: Games being decided at 20 min it sure it's fun...
Is there a reason why games should have to last 40 minutes?
: > [{quoted}](name=Kobila2000,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=fvKzPGsO,comment-id=0002000000000000000000000002000000000001,timestamp=2015-11-12T12:18:00.127+0000) > > Tell him "Imagine if you had three metal pockets on your underwear, one for each ball and one for your dick. Would you find that comfortable?" Please don't judge other people. The guy is wrong first judging her and why are you coping him also? (sry for bad English)
Wtf does "judging" have to do with anything? Is that some random word you picked up from someone just so you can act like you're defending a stupid asshole? The guy is running his mouth about things he has absolutely no idea about. He's wrong, and he needs to have his bullshit ripped apart so he stops acting like an idiot.
: the only thing they need to change is make it when she dies the orbs stay white,not purple. she doesn't look old, Syndra is probs around 30-ish anyways, since when is that old? No need to be all silly about it.
Apparently when a girl stops being an adolescent, she's a granny. Also calling Lissandra an old snow lady...I wonder if OP's ever seen a real woman.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fasmodey,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=6zJO5QHK,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2015-12-01T00:17:55.054+0000) > > http://www.eskisehirortodontiklinigi.com/ortodontia.jpg > > Like this. Not toothy actually but her jaw is weird. lot's of people have underbites/overbites. it's not really all that uncommon. I for one have an overbite but I've never met anyone who felt the need to point it out. I doubt it's even noticeable.
It's obviously noticeable when, you know, people noticed it. Also Syndra doesn't have overbite. She was done at the time when female characters all had to look identical. This is bad art where the artist isn't sure how to perspective.
Shyvauni (NA)
: Funny you comment on my elo when all of your complaints are majorly made by those with an even lower ELO than me. So if my elo being low is why i believe there are no op champions than explain why many high elo players feel the same as I do on it hmm? All of you explanations on why those champs are never truly scary can be applied to the same champs you cry are OP. I suggest you stop getting boosted and play yourself as you opiniond are only ever made by bronze whiners.
I comment on your elo because I've never seen anyone above it claim champions can't OP. People in higher elos actually know the game and they know which champions are OP currently. That's why they play them so much, not because a ton of specific champion mains suddenly gained massive skills in outplaying everyone. Same as when Nidalee was broken af, literally the only people saying she wasn't ("just avoid her spears") were low elo.
: And yet every game I've been in there seems to be a damned Riven. I don't even find her OP or anything, she is just so damn ANNOYING to fight, especially as two of the people I often play top-lane, Sion and Singed. Sion may as well just not HAVE a Q against her and Singed can't do much to her because it's absolutely impossible to get near her if she doesn't want to be near you. Even if you do catch up, she can just stun you and hop away again.
Champions without dashes screwed over by other champions with too much mobility. Stop me if you've heard that one before.
: Her win rate is sub 50% in all categories, and nobody knows how to play against her? Is Riven just running out and self destructing or something?
You just explained the main cause of death for steamrolling champions.
Shyvauni (NA)
: Not scary, however frystrating as all hell, especially if she has her ult up.
Things she can do pretty much the same without items. Supports by definition don't rely on items and Janna doesn't gain any points in the frustrating category by getting fed. I'm baffled at how anyone could have traumas from a fed Janna.
Shyvauni (NA)
: Teemo nicknamed satan for a reason. Alistar is one of the champs that goes from OP to UP based on items and other nerfs/buffs. Braum was deemed op and still gets accused of it especially when fed. Mf when fed has a habit of shutting teams down. KOG MAW is a hyper carry. The very definition of if i get fed i am scary. I could go on about how every champion you listed is wrong. I Changed from OP to irritating becuase i believe no champion is OP. Just frustrating/hard to deal with given the right circumstances. Karthus is as much of a threat as riven simply becuase he can still pwnta your team while dead. Riven is easily cced to death and then she is useless while dead. A fed viktor is just as strong as a fed Yi, however in different situations. I doubt you know much about the game at all with your broad sweeping generalizations. Are certain champions unbalanced? Yes. However OP is more than just being unbalanced.
Anyone who outranges Teemo shits on him no matter how fed he is. People don't seriously fear him. They just hate his mushrooms and get pissed of when they step on them. Sorry that this running gag made you feel that Teemo ever poses a threat to the enemy team. Alistar is a tank, you're seriously telling me he scares you? Do you have traumas from URF mode? You actually think Braum is broken when he gets fed because of items? Yeah, early game Braum so useless. MF has no escapes making her an easy target for assassins. Her ult is also interruptable. Kog, again, easy as heck to murder. Same for Karthus. They can dish out tons of damage if the enemy is too stupid to focus them or if the enemy happens to not play pretty much any champions who are overused (hint hint, there might be a reason for that). They also, again, need to work on getting fed. You can survive with low defenses (e.g. Jinx) if your damage and kit are enough to get you fed. Ah yes, "no champion is OP", of course. The main motto of low elo that should be engraved onto our badges. It's like you guys have a pamphlet you share among yourselves with encouraging sentences that have nothing to do with how the game actually works. Riddle me this mate, if no champion is OP, how come so many champions get completely neglected, while others get abused to no end? Coincidence? Conspiracy? Do we just magically get thousands of people who are suddenly "sooo skilled" with a champion that just happens to be considered strong or downright broken? And then with new patches thousands of people just magically become "sooo skilled" at other champions? Why do you think classes like support and tank exist? Precisely because not every champion poses the same danger when fed. A fed Viktor's abilities can be avoided. His laser is a skillshot. His ult takes a hellova lot of time to deal damage. Lacking escapes, he can also be murdered if people flash/dash out of his stun field. Meanwhile a fed Yi can murder your team without anyone even having time to react. In general champions with skillshots, squishiness and little mobility are fairly easy to shut down if focused.
Shyvauni (NA)
: Except they are. Name one champion who is not irritating when fed vs non fed foes?
Teemo. Alistar. Anivia. Braum. MF. Kog'Maw. Janna. TF. Varus. Sejuani. Vel'Koz. Trundle. Shyvana. Yorick. Renekton. Ziggs. Warwick. Karthus. Malzahar. Heimerdinger. Cass. Aatrox. Diana. Caitlyn. Ashe. Singed. Shaco. Pantheon. Renekton. Evelyn. I could go on, but I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself. And "irritating" is completely different from "OP". Nice job rewording what I said to try and make a stupid statement seem like it makes sense. Fact is not everyone has an easy time getting fed. Getting fed as Katarina is a piece of cake. Getting fed as Karthus, not so much. Also some champions need a ton of kills to reach OP status, others take only a couple. Along with that, not every champion is unstoppable once fed if they can still be murdered with ease. Are you really going to tell me that a fed Karthus is as much of a threat as a fed Riven, when it takes a blow of the breeze to kill the former? Or that a fed Nautilus is more dangerous than a fed Vayne? Or that a fed Viktor is just as strong as a fed Yi? Because I don't think you've been playing this game if you can.
: >List of Non-Riven@ mains who are sad that Riven's@ win rate fell You can put any champion in the space of Riven. Chances are it'd still be true.
Except it wouldn't. Most champions would not have people cheering and celebrating when they get nerfed. Can you possibly imagine someone like Urgot getting nerfed and everyone being happy about it? People would call Riot insane. Ever heard of "Better nerf Irelia"? This is like that "any champion is OP when fed" bs. Except they aren't.
: riven suffers from the annie syndrome. shes bursty and has enough cc to lock you up during her chain, to not allow you to move an inch while it happens. its just flash+w = dead. im really only bothered with her animation canceling cheese and stun. they should maybe look into tuning down her w to a slow at the very least before they touch her with buffs again. shes mobile enough to run away from almost every situation and to reliably engage. there needs to be a window of time for you to react before she unleashes hell on you.
Well at least she has mana to keep her in check. Oh wait...
: you forget that fiora LITERALLY has an unbreakable AOE spellshield that even blocks SUMMONER SPELLS, as well as a built in heal, regardless of direction. Master Yi has alpha strike, which allows him to easily render a skill completely worthless on a MUCH shorter cooldown, and meditate which gives him 70% damage reduction and healing. You are comparing a directional ability that ONLY block projectiles to these skills. Obviously you have your mind set on that hes op, but you fail to see how his skills are mediocre compared to others.
Fiora has an unbreakable aoe spellshield...You mean that 0,75 sec one that only works on herself? Yeah, that's totally the same as an aoe spellshield that can protect half of your team for almost 4 seconds. If we're counting heals, how about all the free stats given to Yasuo that contribute to his ridiculous arpen and crit chance and as such increase his lifesteal? And really? Yasuo's spellshield blocks the majority of attacks. I like how you try and make it seem like it doesn't by emphasizing it blocks "projectiles", as if the vast vast majority of damaging abilities don't fall into that category. Yasuo's spellshield is also incredibly generous when it comes to timing, which is more than I can say for someone like Yi or Fiora. Alpha strike? You mean that half-a-second lasting ability which doubles as his gapcloser? Heal that roots him in place and makes him unable to do anything? Yi is in the worst state when it comes to defense. No-one is ever going to let Yi heal anything and killing him is for the most part a matter of just waiting for him to alpha strike and then throw all cc on him since his only engage is also his defense. Again, we are functioning on the assumption that the players have a brain and aren't bottom of the barrel bronze. Also, I'm far from the only one "set" on him being op. There's a reason he's so massively abused and it isn't because you're the only special snowflake who knows how to handle his "high skill floor".
: The shield eventually takes so much flow to actually be full that lategame you'll only ever have it at the start of the fight and right after ulting. It can be easily popped pre fight with any poke skill and be down for ~8 seconds. . Yasuos entire weakness as a champion is lackluster defensives, His windwall only works to protect him from one direction or he has to play around with it and be restricted to the windwall. It's a very good skill, but if he is surrounded he will go down with one or two skills very quickly. My opinion might be pretty biased as he's my most played champion in this game after Ezreal, but I'm just trying to be objective here.
Sorry, no, no and no. Master Yi or Fiora are champions with no defenses. Not someone who literally has a big unbreakable aoe spellshield. And oh no, you get to have the shield two times in a fight. How defenseless. You're forgetting that the more people there are, the more you can dash around and avoid any skillshots. You are tying to tiptoe around the fact that Yasuo actually has plenty of defense, it just takes someone who doesn't have brain damage not to mess them up. It's a common tactic when players main broken champions, they try to assume that everyone playing them is an utter moron who's too stupid to abuse them. And yeah, I've seen a ton of Yasuos who don't bother to abuse their practically-no-cd dash to avoid pretty much any skillshot coming their way. That doesn't make Yasuo not broken though. It just means it's possible to mess up with him. The same arguments get used for Thresh. Thresh is not balanced because the players are too stupid to click his lantern. Player stupidity is not an argument.
lolptwo (NA)
: Actually logically speaking, Shot guns do win against armadillos
Or do they? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3181666/Texas-man-shot-bullet-fired-armadillo-ricocheted-animal-s-shell.html
: It was definitely at ~48.6% in plat+ ranked before this patch. I won't disagree with you that he's broken this patch because he definitely is, I'm just saying that before he wasn't that broken. While he does a lot of damage, he has one defensive skill that is very good but useless against melee champs or champs who can maneuver around it. I think he needs some kind of champion specific nerf to warriors bloodlust, as now it's 100% impossible to get him out of lane when he lifesteals to full hp with just cloak of agility.
> he has one defensive skill One that negates the majority of ranged attacks. He also has a dash that he can use a bunch of times if there's anyone in the vicinity (so impossible to catch with minions near or heck, if there's just people) AND an easy-to-refresh shield, as well as a knockup. You try to make it sound as if he's defenseless.
: > [{quoted}](name=Orbitalightning,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=kd4Beftq,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2015-11-04T21:31:37.638+0000) > > Hey, Bioluminescence > > Considering the massive story and bio rework in progress... Will we be seeing a Story Mode for this game? Perhaps placing players vs bots or Players vs Players? To play out the Story of League of Legends? > > Is there any secrets or things we can know that you're working on? > > Thanks, that's all I got for now. Alas, the nature of secrets is that I cannot share them :( A Story Mode for League would be interesting, and I've read quite a few threads from people who have suggestions for it. What story would you want to play?
I feel it was such a huge missed opportunity with the Freljord event when we got to decide which of the queens would win, but that never went anywhere. It'd be fascinating to have an overarching story and then have the players vote on which course the event would take by picking an icon and winning games. It'd be a perfect combination of playing and lore.
NewMk (EUW)
: This game needs neko girls
{{champion:103}} ffs
: > [{quoted}](name=Kobila2000,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=fvKzPGsO,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2015-11-12T12:29:51.944+0000) > > **Why do men like Warhammer? No sexy ladies there.** Why do men like Halo or any of the plethora of other works that do not feature scantily clad women? Why did men read books? Why did men create Disney cartoons? To fap to Bambi? Are men just so retarded that their only goal in life is to put their dick into something? > By your logic we should just delete every single champion from the game who isn't a generic disrobed sexy woman. Because why do anything when clearly men can't function without not just attractive women, but barely dressed one at that. Men will create sexy art of normal women like they always have or maybe out of the whole porn industry they will see a woman they won't want to fap to. Like their mother. Or their dog. They can function without being spoon-fed half-naked supermodels, that's why we have porn. A female orc doesn't have to look like a female porn star, just as the male orc doesn't. I'm sure men can handle that. Emphasis mine. #This may be Heretical but.... http://i.imgur.com/gYMsIMY.jpg Adepta Sororitas (especially Sisters Repentia). That and Slaanesh. Yeah. Everything Slaaneshi. http://i.imgur.com/WvpA7C2.jpg #Wait... Hmm....yeah this is heretical. http://imgur.com/8Rbv0yv
Sisters of Battle always felt like a bunch of grannies to me. I mean come on: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/09/Sob_squad_c.gif
: > [{quoted}](name=Kindlejack,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=tZcvAuut,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-11-11T18:04:49.967+0000) > > JL - "I didn't directly reference the armor off anything particular. I tried to merge Sivir's characteristic (utilitarian outfit) with the victorious concept(regal, ceremonial). The victorious concept for Sivir was influenced by Roman laurels motifs, art deco, Joan of arc, valkryie etc. I've also tried to incorporate elements that the previous victorious skins had, such as gems, gold, and the overall colors. > > So in the end, she looks dressed for battle but also dressed as victorious champion." > > It sounds like there was no direct reference for the armour, perhaps one exists coincidentally though? Alright, I want to apologize for one thing To you KindleJack. Before I made this post, I kinda already... knew why and what image it looks familiar to. I want to show you the concept art that I drew 3 month ago but published 2 months ago, also here is a link to a post i published on the boards two month ago. Now what I find strikingly familiar is my torso armor to Victorious Sivir's torso armor. When I first saw the Victorious Splash art I immediately got excited that perhaps a Riot artist (Johnathan Lee) perhaps took inspiration from my art and incorporated it into the splash art. My original purpose of this post was to find out if... perhaps it was inspired by my work, I didn't expected to get an answer so quickly that it in fact took me by surprise! I just want to thank you for your time and I just wanted to bring this up. But in the end I guess he didn't take inspiration from my work like I hoped, that's fine and again thank you for your time. (My Post) http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/fancreations/pZIA5xNV-art-of-league-help-me-with-feedback (My Art) http://i.imgur.com/ktFzSDt.jpg[/img] (Sivir's Art) https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xat1/t51.2885-15/s480x480/e35/12142280_958642937525276_609085715_n.jpg
They're both fairly typical armor designs. I don't see why they'd be inspired by yours in particular..
: I have to wonder, why are abilities not more versitile?
He's fun because he's so overloaded, as is usual with CertainlyT's designs. Overloaded is fun for the person playing, not for those playing against them. And if you haven't been paying attention, plenty of recent champs are versatile. Soraka suffered because her boring passive playstyle had to be updated without losing her core identity. The new champions don't have that issue.
: I'm starting to think that bras don't exist on Runeterra.
Instead they have tons of plastic surgery, performed by Zaun scientists (or, scientits, hehe. Heh.). Real boobs sag like flour bags if you don't wear a bra for years, which you've probably seen on some photos of tribal women.
: > [{quoted}](name=Trainwrekk,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=y5MFKmb5,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-11-10T20:11:14.090+0000) > > A SUITABLE WIFE FOR BRAUM {{champion:201}} Don't think so. Braum is the hero humanity needs. Illaoi is... well, stealing soul for an eldricht abomination. They just doesn't fit. If I had to pick someone for him, that would be... Ahri. She's doing the best she can to be a better person with what means she has. He would like that.
Ahri would be broken like a twig with Braum. He needs a real woman.
DHNinja (NA)
: When did Leona get a Victorious Skin?
Ah, the chronic sameface syndrome affecting most LoLadies. Wardrobe change is like magic here. It can transform you into a completely different person.
GenoXx (NA)
: ...Except for no one wore metal undergarments back then did they?....even they had cloth under their armor...
The guy literally said armor for women had to have individual boob pockets to be comfortable. How about you learn how to read before posting stupid comments?
GenoXx (NA)
: Why are you telling _me_ this? The one you should be telling this to is Dream splitter...
: Will Lulu ever get a VU, and by that i mean like what they did for Tristana?
She has a really ugly face in her model. Like a beanbag that's been stretched to the sides.
Ralanr (NA)
: She's a more stern caretaker while Braum is more emotional. I'm shipping them now.
They would have a nice big house with 3 muscular children and a muscular dog.
: New Ship: BraIllaoi, don't care if it makes no sense. I ship it.
: Woad scout Quinn and the new Tag Team
: I'd be OK with that TBH. if the standard of every video game champion was sex symbolism, I mena I'd be a little confused that humans are obsessed with sex to that extent because I'm definitely not. but if every male depiction was as much about sex as every female depiction, I'd actually just take it as a kind of humor. xD or well if it was the norm I grew up with, I probably just wouldn't even notice it.
Well, there's Tera: http://popori-cbt.narod.ru/armor-castanic/castanic-male-plate-16.jpg
: so i totally understand where you are coming from and respect it. And I hear women have an issue with sexiness depictions quite a lot so i know this is a real issue. And that bothers me. in my honest opinion, you are totally misunderstanding this. First of all, men arent stupid. Its not a struggle for men to understand how a woman might be both sexy and awesome. Its not like men only see women as one or the other. That isnt how reality works. Its totally possible for men to respect women for non sexual things, and possible for men to be seduced by their sexiness...at the same time or even seperately. Maybe its not liek this for women i dont really know. Butthe vast majority of men know a sexy body is jsut a sexy body and implies nothing else at all...psotiive or negative about that person in any other way. However, unfortunately perhaps, sexiness has a great deal of power over men. I guess they are very visual and just the suggestion of a sexy image will sell the hell out of anytihng to a man. Whether its video game spash art or a car or whatever other stupid thing. If this bothers you, imagine how obnoxious it is for men. YOu have no idea how many stupid things men are inspired to do over a stupid shape. The culture pretends liek women are strongly influenced by their emotions...well the fact is that if there were no sexy women in the world, most men wouldnt see any reason to have a job or even wake up in the morning. Not even joking. But the good news is that you are not competing with this fantasy. The fantasy is in fact somehow more appealing to a man because it is just that: fantasy. A guy doesnt actualyl want to enter some codependant unhealthy relationship with miss fortune...ok? She isnt real. Real things dont happen with her. Its a totally different phenomenon of having real relationships with real women. And by the way, i think female attraction can be jsut as shallow as male attraction. But what turns women on seems to be not so much visual but rather the agency/power/property of a man.Sorry but humans are jsut not so far removed from monkeys and thats how gender roles have been for mammals for the past i dunno billion years or so. Believe it or not theres actually nothign deep about finding power to be sexy. Adolf Hitler should not be sexy. But apparently he was to many women. Anyway thats why the male splash art looks the way it does.
Why do men like Warhammer? No sexy ladies there. Why do men like Halo or any of the plethora of other works that do not feature scantily clad women? Why did men read books? Why did men create Disney cartoons? To fap to Bambi? Are men just so retarded that their only goal in life is to put their dick into something? By your logic we should just delete every single champion from the game who isn't a generic disrobed sexy woman. Because why do anything when clearly men can't function without not just attractive women, but barely dressed one at that. Men will create sexy art of normal women like they always have or maybe out of the whole porn industry they will see a woman they won't want to fap to. Like their mother. Or their dog. They can function without being spoon-fed half-naked supermodels, that's why we have porn. A female orc doesn't have to look like a female porn star, just as the male orc doesn't. I'm sure men can handle that.
Krigjer (NA)
: > It's important to note that showing skin isn't necessarily sexual or attractive (otherwise nude champions like Zac would be way too much) and being covered up isn't necessarily nonsexual (skin tight out fits and such). What makes a champion attractive is a variety of aspects. A common complaint I hear is that people focus too much on females being uncovered or sexualized and not enough on males. This misses the point of uncovered not equating necessarily to sexualized. Just because Tryndamere/Braum/Pantheon/Varus/Ryze has a bare chest doesn't make him sexualized automatically. How a champion poses, what their kit and story is like, what quotes they say and their personality matter in how sexualized they are. Cultural context too, as a shirtless man in Western society isn't seen as sexual as a shirtless woman. This hits the nail on the head. Men like to assume that just because a character is exposed, that women also find them attractive, because most men find an exposed woman attractive. That's not how it works. I doubt Varus and Aatrox are shirtless to be appealing to me.
It's really disturbing to me how many guys have such an enormous lack of understanding in regards to what women find attractive. Some of these guys actually claim to have girlfriends. I feel such pity for those girls if that's true.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kobila2000,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=fvKzPGsO,comment-id=0002000000000000000000000003,timestamp=2015-11-12T11:56:47.442+0000) > > While I agree with most of what you said about crappy armour design (I'm not against breast plates per se like on Quinn, I'm against useless overly emphasized ones), I find it very faulty that you used Yasuo in your examples, and Varus to a degree. I believe especially Yasuo was made with the intent of being attractive and I noticed he has his share of fangirls. Soulstealer Vladimir and Heartseeker Varus skins are also an example of a half-naked man where not only his power is emphasized. Not that I'm saying these skins were made for women since appealing to only 10% of your player base isn't good business, but you know, it can't hurt to make some champs look in a way that'd make women swoon. > I don't think it's a coincidence that stuff like Debonair Jayce, Pool Party Graves or Lucian and Yasuo came out at the time when Riot was clearly reconsidering their design aesthetics and trying to make their female designs more varied with Jinx, Liss and Quinn. We also got Thresh at the time, who broke the effeminate support stereotype. > > The thing about the other older barechested champions, most have characteristics that give them significant minuses in the attractive department. Lee is bald with a weird braid coming out the top, Ryze is also bald and purple, Udyr looks like an old man, Braum is again bald and has that silly moustache, Brand is roasting and again bald...They're clearly not made to look attractive, but to look strong. You...you dissed the 'stache? {{champion:201}}
Krigjer (NA)
: > I also NEVER claimed that female warriors needed to run around topless like male ones either. And you have no idea what real armor, worn by real women looked like historically do you -when you say "to give leona an attire like pantheons you are still going to get an armor that has two spaces for her breast.". A guy tried to tell me that armour for women has to have individual pockets for each breast to be comfortable, and I tried explaining what 'binding breasts' was. I said it was like modern day sports bras when he still didn't understand the concept, and then he tried to tell me that 'most women don't find sports bras comfortable.'
Tell him "Imagine if you had three metal pockets on your underwear, one for each ball and one for your dick. Would you find that comfortable?"
: So, uh, should {{champion:81}} be as ripped as {{champion:201}} and wear nothing but a speedo with serious groin buldge? Yah know, to show he is in fact a male? Uncomfortable looking at it? Don't worry, that's what the concept of him looked like, so it's 100% A-okay. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Ever heard of the codpiece? http://content.artofmanliness.com/uploads//2011/03/knight.jpg Women never had boob-cups, but men did have dick-cups.
: Actually, the "Muscle Cuirass" was not just worn by officers, nor was it considered the best form of armor. It was primarily used for *parade and ceremonial purposes*, and only for a very short stint in greek history was it regularly used in combat. The most popular armor types were either padded leather, sometimes with metal plates or scales sewn on, the Linothorax, or fabric lamellar composite armor (very popular amongst the greeks) or later, the Lorica Segmentata, a cuirass made of articulated metal sheet (the common armor of a combat ready Roman legionary). All of this is to say that the Muscle Cuirass wasn't even considered all that practical *in its own time*, serving almost entirely to idealize the male figure. In league, the same style holds true. 90% of the armor, weapons, and apparel in use (both male and female) is blatantly ineffective for the purpose of keeping someone alive or killing someone else. It is fundamentally *parade apparel*. That's why the guys tend to show off bulging muscles and the gals tend to be hyper-sexualized. All of this *used to make sense in the context of the League actually existing in their world*. They were not just random soldiers brawling it out for a military/political victory, they were celebrities like ancient Roman Gladiators. Wouldn't you know, but *Gladiators tended to be sexualized as well*. They were often shirtless males in over the top armor using exotic weapons in a fight for amusement. Oh, and in those rare cases where a woman joined in? Yeah, they were also sexualized a lot, often fighting topless or in some form of bondage. And there was even a distinct subclass of gay gladiators, and they were used for comic relief and were often openly belittled, either within the arena or outside of it, as well as facing higher than average risk of death (usually because they were targets for murder and abuse). Basically, this "sexualization debate" is as old as organized combat and the glory that that entailed.
Uh, just so you know, being half-naked and being sexualized are two different things. It's the difference between Sivir and Evelyn. In the ancient world fighting was commonly done naked. In fact the Greeks would tie their foreskin so that the head wouldn't peak as that was seen as vulgar and sexual, otherwise the appreciation of the body was _supposed_ to be aesthetic. I've never heard anything about gladiators being sexualized and definitively nothing about female gladiators being in bondage.
GenoXx (NA)
: Omg she has heels because shes a freaking _female._ The fact that a female having heels ads more to the fact thats shes a female. For her to have them in her concept art makes sense. It _is_ a fantasy game. That _would_ be given to the style of a female. FFS. Wth should leona wear where he chest is? You tell me because anything else would seem very uncomfortable to be wearing for a female. What, should men and female where the same attire for every thing? Is that what you guys want? Next female Champ for Zaun/Piltover should wear a turtleneck just show u guys think she is showing too much skin. and maybe a long stiff dress so no skin is showing. That would leave the creator having a very _Dull_ concept. Leona's armor have spaces where her breast should be because _that's how female armor is designed to be._ What are you expecting? You are telling me Diana can't get a pool party skin because shes a warrior and non canon skins should only stick to her theme? All males who play this game do not freaking play it just to look at some one's character. If anything, some who searches up league of legends porn wouldn't just be a male. I'm sure there are countless females who do the same. You can't compare men attire to female attie when it comes to games liek these. A man running around w/o a shirt _normally_ happens in the real world. I doubt you see females running around shirtless because of obvious reasons. See your whole feminist argument hear is justifying anything. You can't say "Oh wow, tryndamere or pantheon can run around in that attire but leona can't?" I guarantee you right now, to give leona( The Sun's chosen one mind you) An attire like pantheons you are still going to get an armor that has two spaces for her breast. Why tf would it now? Then you are going to call it "boob armor" and thats just going to make you look stupid because thats what you wanted. Leona without heels and warrior attire. Think about what u say dear god. Nothing is _ment_ to be eye candy for someone to look at. This isn't a hentai game. If a charcters concept come out with them having a mini skirt and a dude in a tank top, thats the freaking concept. You can't expect everyone in Turtla necks and long johns because this game would be down right boring for that. All skins coming out looking the same. Feminist are insecure thats why they have to make them selves believe that Everything is for "eye candy" **Edit: Whats that? No Reply? Maybe Reality hit you?**
> What, should men and female where the same attire for every thing? Is that what you guys want? I like how this guy is like "Should men and women dress the same" when a ton of men and women nowadays wear practically the same clothes. Don't tell him about female bulletproof vests, it'll blow his mind.
: to be fair the "sexiness" of men in society is already tied in with their "buffness" while with women "sexy buff women" is a minority fantasy xD and to be fair, skintight battle suits probably aren't that big of a deal. if you're battling you're heating yourself up, and a heavy fur coat would hinder you. but 100% yes about your message tho :P high heels on a warrior make zero sense whatsoever. and cleavage-fitting breastplates are actually lethal to you, not protective. let's focus your entire blow right into my sternum, it's so strong and mighty it'll absorb all of that energy and not shatter at all.
Actually that's not really true. I've noticed most women prefer a sleek but built male body, something Yasuo. Looking like a bodybuilder and bulging with muscles is not attractive to women, it's attractive to men.
: > [{quoted}](name=GenociderX,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=fvKzPGsO,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-11T14:15:47.760+0000) > > Ftfy. > > Majority of then just act like Riot known for making sexy champions and only want it to be that way. And feel like splash arts like Kayle's is sexual, and she has a ~~breast plate~~ boob armor. #But what about.... That barbarian guy...one of Freljord's greatest warriors. That demon er Darkin, Aatrox led a rival clan against him and killed his people. > A man robbed of his home and his people, Tryndamere wandered across the Freljord for years, vowing to forge himself into a brutal instrument of revenge. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/al_Krlfp4aI/hqdefault.jpg #Yeah, he's pretty badass, pretty fucking cool. There's that warrior woman, from that Spartan inspired society. They had a coming of age ritual, where two teens had to fight to the DEATH for the right to claim a relic weapon. But she rebelled against her society and refused to fight, and was sentenced to be executed. That took a lot of courage to stand up to them. Yeah, she's pretty badass and- http://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/Leona_0.jpg #Oh.... http://i.imgur.com/0EMfHCR.jpg You see nothing about Tryndamere interferes with the "hero fantasy" of playing that character. Yes, his still a fantasy warrior, but you can take the idea of him seriously within the setting and he's badass and cool all the way through. Leona though....she's a female warrior with sword, and shield, and...**high heels**. And that thin skin tight bodysuit too all the way up in the freezing heights of Mt. Targon. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/L6IuQOwKPAA/hqdefault.jpg And the useless boob plates on her armor, just so you don't forget she has a bust. In fact, **EVERY ASPECT** of **TRYNDAMERE** emphasizes **BADASS** -even the parts that make less sense or would be potentially impractical (barechested, no armor). But all the parts of Leona that don't make sense, don't enhance the heroine fantasy she _SHOULD_ embody...they just emphasize the attractiveness of her **body**, and _fetishistic_ elements (combat heels). #Tryndamere is a hero fantasy. And he fulfills it well. I can see why guys would like to play him. #Leona is a heroine fantasy. Imagined by _male_ developers. I can **see** why **guys** would like to play her. The problem with the art and character design in this game, is the fact that female warriors cant be taken as seriously as the male ones. They have weird elements that don't fit the characters. Why would Leona wear combat heels? They don't fit the character, they don't enhance the fantasy of playing the character or the role. It's just....eye candy, it makes her look "hot". Now, some of that might be ok on a character like {{champion:7}} , {{champion:21}} , or whatever but it's just out of place elsewhere. Now to be honest, there are a fair number of barechested men for contrast. {{champion:201}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:157}} And what does that emphasize? #Power. Strength. Might. Even mages like Ryze , Brand, and Kassadin are buff. You can argue these male characters are sexy, but their attractive attributes are tied in with their visible _prowess_ -even if they're mages that rely on magic. Female characters outfits may be skin tight, or feature cut outs and windows in their clothing, and their splash art poses may (over) emphasize their physique but...they're **soft**, and _supple_ with useless accouterments, design elements, and "shape language" that don't help the design fulfill the fantasy of who these characters are _supposed_ to be in their lore. They don't even **LOOK** like they _belong_ on a battlefield. Eowyn vs The Witch King of Angmar (who couldn't be killed by "any man of woman born") -inspiration behind the new Azir skin. http://i.imgur.com/w5JvIhD.jpg http://i.imgur.com/R1bzfE4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/EickO8Y.jpg She doesn't need combat heels, or so many other things to be awesome. :D
While I agree with most of what you said about crappy armour design (I'm not against breast plates per se like on Quinn, I'm against useless overly emphasized ones), I find it very faulty that you used Yasuo in your examples, and Varus to a degree. I believe especially Yasuo was made with the intent of being attractive and I noticed he has his share of fangirls. Soulstealer Vladimir and Heartseeker Varus skins are also an example of a half-naked man where not only his power is emphasized. Not that I'm saying these skins were made for women since appealing to only 10% of your player base isn't good business, but you know, it can't hurt to make some champs look in a way that'd make women swoon. I don't think it's a coincidence that stuff like Debonair Jayce, Pool Party Graves or Lucian and Yasuo came out at the time when Riot was clearly reconsidering their design aesthetics and trying to make their female designs more varied with Jinx, Liss and Quinn. We also got Thresh at the time, who broke the effeminate support stereotype. The thing about the other older barechested champions, most have characteristics that give them significant minuses in the attractive department. Lee is bald with a weird braid coming out the top, Ryze is also bald and purple, Udyr looks like an old man, Braum is again bald and has that silly moustache, Brand is roasting and again bald...They're clearly not made to look attractive, but to look strong.
: I find the "female representation" discussion quite iritating..
Most men? Like {{champion:119}}?{{champion:32}}?{{champion:77}}?{{champion:79}}?{{champion:48}}?{{champion:120}}?{{champion:161}}?{{champion:107}}?{{champion:432}}?{{champion:90}}?{{champion:2}}?{{champion:74}}?{{champion:36}}?{{champion:9}}?{{champion:42}}?{{champion:26}}?{{champion:268}}?{{champion:3}}?{{champion:41}}? I could go on, really, but you can go check out all the male champions for yourself and see just how many of them really are attractive. Even the sexy ones vary from big guys like Jarvan to a sleeker build like Yasuo. What is stupid is the attitude that if a woman isn't sexy, she's ugly and repulsive. The idea that if you wouldn't want to fap to her, might as well make her a male because there's no way anything else could matter in a female champ beyond her tits. Rek'Sai is not sexy, that doesn't mean she's ugly. Urgot is ugly. Rek'Sai is monsterous. You can be female without being pretty, just as you can be male without looking like a Calvin Klein model. Having a vagina does not mean you need to be human with a pretty face and a sexy body because **being female =/= being an attractive woman**. My grandma is female. Tigress from Kung Fu Panda is female. That T-rex from Jurassic Park was female. A fat opera singer is female. They can all be fun characters without being fuckable.
: I never said that sexual dimorphism applied to only women you dense twat. Unless there's this secret third sex I've heard about, it's a two way street. The differences that apply to women can be compared to men, and vice versa. I also never said anything about eyelashes and lips, and eyebrows. That's your own definition you're drawing from, not mine. You're conflating preferences that men have sexually with sexual dimorphism. Sexual dimorphism selects for sexual preferences, but not all sexual preferences are selected by sexual dimorphism, in the same way that you don't call all rectangles squares just because all squares are rectangles. This argument with the monster champions is extremely lackluster. Neither Kha'Zix, nor Kog'Maw, nor Kennen are men, because the word "man" is derived from the word "human", homo sapiens. You're confusing man and woman with male and female. There is nothing inherently masculine about Kha'Zix or Kog'Maw, because they aren't men, they're monsters who happen to be male. Their sex is an afterthought, not what defines the character. Same goes for Rek'Sai, she's a monster who happens to be female. Her sex has nothing to do with perceived femininity. The only reason her sex is brought up in the first place is because it's used as a tool to establish her being the queen of her species (establishment of hierarchy, not gender.) And don't give me this bullshit of sexual dimoprhism being a general rule. Just because there are exceptions doesn't make it any less valid. If it's just a general rule, then by all means stick male bodybuilders against female ones, since it's fair because there are some women that are bigger and stronger than some men. Oh wait, that wouldn't work because it's not a level playing field. Yeah, most women don't look like supermodels, but this is a FANTASY GAME! Most women aren't ice phoenixes either, or Yordles, or scary void monsters, just like most men aren't war demons, robots, or liches. The only reason why these bombshell champions' bodies are "utmost priority" is because that's how you perceive it, because you literally can't get over that. When I see Miss Fortune, I see a bounty hunter and a fiery haired vengeful hell valkyrie first, and a skinny waist and big pair of tits second. I didn't main Miss Fortune because of her luscious boobies, I mained her because of her kit. I don't think Ahri is one of the best designed female champions in this game because she has all of my preferences in a female body, I think she's one of the best designed female champions because her backstory is incredibly deep. When I see Ahri, I see a tragic story of a beautiful creature feeling like she's trapped in the wrong body, and comes into conflict between how she was raised (to be a ruthless predator in order to survive) and humanity (to be compassionate and merciful) and how she has to make the impossible choice of being trapped in the wrong body, or lose what it truly means to be human by sacrificing her compassion. Idiots like you reduce character like her to eye candy, not horny teenage boys who find her attractive. Miss Fortune isn't "flirty booty hunter" anymore. If you bothered to read the lore (instead of soapboxing about how she "objectifies women") you'd realize its a front. She doesn't play the sexy bounty hunter trope straight, she inverts it. I think she would have had sex with all of Bilgewater if it meant sending Gangplank to Davy Jones' Locker, but she wouldn't do it cuz she's a nymphomaniac, she'd do it because she's so hell bent on painting the Slaughter Docks red with Gangplank's blood. Which brings me, once again, back to my main point. You are the one who is defining these characters as nothing more than a pair of tits, not Riot. Confucius once said that "When a wise man points at the moon, the imbecile examines the finger." You are so obsessed with the goddamn finger that you completely disregard the moon. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. You find that women are being objectified because you are specifically looking for signs of female objectification. You are so goddamn obsessed with being offended at big titties that you yourself have reduced an otherwise complex female champion down to the titties. You want to stop seeing that trope? Stop actively looking for it. You won't be able to view female champions as sexual objects if you actually invest yourself into their backstories instead of focusing solely on "teh big tittehs".
"It's a two way street" Except it's not. And I listed a ton of examples of male characters who in no way display the typical sexually dimorphic traits, most of which are positively androgynous. In fact, I'm sure the idealized male characters make up a small minority of all male characters. So unless you can explain why most male characters don't look like real stereotypical men, a fact that certainly doesn't apply to the female characters, I'm calling bullshit on your idiotic "sexshul dimorfizm" justification and the even more retarded "but all men are sexy too" argument. Come on, I'm waiting. Also I still find it funny that you're using the most recent female champion which came about because of the "sjw bitching" as an example of a female monster without a sexy woman form. Because otherwise, you're left with almost 100% of androgynous monsters being "male, not men" and a whooping 1 being "female, not a woman". Let's keep these newer champions people praise out of the picture because according to you, they've been "stereotyped" under pressure from evil feminists. Let's stick to the oh-so-creative half-naked designs before them. When I see Ahri, I see a sexy foxgirl made to appeal to horny boys. I'm not against her design, but she's a sexy seductress archetype in the same way Rengar is a Predator knockoff and you're a tool for glorifying her just because she makes your hose jump. Not that it matters. Even if all these sexy female characters had the stories on the level of Shakespeare, the fact still remains that they absolutely need to be saddled with sexy designs regardless of whether their identity is an uberpowerful mage or a seductress. All you're doing currently is trying to avoid addressing their obligatory whore-like appearances by making excuses like "Well they're deep on the inside". I don't give a crap about what they're like on the inside because that's not what we're discussing. When you as a character designer (a job different from the person who writes a character's story, in case you didn't know) set out to design a female champion based on her story, your main thought shouldn't be "How can I emphasize the tits, the hips and the pretty face" (if you ever wondered why so few women have helmets or inhuman faces)? Your main thought should be "how do I emphasize their main characteristic, their main point?". Making them dimorphic should be an afterthought. Meanwhile we have Maokai, who's a tree, and Zyra, who's a cosplaying woman. Because if you're female, you don't get to not be sexy and "sexually dimorphic". On the other hand, Lamb shows feminine dimorphism, but that's completely trivial in her design. Same goes for Illaoi. They don't have to have ALL of the features of a sexy lady to count as female. I'm sure you think plenty of male champions have the best stories ever and yet they don't have to dress like Chippendales. Kha'Zix can be an insect without having a sexy alternate guy form (which for the longest time you couldn't say for anyone except Anivia, a freakin' bird). Darius can exist without having a hole in his belly so we can see his six-pack. Graves can wear a shirt and pants and still be manly. Malzahar can look androgynous without a chest window so we can see his "sexually dimorphic" characteristics. You can try and sell me that these cheap knockoff characters are "oh so deep" on the inside, but at the end of the day you can't answer a crucial question: Why MUST these characters look and dress like prostitutes no matter how deep their story is? Why must you try so so hard to convince me that they're not just sexy cosplayers prostitutes despite the fact that they look like that? WHY did they have to look like cosplaying prostitutes if that's not what they're about? Ahri is a seductress so, as I already said, it makes sense that she looks the way she does because being sexually attractive is her point. But why must Morgana look like like a half-naked purple supermodel? Why most Eve dress in...that? Or Janna? Or LB? You get to have something like a trickster and the thing you decide to emphasize is their sex characteristics because only women must always be "sexually dimorphic"? (btw this was the precisely the justification Rioters used before they realized how stupid it was) Quinn is a decently designed champion and the thing about her that you first see is that a) she really really likes birds and b) she's an archer. You don't have to go on about how she's really an archer and a scout beneath that sexy exterior, because she's dressed normally and not like she's trying to make men's weiners jump. There isn't a single thing that would make her go around half-naked so she isn't. Not that a character can't ever be a little revealing without needing to, but it's pretty damn pathetic when it's obligatory if you're female, unless you look like a cute little girl. Because nothing else about you can possibly take priority over your tits. "You're conflating preferences that men have sexually with sexual dimorphism." No, you're doing that. You're justifying making female characters sexually appealing to men by saying it's just using natural human dimorphism AND in the same reply you're justifying them being sexy because "it's a videogame". Most women don't have huge hips, big boobs and idealized supermodel faces that almost all female champions have. That's why supermodels exist, women who are selected out of the majority for possessing all the traits that we consider attractive in women. Real women look pretty varied, just as we have men like Ekko, Ezreal, Malza, Shaco, Varus, TF, Gragas, Corki etc. etc. Oh, what? "They need to be idealized because videogames" suddenly doesn't apply to guys? Yeah, "two-way street" my ass. Also, many female champions have makeup, despite it making no sense for them to wear it. Is that also a part of their "sexual dimorphism"? Metal cups for boobs and corsets too? Walking around half-naked? Why can't an archer be an archer and be dressed like a normal person would be? Or rather, why can't the archery aspect of them be emphasized, rather than their tits and "sexually dimorphic" traits? And if you tell me that women who "don't care what they look like" would dress like prostitues, you're too stupid to live and don't ever come near another woman with such failure in comprehending human beings. At the end of the day, people got annoyed when we got champions like Syndra, Zyra and Elise in a row because of how repetitive and boring they were. Can you possibly imagine people getting sick of a design like Rek'Sai, Kindred, Kalista and Illaoi?
: Oh get over yourself. You're saying I can't think with more than my dick, but your'e the one who keeps bringing up these champs' bodies. News flash (I can get you some counseling for this earth shattering information if it proves too much for you to handle), women have boobs. They have waists that are smaller than their hips because of sexual dimporphism. Due to sexual dimorphism and the way evolution rolled for humans, women evolved to be about 10% shorter, have about 50% less upper body strength, and about 100% less hand grip strength than men do. In addition, men's bodies generally have a waist to hip ratio ranging from about 0.8-1, and women have a ratio of about 0.6-0.8. Of course fucking Vi has a typical female body, she's supposed to be a goddamn woman. Google Ronda Rousey for a second. Go ahead, I'll wait. Notice anything, peculiar about her? In her waist region? Oh, that's right, because she's a WOMAN! A woman that could probably kick my ass without breaking a sweat, but a woman nonetheless. She's not my cup of tea because I like dark haired girls and girls with less beef on them, but she still has features that are crucial for the childbearing process like wide hips, because she's a goddamn woman. You don't hear rational men complaining about Braum or Draven for unrealistic standards for men, because they are fictional characters. You claim that this is a problematic trope only with women, yet I don't hear a peep about Braum, or Pool Party Graves, or Jayce, or Rugged Garen, because it doesn't fit your narrative. You don't care about consistency, you just want to whine about "mah objuctificashuns" to earn karma points on the internet. It's quite frankly more childish than these "people who think with only their dicks." It's somehow ok to bash female portrayal in video games, but in classical artwork, we can just let that bitch slide, even though it does the exact same thing: portray the idea female body. Men weren't different from that either. Michelangelo's David had a dude with washboard abs, defined face, and small penis (which was actually considered ideal at the time for really gross reasons I won't go into). And did you really just call Syndra "boring and objectified"? Because you can't get past "OMG REVEALING CLOTHING AND A CURVACEOUS FIGURE! THINK OF THE CHEELDREN!", you have taken a very well fleshed out character, and reduced her to nothing more than eye candy. You did that, not me. The Shakespearean irony to all of this is to people like you who think in such black and white terms is that you end up doing more harm than good. People like you are why Kali is the way she is in {{summoner:11}} now. To quote MatPat from GameTheory, "The tragic irony of this whole controversy is that before she was Kali, goddess of destruction, fueled by blood and war, and now, she's a melee assassin with high single target damage. " Here's the big takeaway I want you to pay attention to: "_By demanding the character changed because they were afraid of her being a stereotype, they turned the character into what they most feared: a stereotype._"
Men also have dicks. They also have beards. They also have big pecks and wide shoulders. Yet not every champion in LoL looks like Garen. Why is that, tell me? It's funny how people keep bringing up sexual dimorphism as if it only applies to women, as if real women are all just copy+pasted supermodels and men are, what? Everything else that exists? Gragas, Ezreal, Kha'Zix, TF, Kog'Maw, Kennen, Nocturne, Nautilus, Azir, Teemo, Rammus, Shaco, Bard, Blitz, Ekko, Fid, Gnar, Malzakar etc. etc. look masculine? They look like idealized muscular men? Where's your porno dimorphism now? Where are their giant shoulders, pecks and a humanoid appearance that looks like they came straight out of a Calvin Klein ad? Are they women? And an important thing about sexual dimorphism: it's only a general rule. There's a ton of women who do not have giant hips, tiny bodies, tiny cute button noses, small jaws, big pretty eyelashes, nice lips, tiny eyebrows, big boobs (a bit of a secret: boobs get squashed by sports bras and clothing. Yes, those metal cups for tits are stupid and not a part of "sexshul dimorfizm", sorry to break your bubble) because humans are varied. Hairiness is also a male trait, yet not every male can grow a big bushy beard or have a six-pack. There are also short men and men with less muscular bodies. We have a ton of male champions who aren't Jayce copy+pastes and you're bullshitting me about sexual dimorphism? Really? Most women also do not look like supermodels, ESPECIALLY women who work out. By losing fat, their boobs and hips get smaller. That's why many women who are into sports that burn a lot of fat look fairly androgynous. That's also why fat women tend to have big boobs and hips. Women who work out also tend not to have tiny twiggy arms and big tits because that's not the body of a fit woman. They also gain muscle because, huge surprise, muscles make up a human body, not just a man's. Working out in certain ways makes you gain muscle mass. This happens in both men and women. So tell me more about this bullshit "sexual dimorphism" and how women must all look like what men wish they looked like. Because every single champion you mentioned except Rek'Sai (because she, you know, doesn't in any way resembling a human so it wouldn't make sense to make her look like a woman) has accentuated hips and a relatively small build. Yes, including Vi. The newest champion also has feminine features such as relatively small ribcage, boobs and pretty emphasized hips. Compare her to Braum or any male muscular champion. But hey, she has big muscles and only men can be big and have muscle. 100% of women are made up of skin, bones and tits. Saying a woman with muscle is automatically masculine is like saying a man without a sixpack is feminine. Another fun fact, it's also a part of sexual dimorphism that women gain fat more easily. You wouldn't tell that from the champion roster though because apparently sexual dimorphism only applies to women who look like idealized supermodels. Braum and Draven are ugly. I sure as hell hope you're a virgin along with the rest of the morons who seriously think women find these two irresistible. If you're gonna do the stupid "durr sexy men are offensive" schtick, at least use Yasuo, Varus or TF as an example. They were made with the idea of being attractive, but they're a drop in the sea of other characters and that's a huge difference. If you're making a male character, making them attractive and seductive is only one of a million other option. Because just being male does not immediately mean you need to be sexualized. You can be, but it's not a necessary core part of your identity due to the idea that no-one will give a shit about you if they can't fap to you. Gangplank is a pirate, MF is a seductress that happens to dress like a pirate. We can have Ahri, Syndra and Elise and I'm fine with those (especially if being seductive is a core part of her identity). But it's a little bit retarded when 90% of female characters are designed with all of their generic "sexual dimorphism" being of the utmost priority at the cost of their actual identity. Compare Blitz to Orianna. Compare Rene to Kass. Compare Zyra to Maokai. Compare Nidalee to Rengar. Compare Syndra to Xerath. Compare Soraka to Hecarim. Would you like it if every single monster in the game had to look like Aatrox or Brand? Would you not find that at least a little bit pathetic and uncreative? Is it the priority of Maokai to accentuate his sexual dimorphism? No, because he's a goddamn tree. Is Kha'Zix decidedly masculine? Or something like Rengar, who does have a bit masculine appearance, but it's at the level of Kindred. Subtle. Because his point is that he's a beastly hunter first and male second. Because he's trying to kill you and he doesn't have to look like he wants to seduce you just because he happens to have a penis. And oh no, Riot started to give us creative designs that don't look like generic sexy cosplayers. Yes, I'm sure Kindred, Rek'Sai and Kalista are such a stereotype compared to every generic pandering female videogame character. Btw Rousey gets a ton of comments about how she looks like a man.
: Why did u do that rito!? Why!?!
Das friggin sad is wat it is
: > [{quoted}](name=Remlap1223,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QIeLXZ3K,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-11T06:35:41.242+0000) > > The rabid SJWs of boards have been whining that female champions have just been pure cheesecake, and nothing more, and that Ilaoi is the ultimate cliche breaker. I'm not even going to argue as to why that argument is flawed, because even its basis is completely unwarranted. Not only has Riot not been making shallow female champions since, well, ever, they haven't been pandering in terms of fanservice in _YEARS_. I'm going list off the most recent female champions, and stop only when I hit one that you could make a _rational_ argument of fanservicy pandering: > > {{champion:203}} I mean, I guess if your'e into sheep. > > {{champion:421}} I don't think I have to say anything. > > {{champion:429}} You probably wouldn't find her attractive unless you're into necrophilia. > > {{champion:222}} I think if there was a champion that had the exact opposite body type of Miss Fortune, this would be her. > > {{champion:127}} I mean, she's got boobs, sure, but she's also mostly ice. > > {{champion:133}} I'm sure Quinn is very shapely, but its under some extremely conservative clothing. > > {{champion:254}} Three years and seven different female champions discluding Ilaoi, and you've finally got a champion that you could make an argument for pandering. And really, Vi isn't your typical girl, she's fucking huge in terms of stature (I'm pretty sure she's taller than GP, even after his VU). The only thing that is remotely fanservicy is that booty. > > In short, Riot has not made a booby bait champion in **over three years.** > > Let's not forget that since the freaking beta we've had {{champion:1}}, and let's also not forget the many great female nonhuman champions they have released: {{champion:34}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:18}} > > Yes, Miss Fortune has big boobs and wide hips with a pencil thin waist, but you don't hear me complaining about Braum having unrealistically sized muscles, or Draven for being completely unrealistic in terms of male beauty standards do you? > > I'm not saying that the bikini babe warrior isn't an overplayed cliche, it really is. But Riot is not the worst offender of this, not by a longshot. They're easily better at portraying great female characters than about 90% of the video games out there. Also, do you think replacing one trope with another is going to solve anything? Stop focusing on the body, and focus on the character itself, you might see even more beauty than what is skin deep. {{champion:103}} #To be honest... You can objectify anything and anyone, and only hours after Illaoi release there was R34 on reddit. This playerbase, really the internet itself, is into and objectifies a LOT of stuff. So really, there is NOTHING that is not objectified (whether the artist TRIES to do it or not-its objectified by somebody).
There's a huge difference between a part of the fanbase objectifying your character and you yourself making every female character of yours in a way that it's already objectified.
: Can we finally drop the "objectification" argument?
I love it, just love it when people mention the champions that resulted from complaints against this retarded objectification as examples of non-objectified champions. If it weren't for those "rabid" SJWs (and you know, people who can think with more than their dicks), we'd still be getting more crap like Zyra, Nami and Syndra back-to-back. No-one (except maybe trolls) is complaining about newer female champions because they're obviously made with the goal of, you know, NOT being boring and objectified like the majority of the previous ones. Currently, LoL is amazing when it comes to female character design. Vi is "huge"? She has the typical female body, her robohands are what's huge. Take a look at the newest champion for what really is huge. And you realize that using shitty arguments like "She's made of ice" or "She's a plant" doesn't make these characters nonhuman if they don't look like it in any significant way. If you have to tell me a woman is a monster and not just a cosplayer, then the designers did a shitty job. You don't have to tell me Rengar is actually a lion or that Maokai is a mystical tree creature. The only actual nonhuman female champion we had for the longest time was Anivia and that's probably just because cats and birds tend to get assigned the female gender. All the others were either supermodels in Halloween costumes or "kawaii" chibi girls because male yordles can look like hamster-cat things, but female ones need to look like blue human girls for some reason.
: What can be done (Visually/Artistically) with Pantheon?
You can see a glimpse of what they're going for here: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-dFJOVBFAC0c/VHSrte2C0rI/AAAAAAAAeWE/UQZtWUX3msY/s1600/maxresdefault.jpg They gave him segmented chest armour, a sun badge and a skirt so he's a little bit closer to Leona's design. He still very much looks Spartan though. For a Spartan/Greek look really all you need is a Corinthian helmet and no pants. Everything else is open to creative liberties. Of course promo art and visual updates are two different things, but it's the most we have currently. I was always bothered by his shield, especially the lambda sign on it. Lambda stands for Lacedemonia or in other words, Sparta. It's like writing "Japan" on Yasuo's scarf. For his backstory they should definitively expand on his relationship with Leona so it's not at the level of "Yeah they both bought sandwiches in cafeteria once" and explain some things about their tribe. I don't think he knew Diana though, because she's Solari and from what I gather they don't exactly live among his tribe.
: A good start would be to fix his big meaty clown feet.
But you know what they say about people with big feet...
RexSaur (NA)
: I honestly dont even care new champ is another overloaded cancer juggernaut
Yes, you can only be female if you're a generic sexy girl with big tits, just as you can only be male if you look like Jarvan. Spoken like a true virgin.
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