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: I personally feel shen is very strong at the moment, the only reason I say this is because of his w, all the very strong champions at the moment like irelia, camille and fiora can be countered by picking shen into them. And with the recent buff to doran's shield ranged match ups should also be easier.
and can you tell me how you are supposed to out farm top garen, vladimir teemo and jayce with shen ? No one above plat plays ranged on top .. a tank cant have hp and hp per level as much as an adc and deal twice less dmg, you deal dmg and dont have hp or you dont deal dmg and have hp ... thats the law of tank... beside darius and garen witch have hp and deal dmg but they are not that bad
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: Fix the EU nordic and east client problems !!!
this is ridiculous ever since polish it supports eune servers every bulgarians has this lag problems i dont talk like ping and latency but 0 client reponse like ive been logging in for 45 minutes and play button respons after 10 not to mention loading content is below 0

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