: While we're at it, throw the same treatment at Orianna. Terminally ill girl who replaced all her body parts with hextech and is now looking for someone like her, since she isn't a human anymore. But her VO makes it seem she misunderstood that "terminally ill" part and thinks she is the terminator instead.
And Miss Fortune in game is just walking pair of boobs, while in lore she is smart, badass captain and leader of the city.
: I for one actually like the fun, confident, flirty, and sexy Miss Fortune we currently have in-game.
: I think he means more like a snooty princess type.
That's still Camille.
Danjeng (NA)
: Some of them look pretty up to date imo. Tibbers, Rose, and the paw look pretty nice. Personally, blue buff has been my favorite since the start.
That's because those were actually updated
: > [{quoted}](name=Spideraxe,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=9EIqrHOB,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-07-07T20:25:27.327+0000) > > Did Urgot go to rework heaven like his old friend galio or rework hell like 2/3 Ryze reworks I'd kill myself just to see Galio again.
: Because then it becomes a noob trap rune
It's like magma rager in Hearthstone, noobs take it once, then they are taught a lesson and don't repeat the mistake again.
Sukishoo (NA)
: >(I understand Lux just got her Elementalist Lux skin, but I can still dream, right? I dunno why everyone has to bring this up whenever looking at new skins for her... it's been 8 months, that's plenty of time for them to have had something else in the works.
Champions that are not Riot's favorite (aka Ahri, Karma, Draven, Thresh and Tryndamere for some reason) have to wait waaaaay much longer than 8 months before they start designing stuff for them. I doubt we get something for Lux any soon, especially as follow-up after Elementalist.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Then get a new computer :)
As much as this could be downvoted, I agree, Riot can't support endlessly your prehistoric junk, one day you have to upgrade anyway. Edit: Yeah, it doesn't change new software has problems to be solved.
: Well, I feel that with the way chests are, it will force you to try out something new rather then playing the champion over and over. And who knows, you might find a champion you like more then Kayle.
> And who knows, you might find a champion you like more then Kayle. So, any champion?
: Or they might want to get the chaos orb in where you can have a chance to get soul stealer vayne and the skin is much better than what the order orb gives.Well in my opinion.
Digielf (NA)
: You ask if they don't do 975 skins anymore and then you say that they did 4 of them recently...
...Of the last 24. Neat cherry-picking, I see.
Rioter Comments
: Imposter!!! I'M Charmed!!!
awdaf (NA)
: Can we have zig zagging dummies for practice tool?
Rickon could learn so much from them
: I'd love to talk more with you about this soon, but for now I'm going to bookmark the thread and come back when I can chat more freely about it. I hope you understand!
Oh, hello there. Thanks for fullfilling the dream! (and yet succesfully killing another meme)
: Camille vs Fiora
I think everyone in this thread misses that Fiora is much more used to fight conventional weapons held in hand - usually swords, sometimes maybe hammers, axes or whatever. Not freaking ridiculous leg-blades. As much I am biased towards Fiora in this duel, it'd certainly be a tough fight for her.
: An ingenious way to pay homage to Morde's Metal theme through his VO
This is not the greatest VO in the world, no This is just a tribute
GreenLore (EUW)
: Uhm then what about heartseeker varus and Orianna?
Varus is basically Cupido. He is more than just Heartseeker, in this skin he is literally roman god of desire and erotic love. And Orianna is topping cake decoration.
: Heartseeker {{champion:133}} reminds me more of a Star Guardian than an actual Heartseeker lol. Also agreed, the bird looks way more like a pink cockatiel than a dove.
While resemblance to Star Guardian is not exactly something bad, this is certainly out of character, not only for Quinn (it's fine in skin), but also for Heartseekers. Look at them. There is prevalence of red rather than pink. And all Heartseekers are bold and seductive women. Ashe's and Vayne's poses are saying "Look, I am your mistress and you go crazy for me". Even Lucian is like Casanova kind of guy "I am sexy and i know it". Enter Quinn. She is pink and girlish. This won't be bad if she was indeed Star Guardian, but she is Heartseeker. Too mild for that theme. Not even starting on pose etc. other guys covered it well.
Rioter Comments
: Do you mean Medivh from HotS? Best. Hero. Ever.
Medivh does not have teleport ult. He has funny aoe silence and a stasis.
: What do you miss most about the old lore and the Institute of War?
Nothing; it was stiff and artificial concept
Sharjo (EUW)
: Thanks for the kind words! Now to watch this all become obselete when they release new lore that informs us about how the universe works. *Begins crying in a corner*
They will rather take this and pretend they planned this before and you're the one who figured it out early. ... Actually, I wish this happened. Your thought process is amazing and keeps inner sense, especially with the low amount of sources to draw from.
: Shurima Story Q&A #2
Is the Sun Disc a reason why Shurima became powerful or it was built after Shurimans estabilished their empire? What else purposes than Ascension serves the Sun Disc? Eg. does it make ground more fertile in some way?
: Shurima Story Q&A [COMPLETE]
What exactly - in most general way you can describe it - is the Sun Disc? How does it work? Does it serve another purpose except of Ascension Ritual? What kind of magic it uses? Did Shurima became powerful empire after Sun Disc was created or it is just pinnacle example of how much ancient Shurimians could achieve? Is Sun Disc a "must have" for Shurima to be a fertile land? Did the countryside turned into desolate land just because the empire died and nobody cared to preserve it anymore or it was a result of burying Sun Disc underground? And an additional question - how much is Shuriman lore/champions inspired by Stargate franchise and von Daniken theories? After all, we have those Galactic skins for each one of the ascended, and Azir looks totally like Jaffa soldier. However, Galactic Renekton current splash draws from Barsoom style, which I also find nice reference.
: Shurima Story Q&A [COMPLETE]
{{champion:101}} Xerath vs. {{champion:134}} Syndra, two beings of almost infinite magical power. Who else wants to see that duel happen?
: Which champion quote from LoL is your favorite delivered line?
{{champion:203}} "Tomorow is a hope, never a promise"
: Azir better not be a bad guy suddenly I'll join the others and complain about space parasites if he is <.< Seriously, lookin forward to that shurima lore which sounds like it's finally coming soon
Actually I'm looking forward to see Azir, but much more in shades of grey. He wants to make Shurima great again (pun intended), but at what cost? How common folks like Taliyah's family would react when suddenly a bird-god from a legend rose from a grave and claimed them his servants? This question is yet to be answered and I'm glad that topic has been already slightly tackled in Bird and the Branch story.
: Champion Update Q&A: Taric, the Shield of Valoran [COMPLETE]
Why have you gave up on a shield for... well, Shield of Valoran during his development?
: New Spellthief Lux Splash Art
Nice clickbait, I had really thought it was new splash until I read the whole post. ...Which also shows of how good quality this artwork is!
: 1) Zed leaned into range **after** he told Shen, that the golden demon had escaped. That's the key to this dramatic beat. 2) Vi and Cait fan's should be worried-- but they aren't the target he was sent to make an example of. 3) that'd be cool. I'd play it! But sadly out of my job description. -that's a note for gameplay modes.
2) It's Urgot. He set off to Zaun to make Urgot peefect, right? Anyway, if I may chime in - how does Jhin perceive Urgot, Sion and alike?
: Jhin's Color Text. Q&A thread.
So, apparently Zed and Shen are not obsessed on hiding their face in public places like inns? Unlike many other characters who follow this cliche.
Ninteen45 (EUW)
: He sounds like a Disney villain.
Disney? No, sir, he sounds like elder brother of Alduin.
: NAUTILUS THREAD: Would he accept a pact from Kalista/Tammy? and misc. headcanon
When it comes to Kench, I feel slightly dissapointed that his story potential is completely wasted. A lot of existing champions struggle to acomplish their earthly goals, yet none was confirmed to sign a pact with him. Come on, make that Miss Fortune pay.
: Pharaoh Nidalee Splash
It's going to be updated with other Nidalee's splashes and Trist's and Trundle's as well, soonish™
Fowus (NA)
: I wonder where Fizz's people are Tahm says he knows
Bottom of the ocean, I hope. So not a single one of them would crawl out to land and join Fizz on his conquest to tilt as many players as possible.
: Duskblade, AD Assassins, and You
Mm, since it's not melee only yet, I think I'l give it a try in jungle Quinn build instead of Youmuu.
: New Champion Q&A: Jhin, the Virtuoso [COMPLETED]
Has ever Jhin thought about HIS last performance? How would he like to his death look like?
: New Champion Q&A: Jhin, the Virtuoso [COMPLETED]
As far as I understand, Jhin was released from prison to be used as a secret weapon and get rid of Noxian invaders. Doesn't that make him, in ironic way, the "unsung hero" of Ionia? Is his taunt toward Tahm Kench an example of breaking fourth wall? :D
: The idea of a Gentleman Jhin is very cool, thanks for sharing it!
Killer in a suit? Hitman Jhin.
: Well, here's the thing. Khada Jhin is an alias because Jhin is _smart_ enough to not go around killing under his real name. Having that identity as Khada Jhin safeguards him from becoming a pariah outright from his gruesome art, even though he was eventually exposed by the higher-ups of the Kinkou order. Meanwhile, Tahm Kench and the Kindred are mythological figures, and since they're present in multiple religions, they are bound to have many names and many interpretations on their being. Tahm Kench, in Bilgewater, is known as the River King, and Tahm Kench is the name of some gambler he's devoured and taken the name of - so the story goes. The Kindred, The Lamb and Wolf, Ina and Anu, whatever you call them, they are finality. It's like how we personify Death in multiple ways ourselves - the Pale Rider, the Grim Reaper, Death, the Ferryman, whatever. It's a mythical figure, a personification of a concept. As for Bard - he's a little more difficult a subject to touch over. Bard is, unlike Tahm and Kindred, a real-world force. He's a Celestial, like Soraka, a being of the Stars themselves. Bard has a rarely evoked but nevertheless *MASSIVE* impact on Runeterra. And because of how he saved the balance of the universe with people even viewing him, he's been woven into story. He's attributed to a star-sign, and while nobody knows his true name (perhaps except for Soraka), those who do know him know him as his star-sign. Bard. And it's like what we do with our own zodiac - Aries through Pisces, Ophiuchus, Cygnus, Crux, etc., or how the Romans attributed their Gods and Goddesses to celestial bodies in our solar system - Pluto, Mars, Venus, and Neptune, are good examples. We know enough about Bard to say with certainty he exists, but we've never met him in-person or been given the opportunity to understand him, so we simply call him by what we know him as - a musician of great influence. A Bard.
Well, thanks for long and full of juicy details answer. I understand all the reasons why those characters have aliases, multiple forms etc. I'm just worried that in current trend lores of champions such as Ekko - regular human kid with no "born" superpowers, having friends and family are kinda phenomenon. Mind that while it its obvious and clear that Jhin wants to have an alias to hide, we, the players, are like godlike observators of this world. We may know the truth, while regular creatures in the universe do not i. e. Poppy - we, the players know that she is chosen one, although neither her (Poppy pls) nor other Demacians* can notice a hero in her. I see no reason why WE cannot know Jhin's real name (or others). *I mean, she defeated a walking mountain beast. It wasn't her first time she did it. How many times a blue Yordle with an enormous hammer must save the day until some people start recognize her?
Ralanr (NA)
: {{champion:245}}: I have living and loving parents.
Don't worry, person who wrote that part has been probably fired already.
Rioter Comments
: 2017? I'd say 3017 is way more accurate.
Why 3017? Nowhere is stated that he will be released in one patch with Ao Shin.
: Aatrox wants war because he thrives on it, Annie just wants to have fun (which can entail anarchy), Gangplank wants the world under his boot, Graves wanted revenge for being betrayed but now he's just a merc, Karthus wants to kill everyone and gift them with undeath since he views that as the perfect existence, Katarina just follows Noxus high command and values strength above all else (believing that being the strongest gives them the right to rule all), Kha wants to consume and evolve to be perfect, Rengar wants a challenge cuz stabby kitty loves the adrenaline rush of hunting, Thresh wants all the souls so he can spend eternity having fun torturing them, Tryndamere just wants peace in the Frejlyord, Vel wants to disintegrate everything so he can understand everything, Ziggs doesn't want destruction its just every time he invents something it exploded so he decided to start making bombs instead since that's what all his inventions wound up being anyway. Most champions join the League for government reasons (Almost All Noxus Champions, Almost All Demacia Champions, {{champion:43}} , {{champion:39}} , {{champion:41}} ) Some join for personal goals ({{champion:103}} become human without having to kill legions of humans, {{champion:101}} use the energy of the nexuses to break free from his bindings, {{champion:268}} gain assistance in bringing back Shurima, {{champion:420}} spread the glory of Nagakaborous, {{champion:157}} protection while he looks for the person who framed him) Others join because they love to fight and wanted to find the strongest fighters ({{champion:24}} , {{champion:266}} , {{champion:62}} , {{champion:114}} ) Some joined because it looked fun ({{champion:1}} , {{champion:117}} , {{champion:150}} , {{champion:61}} (the original Orianna wanted to join because it looked fun and it was a glory filled position but she died in a training accident causing her father to go mad with grief and make a robot in his daughters image who shares her dream)) Some got captured and forced to join ({{champion:63}} , {{champion:31}} , {{champion:96}} , likely {{champion:202}} ) Some joined to be able to eternally take vengeance on a specific champion through killing them over and over ({{champion:131}} , {{champion:236}} , {{champion:104}} before he made up with TF) Some joined to try and actually kill their rivals ({{champion:236}} , {{champion:131}} ) Some joined because they love to kill ({{champion:8}} , {{champion:2}} ) Some joined because they wanted something specific from the Summoners but they made the champions fight to earn it ({{champion:26}} wanted to be able to stay in a specific time, {{champion:32}} wanted a friend, {{champion:57}} wants to be turned back into a normal tree, {{champion:29}} wanted help to discover the chemical formula that gave him sentience so he can make a city of intelligent rats) Some joined to prove themselves ({{champion:74}} , {{champion:245}} , {{champion:45}} ) and theres many more reasons too but I'm not going to go over all 130 some champions to explain them all :P
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with Utora! [COMPLETED]
Let's say you have infinite resources, time and abilities to make absolutely terrific voiceover update for any champion. Which one you choose?
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Yes. By 2063 they should get them.
: Why do Shen and Poppy get Updated Splash Arts...
Reworked champions will get new splashes retroactively.
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