: wait, why ban tahm, trundle, kayle, illaoi, heimer, mundo, or darius? Tahm is a joke rn, Kayle is a joke rn, Trundle exists only as a Nasus hardcounter, Illaoi is easy to dodge and her ult is useless if you just walk 5 feet away, Heimer is kinda hard to actually be good with, Mundo gets shit on by anything anti-tank, Darius gets kited to hell and back...
Tahm Kench is broken, unkillable, win any 1v1 by default except when facing someone even more broken (Darius) Trundle is beyond doo-doo tier, I agree on that one Illaoi is no skill garbage champ designed only to let bad players win laning phase and then pray that her team will carry her useless ass. After level 6 Illaoi players just press R and win any possible all in against their opponents, the champ is definition of unhealthy and binary as it cannot be put behind and when ahead it's super oppressive Heimerdinger is a nightmare for any melee top laner to deal with forcing you to play defensive no matter how much better you are than the heimer player Mundo is an oppressive force that requires absolutely no skill to play and plenty of skill to beat. He just sits back and chugs axes at the minion wave forcing you into a passive lane that rewards only the tank player Darius is the most oppressive from them all, champion that Riot designed to win lane and nothing more for bad players, he is one of the reasons why top lane is in such a bad state right now as plat 4 can pick Darius and beat any Diamond 4, the champion is also impossible to set behind as he can hit you 5 times and gain like 2000+ gold worth of stats through his gimimck. Thanks to Riot adding a mini-stun after his pull he can't even be dove anymore.
: Implement more bans or nerf champs
Any kit that beats me is automatically OP, pls mommy Riot nerf these OP 50% win rate champs that are kicking my butt
Jaspers (EUW)
: Wasn't begging, just an idea but thanks for the feedback. It's to help laning, yes, to survive poke under tower and that's all it benefits, so not sure why you would object to it while the other things you suggested can help anywhere and late game. It's not about making life easier, it's about how we want to play a situation. Maybe I don't want to spend my time in the middle of a lane taking ranged poke and would prefer to survive, farm and scale nearer tower where (it's meant to be) safer. This allows me to do that. FNC Nemesis took Corrupting and resolve secondary in his game the other day, is he a bad player?
Why would you be comparing pro play and solo queue? Is FNC Nemesis trying to 1v9? Or is he autofilled? Obviously the two are vastly different. This game is all about risk vs reward. If you are poking someone under tower you are already exposing yourself to ganks, already risking potentially getting hit by the tower and being engaged upon at the right time. Why do we need to reward the worse player for camping turret and make the game even more passive and less skill dependent ?
Saezio (EUNE)
: Can we please not buff any more shit in this game? Every thing is too fucking overstated already. We don't need more stats. Especially not lethality buffs. Maybe simply make towers not be made of paper and deal some actual damage? So people can hug tower and turtle efficiently? Oh sorry, I forgot, that makes for "boring spectating experience". Because 10 year olds can't spectate something as boring as macro.
Yes let's buff tower and more defensive tactics, so that bad players can just hug towers for 15 mins and then pray other laners will carry them while the enemy laner who is far superior in skill level is completely helpless, good idea. Let's reward poor ("defensive") play even more. Macro is still present in this game, and very important.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Can Siegemaster (old rune) be added to Resolve?
Why would we want to make this game even easier for bad players? Bad players already have : Doran shield, teleport, corrupting potion, ninja tabis, bone plating, overgrowth, etc etc, why add even more bad things? The player is already diving you, giving you ample opportunity to outplay them, but somehow you need even MORE help ? Not to mention this rune is strictly laning phase rune, so it won't help you carry, it will only prevent the other person from carrying as you hug the tower and last hit falling infinitely behind but not allowing the other person to capitalize on your death because of a binary rune you took Why do you guys need Riot to hold your hand so much? You're supposed to fall behind in "hard" match ups, but if you are straight up getting dove and dying you are getting outplayed, and you deserve to die. Stop begging Riot to add more crutch mechanics for you. Top lane is already an impossible role to carry from, showing the least % win rate difference between mains and autofills, why make the lane even easier?
: Kayle is even weaker right now.
Kayle is fine just not that fun to play, and there are champions who scale harder while having absurd OP laning phases (at least against certain matchups) such as Fiora, Jax, Kled, Camille etc Also, Kayle really doesn't have favorable match ups at all, she is a dud. Even Nasus has some match ups where he is expected to win after a certain point
: How bad is Singed?
Pretty bad with things like Kled / Fiora / Darius / Akali being as overtuned as they are currently, however he can be a solid pick against Jax who is also overtuned.
: Sounds like you misplayed incredibly hard
Nah I have not misplayed whatsoever. Dodged her W even, if she hit it I might've died.
: Those Fiora buffs would only make sense if you removed the 14 different buffs she didn't need
Every champion has some gimmick after season 5, Fiora's gimmick is that she is always ahead of you, no matter what. If she is 0-3 and you are 3-0 , well, she is ahead of you even if she whiffs her W completely, but if she stuns you or slows your AS with it then she is SUPER ahead of you. Just few days ago I played against a really bad Fiora who I absolutely dominated as Renekton, I'm talking she had 60 farm while I had 160, it was a literal bot player, I was lv12 and she was lv8 and she almost killed me ( I had to blow my ulti and my ignite just to kill her or else she'd gotten me )
: Can you remove Spear already Riot?
I am a Renekton main and I agree that item should be completely removed. It is just too RNG based in some situations it's very OP in another absolutely useless.
SmashinBob (EUNE)
: Just because you can tank a lot does not mean it requires no skill to play. You are the kind of person who will say adcs just right click. And assasins just roll face over keyboard.
You don't understand this game or what I'm talking about. There's very little difference between tank with 60 farm and tank with 120 farm. They are low risk low reward safe champs that are reliable no matter what and exist to stonewall top lane and make the other person unable to carry. They are anti-fun by definition for both parties, except if the other party playing tank is lower skill than the other aka autofilled.
: I love when players act like they can 1v1 but then
I love when players act like they can 1v1 but then buy items as a complete clutch cause they know it will take them bonus stats just to kill one enemy. That's supposedly callsed "skill". Lol.
: Need More Tanky Bois
Tanks require zero skill and are against the basic fundamentals of the game. You can go 0-5 and still be useful, making all the work your enemy did negligible since you will be relevant no matter what. Do not expect to carry with tanks, as they are low risk low reward type of playstyle and that's what they are right now. Plenty of tanks have healthy and good win rates. Tanks are boring to play and play against for 99% of the community.
: Bring tanks back. Even as a tank main I'll admit they were overtuned a few seasons ago, but _bring them back_ in some fashion. To tank now, I find myself having to dodge and skirt the edges of a fight. While this is effective if my team runs with me, **this is not how the tank role is played**. Tanks are the first into a fight and the last out. They step in front of the damage. They stand like a stone wall to hold ground when their team is rushing to reinforce. I can't do _any_ of these now, or I'll die before Annie can count to five. I'm not a tank anymore. It's not _fun_ anymore.
Tanks are already here and among the top win rates in game.
: Why damage is so high now
Yes it's definitely runes adding a huge percent% of damage power to champions. This also works to lower overall skill of the game since a lot of champion's power (percentage-wise) is tied to his runes instead of items, and one of the reasons why jungle is just so overpowered now. However, it's also them adding cooldowns on a lot of items, outright buffing champions with every "rework", buffing items, introducing items like Spear of Shojin, BOTRK, Death's Dance etc etc and introducing overloaded champions
: QOL: Make Bami Cinder stop triggering tower aggro
So tanks can just walk under the tower and burn you to death since they're unkillable anyway?
Midg3t (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AeroWaffle,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lEfVVF2r,comment-id=000000010001,timestamp=2019-09-14T13:29:41.883+0000) > > What's not shown is that the Sylas had already backed and bought a Hextech Revolver over the Cho. (I looked at the timeline for the match). Chogath still only had a Dorans Ring. Ohh then ye, it makes sense that he outdamaged OP. But still, that much dmg so early in the game....too much for my taste ngl.
The guy's lying. I had lost chapter + doran ring. https://imgur.com/KYBi51Z
: > [{quoted}](name=Midg3t,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lEfVVF2r,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-09-14T13:23:55.950+0000) > > OP didnt miss any of his skills aswell. And yet he was bursted down from full hp. > This is more a case of sylas having a stronger kit than cho. What's not shown is that the Sylas had already backed and bought a Hextech Revolver over the Cho. (I looked at the timeline for the match). Chogath still only had a Dorans Ring. Edit: I stand corrected about Chogath only having a Doran Ring. They had lost chapter as well. But as far as items go Lost Chapter has more of its worth towards sustain while Hextech Rovolver is purely for bursting. Which is what Sylas did.
Why would you blatantly lie like that? https://imgur.com/KYBi51Z
: I have a hard time to bring myself to play this game anymore due to the balance team
Sejuani is one of the most broken junglers in the game. It has nothing to do with 'pro' play. She is the most popular jungler in Diamond + elo and she's a tank , who are notoriously boring to play - that's a SIGN that she is overtuned. Stop whining , please. Just because your champion isn't flashy and doesn't get penta kills doesn't mean they can't be OP.
Rioter Comments
Raoul (EUW)
: When a role is less popular than support, you know you messed up RIOT...
: Stop expecting to win lane off one kill. Your ignite will be back up in 3 minutes... Just kill them again then.
I don't expect to win lane off one kill. I expect to be ahead off of kill though, not behind.
R4ndom F1nn (EUNE)
: So, you complain that someone gets back to lane using a summoner with a 5 minute cooldown, while your ignite only has a 2 minute cooldown and can get you easy kills XD seems like you are like an ignite Darius player XD
Excuse me? If the kills were "easy" then everyone would run ignite instead of teleport. There's a reason why teleport is the meta spell hint : It's strictly better than Ignite and overpowered.
Rioter Comments
: What is wrong with League?
Season 5 happened
qko pate (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Juice,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VsNZdbae,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-13T13:05:36.236+0000) > > Renekton doesn't bully anything since S3 Renekton doesn't bully anything as hard since s3 tho he is still a free win 1v1 melee champ that requries about 0% of your brain capacity sadly they're now even more champs just like him thats competition...
Add me on EUNE I'll pick soraka vs your rene , or any other champ you can think of
Zardo (NA)
: Sure! Only if riot also removes toplane bellies like renekton.
Renekton doesn't bully anything since S3
: How about people stop bitching about fucking Vayne top and learn that it's been pathetic literally 100% of the time? They die when you get on top of them. Take fucking ghost/flash if you can't find out another way.
I'm sure it's pathetic in your division, anything above silver and she is broken unfortunately
Rioter Comments
: Played Malphite AP Jungle
Check out League of Memories, it's a community project in the works that is in alpha currently and best thing we'll probably ever get. Don't listen to these know-it-all Riot bootlickers who started in S7 or were bronze 5 during the glorious times of League
: A better tank item that bruisers and mages can't abuse!
Tanks are OP and a role that is unfun to play or play against. Don't ever buff tanks leave them in dirt or turn them all into bruisers
Alissian (NA)
: Buff anivia auto attack please
That's the point. A champion should have some weaknesses
Rioter Comments
Kanzler (NA)
: Generally champions without resources are throttled by cooldowns and/or weak early games. Some, {{champion:92}} {{champion:58}}, seem to not fit that design paradigm however.
How does Renekton's 18 sec cooldown on E and W not fit that design paradigm? How long should it be ? Use E and W once per game ?
Rioter Comments
Syrile (NA)
: MSI is proof that League of Legends is dead
If League is dead then why are you here posting this? Just move on with your life
: > [{quoted}](name=Juice,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Pb7TERs9,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-12T04:35:47.605+0000) > > Is there a single possible reason why you should play any role other than jungle? > > Seems so versatile, and when mastered can carry you the hardest. > > All other roles are at the mercy of jungler. Yeah I looked at your post history bud. Watch some good videos, try out the practice tool, etc, it's time for you to try out jg. Didn't be a puss and try it once or twice and quit, stay jg until end of season. I've played top maybe ten times, it's like a vacation up there. You can die once or twice without getting flamed by entire team, be loaded with CS by mid game, don't have to take stupid boring jungle item. Even when I lose the lane early, I just defend my tower and keep eye on enemy jungler location(inbuilt jg habit now) and pretty much never get ganked, even though I'm a top noob. Think I'm wrong? Play jungle until end of season. You probably won't even get to point where you are comfortable enough to play ranked.
In season 8 I already got Diamond playing only Jungle, check my op.gg if you wanna for season 8. Broken role All jungle jax and jungle pantheon games with 80% win rate heh
Rioter Comments
: Keep buffing darius
I perma ban Darius every game so go ahead and buff him more ... Gives more value to my ban
Rioter Comments
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Juice,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rivBfB8i,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-04-18T16:43:07.577+0000) > > Oh okay, I almost thought being coordinated through voice comms with another player to gain an unfair advantage over other players is cheating... > > Guess not :\ How tf would that be cheating in any way? That makes no fucking sense It's not unfair because you can easily invite your whole team to voice comms if you really don't want to play against an UnFaIr AdVaNtAgE
To test how this is cheating Riot should put a team without voice coms vs team with voice coms in the world finals :)
: Nope. It used to be back when voice comms weren't used much for MOBAs. Nowadays Riot has actually added their own in-game voice comms for pre-made parties.
So you mean to tell me that premade parties have an in-built voice coms instead of having to go outside to get one? And that's somehow not cheating still?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: It's not cheating lmao
Oh okay, I almost thought being coordinated through voice comms with another player to gain an unfair advantage over other players is cheating... Guess not :\
Rioter Comments
: Then why forgottenproject, the only master elo fiora player that spams fiora, keep saying fiora is bad and ranting how fiora has around a 45% winrate!
Same reason Hashinshin cries about Jax Tyler cries about Draven etc etc etc
gubigubi (NA)
: Fiora is incredibly unsatisfying and unfun to play right now. Needs buffs? A rework?
Why are you comparing Fiora and Kayle late game when Fiora is about 10x more oppressive than Kayle in lane? Not only that, but you also don't show builds or anything Fiora is fine, she has bad match ups and good match ups. Stop crying because your champion isn't top 3 insta-win anymore
: Malphite build that I've found to be successful
Disclaimer : Please don't try this build or Malphite jungle in any elo above Silver 4
: > [{quoted}](name=The thigh guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iK5vp1gg,comment-id=000100000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-21T00:44:38.088+0000) > > Funny. He give responses to everything you day and you basically just say “you play x champion so you’re wrong no matter what huehuehue. “ XD. What a troll I like you. I hope you reach Challenger (if you aren't already).
He doesn't agree with you, he just follows me around every post because I disagreed with him on his own topic. He's a bitter little man
: > [{quoted}](name=Juice,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iK5vp1gg,comment-id=00010000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-21T00:43:25.163+0000) > > Yeah okay buddy, keep living inside your own reality bubble, there's no reasoning with a Singed main Funny. He give responses to everything you day and you basically just say “you play x champion so you’re wrong no matter what huehuehue. “ XD. What a troll
His responses are completely illogical and I cba going into them
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