Parznip (NA)
: Game: Replace part of an ability or item's name with 'snu snu'
I changed a few because they were single words. On {{champion:67}} and {{champion:412}} E I put Snu Snu as objects. {{champion:67}} P: Snu Snu Hunter Q: Snu Snu Tumble W: Snu Snu Bolts E: Condemn Snu Snu R: Snu Snu Hour {{champion:136}} P: Center of the Snu Snu Q: Snu Snu surge W: Snu Snu Expansion E: Snu Snu of Legend R: Voice of Snu Snu {{champion:16}} P: Snu Snu Salvation Q: Snu Snu call W: Snu Snu Infusion E: Snu Snu Equinox R: Wisnu snu {{champion:412}} P: Snu Snu Damnation Q: Snu Snu Sentence W: Snu Snu Passage E: Flay Snu Snu R: Snu Snu Box
SlownD (NA)
: [Skin Concept] Ravenborn Xayah
inb4 somebody puts a Draven face on Xayah and calls it Dravenborn Xayah
Quepha (NA)
: I'm from Seattle, I'm used to the phrase "12th man" And even in super-liberal Seattle, it's very rare for someone to be triggered by that phrase.
Relax, I was joking. And as someone who isn't really a native English speaker, I'd never heard of that phrase until I Googled it.
Quepha (NA)
: There's like 3 major strengths to ivern: 1. Counterjungling power letting him take a camp with smite with pretty much no way for the enemy to contest him 2. Massive team utility with shield spam, a root, a gapcloser for teammate, and Daisy aka "the 6th man" 3. As a utility champ he builds support items which are designed around a support's budget when he actually tends to gain more gold than his counterparts who clear by damaging camps. So he gets to have a well-rounded build with a bunch of extra effects much faster than any other jungler in the game.
ValSmash (NA)
: What 4800 ip champion should I get?
Leona, she was my first 4800 champ and I have loved her ever since. She's not a main, but she's someone I play when I feel like having fun in the game. Getting to midgame and sniping champs with a screen-range stun/slow at 60s CD is damn fun.
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: damn str8 {{champion:122}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:238}}
Why did you forget the most ballsy engager in the game? {{champion:89}} fits perfectly
: Just pased 60 Sejuani skins
Sejulu, Bristle looks so cute!
: Pick literally anyone else in the game and win early.
I can't do it with some picks though. It's why I recommend Diana, after 6 Aurelion is fair game, and she's even better than Akali because she can tank him easily pre-6 and interrupts stars when jumping in.
: {{champion:1}} FIVE
Her passive is ready after 4 spells tho....
: Comment with a champion, and see if someone will respond with how to deal with them!
{{champion:136}} (jk, I already know to pick {{champion:131}} if the enemy picks my main, she just trashes him incredibly hard)
Rioter Comments
: Who’s the hottest character in League of Legends?
: Well Azir won't offer her anything after what she did to Sivir.
She does tell him that their interests align, but I agree, he doesn't want anything to do with Cass. And Xerath is insanely powerful, he doesn't care about her help. So she's gonna stay in Noxus most likely.
: but you didn't even fix "HAVERST"
I was half asleep okay? :( And I couldn't press E because I broke it from playing Cass too much.
: Vlad can very easily get first blood on most champs lvl 1-3 atm if they're not extremely careful.
A lot of people (including me, for a while) underestimate empowered Q dmg and pay the price for it. Only all-in him if you have massive sustain or burst early game. You can try cheesing him at lv 1 as Riven, poke him down and all in him after Tear with Cass, play something that roams a lot better (Aurelion Sol, TF, any high-mobility ganking assassin) and get your other lanes fed. If Vlad isn't ahead, it takes a while for him to be able to solo multiple enemies.
: Garen has always just been "worse" Darius, can we fix that?
I dunno, I've seen Garen succeed more in lategame scenarios than Darius. It might be that the people playing Garen are mains while people pick Darius simply because they've seen him 1v5 a couple of times, but the longer the game goes on, the better I see Garen perform. Like, I've seen Garens that were 1/5 and ended up carrying their team and having ridiculous KDAs by lategame. Might be because of that stupid passive, Garen doesn't have to back after a point, he can just run away and come at you again after a few seconds.
: # Ionian Geta **STATS** +10 Lethality **Passive** **UNIQUE – ENHANCED MOVEMENT:** +35 flat **movement speed** **UNIQUE – IONIAN'S FURY:** Dealing **physical damage** to an enemy **champion** gives +2% **movement speed** and +2 **Lethality** for 3 seconds, stacking up to 5 times for a maximum of 10% **movement speed** +10 **Lethality**. ________________________________ #Bloody Sabaton **STATS** +40 armor **Passive** **UNIQUE – ENHANCED MOVEMENT:** +30 flat **movement speed** **UNIQUE – PAINFUL ENCOUNTER:** Blocks and Reflects **12** of the physical damage taken from **basic attacks** and **on-hit effects** back to its source as **magical damage**. _____________________________________ #Reworked Ninja Tabi **STATS** +5% **movement speed** **Passive** **UNIQUE – ENHANCED MOVEMENT:** +45 flat **movement speed** **UNIQUE:** Reduces incoming damage from all basic attacks by 15% (excluding turret shots). Does not reduce damage of on-hit effects, it does however reduce damage of basic attack modifiers. ______________________________________________ #Cursed Red Shoes **STATS** +20 **ability power** **Passive** **UNIQUE – ENHANCED MOVEMENT:** +45 flat **movement speed** **UNIQUE -- HARVEST:** This item gains 1 **ability power** every **kill** or **assist**, up to +20 **ability power**.
> [{quoted}](name=WiegrafOfValor,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sZzE0tFQ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-03-29T17:25:12.037+0000) > > #Ruby Slippers > > **STATS** > +20 **ability power** > > **Passive** > **UNIQUE – ENHANCED MOVEMENT:** +45 flat **movement speed** > > **UNIQUE -- HAVERST:** This item gains 1 **ability power** every **kill** or **assist**, up to +20 **ability power**. FTFY
: I would like to see more boots in the game, or enchantments again. Anyone else?
awdaf (NA)
: I really don't feel out played when I get killed by a Yasuo after 20 minutes
The playerbase of Yasuo is also what annoys me. If your team has 3 tanks and my team has 1, it's not your Yasuo SKILL that won, it's the tanks that carried you on every fight. But Yasuo players refuse to recognize when a tank carries a teamfight or when a supp buffs them to the ends of the Earth.
Transgrl (NA)
: Kha'zix has temper problems, dont u know. Hes gotta keep spares around for those times he just Loses His Head.
That was so bad it's actually good. Upvoted. Seems people downvoted you though.
Escheton (EUW)
: Because stepping on bad. It hurts. Don't step on sharp things. Stepping on seeds to squish them, makes sense. Stepping on tunnels to collapse them, makes sense. Stepping on glowy, red, sharp daggers to somehow avoid an assassin from stabbing you...wut?
: Plot Twist: Vayne _is_ the jungler.
: {{champion:114}}_ confused french accent_
: Who needs parkour when you can fly? ######Note: Cannot actually fly over terrain. Rito fix pls.
Rioter Comments
: We’re updating our policy so unusual play styles don't get 14 day bans
This announcement, and Aatrox is on sale starting today. Is it fate that I switch mains? {{champion:266}} {{item:3153}}
: Sona will never be good in Masters+ and the simple reason why
As long as {{champion:40}} exists, she will always be one of the top picks in Master+, outperforming every other healing/peeling support.
: And I'm not disagreeing with that. But Sol's glaring weakness is equivalent to being in a straightjacket. A champion can facetank his three damaging abilities, or dodge them all, and get Sol in a position where he is COMPLETELY powerless. All he can do is AA, which is laughably weak (and on its own, a typical weakness of mages at large). I'm not saying good Sol players shouldn't have to play well, just that a good assassin gives him literally zero breathing room. Maybe on a balance term that's okay. I've never actually seen a good enough Sol to say for sure. But having a situation where Aurelion Sol has an actual, literally, zero options scenario is a uniquely potent weakness, and it feels REALLY bad. There's no room to make any kind of last stand. Even the most immobile, assassin vulnerable characters have a last chance to put some numbers out. Aurelion Sol does not get that chance. And I think giving him the ability to close a fight any number of minor circumstancial differences could have swung in his favor shouldn't be out of the question, and I don't think giving him the ability to instantly pop his Q for a miniscule fraction of its damage and CC would shatter his existing power budget.
Most champions can't facetank midgame and lategame Aurelion Sol though, even tanks would get mid-low HP after eating his full combo+2 or 3 extra star shots. His burst is always underestimated and it's one of the worst things people can do as his damage is incredible. Q would shatter his power budget because no matter how small a CC is, it's still a CC. It gives Aurelion Sol's Morgana teammate a chance to land a snare, it gives him the chance to flash and boop you, it gives his Jinx teammate free hits on her only counter. CC is still CC, Riven can peel people off with her stun, and it's .5s long.
: Wasn't her lore updated with Shurima, since that's where she got turned into a snake lady?
It was not, because she's a Noxian. I mean, she got her powers from Shurima, but she was a filler champion. They could've picked any ol' lady to do her job. If Katarina and Cassiopeia swapped places, Kata would be a snake lady and there would be none the wiser (although Kata would still throw knives even as a half-snake). And Cass still uses her Shuriman powers to aid Noxus, so she isn't aligned with Shurima. Unless Azir or Xerath offer her something more, she's gonna stay in Noxus.
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: Small price to pay for such a cool tip, thanks!
You're welcome, and don't mind your team flaming you, a fed Brand isn't very dangerous, just force 5v5s against him. Kappa
: I think being able to Q and instantly reactivate Q to stun enemies on you. Because currently you only have ult, being able to Q on oneself could help a lot i think
It was a joke on my part. Your buff would be an actual buff, and one I think would be a bit broken. You see, Aurelion is one of my most played champs (was my main last season), and while I'd LOVE to be able to do Anivia stuff with my Starsurge (double-tap it to stun stuff on me) I realize how OP it would be, because Aurelion has good damage, CC and roaming potential. His weakness is being telegraphed and his main DPS being disabled by every CC except slow and snare (although those cripple him as well, since MS is a combat stat on him). I HATE stuff that can get on me as ASol, but I recognize he'd be beyond broken if he could use Q to stop them on top of him. So yeah, I hate that weakness, but something's gotta give, because if he could double-tap his Q he'd have to get nerfed in other ways to make up for the added safety. You shouldn't be risk-averse when playing Sol, he's not a flashy champ but he's a risky one anyway. If you want a safer mid, pick Ahri.
: but then it's "A little and Big Problem".
abdul569 (EUW)
: When you want to recall but the enemy liandry's dft powered brand hits you with an ability
You can recall instantly. Just walk towards him after he's hit you with an ability. And make sure you're near minions. Boom, instant recall. And don't mind the color blindness, it'll be over in 20-60 seconds.
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: Stories that are (still) not on the Universe site.
Aurelion Sol's short story was amazing, it needs to be in the Universe website.
: Which assassin/bruiser IS fun to play against?
{{champion:266}}, he's so weak, I lost lane to him as an Akali and still destroyed him after Gunblade. Sorry, Aatrox mains, it sucks that that champ is so weak (even if he is annoying when strong, nobody deserves the Mordekaiser treatment)
: So the 0-0-12 support was trying to 1v1 me when I was 13-0-18 at full build...
I've played support Irelia: {{item:3153}} {{item:2303}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3742}} is no joke. I could 1v2 by midgame.
Rioter Comments
Thünder (NA)
: PSA: You actually can win games from behind
Even worse, when somebody says "gg" when they get FB on a tower. Sure, that gold is good, but it doesn't MEAN anything. Tristana demolishes turrets and can easily First-Blood one but she's so bad it won't mean anything in teamfights later.
: Forget MF or Jhin , the most abusive case of lethality from range has to be ...
Remember when Quinn was the Aatrox of ADCs? Then she got reworked. Admittedly, she's a ton more fun now but I'm getting tired of seeing this. There are TONS of assassins out there, and Quinn will disappear again after item nerfs unless a main picks her, in which case you'll get gooba-stomped anyway. I mean, really, Jayce is a lot more problematic than Quinn. She has to chase you and get close, Jayce can 50% you from across mid and then proceed to run you down and {{champion:78}} you in the jewels.
: Why isn't there a dragon that boosts defensive stats?
Killing these dragons boosts your defensive stats as the enemy team can't splitpush or waveclear as efficiently. {{champion:136}} {{champion:102}}
: Why aren't Lucian and Vayne friends?
Vayne has no time for nonsense. Lucian is still grieving and can't be with another woman. Both are antisocial and obsessed with their "job", they wouldn't have time for each other. And they also represent polar opposites in game (bursty, early game ADC that can't kill tanks easily vs sustained damage (not counting Critvayne), late-game ADC that shreds tanks).
: You can flash inside the ult to temporarily get away from Camille's melee auto attacks. If you have a way of peeling for yourself with a slow or a stun, this might actually save you since the Camille ult doesn't last that long. As for why you can flash out of J4 ult, its because J4 ult actually does a large amount of damage AND lasts way longer. Camille ult does no damage except for a tiny amount of magic damage on Camille's autos (tiny - its like +10 damage per auto at rank 3). Finally, if Camille is forced out of the ult due to knockbacks, the ult will fade. You say you're a mage player; play Sol if the enemy picks Camille. You can just ult her out of her ult.
Have you been stalking me? I main the space dragon. Admittedly, I don't get focused often by Camilles but the one that did focus me weaved around and I couldn't get a clear shot with Voice of Light. It was so incredibly annoying too, because the rage passive was procced. Damn Triforce.
Ralanr (NA)
: Considering how everyone pretty much takes flash then there would be little point to the ult. It's no like J4 where you can catch multiple people. It's just one person.
Yeah, but Flash has a 5 min cooldown. If you force the Flash out of a carry, next time you ult them they're goners.
: > [{quoted}](name=CppL,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pMMgHIcA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-12-23T12:01:41.720+0000) > > Pff ,sometimes you can just walk out of his ultimate.... {{champion:38}}
{{champion:105}} {{champion:120}} (galloping since you need to have E active, but okay) {{champion:40}}
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: I play a lot of Orianna. It boggles me how people do poorly with her. Her Q is so easy to land and that ult is ridiculous. Low cooldown so you can just walk to lane, ult the enemy, and they're done and have to B lol
They're too used to Lux and how ridiculous her skillshots are? No idea, as I play neither champ very frequently.
: Gragas #1 Yasuo counter - Yas just can't resist all that alcohol flying everywhere.
{{champion:79}} Time to roll out the barrel!
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