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: You won't believe this about Galio
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: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
The hp and armor changes are good. My calculations are that the adc loses net 30hp in levels 1 through 3 and then another 40 in levels 4 through 6. This enables finally for the carry style support to shine and do more visible damage to the enemy. Even better would be to lower the starting magic resist because mostly the support damage is magic. No more shielding or healing in lane. Pure damage is what i like to see.
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: Across the years from 55% win rate on master tier to 46% win rate on low plat. [Soraka main sadness]
I agree Soraka is in a really bad spot right now. Last year I played 350 games, and had a 60% winrate, not just in the ardent meta but even outside of the ardent meta. But with the introduction of the new runes I feel useless. The duskblade meta combined with the increased damage makes it impossible to be useful as a Soraka. I sadly stopped playing her even though she is still my favorite champion. I hit gold in ranked with other champions for the skin, but I have no wish to play ranked anymore until the damage and duskblade are nerfed. To sum up. All it takes to make a Soraka game is one player who will feed the duskblade user on the enemy. You can win lane as Soraka, but if someone feeds the Kha zix, or the Wukong you lost the game.
: Brand support does way too much damage
Brand support is still not op. If u are not 5/0 in lane and you don't end the game by 30 minutes, the 0/10 soraka will massively outscale the brand. If the enemy Braum shields there goes your ulti. Doesn't even have to use locket. Needless to say locket completely negates your ulti. There are many outplays to Brand support and most support champions outscale him even if he wins lane. Also he offers no escape from ganks. His stun is a skillshot, so it is unreliable. The damage is high but it is not sufficient to win the game. Cause botlane splits xp and you are always behind no matter what. Because of this xp splitting no matter how high is your damage you can never solo carry or 1v1 the enemy. Btw Soraka almost always heals much more than the damage dealt by the highest damage summoner.
: I need 9 RP for Lunar Guardian Nasus so I drew him blindfolded, drunk, and with my left hand
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