Ralanr (NA)
: It's not like Annie has no escape mechanic and needs flash to make the most of her combo.
whoo needs escape if there is noone to escape from ?
: They would like to, but they can't because League spaghetti code. > **What is up with the Death Recap system?** > > Short version is the Death Recap system has some pretty large structural flaws that make it hard to incorporate new things and a pain to maintain. > > Last year, you might remember when we did a large pass on Death Recaps. We were able to make them more accurate (people were no longer β€œdying” to flash), but we hit an impasse: without rebuilding the entire system, death recaps would require significant, ongoing maintenance to stay accurate. We are already seeing the improvements we made then start to unravel. > > If we decide to focus on Death Recaps again, we would want to rebuild the entire foundation to correct its flawed structure. The reason we have not done this yet is because it would require shifting resources away from something else, and, as of right now, there are other things we are prioritizing. If Flash pops up as a thing that killed you (again), we may do some maintenance work. > > **Meddler, Lead Gameplay Designer ** Originally from [here](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/q/ask-riot-league-client-update-and-death-recaps)
man ... if only they would have resources to fix that ... oh wait
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: Soo, every other new chamion must have a global ult?
its not that theye need the global ults ... they need to work in every situation possible
: Nemisis Draft really shows who understand the game...
> They aren't weak. they actualy are support actualy translates into "a weaker champion who doesnt need gold to do his stuff" there is nothing more distinctive to a support champion this is also why mages like annie and morgana tend to push supports out if unchecked ... because they also do good with less gold ... but they are not weaker champions (disagree ... couple seasons ago we didnt see anything else bot ... guess why ?) the only reason why those champions are picked whatsoever is because someone is not getting gold in the game and its not about damage ... most of this glorious utility those champions have ... is outdone by utility of some damage dealing champions (windwall ahahahahahha) besides that taric is too fab to not pick him anywhere and braum is the only real tank in this game (yes ... design wise braum is the only tank champion in this game ... the rest are just durable fighters ... noone shall oppose the stache)
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Evewynn (NA)
: You can't isolate this example because there are more variables. A champ can healthily have both damage and CC, but be squishy and immobile. Just look at any immobile Mage and you will see it as a common thing.
dude you are making a sound argument but it doesnt aply to lol we have champions who can literaly do most of the things that a champion can do and they still do it good ... relulting in some champions just doing more than others which is the core of the ballance problems this game faces a choice of champion should be a choice of playstyle not choosing the one who offers the most
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: Sion Late Game
just no sion is op ... i dont know how one can think otherwise its not a rare sight to see a sion who didnt build any offense yet dealt more damage than his adc/midlaner or whoever was expeccted to deal the most damage in his team ofc due to being fair shich is rare in riot's history sion doesnt feel broken ... but he is indeed a top tier demolisher
: I find that, in general, ranged ADCs are the most viable atm (in every role). Coupled with a few supports in every lane. Hence the nautilus, lulu, lux, morgana. The only time this is counter balanced is when their aren't champs with insanely long CC (morgana, ahri) or uncounterable CC (janna, nautilus). These champs with insanely long CC, or (JANNA see counters all melee), prevent assassins / melee carries from balancing the game. Otherwise you are just going to have League of ADCs.
well they did get the newest batch of items which are meant to actualy make them capable od doing everything they can think off if fighters or tanks get one as well ... we get league of just buy items and do whatever you wish because your naut can outrange a cait too
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Dengeden (EUW)
: That's because blitz gets hardcountered by a decently farmed tank.
or a decent walking / potato reflexes overall it is possible to dodge all the hooks but vs fizz and champs like him ... either you make a mistake and lose ... or fizz gets to be as strong as you are even if he dies so its a win win for him, the most you can do is to not make him insanely strong but you will almoust never make him weak
Auryiel (NA)
: His level 2-3 all-in is very powerful against squishies, but other than that usually laning versus him pre-6 is not that hard
againts squishies ... well what will you find in a midlane ofc not to be disrespectfull fizz indeed strugles againtst tankier opponents ... but that is not a weakness in the midlane due to the way meta shapes up (mid is expected to deal damage .... well everything is expected to deal much damage now but midlaners pay for it with squishiness)
: Aatrox buffs ideas.
dovnvoted ... because aatrox needs some redesigning to do his kit doesnt match his theme barelt at all not to mention that its toxic at its core (either you can kill me cause im healing to fast or i cant heal cause im dying too fast)
: Aatrox's primary problem's him having so much untapped potential
> But what's the underlying issue here? -Is it his kit being incoherent? No, it does synergize well with itself -Is it him being a bad champion? Not entirely, seeing that a skilled Aatrox can indeed carry games -Is it 42? perhaps. yes his kit is incoherent .... in the way that it lacks any direction whatsoever is he a tank ? well he has some good cc and can survive long due to sustain but he lacks durability and gets bursted too easily is he a carry ? well he has neither the range nor the damage nor the stats of a raidboss to do it is he a fighter ? fighters usualy can see whether they need tankyness of damage ... aatrox always needs both or maybe as the lore suggests he is meant to inspire ? well there is nothing about that in his kit > No, the real problem here, and the main reason Aatrox needs some kind of rework, is him not delivering on his champion fantasy. No the REAL problem is that riot failed his design both in terms of gameplay and his kit fitting his personality (so its like everything they could fail) and yes not delivering on his fantasy is indeed one of the biggest flaws he has
Lycra (NA)
: "hard to master mechanics" lmao you've got to be joking Where is the difficulty in her kit? I remember the first game I ever played as katarina I got two quadras in one game. I didn't know what order to execute her spells in because I had no experience with her, and I got both quadras by literally doing this: qwerewerwqerwqrewreqwrqewrewqqerwerwqrewrewwerrewqrweqw and rapidly moving my mouse cursor back and forth around my screen. Or maybe I'm just a true born Katarina master and I'm naturally gifted at Katarina's "hard to master mechanics".
lmao you have to actualy read before posting while i may sound mean ... just read my post and think a little
Meddler (NA)
: Our intent with changes to Yi is to nerf tank+on hit builds and leave AD builds at their current level of power. Tank+on hit builds are currently negating one of Yi's main intended weakness (squishiness) without costing him enough damage in exchange.
you should realy evaluate those strenghts and weaknesses on every champion ... because most of the time they are very situational (in some circumstances some champions dont even get to have weaknesses ... also this makes the game basicaly about snowballing and reduces teamplay to just being in the same fight)
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Mark my words. WW will become either a marksman or a mage.
he will become an immobile artillery bot who will fire super mega hextech shells out of the spawn
Meep Man (NA)
: I like CertainlyT's reworks. Caitlyn and Graves were pretty decent reworks. Graves is a little OP, but thats not design really, just really overtuned numbers for the most part. I don't like his champion designs overall though. I like they push the boundaries of the game, but sometimes he kind of pushes them to make some strange hump in the boundaries without breaking them, making some strange champion that feels like it's not designed for League but yet still is. Anyways, I hope Warwick kind of "transforms" more and more into his inner beast over the course of a match with his rework. Start off pretty human and wolfish (like he is now) and slowly become more and more of a bloody, blood hungry wolf that becomes the apex hunter.
because certainlyT doesnt design jack **** he just thinks of cool ideas and forces them onto champions whether they fit the gameplay or not his ideas are indeed cool ... but i htink that we should get an actual game dev to implement them on kits
: ...... She just got buffed in 6.4.....
and you didnt even read a post ... shame on you edit: double shame
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNuWIZZaysU
Lycra (NA)
: "Can we get some love for Press R And See How Many Kills You Can Get Without Touching Your Keyboard Champion?" No.
by love i meant making her loveable but yeah she is a crappy case of bad design ... where her power is indeed dressed in hard to master mechanics but she also has a insanely potent infusion or raw damage available at a press of a button
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: Main Reason why Support Role is Unwanted
support's are boring for me mainly because they dont exist design wise i can play leona ... but i dont support you im doing the basic tasks of a tank i can play sona ... but im just an utility mage who presses qweqweqwe soraka ... im a heal bot mashing w and occasionaly pressing something else i can take braum and enjoy the only real tank in this game (yes he is the only REAL tank ... he does his job directly not by trying to kill enemy carry ... rito design) but the thing is that there isnt much direct supporting in this game if im a supporrt my role should be to increase the effectiveness of my allies in battle ... but lets face it designers dont give a crap about anything else than kill damage most of the supports we have just gets some simple skills which dont do much of supporting besides healing or cc'ing even if your suport is actualy giving you buffs its just point and click crap which doesnt give any fun to you i blame design ... if you have a bad time people will flame you whether you support or not ... but people dont care because they enjoy the game as a suport it hits you hard ... because all you can do is press some buttond and you are out ... nothing more you can do there is literaly 0 creativity from designers when it comes down to supports (compare it to the ways our champions get to deal damage ... delayed, charged , some weird dashes or sion's ult, lisandras shonyas, shens spirit blade, yasuo and his tornadoes, zed, basicaly speaking every champion that deals damage is actualy doing it in a different way) also the first champion who became able to block projectiles in our game is yasuo ... a freaking attemps at a meele adc ... not a support
: I feel like her auto attacks were meant to be this way because of the tentacles.
and her autos are fine (and actualy fit her that way more ... we get to much fast stuff) ... but her w is a different story mainly because the animation of the entire attack is actualy shorter than the time she takes to deal the damage when she is close to her target the way i see it her w has a set timer after which her w deals damage but the time she jumps depends on the distance .... so if she is close she just freezes under enemy feet becasue her skill needs to take more time than she needs to execute the animation
: When she grabs your spirit all you can do is either take all the damage or run away and try not to get hit by her tentacles that spawn around you until you kill enough of them. It's so frustrating.
true ... the counterplay to this skill is to get punished either way (rito games ... we get all that hate for a reason)
: Time it directly after an auto attack and it resets the animation, if you don't time it right it feels clunky.
its not about the reset ... its about the fact that you jump to them first stand there a while and then you deal damage her atacks feel slow overall but her w realy feels like it just finishes and deals damage a short while after
: you can aim which direction u want to get out
yes you can aim the direction... but you have to wait a long time before you can jump out of tahm kench by yourself and yes i mean by right clicking out of tahm
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: If you want Riot to take you seriously about balance, stop banging your head on a keyboard in anger.
nope ... its exactly the opposite riot is not a company providing a game anymore ... they provide a product and they expect money if we stand quiet they will just go on and do their money their way as far as we are not making an uproar ... there is no reason for riot to actually act the way we want ... since their money is safe ofc going full commando and reaching for very evil words is not acceptable ... but being polite is also not optimal either we will demand ... or we wont get anything
: I was saying it was a lot of hard balancing work as in "I'm not a pro at balancing so I can't really leave a suggestion on what to do". Jesus Christmas calm yourself
> I was saying it was a lot of hard balancing work as in "I'm not a pro at balancing so I can't really leave a suggestion on what to do". well guess how will riot interpret that ?
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Igotlazy (NA)
: No most of them are middle ground or less. Damage oriented Tanks would, in my opinion at least, be the Juggernauts.
juggernauts are not tanks but fighters who have less utility and mobility than others but make up for it with raw damage ... a very specific group of fighters to be honest
Penns (EUW)
: Meh... His support win rate isnt even 50% and pretty much the only reason he still works is because tank items and champ are pretty op in general. AP supports have huge impact as well, with no farm.
but you are still comparing supports to other supports instead of comparing supports to champions that go to lane supports dont have any special feature that would make them a wanted addition to a team besides not needing that much gold as the others thats why every time an actualy potent champion gets too good base damage ... he gets incorporated into support class (like annie and morgana) this is where tahm comes into play since his kit offers the utility you would expect while also having a load of unfair scalings to make him as strong as other champions can be
: You know the old voice chat, right? that one RIot watched and realiced "WOAH, everybody is WAY toxic and racist here"
then they looked at chat ... everything is fine here
: 14y old kiddo screaming to my headphones about my mother. no thx.
thats why you get the mute button not to mention that you get a 14y old kit to describe his sexual intercourse with your mother in chat and you are fine with it
: This meta is so boring, I actually want to quit playing the game.
its just a consequence of a terribad design which fawours getting money due to flashines over getting money due to providing a good game our tanks still cant directly do their job since season 1 (yup ... they are just fighters to me ... their damage to tankyness ratio is just different) except for braum who is manly our role interactions still suck, adc is the strongest role countered by assassins or a quick detonation due to teamwork, tanks and fighters are basically the same thing, assassins are whoever knows what right now cause they have no defining feature, supports are just handicapped champions that are kept in games only because someone is getting gold starved anyway and they also have very little defining features strategy no longe exists here ... what do you even want to plan out ? the only thing that you need to sort out is how Will you juke skillshots with dashes
Igotlazy (NA)
: While I agree with some of your points (vision is indeed an issue) I honestly believe that Tanks, specifically Disruption Tanks/Fighters have a much bigger effect on the game than you give them credit for. Some of the most effective and powerful Heroes right now are burly fighters who can take damage, dish some out and lock down opponents. Champions like Tahm, Mundo, Trundle, Gnar, Rek'Sai, Nautilus, Alistar, Poppy are all being picked right now and are equally successful in both Solo-Queue and Competitive.
> Tahm, Mundo, Trundle, Gnar, Rek'Sai, Nautilus, Alistar, Poppy isnt that a group of most damage oriented tanks we have ... besides alistar who is a support and naut who is indeed about lockdown(still he deals a good damage for a tank)
Penns (EUW)
: 3 times in 3 patches* I still find it pretty pointless tho since there are many other fighers/ tanks that are just way scarier. But as we all know annoying to deal with = op lel
well he is the first support who is actually competing into the game the same amount as other roles do ... so yeah that validates nerfs
: Yeah this and Thresh Q are both victims of the same design... The hitbox gets wider as it travels, but the visuals do not match. This was done to make the skill more useable, but does create some frustration. Unfortunately, adjusting the hitbox leaves his Q / her E lacking in power, and that power would need to be put back somewhere else, and that is alot of hard balancing work
missile speed and cast time the skill can also change its speed while it flies or have a certain indicator to help enemies dodge it if we combine those factors we can make a skill that is incredibly strong but fair at the same time > Unfortunately, adjusting the hitbox leaves his Q / her E lacking in power, and that power would need to be put back somewhere else, and that is alot of hard balancing work while valid ... your type of argument sucks here there is a crapton of ways to balance a skill without touching its damage or cooldown the only thing that you are doing is making it seem ok for riot to just go the easy way as they always do and create more crap in the end a)THEY CAN BALLANCE IT b)THEY SHOULD BALLANCE IT c)YOU SHOULDNT MAKE IT SEEM OKAY FOR THEM TO NOT BALLANCE IT 3 steps to follow ... for the entire community .... either we demand and get what we want .... or we dont demand and we dont get it thats how business works ... you do as much as you need to get the profit ... sometimes less but almost never more so either we demand a good performance from riot's ballance team... or we wont get it ... dont go around justyfying why riot doesnt provide, because you are becoming the reason yourself that way
: You can exit his devour at any time.
no you cant ... you need to wait something around 2 seconds before you can get out that's is enough for him
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