: That would require Riot artists to have a basic idea of human anatomy.
> [{quoted}](name=Baby Ghoul,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=rFOOJW6f,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2019-07-27T04:21:35.501+0000) > > That would require Riot artists to have a basic idea of human anatomy. This comment couldn't be truer.
Zerenza (NA)
: It's been awhile since a Cassiopeia Skin
I agree. Can't wait to see her new skin, hopefully, this year.
: What Champions would you like to see featured if Riot created a new Cinematic?
I want to see my version of the Black Rose taking on Mordekaiser. LeBlanc, Vladimir, Zyra, Jhin and Elise.
Rioter Comments
: I would like to see one with Ascended Aatrox, Varus and Rhaast in it too, they are Ascended too
Add their 2 sisters and we have 5v5. :D
: Remove Gun Goddess Miss Fortune from the PBE and keep working on her like Sewn Chaos Blitz/ Amumu
I completely agree. This skin seems so underwhelming and really bad.
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: Kai'Sa concept art from Riot BravoRay
I wish they went with something like this: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/aPYRX
: Any questions, guys - I'm right here. :-)
Okay, so I have a question that has been annoying me for YEARS. Why do you leave open ended stories for years!? When Lissandra was released, we voted on what faction should win, and she had the most votes. Now, it's been literally years since then and nothing progressed story-wise. I get that you want to have some plot twists at the end of a story, but leaving it for so long is not only annoying, but it also makes you seem like you have no idea why you did that in the first place or you just don't have any ideas for that story. Please give us a conclusion to that story, and some others as well, and move on to new stories. There are TONS of characters and each of them can have TONS of other stories. Meeting other champions, working together/against someone, their life from day to day, how they behave in various situations, some crossover between regions, etc. The possibilities are endless.
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: This is breathtaking :O Just,isn't her nose supposed to be in a bit different shape? Did you make it?
I didn't make it, I just came across it and had to share it with you. :)
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: I would love if Lissandra got a ultimate skin
Me too. I would like to see her in human form first, slowly becoming corrupted with ice. :3
Rioter Comments
: Is there going to be updated Noxus Lore arriving with Swain Update?
I hope so! But if I had to choose 2 Noxian champs to receive lore update, they would be LeBlanc and Vladimir.
: Yes. Yes we can! I'm studying her lore and egyptian culture and seeing posts like this so i can sculpt her. I think i'm going to take your advice and make her lionlike like Sekhmet. I'm a 3D artist and im hoping to get RIOTs attenttion by making this champion, designing her abilities and all that fun stuff! So wish me luck for this will be my first serious work and i hope to get "RITO"s attention with it :) I intend to keep making champions for RIOT based on the lore :) So yeah, give me sometime and I'll have it done Milutin!
This is great to hear! As for the hair, I always imagined her something along these lines, but with a lion's/cat's body. http://solarey.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/alternative-GODS-of-EGYPT-74-e1448902939721.jpg
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Ralanr (NA)
: It’s a foursome!
Hey, the more the merrier!
: legacy teemo skin is cool tho
> [{quoted}](name=WaffIeMaker,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mKAEZ5Z9,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-13T03:01:03.093+0000) > > legacy teemo skin is cool tho Yeah, but I will wait regular 50% off sale for him. Too expensive now.
: Man are you going to hate me... https://preview.ibb.co/ceNDvR/snipsdfsodfji.png
> [{quoted}](name=NaHypochlorite,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mKAEZ5Z9,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-12-13T03:07:35.838+0000) > > Man are you going to hate me... > > https://preview.ibb.co/ceNDvR/snipsdfsodfji.png Yup. https://media.giphy.com/media/l4hLG11foICXQT3q0/giphy.gif
PinkSalt (NA)
: This was mine: https://image.prntscr.com/image/shif_D8fSjC9I9cHuR0fdw.png I was pretty bummed out. I already have a lux, ziggs, lucian and soraka skin. So the only two skins I could buy are only 20% off.... sigh. Still might buy the ziggs skin though.
Rioter Comments
: Hey there! Do you by chance have any non English or special characters in your computer username? Originally we had not accounted for players who may have special characters in their computer username (e.g. D@NK M3M3S). We've fixed this particular issue so that it works with all usernames. While we understand this may be a hassle, you’ll need to [download a fresh version of the app](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/league-displays) from and perform a clean install. If this doesn't work, let us know and we'll try and work through this with you! You can check the [FAQ ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207525756))for updates as we'll try to post solutions for different bugs as they come in.
Is there an option to disable screensaver? I only want wallpapers, but it forces its screensaver on my laptop. :(
: Your Snowdown Shop returns until January 8, 2018
Oh, here's hoping I get Blood Moon Diana for 70% off. {{champion:131}}
: Small addition to the Darkin - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse theory
I know many people disapprove of the whole Horsemen theory, but I personally love it. I am just a perfectionist and OCD kind of person, so in my theory there are 5 Darkins as we know, but 4 of them are Horsemen (Aatrox/War/Top, Rhaast/Death/Jungle, X/Apocalypse/Middle, Varus/Pestilence/Marksman and X/Famine/Support), as you can see, there is "Apocalypse" himself, or the most powerful Darkin of them all in the middle, which is quite fitting, because he has 2 on his right (jungle and top) and 2 on his left (marksman and support).
: OP isn't talking about that, though. Look at his post. He thinks he's supposed to be getting skin shards from leveling up. You guys really can't just take one line out of context and take something totally different from it like that.
Orange essence from disenchanting is horrific at the moment. You said we would have more options for obtaining it and that's why you lowered it. However, the new system seems far WORSE than what we had. We can get stupid emotes that nobody wants instead of skin shards and they are worth even less orange essence. Not to mention that it feels so underwhelming right now because we have even less chance of getting skins from boxes because your "brilliant" designers decided to pollute the game with your "awesome emotes". There are so many skins in the game, and I regularly buy RP to support you and buy skins that I want but come on, your greed is starting to become akin to EA's.
: Kalista needs a non-competitive skin
: >"On some levels, Varus and I share the similar "problem". He has 3 personalities in 1 body whereas I have 7." I have 3 Personalities. That all essentially feel like a different person kinda like in this Varus story.
I know the feeling mate. :) And even though as some people look at it as a "disorder", I look at it as a blessing, to be honest. A few times I was too afraid or shy to do something in public, like a public speech, luckily, another personality was totally for it and at the end of the day, I had the best presentation. It's all about perspective. :)
Rioter Comments
: Another day, another disappointed main
Retcon her so that she is a sorceress from Black Rose. :3
: I totally forgot about the splash updates. When did riot release the last splash updates?
: And the new illaoi skin is.................
Finally, something that I voted for wins. I am sick of certain skin themes (Star Guardians, Seasonal stuff, Project, eSports, etc.). This skin reminds me of glorious days. I am so happy it will be in the game! :)
: Can we get hi-res images of the Targon art
They are available on Universe.
: I wouldn't presume to tell you what you want! It's very possible that this system is less satisfying for you. I hope that's not the case. That being said, posts like yours tell us how you feel about it, but they don't tell us how the broader community feels. That's why I made that point about how lots of the early reactions have been based in misconceptions. We need to wait until everyone gets real time in the system and knows how it really works before we can really understand what parts of it are working and what parts aren't. On a personal note, I'm grateful for your feedback.
I completely agree with Nefas. Leveling feels so underwhelming to me and getting rewards in chunks instead of at a steady pace really ruined my experience in the league. The worst thing you could do is uncap the leveling cap and you did it. The only thing I like about your changes are runes, but even that I don't like 100% because we can't edit or remove preset rune pages.
: Can someone explain the "Hextech Mystery Champion" in the BE store
I bought 5 of them so I can unlock the next 5 champions that I don't own. If that doesn't appear to be the case I will sue Riot for false advertising. For the fun of it, I have all champs and I opened one and got the champion permanent I already have so I disenchanted it.
: They're under accessories in the store, not very intuitive.
Rabandos (NA)
: New rune page limit?
Where do you see rune pages for purchase? I can't find them...
: Can we please be able to delete those preset runes?
I completely agree. I want them gone.
Rioter Comments
: Skins Tab is on the PBE everyone
Finally! Now the only thing I need from the new client is the ability to change dynamic background to a static background of my choice.
Takãra (EUNE)
: Heartseeker Nami
This is so amazing!
: League Client Strike Team: An Update!
Can we please have the option to set Dynamic picture to Static picture of a champion we want, and not the one we play the most?
D00mRage (EUNE)
: It's an old post I know, but Cassiopia is an ascended
Not true. She is cursed.
: I'd love to see a "pure" Blessed Isles champion
: Arclight Yorick Feedback
I am in love with this skin. I just wish that yellows on his head are a tiny bit more desaturated.
Nefas (NA)
: I truly, honestly don't understand how anyone could be passionate or excited about Arclight as a theme. I'm really not trying to be rude or mean, but there's just nothing there. It's Yorick, but golden. That's not particularly interesting or creative - like a Beekeeper Singed or a Mewkai. That's not a strong, resonating fantasy like a Creator Viktor or Battleboss Malzahar. When a champion goes for a very long time without a skin, they should get a skin that couldn't just be slapped on any champ. Arclight skins are skins that could be slapped on any champ. The skins I listed feel like organic extensions of the champ in question. Skin lines aren't excluded from this - Battleboss Malzahar is a skin line but it feels great, because of the voidlings and the code - I feel like I'm spreading a computer virus with my E. But there is nothing special about Arclight as a theme or concept. Any champ that has a moderate amount of VFX could get an Arclight skin and it would "work" since all it really takes to make an Arclight skin is golden light. Yorick deserved better than a skin that just about any champ could get. He deserves a skin special to him, a concept that would work on few champs besides Yorick and actually feels like the champ and the theme were picked for a reason other than checking off a list. It doesn't need to be a Legendary or Ultimate. Plenty of great skins are below that level. But those skins are great because they aren't forced or generic. Crazy Cat-lady Yorick would have been great because how many other champs could that concept work with? Mewkai? If it's not quite unique, it's special and resonant.
I completely disagree. Arclight is to me one of the best skin themes (alongside Bloodmoon). Arclight Varus is my main skin because it is so regal, beautiful and pure. I hate "funny" skins like Beekepers, Mewkais, Pug'Maw, etc.
Wuks (NA)
: Hello, it's not just you. We have folks looking into it!
> [{quoted}](name=Wuks,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rhB4v48b,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-06T00:43:48.791+0000) > > Hello, it's not just you. We have folks looking into it! Can you also tell them that somehow someone embedded ad links to the forums? When I click on a topic or on a board menu, I sometimes got redirected to some weird Russian/Bulgarian/Whatever esports site.
: hell yeah we will, eternum is on its way
I like her tail and the color scheme in Eternum, but I don't like her face in the splash.
Rioter Comments
: Who wants less new champion and more VGUS per year?
MenoOG (NA)
: I don't like it. personally it doesn't make sense to me
You and I have the same opinion. <3
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