ItsLowbo (NA)
: Changes to Sightstone/Support Items coming to PBE
No my Face of the Mountain. It was pretty good on Defensive tank supports :/
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
What if you bring "Sun" dragon, who gives you larger area of wards vision and/or prolonged ward duration ? Edit: I think, It won't be useful for teamfights, but He can help you with game desisions and strategy. I have no idea how it would scales with multiple dragons.
: Lulu just needs a rework at the point Gameplay and VU wise They are going to fuck up keeping her current kit viable in both lanes , just like the other 28 times when they made her support worse for the tradeoff of making her solo lane less overbearing
Why rework ? She's not that bad with her kit
: Honestly if the 35% AS buff on her W wasn't enough to get people to play Lulu in support again I'm not sure what will. Probably her biggest weakness is her very poor synergy with Windspeaker's Blessing.
I play Lulu supp too frequently these days. She's strong against Supp/Jng divers. Good synergy with Lulu is Jinx for her AS/DPS boost and gives her protect for her W on enemy. When I used W on YI, he was pretty ded :P. 0 opportunity for gangs on bot Finally I can say to chat, that I've started to play lulu when she wasn't in meta {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Pops R (NA)
: Jhin's board of horrible jokes.
My eye makes a tear from these Fours, lets make 44 comends too :P. I require 4 upvotes too LUL :P
: Just Spent 11k IP on Runes
I wasted over 7k for 10% CDR and 2.6 mana regen. #SupportLife
: Popstar Jhin
Legendary skin comfirmed. It would sing some weeb KPOP xD
: Offline Status For New Client...
Yeah, I want this offline mode really bad. Sometimes I want play solo and i don't want to be interrupted by someone else, because he want a duoQ.
CryptosBG (EUNE)
: [Bug] Changing the Masteries.
Yeah I noticed that bug too and I took AP masteries for Vayne in ARAM :P. Edit: Includes SR


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