just backfire because of the targets chosen to recieve them. And it'd really suck to have the backlash from these common picks recieving these tools kill any future hope for less popular champions to recieve these kinds of tools because of the way they were tested initially.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 5
>Soft Champion Counters in 9.14 I love the idea but hate the aproach, since it seemed like a great way to make underplayed picks have a niche, but some champs you slapped these onto already have considerable pickrates and clearly don't need anything else for them to be considered good. Why slap anti shielding onto Rene, who's already one of the most played toplaners with a plethora of tools that other picks lack already?(Rene's kit already has two dashes, sustain, stun etc., he doesn't need yet another niche) why not put it onto something that's not played like mao or voli, or wu, or anything else that isn't the 5th most played toplaner Renekton. Ahri's already played a TON, same for Katarina, do you really need to give people addition reasons to pick them? And why is the grievous wounds stronger than the ordinary grievous wounds debuff? The Poppy change I like, but it's a waste since she already countered mobility now she's just gonna do it more, we need MORE champions to have these tools, not to have the 2 champions that have the anti mobility effects have them powered up more. Why is Poppy the only good anti dashing champion?
: They're trying to get you to max e last for some fucking reason idk why they don't buff the w. So if you max e last this IS actually a buff a stupid fucking buff but a buff. They are not trying to nerf him.
It's actually still a nerf in that case because E max second wins more games tho, so you're forcing him to do the less wr max
: Poppy W grounds now? Where's the source? I NEEEEED the source!
>[New] If Poppy stops a movement ability, the enemy is grounded and slowed by 25% for 2 seconds
4th3t0s (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=J Eevo,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=TEz2XRfV,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-07-03T00:45:19.401+0000) > > Doesn't do shit against blinks so sadly it's not just a universal mobility counter. Sad because of how common Zed is nowadays Except it does, grounded will lock out {{summoner:4}} in addition to blinks
>[New] If Poppy stops a movement ability, the enemy is grounded and slowed by 25% for 2 seconds You have to actually dash first to get grounded so it does absolutely nothing if you blink, the circle itself doesn't ground.
: I've been telling people to pick poppy into mobile champs when they're meta since forever. I feel like riot is using this as a wake up call for people who complain about mobile champs but never take the time to try and counterplay them.
Doesn't do shit against blinks so sadly it's not just a universal mobility counter. Sad because of how common Zed is nowadays
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 28
: > [{quoted}](name=mack9112,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=PngFgx4K,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-28T05:43:29.248+0000) > > Then you didn’t build correctly You get what the game decides to give you. If you start off with champions and try to build that then suddenly get fucked and instead of being offered those you're given a completely new set nothing you can do
If a champion gets bought out by multiple people, copies in the shop won't appear since they're 'bought out' by others. So it's not as much as rng fucking you over (though rng certainly helps in that respect) as much as there not being enough information about how champion rolls work, since you don't learn this until playing A LOT and being observant, or just being told outright. Same shit with the interest mechanic, and with what items build into what - the game's severely lacking in the information department, not conveying info to players properly. The rng problem does exist but it's the Item drop rng that's an actual problem, not champion rng.
: I don't agree with the other guy's premise, but there is a point to be had about Ban-rate and playrate. Mains will naturally have a higher winrate with their champion, so if only a majority of people who play people are Riven mains, statistics will reflect that. Banrate, is also something that Riot themselves have made special mention of when it comes to their new line of what is "Overpowered"/Worthy of a nerf. Lower banrate but higher winrate, like Janna, is an actual thing that Riot does keep in mind when choosing nerfs. A lot of the time, it means that even when facing the champion, they don't feel themselves pressured/unable to respond against said champion, which is why most bans are chosen in the first place. Just throwing in my two cents.
Eh, considering we got information recently that they're looking into Aurelion sol who suffers this problem even more(only played by mains, low pickrate low banrate, high winrate), but is statistically less jarring with there being way less Asol mains than riven mains, and despite that them amassing a lower winrate, I'd say a nerf to Riven should be definitely looked at
: New Champion Concept with Stats, abilities, lore, best roles, and item builds.
>Vinthia is the first every melee marksman with ranged melee autos (this also makes her a unique champion with access to use both ranged only and melee only items at the same time) Idk what's the point of this really >Her auto attacks send out a bat to attack her enemies from range but if an enemy is close enough to her she will also slash them and have a bat attack at the same time (2 autos for one attack cast --- best not to get to close) You haven't defined the ranges of her ranged and melee so I don't know what they are but I can still easily offer some criticism based on the kit: 1) 2 autos for one attack is ridiculously broken(you don't even have any damage reduction for the second attack like with Lucian, and luc has to proc skills for this) I also found it funny you didn't go on-hit guinsoo in none of your builds (though you did include bork) which would most likely be the most effective build out of them all considering this passive. 2) You have a ranged champ with two dashes granting her ridiculous mobility for a ranged (it could make sense if her range damage was significantly lower than the melee, but as is now you have her ranged at the power of a regular adc and her melee as a turbo dps) 3) Ranged champ with not gated internal lifesteal that not only doesn't get punished for not kiting but actually gets rewarded with more dps if someone closes the distance into melee seems super counter intuitive. >When at full health all self health gain from damage fills her blood pouches. Vinthia has three blood pouches. (blood pouches have 600 "health storage" and the 3/6% health she would normally get is used to fill them when she is at full health) Kinda like the idea, but you had her jungle which this wouldn't work in, she'd stack this faster if free hitting minions in lane(they don't fight back), in jungle you'd constantly hover above 90% but below 100% so you'd only stack it on the first hits dealt. Then again you have her so overwhelmingly packed with lifesteal she'd probably just walk around on full forever in the jungle but that wouldn't be allowed in league and she'd get nerfed. > Q ( Quench ) Cost: 30 Mana range: 360 Vinthia dashes forward biting and slashing all enemies in her path. Vinthia's dashes forward dealing 30/60/90/120/160 ( +60% bonus attack damage) pyshical damage. If Quench deals the final blow to an enemy champion, Large, or Epic monster Vinthia heals for 6% of their total health. With one full blood pouch this moves cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds. cooldown 7/7/6/6/4 (can be used to go over walls) Idk the range of this, but dashing THROUGH enemies seems to imply the dash is quite far. which seems unbalanced with such a low cd, not even mentioning it's only one of two dashes on her kit. >W ( Wicked Wings) Cost: 60 mana Range: 600 Vinthia spreads her wings and dives to a target location damaging all enemies in her path. Vinthia's dives to a target location dealing 25/30/40/50/60 ( +30% bonus attack damage) physical damage. With two full blood pouches this move cast a trail behind Vinthia's path that last 3 seconds after she reaches her target location and grants allies who pass through it 3% bonus movement speed for 6 seconds. cooldown 18/15/12/9/6 (can be used to get over walls) Idk the range again, but seems to be far since it's implying damaging enemies in a longer path. Damage seems low but the important part is the dash so w.e >cooldown 18/15/12/9/6 wtf is this supposed to be? why does it go down to 6, having her two dashes at a 4 and 6 cd at midgame? >E ( Extractor Nest ) Cost: 30 mana Range: 300 Vinthia leaves behind one of her bats to make a nest and scout an area for her. Vintha leaves behind a bat in a target location that last 60 seconds. The bat takes 3 seconds to settle in place. If an enemy walks into the bats nest (detection radius 300) the bat will attach to the enemy for 20/30/40/50/60 seconds dealing 6/12/24/48/60 physical damage every 20 seconds and then fill a blood pouch equal to 12% of the total damage it dealt after it detaches from the enemy. Vinthia only is granted vision of the enemy the entire time the bat is attached. Casting Extractor Nest with a nest already set with replace the currently placed nest with the new one With three full blood pouches Vinthia's nest last for 180 seconds and grant all allies vision of the attached target along with nearby enemies to the attached enemy (120 radius of attached target). Cooldown 24/21/18/15/12 Idk the total duration of the attach effect, this: > dealing 6/12/24/48/60 physical damage every 20 seconds seems to imply it's actually longer than 20, which is actually SUPER LONG already(Illaoi ghost duration's considered too long and it's 12 seconds) for most players it'd just make it SUPER annoying, for high tier play it'd track someone for ridiculously long, fucking over enemy junglers ridiculously with the vision (If you want a comparison with a skill with similar function, Nidalle traps that grant vision on targets who step on them have the duration of 4 seconds) >R ( Ravenous Swarm ) Cost: 300 mana Range: 600 Vinthia awakens all the bat hidden within her shawl to swarm and attack her foes. She then rewards them by feeding them with her blood pouches. Vinthia's bats swarm the area around Vinthia dealing 30/45/60 ( +6% AD) physical damage per second and 4/5/6 magical damage per second to the enemies within the area. Duration 6 seconds. Gains an extra 2 seconds per full blood pouch. (12 second total ultimate time with all three blood pouches full) With one full blood pouches enemies are stunned for .6 seconds at Ravenous Swarm's activation. With two full blood pouches enemies are inflicted with grievous wounds while within Ravenous Swarm's area of effect With three full blood pouches allies within Ravenous Swarm's area of effect are granted 6% life steal Ravenous Swarm fully drains all blood pouches after used. Cooldown 90/75/60 I like the idea of blood pouches boosting this, the grievous wounds being internal is a no no (Riot's been removing them from kits for a while now) The mana cost I don't get (I guess you wanted to give it a high cost because all of the skills drain so little mana?) most ults just drain a flat 100 to make it easier to keep track off. The visuals I could see being cool, though the theme is kinda bland (we got vlad as a hemomancer, and eve as a demon succubus, a vampire seems to pale in comparison since it's so tropey, lacks a twist) idk why you'd recommend builds honestly, but hey knock yourself out.
: if you hate zed that much, play sylas easy game
Bad idea after sylas nerfs put him back in jail. Sylas now loses the overwhelming majority of games against zed
Ornn (OCE)
: go watch videos and you will come to understand you're incorrect its base damage 75% of your ap can 100% one shot you without its exucture in question
Nah, you can run the math and see the target needs to have at least 10-20% hp missing to actually get killed by veigar R. With the scaling getting affected by missing health you actually do more damage to full hp targets with your W than with R
: Yeah. Magic NEAR the colossus. Because, again, the document was for designs on GALIO.
It was Durand's research, but the excerpt was on petricite, not just Galio. We're just gonna glance over the line of "absorbed to be later spent"? it's not talking about the galio effect of powering up in presence of mages, it's about storing magic to be LATER spent.
: Um... no. The document that Lux found was designs on Galio. That's how GALIO is designed, and we already knew that; Galio gets power from mages that fight around him and he spends that power so he can move and fight. The mages in the mageseeker complex aren't being used to power him, or he'd be up and moving all the time.
Directly from the comic: > Magic is not nullified but absorbed to be later spent by the colossus
: -We learn in other Demacia stories that this isn't the case. Mages get their power checked, and if they're low-threat they're allowed to live their lives. We know this because when Sylas escapes and starts his mage rebellion, this policy is *reversed* and mages are all locked up as potential threats (we see this in one of the short stories). And they ARE potential threats when you've still got Sylas running around. (We also see that the anti-magic angle is not as extreme in every corner of this society) -I'm pretty sure that's meant to indicate that Garen knows/suspects that Lux has magical power. It's not solely that she has compassion for the mages. -How, exactly, does the fact that petricite stores magic change anything about it? It absorbs magic and then (presumably) slowly leeches it out over time, in a dose small enough that nobody notices or cares. Moreover, he was only able to do so right after touching Lux. It's exactly what Demacia claims it is: an anti-magic material. Sylas is one of the only people who realizes what it can do, and since he apparently needs to SEE the magic is probably the only one who CAN utilize it like this. -Like it or hate it this is a very common thing in medieval politics. And it's not like Lux is being married off to some old rapist who'll see her as a piece of meat; she's getting married off to someone who she's known since childhood. It's bad, but it's not the worst thing that could be happening to her and given that Garen is looking to SAVE HER LIFE I'd say it's understandable. Lux defends the way of life she lives in because she sees the good it does as more valuable than the harm it brings, same as anyone. She's very much an optimist and that may get in the way of her clear thinking, sure, but to decry the entirety of Demacian life as this disgusting thing is, frankly, inaccurate. We're seeing Demacia in a very negative light right now, yes. But keep in mind that Poppy's adventure to find the Hero, Galio's quest to beat up everything bad, Shyvana's honor and comraderie with Demacians, Jarvan's sense of duty, Garen's zeal to protect the innocent... these things all exist in Demacia as well. You can't just ignore all of that and proclaim that it'd be better if Noxus wiped it off the map.
>How, exactly, does the fact that petricite stores magic change anything about it? It absorbs magic and then (presumably) slowly leeches it out over time, in a dose small enough that nobody notices or cares. The comic says it's stored for redistribution into the magic colossus - meaning they're literally milking mages for energy to power up galio. That's like using people as batteries for a war mech.
: Hit everything that he had left, and the changes to passive, E and the buff to W barely mean much. He needs cooldown adjustments and a buff to the AP ratio on his passive.
^ This. If you want him to be more of a bruiser instead of a bursty mage, you need to revert the nerfs to his E, the main defensive ability. I'm pretty sure the E cooldown nerf was done with a different mindset in mind than the recent changes, where they were still trying to make him work out as he was, while the recent shift is towards a more bruisery playstyle because the changes really conflict with their aim. You can't have him be a bruiser with more passive usage if you don't adjust his cooldowns to 1) make his passive activate more often and 2) make him actually live long enough to use it with his E and W keeping him alive for longer.
: Varuk The Monk of Balance
I really like the koi fish circling around him idea, though you should include the description of them in his passive so reading the kit is easier without the tl;dr at the top. Kinda sad that he'd lose the mechanic upon ascending, you could just keep it and have the option of two different R's, instead of having only one or the other, and the choice of black or white would be really fast I assume since you have his R be dependent on which ascension he is, with no option for R when he's not ascended yet. Nevertheless a really cool concept, +1 from me.
Reksee (NA)
: So my interpretation of this message is . Very low power curve .W awkward to use at later ranks due to it delaying burst that follows .E is not good (it needs to be replaced as it makes stealth too tunnel visioned of a mechanic.) Thank you for your thoughts, which were helpful as know I fully grasp the concept of compensation of lost damage. If I misinterpreted please tell me.
I think you need to consider how it plays against players when not all inning someone more, because from my perspective it lacks power in that aspect with it's low range, lack of aoe and cc, most assassins either try poking the target down in lane(zed,talon,akali) or trying to set up a kill with their other tools (eve charm, shaco boxes etc.). Your champ would do well in that aspect while ganking with it's two invisibilities, but after blowing their load of two skills worth of damage you'd be left in melee range of someone, with no way out, and no further ways of dealing damage aside from R which makes it really awkward if the r's unavailable because you're pre6 or it's on cooldown. In lane I assume you want her to use the Q to poke, but with 650 range she'd be very vulnerable to counter attacks - compare most abilities ranges and you'll see what I mean. You should probably just throw in some mechanic for additional power(preferably one that also lets her clear minions from a distance, or upgrade her auto attack for easier clearing, her waveclear would be really bad)
Reksee (NA)
: Zareeve- The Prodigy of Darkness
Number wise, with kits lacking damage on one or more ablities, the rest of the abilities are usually somehow made stronger to compensate with (Talon's passive fulfills that role with his parkour dealing 0 damage, Zed's passive as well as his now defunct additional AD passive used to do this, Bard's chimes scaling throughout the game etc.) It's usually either innate (on the passive, scaling throughout the game depending on champion level) or a part of a different skill's passive (like darius E granting him additional armor penetration). This makes leveling skills more satisfying as well as create a more natural power curve throughout the game.The cooldown numbers are also really long, with the champion signature spam ability, and what seems to be her bread and butter on a 8 second cooldown when maxed, which is a number most other similar abilties us as the rank 1, while having a really short range. Your champion would peak in damage at level 9(Q maxed), gain some small power further in, till level 13(W maxed), then gain no more offensive power in his kit level wise, till the end of the game, with the exception of a bump at level 16 from the ult rank up. This means her damage is focused on early game but with her cooldowns being so severe there's not much room to use it. For the kit itself, I'd say you might have tunnel visionned on the stealth mechanic a bit too much and didn't consider how it'd play out in cases where you're not wanting to all in someone. Most of your laning(and I say laning because from the looks of it, her jungle clear would be awful) would be spent throwing out Qs to poke and farm, and not doing much else. Her E doesn't work well inside of the lane with that kind of detection range, as well as it being broken by her other abilities, and her W while good as a way to go in, leaves her vulnerable afterwards, She also lacks the tools to assist in ganks, offering only damage and no cc. I also find weird the increased duration of her W - while you do end up getting more invulnerability time scaling it, you also end up delaying your burst the more you put points into it - meaning you have this awkward interaction of delaying the assassination more if you level your W.
: Champion Concept: Auralee - Phantasm of the Isles
I'm a fan of the E, but the rest of the kit seems like a more varied spin on Vayne, with the playstyle not being much different, so i'd be curious if you wouldn't run into the problem of people just picking one or the other depending on which one's stronger. > The smoke functions as a bush Does this apply to more than just her? This could end up being very messy and clunky if applied to more targets. You have a weird choice in the Q of lobbing it towards your opponent for the damage component while simultaneously wanting to target as closely to yourself as possible for the cover it provides - this actually could work quite well if she's chasing the target down, you'd naturally walk over the shroud and would end up with a buff to the dps from the passive, but in vanilla fights you run into a problem, Have you considered having her E work on the shrouds as well as walls? This could give you the option of using the Q offensively as well as closing the distance to the shroud AND the target, while still not being the definitive best choice since that also ends up placing you in de facto melee range exposing you to a risk if not used correctly. I could run the math on W but I'm pretty sure you end up overkilling your target long before you really get to stack the passive up, so the biggest deal here is really just the ease of doing objectives at any point of the game. The scaling on it is also fairly weird, the difference between level ups is ridiculous (you have the passive stacking additively with no cap, the difference between different ranks of W in dps is ridiculous, 3 stacks of rank1W deal 3% but 3 stacks of rank 5W deal 15%, and so on. I like the tether on E(though there doesn't seem to be much reason NOT to fire off the second E if the first already hit? You could just place the tether arrow onto the W with the passive still intact I guess, but it's fine) The R I don't like though that's personal opinion, I'm not a fan of statbuff ults in general(I hate the arbitrary AD gain of vayne R and the I WIN BUTTON nature of it though I know many people like it) though the part of it I can I think comment on is - you have a really big disparity between her Q cd off R and with R. This could prove unhealthy if her Q is a big enough part of her kit to warrant it though less than a similar champ would because Auralee retains the option of Eing out, being safer than normal champs with this mechanic. Honestly remembering back to when Riot first announced rune changes I'm reminded of the keystone they first proposed that had the infinite stacking mechanic, and it ultimately ended up not being put in the game, likely because of the reason you're now struggling with - it's hard nail down the breakpoint of 'useless' and 'op' to make it still satisfying while being powerful. They did however have to balance it as a rune choice instead of a champion kit part, so it may still be possible if narrowed down more.
: You know what this game needs?
People forget 3v3 exists, and it's an unbalanced mess, with the map update making it worse in the eyes of many. It's not that riot didn't try implementing new maps, we had dominion and 3v3 before, but the lack of mode specific balance changes made them really lame. I think we might get some more maps but I doubt they're gonnna mess around too much with changing the player count, nexus blitz and ARAM are the only gamemodes people really stuck to and that's probably the most we're gonna get.
: Looking at the current kit, there are a couple basic combos I can see. - Spore Pod inter Cord to fling a bunch of exploding nodes over the heads of the enemies. This is quick poke damage that can also set up to roll out into the enemies, and attempt to detonate the spore pod, if you feel like engaging after the poke. - Set up your spore pod, wait for the enemy to try and clear it, then W your ally and Q right into them, while attempting to detonate your spore pod. This is probably the more intended version of the engage, and the spore pods look like they can be used like pseudo-wards. Also looks to me like her passive more or less pulls them "behind" her, in the same way at Kat or Yi jumps "behind" their target - basically on top of her, but just behind her model from a hitbox aspect. Meaning her passive can still pull allies slightly too far behind her with her as well. Seems decent from the view of a melee support. Her E in particular seems a bit clunky, and more or less completely takes focus off of the enemy in favor of trying to blow up the pod. I think it's going to be really difficult to use it in its current state. I think it'd be best to give it some other requisite of exploding - something like "Q will detonate this instantly" or "W will make this explode after a delay" so that you can continue to focus on your target instead of trying to make that mechanic work. I still think that mechanic should exist, but I don't think it should be the only thing you have to proc the pod with.
On point for the combos, I thought about giving her more engage potential by making her Q also have the poppy stun on walls mechanic, but i figured knocking enemies away positions them in a way where you can already pop a spore pod on them with the way they'd end up positioned so I didn't feel the need to overdo it on the engage. The E lacks the GP barrel mechanic of ticking down health, but I think it should work because of several factors - the speed of the explosion scales with the attack speed of your adc - meaning it'd just naturally end up being popped faster later in the game, and it being able to be popped incredibly fast in teamfights if you coordinate with your team - if you want to try using it as the fight starter and tell your teammates where you're gonna throw it, your team can explode it almost instantly with their combined effort. That is something that would no doubt end up having much more impact in coordinated play with comms, like competitive (though you certainly could just ping to show your team where the spore pod will get launched) but that's just the nature of abilities requiring cooperation.
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: She needs actual spawning of minions. Otherwise that title is silly.
She's a mother figure that feeds her child (the adc) and spawns eggs, I don't think minion spawning really works out for supports since league minions ai is horrendous making them just throwaway damage sources.
: Another Karma rework concept
Not quite convinced on why she'd need the passive shotgun blast (though admiteddly it is pretty cool), but I love the W creating a tether between the nearest ally and of course the shield bomb. Good work!
Rioter Comments
: Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE
Seems like it'd probably be good for her 1v1's but not much else, Idk what you really expect from the movemenst speed to do for her in teamfights, I guess you want her to be a mini Ekko in a way? Except she lacks the slow and stun, so I'm not really sure why the ms buff is so slight. Honestly seems like what she'd benefit most is actual ap bruiser items but what do I know.
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: But don't forget that, according to people in that other thread, if you disagreed with the opinion that Tham was gutted, you were an asshole who downvotes anything, XD!
Idk, the claim on R seemed valid since it IS actually useless rank 1 now, and W max is likewise unviable, making it a one point wonder.
: I highly doubt top lane tanks will amount to much with Conqueror in the game
Add to that Vayne being the best adc currently and yeah, tanks that rely on resistances over flat hp don't really matter.
DeusVult (NA)
: Tahm top is getting buffed in my opinion. Q slows longer, stronger, and has more range, has a lower CD once maxed (you max it first when playing top) The W mana nerf doesnt hurt top lane Tahm, he gets the 50% reduced mana from eating enemies, so its actually a 10 mana buff for him E mana buff, conversion buff to both damage -> grey health AND grey health -> shield R is getting nerfed, but you can still double spam it to get 2500 units away at rank 6 when you see people coming to gank you
You max Q first when playing it anywhere that's not the point. If you played TK you know the way you actually catch up to an enemy early is Qing them, running at them, then Qing them again only to just then finally reach melee range. You cannot realistically expect to catch up to anyone that doesn't first smack you in melee back in the early levels, and there's only a handful of champions that won't fire back a slow/stun or dash away from the first lick(honestly only Morde can't, everyone else can at least slow you back). I have NOT played the PBE, but if they fuck around withe equilibrium of the CD to slow you might end up just not able to catch up to shit early at all. And then you have to account for the fact that till level 7 this is just a straight up DPS nerf on the Q as you can't use it as often. And then you also seemed to forget entirely that THE W LOSES DAMAGE ON THE OFFENSIVE DEVOUR. Y'kno, as if the ally devour getting nerfed wasn't enough.
: I agree with GLP and lost chapter. Zeal is slightly better than lost chapter, and given the amount of work Riot has put into zeal, they’ll probably shelve further zeal work unless they get a really good idea randomly. I actually think BotRK is a good item. It’s used by people with on-hit effects who want attack speed, as well as ranged characters who can already rapidly auto attack and want the on-hit effect. It’s not a ubiquitous ADC item either, with a lot of ADCs building IE first and foregoing BotRK completely for BT. As an anti-tank item its pretty lackluster, but IMO its got such healthy behavior already, it’d be a shame for it to go just because its not great as an anti-tank item. Not sure about Guinsoo’s. Riot could either embrace it as the on-hit god item and nerf every user until they have to buy it, or delete the item and rebuff the user base back up. But if they delete the item, the users would probably just default to Crit anyways. IMO, neither option is really worse than the other.
I just think Botrk could use some sharpening so it's more niche, considering it has attack speed, lifesteal, AD, an active, and an antitank onhit that also gives sustain. Building against hp stacking should be a choice like it is with lethality vs %penetration, but right now since it's the only onhit sustain item it just gets built because there's no other option that provides that. And we already got a similar change with the Liandry where it was split into a magic penetration item and a hp% burn item, so we could split it into an anti tank item, and an onhit dps item for more choices.
: Item Shop Cleanup
Lotsa thoughts and questions as I've thought a lot about this before: {{item:3030}} - Can't remember when I saw last anyone build it, and there's a dilemma I imagine - On one hand it'd be good to have viable branching paths for lost chapter - Luden's become way too common nowadays with the nerf to archangel so you could still try to push it in this style, on the other hand users of older glp prefered it to be the survi/HP option and you DID mention a lack of ap bruiser items so you could just try backtracking on it and having it be the hp/ap item again, Thoughts? {{item:3802}} branching path In general is pretty lackluster considering the context in which it was introduced of this choice you get to have after you get it - now it's luden's 90% of the time, and if you're ryze or cassio you get archangel, seems pretty lame. Same could be said with {{item:3086}} options, the choice is pretty bland, though it has a different problem - the items are really samey, and that's kinda lame, any thoughts on how you'll aproach this? {{item:3153}} and {{item:3124}} Being the definitive purchase of a LOT of champs because it's like a one item that has everything you want in life. Bork is the one I actually find the more offensive as it's theoretically an anti tank option, but you literally just build it every game regardless of the targets you'll be hitting because it's just so good and synergises so well with everything, Are we gonna get some decoupling like with {{item:3151}} comes to mind where it had mpen and %damage, with now it being two separate options? perhaps some new on hit item, and a separate anti tank item instead of the amalgam of good options that is bork? >Unhealthy items, meaning items that massively reduce or remove counterplay against a champion Uh, anything to do with {{item:3161}} like fringe cases of "permacounterstrike Jax gets to ignore adcs for 30 seconds"
: kayle is perfectly balanced right now, maybe with a few changes to her late game power. but the real reason she is so "feast or famine" is due to the meta she is in. in a meta where games go beyond 30+ on average and snowball champs need more then 2 early kills to hit their power-spike, kayle would be the same kind of "win condition" champ like {{champion:75}} {{champion:83}} or {{champion:45}}. however, we live in a meta right now where games are decided by 7-10 mins into the game. and the term "late-game" has been replaced by the word "ff". i think it would be next too pointless to try and balance her right now, just leave her as a risky-as-all-get-out pick until the meta shifts to a more late game focus.
I'd honestly say her lategame is too strong if anything, and since she's struggling early it wouldn't hurt to even out the curve a little by making her better early/mid and worse late.
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