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: Hi I'm not colorblind but I still can't last hit minions at all.
Practice makes perfect my friend. A very well knows tip is create a custom game and just practice your last hitting.
: Just so I understand (not trying to undermine you), are you not seeing the minions at all, because I think that instead of trying to see them, you could focus on what you can see of them, what directions they are going, what they are attackng, their shapes, and other things like that. Yet again maybe that is not partial to your problem, but I am trying to help a fellow summoner.
My problem is I can't see all of the ranged minion particles during the flow of the game to do so I have to put all my focus into ranged minions particles. Even so, I sometimes miss some particles. This might seem like a small problem but it really effects my gameplay significantly. It hinders the fun I have and overall I feel the game is unequal towards me. My whole life I never had any problem with my colorblindness. Right now whenever I play League of Legends I feel like I have some sort of disability.
: Are you playing on Colorblind mode? Idk if that helps, but It could?
Yes I use the colorblind mode. Actually before creating this topic I turned it on and off couple of times in a custom game I couldn't see any difference.
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