: {{champion:62}} desperatly needs a new passiver. Anyone can have his passive with{{item:3193}} and a mastery. It's not unique anymore
I know, the passive doesn't even give you THAT much of resistance, only 8 per enemy nearby, 8x5=40, who knows what exactly the number will be after penetration + lethality, and as soon as an enemy dies you lose some of it without being rewarded.
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: Gragas is such a disgusting champion
Pls.. that's a healthy example of how a full tank{{champion:79}} {{item:1409}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3047}} should be able to have it all [[engage, disengage, dash, knockup -> knockback, slow, displacement, unidentified hitbox, %max HP dmg]] and be able to 1shot you. Never question the balance team.
: stop acting like cho was always a problem
{{champion:31}} was never a problem, until the balance team decided to experiment on him give him Hp% scaling damage on his E and R. The E % HP damage is justified, but why should a TANK be able to delete and squishy with 2K true damage and still be unkillable?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 21
When will you start working on Udyr and make him a priority rather than work on champions that nobody seems to complain about their play style? When will you give balance to the champions that are only affected by items change?
: Why talon is the only assasin that has no reliable gap closer?
Funny how now everyone will act like a Talon pro when he has lots of weaknesses more than strengths. It's not about what he has, its about why he didn't receive as QoL buffs. I have over 1M points with Talon. most people will tell you he has "E parkour" and leave it right there empty with no argument. Problem is with warding and the more you climb in Elo, anyone can counter Talon mid air parkour His Q has a short range and if you dont use the Melee range damage you kinda lose much dmg output. Talon already lost much after the rework: 1) -15 MS 2) -15% damage enhancement from his previous [E] 3) Q used to be a great splitpushing ability on towers and inhibs 4) W used to slow both ways. now it slows on its way back only, and slow reduced to 1 sec from 2, lost width too in exchange for insignificant range 5) his AOE damage which made him a niche assassin pick was lost as well in exchange for his new passive which ALSO requires AA to be activated after applying 3 wounds, know that if you apply your whole kit combo you should be able to apply your passive almost 2 times, but after activating the passive wounds stop stacking for 2 seconds and this wasnt mentioned in his passive. anyways, proper fix should be either add more range on his Q , or Allow talon to press Q mid air while jumping walls.
: Can someone at Riot explain to me how Volibear keeps avoiding reworks/updates?
To be honest it's frustrating to see even newer champs like {{champion:421}} for example get buff/nerfed and adjusted/updated just because she witnessed lots of plays in LCS. meanwhile older..WAY older champs {{champion:106}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:62}} (wukong hasn't been touched in 3+ years, not a single buff/nerf or update) {{champion:23}} get completely ignored because they don't affect much the overall game's lore, don't have much player base and aren't flashy enough to get some love.
: Imo phoenix stance should just get a 30 sec cooldown where udyr activates all stances at once for a set duration.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 18
@Meddler, why were {{champion:77}} changes fully reverted for the second time? will he be receiving different updates? and will{{champion:62}} receive any number changes/ passive update or rework in the near future?
Samira (NA)
: Please give Sandstorm Kat her sand particles back
{{champion:91}} {{champion:90}} Deserve Sandstorm skins as well, fit the theme.
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: It's a pretty small area of effect, and I'd be more in favor of increasing early q Mana cost.
It's not the area, it's the trade, she Qs you, slows then recast and gets shield + MS when you try to approach her to Q you again and double trade you.
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: Agreed, I miss 5/10 kills because my auto doesn't go off when it should. I just stay there like a dumbass doing nothing.
Was this change mentioned or is it a bug? surprised me when I played Talon yesterday.
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: What's the best 1 trick name you've ever seen
KoKoboto (NA)
: That's a really good point for Jarvan and Renekton. They can very easily one shot squishies with 2 damage items and I don't think any other fighter or diver types actually have that ability. That's actually really unhealthy gameplay when I think about it. Darius, Yorick and other juggernauts can't kill as fast as them yet they're supposed to be damage houses. Other divers don't gib as well, Warwick, Xin Zhao, Rek'Sai.
and Rene does Aoe % damage, gets more tankiness from his ult, and can have infinite sustain in lane. its not all about his 1 cycle 1shot, its about the 0 early counterplay duo to his laning phase nature, the dash and stun.
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: Wukong need more than Rek'sai treatment. Even with a new passive and a new ult. He'll stay basic and his W is easly spottable at decent elo. But yeah having a dps ult is... weird. Late game isn't so suicidal IMO, since we have {{item:3814}}... sadly this item is garbage atm. But late game isn't really Wu issue, its his early during laning and jungle. Btw, u monkey fellow can explain ur build ? its far from optimized.
I try to test more builds on him and foundout crit is most effective than full lethelity or bruiser.
inplane (NA)
: I constantly try to ban {{champion:62}} because he's aids to play against late game. Take one full combo from him and you're dead unless you build a lot of resistances. You usually can't stop it either because he's very fast at what he does. Feels like playing against a sneakier {{champion:157}} who relies on surprises rather than a multitude of bullshit gapclosers.
Sad part is whoever Wukong used to counter got either reworked, buffed or affected by new item changes which left wu completely weaker. Whats the point of having extra 3/6 armor and mr in laning phase? or an Ult that deals damage slowly which could be evaded or lifestealed?
Danjeng (NA)
: Wukong is from korien mythology, so it only makes sense that his ult is suicidal, since the koriens are known for committing a ritual known as supekku. Supekku was done in the world war where they got into helicopters and dove right into a 5-ship fleet to their deaths.
Wukong is based on Chinese novel journey to the west Seppuku is a japanese tradition. nothing of what you said is Korean.
Ralanr (NA)
: Wait...so a late game diver ult isn't meant to be a suicide tactics?
{{champion:131}} {{champion:56}} tell me about it
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: Lee Sin's high pickrate is due to that he is fun to play and his an enabler for his team, Kayn while also being fun to play should alleviate Lee Sin's winrate.
{{champion:61}} {{champion:51}} must be fun to play with too
: There's no problem with his winrate. If you want to make him less played, just make him unfunny to play with. Like : if you want to buy stuff you have to complete a capcha, or smthing.
It's not about his winrate. It's his winrate compared to his high pickrate and the overloaded kit. I'm pretty sure he'll lose a lot of power if the 8% was removed. and he wont depend on 2 damage items only to 1shot squishies
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Almighty (EUNE)
: All i want to know is why do you keep the {{item:1056}} at this point in the game instead of trading it for something like {{item:3003}} or {{item:3027}} ? _**Almighty.**_
I guess dude knows his main best{{champion:101}} **El Teety**
: Yeah but if we reward him for deaths the only way I can think of to control it is by basically inting, I feel like it would have similar issues that Garen's Justice (ult) passive has.
It could be that, or it could be (the longer you are in combat the stronger you get) due to combat experience gained or losing some health which could mean mistakes were made, doesn't mean you have to die.
: His ult is too strong for any type of buff
Lvl 1-2 ult. post that in teamfights you wont have enough time to deal damage to tank/bruisers specially if they have healing spells {{champion:420}} {{champion:122}} , mages since they'll have enough dmg to 1shot you or avoid you with their cc/zhonya , or adcs that can lifesteal all the damage you try to deal to them.
: I think Wukong is in need of a little GU like Rek'Sai. He's a cool character but his kit is very one-dimensional and outdated. He could be a lot cooler, and updating his passive would be a good place to start. Upvoted.
Wukong has a high potential to become a melee hyper carry, all that he needs is a new passive, R adjustment and more into his W.
KitSun9 (NA)
: Honestly I like the idea but... this might have some problems like RNG and frustration for both the Wu (clouds not appearing where you need them and enemy (clouds appearing at exactly the perfect place for Wu). Any fix ideas?
This might sound ridiculous , but since he's a monkey , why not allow him to use the terrain to walk on for like 0.75 - 1 second giving him MS boost and then activate it again to dash/jump If the Q was turned into a skill shot (which hits in a straight line) , then after the jump the range of the staff and width would increase, stunning the champion it directly hits at the end of the staff and side knocking the champions around it.
: when i saw this... it tilted me so hard. >To be honest, at this point, I'd rather wukong get an MS steriod in his passive instead. yeah i agree, could make him climb on his cloud. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/6jvhlb/wukong_rework_concept/ >E passive at max rank (or lv6) : i would like add some ms for Wu (mainly if u remove ms of ult) when he's ooc, and he would be on his nimbus.
I'd change his E into both passive and active. Passive: creates clouds around the rift active: allows you to dash to those clouds or u can still dash to an enemy. gives you lots of potential to play around the clouds and outplay the enemy rather than be binary like the current wu
: yeah his passive needs to be reworked. Not sure what can be afforded to be placed onto his kit though. He has mobility, aoe damage, AS steroid, auto reset + armor shred. Maybe during his first second or two of being in combat with an enemy champion he blocks the first (or first two) auto attack(s) dealt to him?
Mobility? Wukong is far from being mobile. Having a point click dash does not make him a mobile champion. and he certainly can't go through walls unless there's a monster camp/enemy champion. The reason why pantheon has the highest win ratio top is his passive. I think if Wu got that passive he'd be pretty much broken imo
Eedat (NA)
: Honestly I would just be happy if his W stunned minions/jungle camps for a second or two so I didnt get absolutely destroyed during my first clear every game. I'm used to not having a passive at this point
I'd put the quote to work (every mistake is a lesson) in his passive and allow Wukong to get stronger *not sure in what way* through making mistakes/dying. and his Q should be a skillshot and his whole kit should allow the summoner to freely control his staff. Staff plays a major role in his character, so it shouldnt work as a AA rest with extra range only.
: I approve of this thread {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you for the support brother{{champion:62}}
agEdri (NA)
https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/VhuYAf4U-can-we-update-wukongs-passive changing the passive would be a beginning.
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Penns (EUW)
: How is Ghostblade nerfed tho? Even Duskblade doesnt seem like a nerf, just that it fucks with my 10% cdr runes for Talon feelsbadman
so far ghostblade lost 10 AD, now another 10 ad are being removed from duskblade, and the passive is easily countered since it no longer deals true damage. assassins need more high base damage items but theyre giving them the opposite.
: Assassin mains don't want choices we want dmg. Kill all the adcs.
They removed out of comb. MS on edge and dusk and added it on youmuus while reducing the cost and AD. so much for creativity and more options.
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: It looks like his new passive will give him up to: * +20% CDR * +20% Attack Speed * +20% Base AD It looks like the rest of his kit is being buffed too.
it looks like you need a new pair of glasses.
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: Who Could Possibly Challenge Aurelion Sol?
awdaf (NA)
: @Meddler Are we going to be seeing Twitch nerfs anytime soon?
"we're currently lkegjskjhb cx.k cvm.mgnmb. m ,v.c " "yes im a rioter and I know what I'm doing".
: Why Has Riot Done Nothing To Draven Yet?
Sadly it's not draven only. there are lots of champs that end up impossible to kill after they get a lead or a kill only {{champion:114}} but hey. "high skill champ so i deserve to be broken"
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