: Can't Login to Legends of Runeterra
This whole beta acces is SCAM. Riot made fool out of us. I've asked thousands of people and havent found one that got acces and isnt an influencer. Some of them claimed to have the acces, but whenever i asked for proof like screen of the email or in game screen, all just stopped answering. At this point I am so angry with this politics that im goin to advice everybody to stop playing all riot games. I stopped care about the new game allready. This is so big scam and waste of time for all of those people spending hours of watchtime on twitch to get acces to this game. Also, all the streamers started to saying superlatives about riot games. Usually it was other way around. Nobody liked the company, everybody complained since i remember, and now i hear from streamer that a year ago was blaming riot all the way down that its amazing company with very nice support and all the games they will make gonna be the best ones. It smells sh** from mile. What they did with annoucing of the LoR, should be forbidden. Someone should go to court and make them pay for all this unfair marketing. It's simply based on lies creating hype with payed streamers and a blackmail community.


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