Statikk (NA)
: She'll still have plenty of Frost Warrior, no need to worry.
If you say so. But talking about reducing tank damage, adding counterplay to tank cc and then putting "warleader" as a fantasy just makes it sound like she will be a glorified support. Power in a kit is not free, and team buffs/utility tend to be on the very expensive side. Not to mention that "cavalier" and "counterplay" in the same sentence makes me feel like you will give her something that pretty much says "you will never hit a high mobility champion with this skill".
: Mid Season Tanks Update - Sejuani
"Tap more into the cavalier / warleader fantasy" Rip Sejuani for me then, because this sounds terrible. I love Sejuani for her Ice/Frost Warrior theme not... whatever this will be.
LankPants (OCE)
: >For her to be a lategame worthy champion she needs more range, but how do you give her more range without making her a nightmare to deal with in lane. Change her passive maybe but that passive should come into play really late, say about lv 12, so that her early game is not boosted. That's not really true. Azir, Ryze and Cass are generally considered to be hypercarry mages and all 3 have shorter ranges. Longer ranged mages tend towards poke. Syndra's actually way closer to hypercarry than most champs. She only has two problems with getting there. Her powercurve is more of a powerline, she never really takes off or falls of particularly hard. Her power level at every stage of the game is more or less bellow average. The other one is that too much of her power is in her ult, especially in the "crap ult" 3 and 4 orb cases. 4 orb is over half the damage potential of her ult, despite it literally being Q-R. Personally I don't think Syndra's ult should scale linearly. I think the damage on each orb of her ult should be dropped drastically and it should gain the new effect 'each orb increases the damage of following orbs by 10%' this effect would stack with itself and cause the 7th orb to deal 60% more damage than the first. This makes low orb count ults significantly worse while making high orb count ults a little better.
I really don't see how close range spammers, such as Ryze, Cass, Vlad etc, who naturally itemize tanky items and get a lot of free stats and healing from their kits are comparable to a squishy mage as Syndra. Not to mention Azir who is a mobile mage/marksmain hybrid. Besides if Syndra followed their lategame damage pattern she would resort to q spam with little power left for the rest of her kit. Making her lategame better is fine, destroying her burst damage/control mage identity is not. I don't want a Karthus 2.0 Q spammer. If you really need to compare Syndra to a good lategame mage look no further than Orianna. Orianna is very similar to Syndra in her control aspect except she trades single target burst damage for more reliable aoe damage and devastating cc on her ulti. You could make Syndra's lategame/teamfight better by following a similar concept and enhancing her lategame multiple people E stun capability after an ult or something similar.
: We need another AP CDR Item
Well for Syndra specifically I run cdr/level blues. Mr blues on Syndra are a waste imo since if you play her right she stays safe most of the time and cdr/ap blues will help you alot more than defensive stats. But I digress, that is my playstyle preference for that specific champion and I do love cdr. It would be nice to have other options of cdr seeing as I am a bit envious of the fact that ad champions practically have cdr coming out of their asses. I am not sure that it is needed but a pure ap/cdr item would be nice. No special effects or mana you have to pay for, just pure ap + cdr. But eeh, the more I think about it the more I dislike the idea. Would you really be willing to give an ap efficient cdr item to someone like Fizz with his E. Every item made for ap champions you mentioned has a high chance to be abused by some ap assassin.
Solideus (EUNE)
: True! She isn't really a hypercarry right now. As you said that seem to be the implied fantasy of the character, though, which I've seen a Rioter or two say as well. The reason I expect to to be a "minor" rework is because it might mostly be numbers changing, similar to LeBlanc's power-curve tuning during season 4. Changes to the passive might go along with that, but that could end up being mostly numbers changing too. I'd certainly be surprised if she gets anything _beyond_ the scope of Ashe's rework.
Not really sure what would have to be done for her to be a good hypercarry/teamfight champion. Her issue is that her roams are bad and her teamfight potential is rather low. Her damage numbers are really good honestly, she simply lacks the means of applying that damage to squishy damage dealers in the back. Because of this most of the time you are simply left with the option to dominate your lane and snowball from there which is something that is easier said than done against a fair number of midlane matchups but it can be done since most people really underestimate the power of her 6 sphere ulti. For her to be a lategame worthy champion she needs more range, but how do you give her more range without making her a nightmare to deal with in lane. Change her passive maybe but that passive should come into play really late, say about lv 12, so that her early game is not boosted. That being said, I don't really want her to be changed no matter how much the power fantasy of a lategame mage is appealing. She is really unique in that she gives a mix of high amounts of damage, really good control and smooth maneuverability to the player unlike any other champion in the game and this is what truly makes her special and fun to play imo. Despite my somewhat negative description of her I actually think she is in a good spot and a really good and satisfying champion that really rewards the time spent into learning her. If they really want to change something change her passive to do something fun or w/e. And by change I am not talking about that terrible idea to give her true damage on her passive that was on PBE. More damage, especially true damage, is not what Syndra needs. TLDR Syndra is fine, the only thing Riot needs to do is fix her rather large list of existing bugs.
: How many of you have ever bought a Champion because of his/her lore?
Sure did. Syndra, Xerath and Annie. I love powerful/prodigy mages. ESPECIALLY if they are floating around instead of walking xD I am a sucker for floating mages and grimoires.
: Hmm, well from what I can see of preview shots, Syndra's is actually quite well done. Tasteful and appropriate. There's a shocker.
> [{quoted}](name=Overlord Forte,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=X8x6Tq2E,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-23T20:22:29.158+0000) > > Hmm, well from what I can see of preview shots, Syndra's is actually quite well done. Tasteful and appropriate. > > There's a shocker. Agreed, it is a nice skin. The moment I saw her name I was prepared for a disaster, feels good to be wrong.
: The relationship is a bit random, the webcomic isn't all that well written (also introduces {{champion:103}} X {{champion:412}}, easily the nuttiest pairing I've ever seen), and the official lore doesn't really support it, BUT- 1. That webcomic adds more depth to Syndra and Zed's character than their VOs or lore do 2. Adds a bit of happiness to a mostly joyless story. Yes, that web comic is schmaltzy and cheesy as all heck, but it's a bit heartwarming too, which isn't so bad. I'm interested to read that you're really into Syndra's current lore; what in particular makes it attractive to you? Sincerely curious; my impression of it was 'super powerful child lets loose her power and kills everyone because she's both powerful and evil', but then again i don't really play Syndra. P.S. I'm not really into 'shipping' or anything; i'm just open to the possibility of certain romances w/in LoL's story
For a story writer to listen to shipping community on how to develop their character... well it just does not sit well with me. Why were you hired in the first place if a shallow romance fiction can outpreform your ideas for the character. As for Syndra's lore. Well truth be told I was always attracted to power and magic in games and I can't bring myself to play a non-magic character. That is why I am drawn to Syndra and Xerath as they represent magical power well and seeing as there is no typical all-powerful archmage type character, they were the natural choice. Syndra happened to have a skill kit that I found highly enjoyable and my love for the champion snowballed from there. I would not blame people if they thought that Syndra's lore was a bit bleh but form me it is perfect. I also never saw her as an evil character. She is chaotic, impulsive, arrogant and easily provoked but I wouldn't say truly evil. That is my point of view anyways. I want Syndra to continue being Syndra. I'd rather take the option for her lore and character never to be touched, changed or continued ever again over some love story that would ruin it all for me. Whole books have been written and dedicated to romance stories and people want to shoehorn it into a characters 1 page lore section when it doesn't even have anything to do with characters core fantasy, which is magical power. You can't be just, here a few lore changes a couple of cute matching skins aaaaand there we are done, we made romance. No that is trite and I don't want it anywhere near the general area of my favorite character. Besides Zed has so many interesting ways his lore can develop with Shen, what really happened in that monastery, what is his real connection to Akali since she seems to hate him more than other members of Kinkou etc etc. There is no need for shallow romance. O God, I'm rambling. Time to shut up xD
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Vec,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Z0KGBipi,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2015-11-12T16:43:13.141+0000) > > Honestly the moment Riot makes Zed and Syndra a thing is the moment I will quit this game. > > It is just a terrible and forced fan pairing that makes no sense to me. Zed is enforcing his opinion and way of life on other ninjas and killing them if they refuse to follow. Now to me this is the exact same thing that was done to Syndra in her youth, only even more extreme, that made her hate Ionian way of life in the first place. I don't really see why would it be any different with Zed even if he is supposedly doing it in the name of anti-balance. Not to mention Zed is not even a mage, he is just an assassin with touch of shadow theme that still needs to use steel and weapons to do anything, a pleb for Syndra's standards xD He uses Ninja magic. That aside, what IS Syndra's perspective? > Syndra loves nothing more than exercising the incredible power at her command. With each passing day, her mastery of magical force grows more potent and devastating. Refusing any notion of balance or restraint, Syndra wants only to retain control of her power, even if it means annihilating the authorities that seek to stop her. > Free to delve further into her art, Syndra now aims to grow powerful enough to destroy the weak, foolish leaders of Ionia—and anyone else who would dare shackle her greatness. Is she altruistic enough to care about Ninja too weak to stand up for themselves? I can see how Syndra's goals could align with Zed. However even if Zed kept control of others beneath, I don't think she would care about those subjugated as long as Zed never tried to contain her in any way. Now, she might ask Zed WHY he felt the need to keep such followers around. Why is simple. He's the Master of Shadows >Choose someone as a successor and you will inevitably be succeeded. >Choose someone hungrier and you will be devoured. >Choose someone quicker and you won't dodge the blade at your back. >Choose someone with more patience and you won't block the blade at your throat. >Choose someone more devious and you'll hold the blade that kills you. >Choose someone more clever and you'll never know your end. >Despite these cautions, an apprentice is essential. A Master without an apprentice is **a Master of nothing.** -Darth Sidious, Telos Holocron Interestingly enough despite professing such things, Darth Sidious took all the precautions and had full intention of never being overthrown and even broke the Rule of Two and took multiple apprentices, as well as extended his life by transferring his soul through multiple bodies. I think Zed is the same. >{{champion:134}} Palpatine: "I don't want to live as ordinary beings live." >{{champion:238}} Plagueis: "Do you fancy yourself extraordinary?" >{{champion:134}} Palpatine: "I only meant that I want to live an extraordinary life." >{{champion:238}} Plagueis: "Make no apologies for your desires." ―Darth Plagueis and a young Palpatine The funny thing is, metaphorically, I can see Syndra and Zed as being similar to the Sith. And if I didnt know they were Ionian, I would of had to guess that they were Noxians (who are Sith like themselves). Now what could be interesting, is a relationship between {{champion:134}} Syndra the Dark Sovereign and {{champion:1}} Annie the Dark Child. Maybe like Older and Younger sisters. Both of them had **immense**, dark magical abilities from an **extremely** young age. Both are female. From Syndra's perspective Annie could be like another version of herself had no one held her back. Now......I see a retcon coming for Annie's lore, but I don't know what they would do with it or where her story would go. I imagine either A) it will be used to develop the Voodoo Lands B) the Voodoo Lands will be abandoned and she will be retconned back into Noxus
Well their goals could certainly align but I don't see them actually caring much one for another, they would imo see each other as nothing more than tools to further their own goals. My complain is more of the recent fan romantic paring made of them by community based on a random comic that, as far as i know, is a total misrepresentation of them as characters. That comic might as well be a story of Mike and Linda and it would be no different. Seeing as Syndra is my favorite champion and her lore matters to me as much as her gameplay I have more than a passing interest in this matter. As for Annie, yes I agree. It would be very interesting to see them interact. Someone like Annie or even Xerath would be a much more interesting character to put in Syndra's lore than Zed will ever be imo. As for Zed himself I was always fond of another fan theory that he is Akali's father but that could just be me.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Legend Aura,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Z0KGBipi,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-11T21:20:52.187+0000) > > I agree with GreenLore. > > Also, Vi and Ekko in a way. Annie would kill Amumu. Jarvan and Shyvana is no chance. Diana and Leona (Really...). Syndra and Zed are just friends. They just fight together cause everyone else hates them. If they had other friends then they would definitely kill each other (I think). If I remember right, a Rioter said they support Zed x Syndra. If it is not even offical and confirmed, they absolutely have some relationships, in good or bad way. Imo Zed is more emotional than Syndra, if it is going to be platonic, the loving one is probably will be Zed. Zed betrayed to his family and source of this betraying was his emotions about stepfather. He thought he was loving Shen more than him, even this little misunderstanding causes beheading his stepfather, it definitely means he is emotional. Meanwhile Syndra just got tantrum for power, not even emotional thing. She just seems like she doesn't about any emotional and romantic things, but it's just imo and that's how she looks, not how she is. They can change it.
Honestly the moment Riot makes Zed and Syndra a thing is the moment I will quit this game. It is just a terrible and forced fan pairing that makes no sense to me. Zed is enforcing his opinion and way of life on other ninjas and killing them if they refuse to follow. Now to me this is the exact same thing that was done to Syndra in her youth, only even more extreme, that made her hate Ionian way of life in the first place. I don't really see why would it be any different with Zed even if he is supposedly doing it in the name of anti-balance. Not to mention Zed is not even a mage, he is just an assassin with touch of shadow theme that still needs to use steel and weapons to do anything, a pleb for Syndra's standards xD I am beginning to be a little bit annoyed at League communty because as soon they see that a female champion has a male champion in their lore or the opportunity for champion lore interaction it's always IT MUST BE LOVE. Could it be that Swain and Lb are professional colleagues, no ofc not if this community is to have a say in it. It must be love. I've been a part of this game for so long and simply put Syndra is the only reason I still play/follow this game, kinda sad since the game is intended to be played with a lot of different characters but true and this is simply not the direction I'd like her lore to go in.
: No mid laner in new pool party group, why not Syndra?
She already has a water themed skin, there is no point in making another one. People whining about not getting female bikini skins under the cover of "it would be funny lulz" is what all this is.
: When it comes to Pool Party you can see that no champion is off the table! However with a lot of the LoL female champs there is not much visual interest in their silhouette/body type (personally I see this as a big mistake made in the past) so putting them in a swimsuit almost creates the 'anime effect' where they can only be distinguished by their hair colour. That's a bit of an exaggeration but what I'm getting at is that a straight up 'this champion minus the outfit' is underwhelming and often very odd looking due to removing bulky armour etc. If we do a champion like Ahri there needs to be a theme to the outfit and not just -clothes +bikini.
Couldn't agree more. Ahri already has plenty of "pretty" skins that don't feel all that different from her base skin (her best skin imo). She does not need yet another "sexy" skin. There are so many better ideas out there, I would take something like "zombie Ahri" (kinda like what Brand has but with more um "yokai" influence) in a heartbeat over any pool party garbage.
: Fair points. My stance on fan service is the same as romance, it is valuable when done right and I agree that the JoJ had some very tabloid-esque pieces in there but hey, that's kind of what it was anyway - 1 part news, 4 parts ??? I agree that when a Rioter says something it tends to carry more weight, but then again we also have to consider their job description. Take IronStylus for example, I'm sure he just absolutely adores half of the ships/stories/nonsense from the community that he comes across because he is still a fan regardless of his position at Riot Games. In such situations, he might feel moved enough to say something positive as a fan; he might even try to use his employment status to pass the idea along and see if it gets traction around the office. I'm sure all it took for DragonFist Lee Sin to become a reality was for somebody around the office to start saying Bruce Lee Sin or for someone to go "Oh my glob, did you see that Bruce Lee version of Lee Sin RiotArtJesus did?". --- Given the known infrastructure for lore right now, I would say you are right and it is difficult if not impossible to afford the necessary focus to characters effectively and consistently; the most compelling premise doesn't mean diddly squat for as long as we don't get follow up. Ever since the DOTA 2 and Dawngate comics, I have maintained that Riot should adopt a similar approach for lore. They cost much less resource-wise and pages could be released at a much steadier pace. Don't get me wrong, the cinematics and all those promo materials for special events or champion releases are cool, sure, but surely that can't be the only medium of presentation right? Let's consider the Pentakill album and recent Music of League. I think there was a lot of wasted potential there. We got great Pentakill group poster, music but not much else. No JoJ-like medium-res image of them performing in front of a crowd, not even an animated Pentakill login! The Amumu music video was real cool and the other music that shipped with it was too. So why did I have to watch the entire Frequencies documentary just to catch a *glimpse* of the new marble/limestone Demacia? Surely that would've been a good opportunity to release some concept art about the landscapes mentioned in song titles? If they are capable of outsourcing splash art, surely they could send a simple script or scenario to one of the many talented comic artists on Deviantart or elsewhere. Can you imagine how sick the destruction of Shurima would look drawn out? --- Something needs to change. We always get a bunch of stuff at once, a Q&A session, then we're back to nothing. That may work for champion releases and events, but at that rate we'll be old by the time the story starts and long dead when it's halfway.
Oh don't even remind me of Dawngate. I did not play the game much, just a few games with a friend and had a decent time. Ofc between Lol, other games and real life obligations I simply did not have the time to even entertain the though of playing yet another moba. But the Dawngate lore. It was pure joy to read about my favorite characters from Dawngate. I am a massive fan of Zalgus and Ashabel. Ashabel was like an Ahri that I never got in League. She was everything I expected Ahri to be when I first saw Ahri's splash art years ago. The pure elegance, presentation and dignity of Ashabel's character was simply amazing to me. On the other hand, Zalgus is my favorite moba character by far (Honorable mention: Ashabel and Invoker from Dota). Zalgus as a character for me was a piece of art, I could write a whole wall of text how much I loved everything about him and his relations with other characters. Sad times, RIP Dawngate. You gave it an honest try, but it just goes to show that lore does not carry moba games (most people just don't care)
: It is not weird to become invested in characters or the finer details of things. Having such passion is what helps people to create greatness from what would otherwise be mediocre. As for your personal interpretations of the situation, I will just say to each their own. --- I do not believe that romance automatically removes power from any party, male or female. Poorly executed romance *can* ruin characters for some and cause feelings of betrayal (due to perceived investment, ownership, etc). However, I believe relationships between characters in general (regardless of whether it is romantic or not) only add to the depth of the story so long as these relationships serve a purpose. Sure, some champions that the community have shipped are listed as "Friends". Friends grow apart, relationships fail. Exploring the hows and whys of these things is what brings characters to life. Love, loss, betrayal, redemption, all mean nothing if they just stay words. Great tales are told over time, not overnight. I too love me some strong female characters. I also hate when strong females turn submissive for no good reason other than they are in love. But **if** a story arc was presented that explained why such a change occurs while staying true to the character's nature, then so be it. --- As I said about 5 or so months ago after dreaded retcon occurred, **I do not believe the retcon is a problem**; the true problem was what followed. I think I described it as 'too great a change too soon'; most disagreed because of the previous long lore silence. By too soon, I meant before the replacement lore was ready. Now that 6 months have come and gone, I can say with reasonable confidence that I was right. The retcon had the best intentions but the worst execution. The new stories weren't ready. We were told the world had changed but weren't given even a sketch of a map. Communication between us and Narrative had its ups and downs, which is to be expected but the fact remains that we never received any real **world building**. --- You want the hard truth? People aren't mad because there are 'technical difficulties' with delivering the stories or that the 'technology isn't working yet'. People are mad because that is a bullshit excuse. It does not fucking matter if you are having difficulties. **Every champion right now has a space for bios**. Did the human race lose the ability to read? If every champion had their old text bios removed and replaced with lore presented in dot points, it would still be new stuff AND it would have allowed people to speculate, imagine, create, communicate, question, dissect. But no, we get basic descriptions and promises that one day Soon™, there will be a link to the relevant stories. You wanna know how easy it would be to make people happy? > **Renekton** Renekton was once a staunch gatekeeper of ancient Shurima, but in the centuries since the fall of that once-glorious empire, he has been consumed by madness. Now, he is little more than a rage-fueled beast who seeks to kill his brother Nasus, who he believes is to blame for his current state of mind. 1. Gatekeeper, Hero 2. Sacrifice 3. Corruption 4. Emperor reborn or impostor? 5. The Butcher 6. Brothers united Those 5 extra lines in his bio can spur god knows how many discussions, and those are just headers/titles of the chapters in his story **so far**. Hell, since they are **only titles**, they can be changed if Narrative decides on a new direction internally. This is the sad truth about the state of lore right now. Seriously, you could put a bunch of headers in bios and people would get to talking. They don't even have to be specific or make sense in order for people to speculate. Hell, the Void creatures could have shit like "dsnvlsjgl", "gubhve", or "shbsl", and some fool somewhere on these boards will devote an ungodly amount of time trying to make sense of it going back an forth between bio texts. --- I understand that you love certain characters and do not wish to see them become something they are not. To that I say, I don't think Riot would sacrifice the integrity of their characters just to make a community ship canon. Despite their problems, they have good intentions. I understand that Riot has problems and are working on fixing things slowly. To that I say, do what you can now. Characters who looked like shit got texture updates and maybe some minor tweaks, good. You got plenty of stories lined-up but the tech isn't ready? No worries, feel free to take your time to get it working properly and delivering awesome **BUT** at least make better use of the bio space. We *really* don't need much at this point.
Good read. I fully agree with what you are saying. But to touch on "relationship" part for a bit: Yes I agree a good romantic relationship can make a character even more developed and I would never argue otherwise. But, heres my beef with it in Riot's lore. Personally while it is very possible I do not think Riot is capable of pulling it off. Such character development takes time and lots of lore, not just "one chunk of text or a pair of skins and we are done". Lets be honest, Riot cannot afford the time and attention to focus so heavily on two characters especially when they have so much other more important lore to make. And in the end I am not sure if Riot will be ever capable of affording such heavy focus on few character just to make a good romance. League is a moba, every character gets a little piece of story. There are no 10 pages of lore just for a single champion let alone 10 pages of romance/friendship focus for champions. In the end League is a game that I think can not and should not try to make romance. I have seen in time and time again in writing of other games/series etc. Writers are at loss of content and what they do is make some quick bad romance and call it "character development", it is just bad writing imo. Now what sparked this whole thread of mine is the fact that I read a red post commenting on a Zed x Syndra fanfic stating how he loves the pairing and will try to see if skins can be made that are a direct link to fanfic. Now if Riot wants to make any romance at all (and I am quite frankly skeptical it would be any good) the least they can do is come with the idea themselves and do it because they saw a good opportunity to make it, not because some random fanfic on reddit that got slightly popular. Now I may be too harsh on the gentleman/lady red post and he/she maybe does not even have a say in lore/skin department for all I know, but I'm sure I don't have to remind rioters that whatever they post, whatever they say and how they say it carrier a big weight. I am pretty sure this was explained to them in great detail when they got the job. I would not put it past Riot to try and make some quick fanservice. I remember hating the guts of journal of justice, half of that show was nothing more than fanservice. What is Janna wearing in her bedroom? Who is Nidalee dating this time? Does Irelia have a crush? Find out in the next episode of journal of fanservice, ugh. Now don't get me wrong there was some really good lore in there but I am like a passionate bull I guess "I only see the big bad red in my face".
Gapybo (EUW)
: None of what you mention is considered canon. Shyvana doesn't have a teen crush on Jarvan and Syndra is not romantically involved with Zed either. Those are all community creations, fanfics. There was no official lore hinting at those kind of relationships between the champion. Battlebunny Riven has nothing to do with her lore-wise, like most skins, it's completely irrelevant to the champion story. Basically you should blame the community for this but who are you to do that? Do you really expect Riot to ask the community to stop creating fanfic?
Quite true. Ofc I would never even consider asking people to stop making fanfic (would be stupid and pointless). But try to understand it from my point of view. There is a ZedxSyndra comic? Zed and Syndra are listed friends afterwards There is a LuluxVeigar thing? (I think so?) Lulu and Veigar are listed as friends afterwards Lalala Demacia (I think that is the name) which is basically AhrixWukong is made? Ahri and Wukong listed as friends afterwards Now this all may as well be random coincidence and I may be reading too much into it or the date of making of some of these friends lists by Riot is before the actual fiction which makes my point void. That is quite possible. But when a red post straight out says he is a fan of "such and such" pairing and will see if skins can be made that are direct acknowledgment of the fanfic. Then yeah, I am sorry if I am being a little paranoid.
Sneak Dog (EUW)
: Don't get your hopes up, Riot hasn't shown any particular kindness to preserving characters as of late, as indicated by Trundle and Xerath (and I think more, but I bothered to be certain these were changed).
Right. Which is why I am looking for a possibly honest answer. And yes, Riot tends to do that with characters. Udyr was made a resident of Freljord (Was not too fond of that change but I suppose it could be worse)
Centuros (NA)
: Pretty sure Syndra doesn't have "neutral" or "good guy" traits. She's power-mad and wants to kill Ionia's leaders... Not sure where enough lore was posted to actually make Ez x Lux canon, but riot does some strange shipping already. There was one Journal of Justice article about Blitzcrank's Fleshling Compatability Service, though all I remember from that is Rammus x Cactus (another satisfied customer!).
hm on Syndra I do not agree. She is chaotic and neutral in my opinion. Power hungry? Yes absolutely. But she seems more like "don't get in my way and you won't get hurt" type. While not the paragon of all good and justice I would not lump her into evil section. Honestly her character is up to interpretation and will more defined when Ionia event comes up I bet. As for Blitzcrank's Fleshling Compatability Service, that is from journal of justice. Boy did I have a party when they canceled it. As you may imagine I was not a fan of the series. To be fair, Demacia/Jarvan/Leblanc story line was pretty good.
: ?? Ez x Lux came out of nowhere, iirc. Fanfiction tends to pair Lux with other women - Oh wait, it all makes sense now.
Oh? I see. To be honest I am not too familiar with Ez and Lux as both of those characters do not interest me. But I thank you for the correction if that is indeed the case.
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