: Mythic Camille actually sounds pretty interesting. If it's a museum look then maybe she could be made of pure beautiful black marble. Her abilities have a shatter effect as if she's breaking her body off but instantly regenerates. Her ultimate could have wooden pillars with large glass panes in between to give a museum look to it. The poor fella she's killing just ended up on the wrong side of the glass. I dunno about the Mythic name though. Maybe House of Ages Camille. Even Museum Camille. When I hear Mythic, I think of actual mythology with glory splendor, or something magical and colorful. Haunted Vel'Koz would be hilarious and amazing. I see it. +1. I guess they play pretend with ghosts in the Void as well. ;p I still feel like soulstealer Illaoi should just be a chrome for Void Illaoi. To be honest, I'm not sure if there's much difference between Illaoi and Void Illaoi. Good point on the green with Elderwood Illaoi. Yeah. I kinda see why RIOT struggles to make a skin for her. What else could her dang tentacles be? Mmmm... Zombie/Gravelord Illaoi with dead trees instead of tentacles. Super Galaxy Illaoi with plasma tentacles? Candy Illaoi with Fruit Roll Up or Laffy Taffy as her tentacles?
Nice! Now you understand me and know better.. aslo post here your skin ideas if you have any so i can see it or simply make a board and send link.. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Skin ideas (w/Poll)
Heres a link of my new skin ideas: _https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/p8Mki9af-another-concept-of-skins-wpoll_ Thanks for checking out!
: Another Concept of Skins (w/Poll)
Oops i acidentally pressed enter and so i couldnt finish my polls with 5 votes :/ oh well, so Ashen Lord Azir or Dark Druid Ryze? _****Here are the skins that i canceled:**_ ****_ _**--Cosmic Dusk Ivern --Dark Druidess Le Blanc --Druid Of The Past Zilean**_ **_--Windfury Janna/Yasuo_**
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: Galactic is a Shurima exclusive skin theme. If I may ask, what inspired the mythic Camille and Rek'Sai skins?
Well, in my brain mythic skins would actually be cool skins (exepct maybe for camille) bcs Rek'Sai in mythic theme would be like a found creature underground brought to a museum, (at least a splash would look pretty cool right?) with light grey and dark black color and also a little greenish looking but more grey and black! Effects would be more grey but also a little green like his power when he attacks goes through his attack and abilities. Pls feel free like others to tell me some skin ideas that you found good! Also i think Project or prototype rek'sai would be amazing
Metleon (NA)
: You need descriptions of them. Some of them (like Arctic ops Lucian) kind of speak for themselves, but I really can't picture most of them. Also, lion dance Kog'maw is already the same as firecracker Kog'maw.
Yes, i made a mistake there too, thank you all soo much for such positive and legit feedback! <3 ill make another board after i think another skins, and i ll post it on this board!
: Elderwood Kindred seems the best hands down. I don't know what a Mythic skin is. Can we get a description? Not sure what a haunted Vel'Koz would look like. I think a Pastry Chef Ziggs would be legit. But I love Kindred. I feel like Soulstealer Thresh won't be much different from actual Thresh. Thresh is already a Soulstealer and the color themes are pretty close. I feel like Iallaoi Soulstealer would just be her Void skin but a different color. Maybe an Elderwood Illaoi might be cool too.
Wow, you rly did fixed my mistakes, thanks man! **Mythic camile** would be like Camille in a museum in a glass, so its like a myth that someone found searching, she would have dark black colors with grey even tho i regret even have it here but i either way put it bcs maybe someone says its nice, idk.. **Haunted Vel'Koz** on the other hand, would be like a Vel'Koz with a ghost thing on him (idea from haunted Nocturne) and he would be white and transparent but would have red eye with different shape, (like sauron in lord of the ring if you watched it but different eye shape or smthing), and his effects including his auto attacks would be white and red together but more white i think.. Yeah _**Kindred elderwood**_ is amazing, i found him in some skin concepts post (not in boards), and i found pastry chef ziggs too in post! **Soulstealer Thresh** (yea ur right) i thought its amazing idea bcs it actually fits him but i didint thought about his color and effects, hmm you are soo right, _**and also for illaoi**_ but i think white illaoi which is soulstealer illaoi i say its not bad, theres no white illaoi skin and she has only one skin, ofc elderwood illaoi would look cool but she has already a green classic skin. **_ If you have any other ideas or anything pls post here or make a board then send me a link to check it out! Thanks again!_**
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: Let us try champs and skins (w/Poll)
I also would like if Riot give us all champs or just give us 2 every month or so and they should gift us a random 520 or 975 skin, that should be every year..
: 1. Not everyone has access to the PBE. 2. Skinspotlights is _not_ affiliated with Riot in any way.
: Skin Spotlight on youtube :)
Its always best to try it by yourself than watch smeone..
: Let us try champs and skins (w/Poll)
If you have some of your ideas for anything then share it with us!❤
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Neamean (NA)
: http://orig14.deviantart.net/1795/f/2017/011/e/f/ef3760ee2b04023e92df2c9960b6c05c-dav2t0e.jpg the artist who painted this claim they were inspired by Nidalee and it look AMAZING!
Wowowowow thts soo cool! Oh god i wish it to be in game :/
: Skin Ideas
Suprise party shaco hmmm pretty good one but i wanna see a very funny shaco skin like maybe: Laugherino (Shaco) Taco (Shaco) Pickpocket Shaco Mr. Taunterino (Shaco) And some others ideas: Demonic Shaco Haunted Shaco Winged Hussar Kayle (Xin Xhao has it) Soulstealer Kalista Dark Legion Riven Ultra Fusion Aurelion Sol Demonhunter Tryndamere/Vayne Blood Moon Ashe/Tryndamere Super Galaxy Nasus/Tristana Thts all :)) i got 4 of my discussions full of skin ideas plus vote, so make sure to check it out, just click on my profile and my discussions and ull find it it says "My Skin Ideas 1,2,3,4 (+Poll)" tnx..
: I would prefer to see her get some chromas for something like that. A texture change falls into chroma category now and that would lets us get a couple different big cats/house cat patterns on her.
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: My Skin Ideas 3rd Part (+Poll)
Link to 4th Part: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/GYs1Owow-my-skin-ideas-4th-part-poll Thank you!
: u have dark legion aurelion sol/malza in the pole but not in the list u should fix that
I have him in the list, hes right under Dark Legion Hecarim. You havent seen it well.
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: My Skin Ideas 2nd Part (+Poll)
Link to 3rd Part: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/5jIbveEe-my-skin-ideas-3rd-part-poll
: My Skin Ideas 3rd Part (+Poll)
Thanks for reading and voting! I think some skins are a little bad but those are my ideas and i hope at least one of the skins are good enough to be an actuall skin!
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Zexvain (NA)
: Evelynn needs a new skin.
Blood moon Evelyn Night Huntress Evelyn (like a night elf but with dark armor and night elf helmet and have a green eyes) Infernal Evelyn
: Syndra Needs a new skin!
Infernal Syndra Soul Raven Syndra Death Soul Syndra Ghost Bride Syndra Victorious Syndra Lunar Wraith Syndra Popstar Syndra Arcade Syndra Ravenborn Syndra (from lb ravenborn skin) Pharaoh Syndra Bewitcher Syndra Dark Orb Syndra Dark Crystal Syndra My ideas :) PRETTY BAD but oh well :D Also heres my skin ideas for champs https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/7UW5V9sK-my-skin-ideas-2nd-part-poll
: Elderwood maokai? You high or smth?
xD i might be... ur soo right! Idk how i been soo blind :) Ill still leave it, who knows maybe someone would like it :P but ill try my best for the 3rd Part.. ill send a link here. U have any ideas for skins?
: A Couple Skin Ideas For Champs (+VOTE)!
Link to my 2nd part: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/7UW5V9sK-my-skin-ideas-2nd-part-poll I think my 2nd part is not great as this one but ill try my best at 3rd one!
: what would death soul and yordle king be they don't really say much
Ok maybe ur right for gnar but i think death soul hec and kali would be pretty cool, i would use it. If u have any skin ideas i will choose some or all (matters if they are all good) and add them to my 3rd skin ideas board. Thanks!
: My Skin Ideas 2nd Part (+Poll)
As always thanks for reading and voting! If you like more from honorable mentions skins then make sure you leave a comment. Edit: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/Eu2gOaAr-a-couple-skin-ideas-for-champs-vote Link to my first skin ideas board, make sure you check there as well!
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: Just want to point out: As far as I know, the iBlitzcrank skin is actually part of the program skin line. Makes sense, if you look at the design, they share alot of elements. My vote goes to Guardian of the Sands Rek'Sai. The skin makes perfect sense for her and they usually are great.
Thank you! Its true about what u said for program blitz, i frgt tht he has iblitz skin :/ also im gonna make 2nd part of this, do you have any ideas for some skins tht i can put in?
: A Couple Skin Ideas For Champs (+VOTE)!
Thanks for reading and voting, i hope Riot see this. I am gonna make a second part like this!
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Keyru (NA)
: Xayah and Rakan Gifting Thread
I wanna recieve aa gift plssss :( i rarely recieve anything
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foxdrop (NA)
: Then you just retreat; you are outmatched and overrun.
Hahah its 2 vs 1 then.. not fair xD
Hahah, Scuttle Crab The BEAST, Scuttle Crab The BEAST!!!
Mirross (NA)
: Champion Mastery Q&A
Gj thats awesome Riot, well done ;) I dont have PBE account, so i send you a request about it like a year ago, and i hope you will accept me :) I want to have PBE account because i like soo much playing league of legends, and i want to test champs and skins.I would be soo happy if you guys accept it.Im youre big fan.:) I cant wait for champion mastery :3 to come out for us who are not PBE that is sooo cool, im gonna get that Katarina going pentas in the fields of Justice! :D Shes my girlfriend ;) XD
: Bard's ult was inspired by the question "Can we make a non-combat support ult that still feels powerful?" Now, I say inspired, since it's not exactly a "non-combat" spell in its final form, but I was looking for a spell that didn't fit the usual support pattern of "big disable + damage, kill the guy you hit" as a pattern. The "zhonya's" effect is one where yes, you've disabled your enemy, but both their team and yours has time to react. Often, you DON'T want to focus on killing the guy you hit with Bard ult, you want to try to whittle their team down around them.
Pls make {{champion:421}} mum or bro or sis XD pls
: Everybody gets their own chimes at the moment... although that could be pretty awesome for One For All. Will consider it if/when that mode makes a return :)
ooh i would like to play in that mode again, a lot of fun.
: i believe that its a nice design and its great support for players who are playing more support
: C'mon, we all know who {{champion:86}} reeeeeally ends up with... ({{champion:122}} )
Imagine in future they become friends ;) {{champion:86}} with {{champion:55}} AND {{champion:122}} with {{champion:131}} :3
Lùmen (EUNE)
: They're too busy fighting each other due to being compelled by their loyalty to their home countries.
Yeah, but its sad when ever garen say (taunts) to kata something, she ignores it :( If garen give up, then i`ll take her XD, i fell in love with her. ;D But still: {{champion:86}} and {{champion:55}} Together forever ;) Oh, shit he`s gonna be mad and jelaous {{champion:122}}
Riot can you please put Hecarim and VI in the coming free camp rotattion.If you will, then ty.I rly didint played them for a while, and im bored getting all those ip trough matches to buy them :/ pls. {{champion:254}} {{champion:120}}
RiotLamz (NA)
: What would you recommend? I personally would love a 'Marshmallow' line for all the big boned champs :D
"Chocolate flavoured" Bard. :)
: I'm into it.
Hey guys, i have one question, whats best build for Bard.I would like to test him when he be able in free champ rottation with that build you say. Even if Bard just came out, i wonder who champ is gonna be next, cause i can see some sign`s around the map. GL on the fields of justice! ;) I want PBE! XD
{{champion:86}} + {{champion:55}} = KISS YOU TWO FINNALY!! ;D
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