Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Okay so, i'm going to assume that you've had a 14 day ban On your 14 day ban report card it CLEARLY said that the next offense will lead to a permanent ban And your logs are full of giving up and flaming your team mates So yeah, here we are and there's a reason for your ban
This community is much higher toxicity level than that was if u cant tell what ppl do wrong its not normal... If i said kys fucking idiot hope u die to cancer like others say there all the time i would undersrand that ban
Tailypo (NA)
: You got banned because people dont like playing with you.
They dont like anyone that says stop feed because they dont feed they just misscalculate with their pro skills and go solo gank botlane adc and support and get destroyed over again
: Have you had a previous 14 day ban?
Yes i had i played like 100games after that and that was only one game? So 100 good games and one game where i said dontfeed my line u are 0 and ban
: biggest crime saying jhin is trash
I was that jhin..
Øccult (NA)
: Ya called jhin trash, called out people for being bronze, you told people they can't read, and was just overall negative in this chat. I would of reported you also if that's how I was being talked to over a fucking game. You also didn't listen to the warning you were given when you received a 14 day ban. It stated any further toxicity would result in a ban. I'm sorry
I was thar jhin xDman i was autofilled adc and my mundo was afk
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