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: I'm not digging for the source, but I'll just post my evidence. I've gotten a chest as lux with only an A+ as my seasonal highest grade I've gotten a chest as lee with only a B+ as my seasonal highest grade and for one more, my seasonal highest for my jinx was an A+ and i've unlocked a chest from her. and I'm not going to bother imaging, but for reference I got a chest as malzahar with an A+ highest grade, Morgana with an A+, and raka with an A highest grade. S rank on that champion isn't needed for the chest, as long as a teammate gets an S- or above in your match you'll get a chest while playing that champion if you haven't before. Hextech chest don't require you to get an S as that champion, people struggle getting an S- on their mains sometimes, let alone on other champions because their mains already unlocked a chest. It would be way too limiting if that was the case.
Thank you for the information :) !
: You specifically don't have to get an s for the chest, only someone on your team including yourself, just playing normally even on a champ you're bad at will earn you a chest.
Source ? This has nerver ever happend to me. And it clearly states in champion overview that you need an S to get a chest. So no, you cannot get a chest by just beeing there when somone else in the team gets an S.
: You can only get 1 chest per champion per season. If you got a chest while playing that champion you have to play something else. Playing the champion in general and getting S doesn't do anything but its a cool reminder why you're level 7 with that champion. You'll only get more mastery points.
This i know, I learned the hard way. I wrote to riot 4 times couse i didn't get my chest. But now i'm lvl 7 with a champion and if i don't get any chest when i get S i will just play for the team, not myself. Edit; Not that i make the team loose, but i might be a bit more selfish if i want my S
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