: All these chat logs are incredily toxic. Even if yi was trolling, you shouldnt have kept typing. Take a break if you need to, step away from the computer, pet your cat, have a nice cuppa. Who cares if youre still in game? It was lost anyway. I have 30+ permabanned accounts, but even I very rarely type as much as you. (I get banned for typing a little bit with no bad words over multiple games, and it adds up ._.) But back to your punishment. If this was a 2 week ban, work on trying to ignore trolls and de-tilt, clearly you need some work on your mental. If it's permanent, rest in peace my guy.
sadly i was trying to get prestige evelynn that why i even posted this :))) well this should be a lesson right? i shouldnt put more money in this game and i should try and be less toxic ;/
: Seems like you already had a 2-week ban, back on 4/3, right? Regardless, Riot has a zero tolerance policy on hate speech and threats, typically getting a 2-week suspension. If you had no other prior punishments, you may consider writing in a [Support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com) or message them on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/RiotSupport).
Welp ok...But i have one more question. should my account still be visible even after perma banning? like...i can send messages from my LOL Friends app too
: Since you know why you got punished, there's no point going into that unless you want me to. To answer your question, nothing can be done about this. This punishment is not an error and Rito does not reduce or reverse a punishment that is not issue in error, especially with the 3-letter word %%% in there I'm assuming is one of those Zero Tolerance word.
: Dude, take your 3-letter homophobic slur from that chat log, look in a mirror, and give yourself a goddamn reality check. You're still focusing on the fucking Master Yi instead of yourself even after being punished. Your behavior is not acceptable under any circumstances. Fuck the Master Yi.
That 3 letter ''homophobic slur'' is the word*** not an homophobic slur
: > [{quoted}](name=LtAdrian,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=HX7hRrM6,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-06-13T08:55:04.867+0000) > > So i get perma banned and he gets off the hook for griefing? thats amazing ;/ Not ganking as much as you would've liked him to isn't a punishable offense on its own. Flaming, harassing, and screaming all game is.
LtAdrian (EUNE)
: Griefing Master Yi and trolling autofill and i still get perma banned for being tilted
So i get perma banned and he gets off the hook for griefing? thats amazing ;/
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