Hayoi (NA)
: I really hate Kayle's new gameplay design
new kayle is basically ranged udyr without stun
: [Discussion]: Aftershock Changes
: i give up with bilge water arama not worth it for 500xp
Dinoker (EUW)
: Why can allied champions troll you?
I mean you can troll your Aatrox even as Soraka by just healing him while his R, you can troll your teammates by implying that u will go for a gank, by just missing your smite, by stealing all the kills. You can troll your teammate by even flashing away of them in bad situation, knowing they have no smite.
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: Tanyr, The Aspect of Balance (A former scientist from the Blessed Isles who ascended into an Aspect)
Chronabis (EUNE)
: @ Riot about Aatrox
Old Aatrox was just another champion that just rely on AAin people, this is what his name means. I mean - you click R, make super easy QE/EQ combo, and then just AA an enemy. And you win. Just like Olaf, Udyr, Teemo - they are all just meele/ranged turrets with extra steps. New Aatrox is really high skill cap, his R is hard to use in teamfight. Old Aatrox was super easy. I, as main of old Aatrox aswell as new Aatrox, can say that the new is just... better. I love Boris.
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: * (1) It's a TUTORIAL on the MOST BASIC LEVEL OF PLAY. A lot of veteran players tend to take for granted just how information heavy league of legends is. There are 143 characters with AT LEAST 4 abilities and a passive each. That's over 715 unique things to need to remember. Plus ITEMS. League is very overwhelming to get into as a new player, it makes sense to introduce people slowly with concepts like, 'kill the minions for gold', 'kill the towers to progress the game', 'kill enemy champions for gold and an advantage'. ESPECIALLY if these new players have never played a MOBA before. >What about controlling the wave, harassing, dodging spells? I'd argue the majority of players below Platinum don't even know how to manage waves. Hell, I see ADCs in DIAMOND who don't know how to properly manage their waves, and give up huge advantages because of it. This is something you learn as you progress at getting better at the game. How are you supposed to know when to harass or what spells to dodge if you don't even know what every champion does? * (2) I agree pre-30 games are extremely toxic. But in my experience within 10 games the system notices what's up and puts me in with the smurfs. I don't ever actually play with new players too often on my pre-30 account. Unless you play like a new player you won't be playing with them for long. * (3) Again, you're taking your game knowledge for granted. New players aren't going to have any idea what to do with runes. Even by the time they CAN make their own rune pages I doubt any genuinely new player will have any idea what they're doing. They're still learning what each champion does and what items do. * (4) If there is one point I can agree on, it's needing some sort of context for jungle. I remember when I first started playing and someone on my team asked me for a leash. I had no idea why he wasn't in a lane and I had to google what a leash was in the context of League. Finding a way to better inform new players on jungling is pretty much the only useful thing I think you've brought up so far. I think Riot just shys away from it because it's such a drastically different playstyle from trying to lane. * (5) I can't remember exactly how many champions new players have access to but I'm certain it's not enough to play draft. I don't think this would help the new player experience at all. Let them build on the fundamental blocks of, 'kill minion, kill tower, kill champion' before having them worry about roles and champion metas. * (6) Why are you bringing up the same point twice...? Again, smurfs already are typically places with other smurfs after they stomp a few games. Riot seems to be able to detect them pretty quickly as long as you aren't playing like you're actually a new player. * (7) Again, this is usually just because of smurfs. If your lobby is toxic it's because Riot decided to put you with the other players who had to make new accounts after being perma'd. * (8) Never had this problem, this might be a just you being unlucky sort of deal. TLDR; The only thing I agree on is to educate newer players more about jungle, preferably when they first unlock smite. You expect too much out of people who have never touched the game before and you probably think pre-30 games are super toxic because you were put into matchmaking with the toxic smurfs.
So nice that you wrote this, i mean this is a lot of text, i agree in some places. Good comment bro
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: Tired of this meta where I blow up before I can react
CytheGuy (NA)
: Kayle is dominating lanes right now for ONE REASON
I like to dominate 80% of toplaners as Klepto Taric
: Ryze skins
Can we idk get Rincewind Ryze or something from Discworld universe? I mean it fits him pretty well imho. Also why professor ryze is unavaiable? I mean this looks pretty awesome. WHY ANY SKIN IS UNAVAIABLE? Waht is the reason? I dont understand
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Seen (NA)
: Why is Vayne allowed to be meta when Tanks aren't meta?
vayne is broken mainly because she got stun as ADC, also she got two cap closers (including passive, i mean it works as gap closer when u run towards someone). also her Q on R is funny bacause has no cooldown, also her R have ridiculously low cd.
Antenora (EUW)
: Jinx at 54.69% Win rate with a 15% pick rate in Platinum+
Propably fact that her Q is literaly AOE draven Q on every shoot, she got two cc spells (w epic slow, e epic root) that deals epic dmg. Also her R is best finisher if we dont count Garen R.
D3vil (NA)
: Talons Current State
Talon is literaly best champion to win soloQ mach in low elo if you have 1% of xPeke skill, which is not much. I mean he snowballs every lane, ganks like crazy boi and makes enemies ff 15
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The Iceborn (EUNE)
: Id love to see Zoe roast Aatrox lul
I think she could say something like "dont be so angry, i did it because i was bored" or this kind, i am not king of voicelines XD
Moody P (NA)
: Hey guys Darius here
Try Darius R + Zonya, funniest thing in the world, i discovered it while playing Bard XD {{item:2420}} {{item:3157}} {{item:2420}} {{item:3386}} {{item:2420}} {{item:3157}} {{item:2420}} {{item:3386}}
: Renekton is really unfun to play against
Renekton is kind of champion that you can not even come close to, you must be in distance of 2x his E. To be honest if his E would work just like Akali's R (cooldown beetwen them for like 4 seconds or less, but not less than 2 seconds) he would be literally counterable - he uses E, so you walk away. Now this is impossible, because between first E and his W+Q you have time to cast one or two spells. If you dont realise how op this is, just play top for a month, play Aatrox, Riven, Tryndamere, Darius, literaly any classic toplaner. I dont know how he works against Kled but i am pretty sure he would kill him ez.
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: +6
i laghed that much that my mom came to my room
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Beiggar (NA)
: Inhibitor respawn time debate.
changing the respawn time would cause change of meta, which is always good
: Weak vs ranged casters like brand or zyra.
if they dont play as agressive as usual they won't even get hurt
: I know I'm late as Hell but you forgot Nidalee in Lee Sins skin.
: Behold! Yasuo mains beware!
my anti-yasuo spray is "veigar R + urgot R" and it works in like 30% times, which is quite good for yasuo
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: Where are the Yasuo nerfs on the PBE??
i like the nerf of Aatrox which was literaly played by bunch of no-lifes on reddit and by pros
: Vi x Yi. Two bugs in one video
can we nerf yi that much to not allow him appear in any mach?
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dome025 (EUW)
: [Item Concepts] Banner of Command + Noxian War Banner + Reworked Zz`Rot Portal
at all i dont care about zzot, but this banner is great idea. i mean this would change meta a bit.
: Leona has problems.
she is just one of most op supports, if i would not ban thresh i would ban leona.
: So are Vi and Fiora gay?
: Can we change the "None" ban option to "Pass" please?
i think if someone ban none, he should get banned on drafts for next game.
0XFallen (EUW)
: In low elo sure, but nobody knows how to play there anyway and not how to shut down zed early which is really easy. Atm it is a net nerf anyway. Also: Akali has a winrate of 38% currently, but is still highly banned. Your statement is invalid.
i mean some champions just frustrates you ( i mean me ofc ) and this is why you ban them. Akali, Darius, Zed, Yasuo and propably 30 other champions are designed to make you angry, and this is why some champs just need to get redesigned.
wowlukas (EUNE)
: I would be okay if it was only minions, as his q is his form of trading.
ofc it is, but also we know if u wont kill him by one combo and you are not tank, he literaly eats you. and you dont have many defensive options if you are not teemo or Ryze or other renekton/nasus/darius kind of champion, which is designed to kill meele ppl
: New Conqueror Changes
Ok this is epic on Aatrox, also i see this Panth who stack 4 charges just by using w+E
wowlukas (EUNE)
: do you mean on minions or do you mean it on everything (champions, epic monsters, towers etc)
Only on minions, maybe on champions, but i am not sure if it would be too bad
0XFallen (EUW)
: Zed pbe changes opinions?
As a second-banned champ Zed just require nerfs. Not only because playing versus him is pain in ass, but also because people will stop playing him, so i will propably start banning other champions when i go mid than Zed.
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: what dose aurelion sol have to do with cooldown reduction... he has very little burst lol
i mean look at his stun, imagine what if he could use it twice? this makes enemy to eat like 4 stars idk
: Its not really long range, its like 750 units, similar to his other spells. Maybe I wasn't clear on that, sorry.
okay, this looks just like double E + penetration, for me this is nothing new/unique in league. but actual ryze's R is really unique, totally uselles, you hold it all time and dont really use, but when there is a good moment - this R is really life-saving. and is unique and beauty. i like it more than your
: New Ryze ult
I think actual ryze R is one of best in the game, and your R is like Jinx / Ashe / Ezreal R but magic
King Zeus (EUNE)
: 3250RP skin concept : Aurelion Sol
Moody P (NA)
: Stop ignoring trundle
well trundle in jungle make enemy turret unkillable so i guess this is still op
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: account permabanned, then you go to any players stream and see them flaming, with no repercussion
>banning for flame >possibility to mute someone we are serious company
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