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: Give it a couple of months. They had to sell the prestige skin. In a couple months they'll do to her what they did to Akali.
: New Conqueror Changes
Pretty sure it's worst than before. As long as this cancerous true damage is there it will always be over fucking powered
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: Can we finally give Shen a buff since the damage is so high?
Look at them buffing his fucking damage instead of his health or armor/mr...for them buffing rarely means "to buff something other than damage" Thats the reason the game is so full of damage,they keep on buffing damages,look at nasus,for some god fucking reason he has been receiving damage buffs for over half a year,why?
CytheGuy (NA)
: One of the better changes coming out of 9.3
Funny how i havent noticed it..probably got trashed like clash xD
xMorvud (EUW)
: Vladimir ARURF unkillable?
I see the same problem being discussed as original URF OP Champions,if only the could do something to fight this...oh right they could give use 10 bans so Vladimir,Fizz,Zed and toxic bullshit like this get the fuck out of the game...i had a team of 4 adcs and they had the above 3 champions...i dont want to get into details.......
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DaBooosh (NA)
: Well it's not funny It doesn't sound funny when I read it out loud, only sounds like I'm some little kid screaming at my computer because I lost in Minecraft PVP > (Yes I am exaggerating, its called comedy) It is not comedy, just an angry player who lost vs Akali. Exaggerations might be funny sometimes, but now, you're just making yourself seem unresonable
Haven't played against her for over 3 months since I quit,I was watching the game tho and played before that,and her stealth is not ok.goos thing they fucked her.
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Akrid415 (NA)
: I went against Lucian top
Well you picked jarvan top,well deserved
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: We got no info about ARURF
Who cares,it's random anyways
: This Game is Awful For New Players
The game is awful for anyone not abusing those 50% winrate champions,you pick anything else and you're fucked,that's what the games come to. Quit about 3 months ago,I couldn't take it anymore and I wanted to have fun guess what,you can't have fun playing Kalista against Lucian or Vayne.
: Yo riot, when the fuck are you nerfing lucian?
Gotta thank that pathetic skin his buffs came with,they'll nerf him eventually,after he has fucked every single fucking ranked game and steals your LP.
kargish (EUW)
: This shouldn't had taken this long
Oh well,just half a fucking year for their small brain to realise that this was a mistake,surprised they actually did something about it,but cant say for sure until I see in in the live servers,nerfs like this and irelias might make me install the game after 3 months again...I don't see any actions taken for Lucian though.
: Thanks for the Perma Ban.
It's their mistake,if the game wasn't so cancer you wouldn't have been banned in the first place,my band started after season 7, coincidence?
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: People who use 'tryhard' as an insult in ranked
Well true,but if you play Yi,Trynda and Lucian you're a waste of oxygen and obviously a tryhard sad human being.
: Recieved a 2 week ban
Don't feel say bad things in real life and nothing happens,Rito is trying to make the game a kindergarten for all the 15 years old that should not swear and try to pass some cancerous SJW messages along the way,keep on flaming my friend,don't give up because of a ban,instead of typing "fuck" type "phack" etc...I once said "KYS" and got a 14 day ban...well it's been a year and I still type things related to this and nothing happens because the system is flawed. Don't give up mate,get your frustration for r%%%%%ed brain-dead pieces of shit out and don't hold it it because that's what happens,you get so frustrated that let everything out at once. Haven't played for over a month (not because of a ban but because I don't agree with certain actions riot has taken recently)
: Diana extremly nerfed 3 combos removed ! @Riot Zhanos
Amazing, finally they realised how much of a cancer she is whenever someone decides to pick her,I hope even better nerfs come to champions like her.
: Why are you still here?
I quit more than a month and I only just came back to the's the same cancer the game I see..still no conqueror nerfs,still no irelia nerfs,fuck prestige skins and whoever's idea it was and riot for not nerfing 51%+ win rate champions __
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: "stop talking, you're 0/5"
You were playing Janna,he was correct.
: Missions were a lot funner when you didn't have to buy them.
At least with fortnite it lasts a lot lot longer and you get some GUARANTEED items,not this cancerous shitty gamble shit.
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: Since you're updating old champions visuals.. can you finally update vladimir ?
Wait,there is actually a new animation with the skin? Lol
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: Would like to congratulate Riot on one thing
Well,her current passive is even more useless in lane that it was before xd
: Alright it was funny for a while, now revert it.
Why? You don't like being down to 30% of your hp from a karthus ultimate?
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nelogis (EUW)
No need for nerfs guys,just a pick or ban in both pro play and regular play,meh
: There's no more hope for Riot
Fuck this shit. Every fucking year the same fucking story. Waiting for those LCfucking$ balance changes. All they fucking care about anymore.
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: neeko is gay?
> [{quoted}](name=Yoshino334,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=xFbaFao0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-19T23:29:03.675+0000) > > neeko is gay? neeko is cancer.
: while the rest is true there is no rng to trnd other than crit chance and in that case you have to include most all champs who build crit
Its a pain to fight him simply dont know if you win or might jump on him and get insta critted...well there goes 1/4 of your hp...
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Spearki (EUW)
: Can we talk about the off meta video O.o
They might as well remove the intentionally feeding report...looks like they encourage people to go 0/9,if so that's great,I can feed my ass off trying different builds and not get banned. Should be fun,they are trying so hard to change the meta and add variety and once that variety gets added (becomes meta) they nerf it...X d
: The score is 15-0 at 8 minutes. Stop holding the game hostage
If you didnt surrender @15,ill keep you hostage,and honestly ? since most of the time i play with a friend or two,theres is no way of you getting out of the game until theyve destroyed the nexus,you didnt wanna ff @15,what changed 7 minutes later ?
: I hate the negative bias toward Riven for the past year in terms of balance changes
4 dashes,knock up,stun (all of those with AOE damage and the cc is also AOE) her ultimate gives her an item worth of AD plus it deals more damage the lower you are,plus she deals even more damage with her passive,so please,you either have all the above or damage. Darius doesn't have so much cc or mobility,fiora is a broken piece of shit but idk why people haven't realised that yet and renekton has a point and click stun plus a mobility ability that he can use it up to 2 times... All top laners are equally retarded,brain dead picks,that require 0 effort with not risk at all,fighters, juggernauts and some tanks are the cancer of this game.
Ifneth (NA)
: Increase Irelia’s Mana Consumption to Decrease Her Safety in Midlane
If they do so,pretty sure they are just gonna make her Q refund mana on kill..
: This is why I like Nexus Blitz. You can play anyone in that game mode and its a blast and you dont know who will in until the end.
I was on vacation when nexus blitz got released...I hope when they bring it back they make it many people liked it..
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Dr Dog (NA)
: real shit?
> [{quoted}](name=Dr Dog,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XEEZT1Ht,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-12T19:25:25.710+0000) > > real shit? Unfortunately yes..
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