86400 (NA)
: I don't want to join a game with a super lee sin player to get bullied for 15 mins. Nerf Lee.
Oh yeah, the "highest skill cap" champion who is buffed to heaven so every noob can solo carry games with him, Ekko and Kayn are frustrating too, but nothing can compare to him. I think I found my kryptonite in soloqueue
Jikker (NA)
: I don't want League of Tanks back either. That meta was obnoxious.
> I don't want League of Tanks back either. That meta was obnoxious. Yes, but remember that the strongest pick s6 were tank Ekko, tank Fizz, tank Akali just because of their overloaded kits + op tank items. They didn't deserved by their existence to be main charachters of their own anime every single game nowadays. Even if Fizz has 0/8 he will still one-shot squishy, if Mundo has 0/8 they will keep oneshoting him and that's my problem, I feel that I can't take a shit of assassins if they pwn me earlier on, no matter how many armor/mr I build, I can't outscale em in this meta. Games are more one-sided than ever.
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Mackz (NA)
: Not really, when you go against full tank malphite and do no damage, whats the counter play to that?
Stop crying dude, Malphite is literally designed to counter AD comps, and he is more viable as AP one-shot machine than tank which speaks a lot about this meta. I don't think that mages should abuse this new conqueror more than ad champions, but I guess riot will fix it soon.


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