Destaice (NA)
: Less than a week ago people were crying that this Snowdown wouldn't have free unlockable icons.
At least there is no "gift something to someone" icon this event!
: Good PC specs bad fps?
Turn off v sync, some geforce cards got a problem with it. If you have 60 fps as max, and it goes to 59 it will drop it to 30 fps instead of 59. My friend got gtx 680 and usually show 200-300 fps while streaming, he tried to put the v sync on and it sat at a steady 60 fps, but rarely it would drop all the way down to 30 and cause an annoying fps drop/spike. I don't think your card is the problem, my 5 year old radeon 5870 runs lol at 300 fps uncapped (150 teamfights)
: Poros Actually Ruin ARAM
I had the same problem, but it goes away if you give the poor little fur ball the cookie
: Do You Like Zirene?
They should let kobe24 do all the talking, always useful info about champions/spells/combos, game play, positioning and when there's a pause in game/dead time he never talk crap, but gives information about the situation in game.
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Lyte (NA)
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster system!
Feels like this system will punish people for riot bugs, and do nothing about the trolls/afk'ers we want to get rid of. Reasons I've been "afk" this season (guessing around 1000 games total, aram/ranked 3v3 5v5/normal summoners/solo queue) -2 times my internet went down (once my router needed a reboot, once the lightning hit something fancy so my entire city lost the connection) **<- These are the 2 I should get punished for. ** -4 times I got "attempting to reconnect to chat" on champion select in ranked, and I could not pick a champion. (So the game was dodged) -4-5 times I got "stuck" on loading, showing people loading slow and the game started without me without me knowing about it. (I got in to these games a few minutes later than the rest) -Countless times (guessing around 20-25, other teammates had issues with this as well in the same games) I got "attempting to reconnect" in game, only thing that works is to close the game and restart it. (When this happens I'm usually on skype with friends, can open pages etc so there's nothing wrong with my connection) -3 times the game failed to start after champion select, leaving both teams unable to connect or do anything for 1-2 hours. If all these issues with "attempting to reconnect", ghost games, stuck on loading etc were fixed I think this system could work, but as long as all these problems keep happening I don't really think it will make a lot of difference. People who troll usually run around feeding for the rest of the game, flame people from base and the "rage quitters" usually never have the red mark after the game as they do a tiny bit of stuff so they wont get banned. I did not read through all 40 pages, but would be nice to know if the system can detect client bugs, or if I'll get punished no matter what. edit: with this season I meant season 2014.
Jessamine (EUNE)
: Need help choosing a mouse/mousepad
Got a Logitech G502 today and a corsair vengeance MM 200. So far it's amazing. Contacted Razer a few days ago, I don't even think they read what I wrote so cba with them anymore.
Jessamine (EUNE)
: Need help choosing a mouse/mousepad
Thanks for your suggestion Rack, I probably should have mentioned I'm trying to avoid Razer. Not only do they hate on me by killing my mouse pads, but they also cause my pc to refuse to boot when it's plugged in. Updated bios, drivers, and tried to figure it out but no luck (it's a minor problem, but unless the deathadder is the 100% best choice for LoL I'm hoping I can find a new brand). A small razer goliathus mouse pad seems like a nice choice for me if I go with a soft surface!
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Pastramka (EUNE)
: How do reports and warnings work
Hey =) I see you are from eune as well, me and a friend had the same thing in Aram today. I have never been banned, chat restricted and never had a warning for anything. I have **never** said anything toxic or anything close to rude. My friend is on a new account (lvl 10) and he never said a word in game (only plays aram/bots), and also got the warning. Maybe some people are trolling and spam reporting everyone? Either way I don't think we will be punished as long as we never did anything wrong, I also think people who falsely report can get banned for it.
: Suggest a Practice Mode
I'd like a "last hit practice mode" as well. Ideally only 10-15 seconds for minions to spawn, and some flying moving untargetable heimerdinger super turrets that can poke me randomly.
: How to Reply to Gender Questions?
First time they ask, you ignore the question (any guy would assume he is not being asked if he is a girl) Second time they ask, "you must be a girl Eris???!" you answer "lol why do you think that". Whoever asked usually stops at this point, if not, don't act to girly in the future. {{champion:79}} Things that can give away that you are a girl: "OMG gnar is sooo tiny and cute" "Please, show nidalee chasing her tail one more time she is so cute" "1:55 is sooo far away, but check out these pretty flowers on the ground"
: Sometimes I Wish I Could Start With 6 Items...
Sometimes I wish I could start with a {{item:3035}} as adc. {{champion:104}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:79}}
: G5 to G3 in one night
Now that you're gold 3 the danger of dropping to silver is pretty low! I'd keep going, at least you'll know you tried then. If for some reason you get a nasty big loss streak, you can always stop.
: There's a spooky ghost in my apartment
> does the hood count as the jungle? That depends, does it look anything like this?
: There's a spooky ghost in my apartment
Maybe {{champion:56}} came to visit with his cute halloween skin? Is your apartment in the jungle?
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: Harrowing Puppet Icon
I got the hexakill 3 wins icon after 3 days, gifted my friend Blitzcrank/Thresh skin and did not receive the puppet icon yet. My friend gifted me a mystery skin and he did not get his icon yet either.
: Enabling all champions in ARAM shouldn't take more than five minutes worth of work.
I play at least 1 aram daily, and I really enjoy this mode! No stress, no toxic people, no pressure, just play and have fun. I only own around 30 champions, I'm guessing 25+ of those are very good for aram (and I enjoy playing them in aram). If they enabled all champions, I would be forced to play champions I don't enjoy and aram wouldnt be as fun anymore. If any changes were made it would be nice if people with 50+/100+ champions had more rerolls(4/6) available, or that you could make your own "aram pool" of champions so that you had a bit more chance of getting a champ you enjoy playing. I'm guessing people who want them all enabled own some/many that are typically very boring for this mode?


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