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: First of all, let me correct your statement "his synergy with Jax and ~~Riven~~ Renekton was broken no doubt" Riven players built this item in less than 35% of the games in this patch while it is 78.73% for Jax and 85.87% for Renekton. So it is actually Renekton who is the biggest abuser of this item. Secondly, no, we don't need to be permacc-ed by Renekton point&click W as it is now. Renekton trade-off for being so strong in early game just disappeard with this item. That is why he is one of the safest choice for first pick in soloq and played a lot in pro games. He already got buffed with his shield breaking ability. This removal will be actually a reasonable nerf for both Jax and Renekton. Good riddance.
Meanwhile Renekton sits on 48% win rate pre Shojin removal and pre Conqueror nerf. Nobody wants him to be a cheesy early game pick and Shojin doesnt mean he is strong later, he just isnt a pile of trash. If anything nerf his early game a bit, although to be fair all his tough matchups are on the strong spot right now (looking at you Kled Heimer Kayle etc)
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