: Ok maybe im dumb but you lost me at the computer analogy. He was wrong that is a fact buscuit does not stop remakes so having a post that is about how buscuit stops remakes is spreading a lie none of that is my opinion, my opinion is on if its right or wrong to spread that lie to him its ok to me its not the right thing to do its called a argument and I never said he was not genuine and I would like to know why you thought that. Your right me saying that its rng is a really dumb and I should of said seemingly no reason since that is more accurate. Do you think that spreading lies is not shit posting?
Ok dude, enough :D .This "spreading a lie" theory is just ridiculous , I made this post cuz I was almost sure that the biscuit caused the remake failure, I haven't heard anything about it. If that counts as a lie for you , well OK. :D
: Ya know I actually had the dumbest remake allowed not long ago. We got invaded by blitzcrank and no one died but he burned his summoners and his allies did as well, Blitzcrank then left the game and they were allowed to remake at the 3 minute mark. It was really really stupid.
Yea but at least he is losing LP for it, and his premade too , if he had one.
: Did he at least get to eat the biscuit? Did they put butter on it? Did he choke on it and die? The story must continue!
Are u serious dude ? ofc we took the biscuits from him, he caused enough trouble already.
: I've had remakes happen when our afk player had biscuit, and others here are saying what you and op are saying are false.
Yea , but as far as i know Riot said that its not the biscuit what causes the failure, its just a coincidence.
Ðïana (NA)
: This is entirely false. The cause is the fact that the player connected, then disconnected. Try joining a game with a friend sometime, have them leave immediately when the game starts. You won't get the remake option. Remake comes when a player never connects, not when they connect and leave.
You are wrong .....remake becomes available if a player is disconnected or flagged as inactive for 90 seconds before 3:00. Happened many times that someone left after like 1 minute, with items, and we could remake. Thats how it should work every time.
: No its not like did you read your post its not about the remake system being broken its about buscuit breaking the remake system those are two different things so all your doing is making a post that is spreading a lie so the real issue which is the remake system not working for no reason does not get talked about so no your not doing the right thing in fact this looks more like shit posting.
First of all, when i posted this i didnt know anything about this thing, didnt know that some rioters already talked about this,..second, why would i create a "shitpost" like you mentioned ? :D , im not living my life on this forum,i never posted anything actually, i am not seeking for attention like some people do.
: I can’t believe people are still spreading this. Riot confirmed ages ago that it is not the biscuit that prevented the remake, biscuits being added to the inventory aren’t considered an action by the player. But about once a month we get a post on the boards by someone that assumes that that’s what happened.
Well, biscuit or not, the remake system is not working properly, so posting about it is a correct thing to do imo.
: That must have been heartbreaking...
It was even more heartbreaking, because we almost won 4v5. (D4-D5 elo. )
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