: How do you know this person didn't get a chat restriction? And before you say it, no, you don't always get the notification when someone is punished. Move on.
Ohh shoot, didn't know that, I usually get one. Thanks.
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Nazgul10 (EUNE)
: Clash rewards?
Same thing happend to me and my friends.. I think the article that was about the clash rewards was from last year so.. I think they changed the rewards but still idk.
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: Because you are not always guaranteed to get a feedback notification. I am curious, however, about this statement of yours > idk if i'm going to get reported saying this word but whatever Did you used the same R-word back against them? And after this > Can anybody tell me cause one time I did the same and got instant banned from the game
In this specific match I didn't even reply on most of their comments I just said something like (ok report me) but in some other cases yes I used those kinds of words. But in this case no, I didn't.
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: What's a lot worse than wishing death on people over a video game?
Whats u saying is that u never swear at video games via chat and i didnt really meant what i typed so.....
Mont4gne (EUNE)
: For Mother Riot.
After all i hope thats going to be a lesson for generations to pass I think i can wait for 13 days. Its not that of a problem if you think about it.
: NOPE! BANHAMMER OF RITO WILL REACH YOU! Seriously, you are supposed to take it while being honorable. There is no reward but punishment. Being a decent player is fine but, KYS? You shouldn't have :) Sorry man, Rito can't help you. The trollers wanted you to rage and Rito won't take that into consideration. The system won't catch that. Grow a thick-skin rito said.
Boy my friend said a lot worse things and didnt get banned. What is this spagheti code?
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