: Weak vs ranged casters like brand or zyra.
if they dont play as agressive as usual they won't even get hurt
: I know I'm late as Hell but you forgot Nidalee in Lee Sins skin.
Ozu (NA)
: Banned For Taking Ghost/Cleanse Strategically
i think we should decapitate everyone who dont play flash {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:122}}
: Behold! Yasuo mains beware!
my anti-yasuo spray is "veigar R + urgot R" and it works in like 30% times, which is quite good for yasuo
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: Where are the Yasuo nerfs on the PBE??
i like the nerf of Aatrox which was literaly played by bunch of no-lifes on reddit and by pros
: Vi x Yi. Two bugs in one video
can we nerf yi that much to not allow him appear in any mach?
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dome025 (EUW)
: [Item Concepts] Banner of Command + Noxian War Banner + Reworked Zz`Rot Portal
at all i dont care about zzot, but this banner is great idea. i mean this would change meta a bit.
: Leona has problems.
she is just one of most op supports, if i would not ban thresh i would ban leona.
: So are Vi and Fiora gay?
: Can we change the "None" ban option to "Pass" please?
i think if someone ban none, he should get banned on drafts for next game.
0XFallen (EUW)
: In low elo sure, but nobody knows how to play there anyway and not how to shut down zed early which is really easy. Atm it is a net nerf anyway. Also: Akali has a winrate of 38% currently, but is still highly banned. Your statement is invalid.
i mean some champions just frustrates you ( i mean me ofc ) and this is why you ban them. Akali, Darius, Zed, Yasuo and propably 30 other champions are designed to make you angry, and this is why some champs just need to get redesigned.
wowlukas (EUNE)
: I would be okay if it was only minions, as his q is his form of trading.
ofc it is, but also we know if u wont kill him by one combo and you are not tank, he literaly eats you. and you dont have many defensive options if you are not teemo or Ryze or other renekton/nasus/darius kind of champion, which is designed to kill meele ppl
: New Conqueror Changes
Ok this is epic on Aatrox, also i see this Panth who stack 4 charges just by using w+E
wowlukas (EUNE)
: do you mean on minions or do you mean it on everything (champions, epic monsters, towers etc)
Only on minions, maybe on champions, but i am not sure if it would be too bad
0XFallen (EUW)
: Zed pbe changes opinions?
As a second-banned champ Zed just require nerfs. Not only because playing versus him is pain in ass, but also because people will stop playing him, so i will propably start banning other champions when i go mid than Zed.
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: what dose aurelion sol have to do with cooldown reduction... he has very little burst lol
i mean look at his stun, imagine what if he could use it twice? this makes enemy to eat like 4 stars idk
TheoRyze (OCE)
: Its not really long range, its like 750 units, similar to his other spells. Maybe I wasn't clear on that, sorry.
okay, this looks just like double E + penetration, for me this is nothing new/unique in league. but actual ryze's R is really unique, totally uselles, you hold it all time and dont really use, but when there is a good moment - this R is really life-saving. and is unique and beauty. i like it more than your
TheoRyze (OCE)
: New Ryze ult
I think actual ryze R is one of best in the game, and your R is like Jinx / Ashe / Ezreal R but magic
Xzq (EUNE)
: 3250RP skin concept : Aurelion Sol
Moody P (NA)
: Stop ignoring trundle
well trundle in jungle make enemy turret unkillable so i guess this is still op
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: account permabanned, then you go to any players stream and see them flaming, with no repercussion
>banning for flame >possibility to mute someone we are serious company
: I mean, they're doing it on Karma anyways. I think you missed the point of this post.
Then this is not my opinion about your post, this is just my statement about the proposal Sry for being enough stupid to just ignore the point of post, but also i have not heard about the incoming changes (is this able to checc this somewhere?)
: Karma's proposed W rework should go to Zilean
OP, imagine these champions: {{champion:63}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:39}} and ofc literaly any assasin, mage. Imagine two Veigar's E's in teamfight. Imagine Alistar who can knock enemy for two hours. I mean this would be super op in my opinion. And ofc if u nerf it to not 10 seconds but like 3 seconds, 5 seconds - this is useless then, Karma's E/W is 1000 times better than this. Mby this would be funny for ezreal.
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: I just feel like every ranked I go into is just a shit show this season
Tons of trolls? I though no one play Trundle this season
: Papercraft skins are awesome!
{{champion:34}} her W suck
Rioter Comments
: I wish there was variety in AP itemization, because as it stands you'll always get the same items
: 13 champs over 1000 days w/o a new skin
god please no skin for Udyr some people might start playin him


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